Cambogia fruit diet

Cambogia fruit diet
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Cambogia fruit diet

After many research a great deal of scientists agree that:

raw fruits and (cooked) vegetables are the only right nutrition for human beings.

If you want to succeed in living a truly healthy life the best thing to do is to consume as much of the 'right nutrition' as possible each day. The more raw fruits and (cooked) vegetables you eat, the more your appetite for them increases and you might end up feeding your body with nothing but the right nutrition!

If you don't consume five pieces of fresh fruit a day yet (raw or squeezed) and you want to lose some weight permanently in a period of, say, six weeks (this period depends on your current eating pattern) the best thing to do is eat (or squeeze) those five fruits every day. If you haven’t consumed that much healthy food for a long time, it is most likely that your body starts to detoxify. You could even get sick!

If you have realized a consumption of five fruits a day you are ready to take the next step by consuming even more of the 'right nutrition'. To help you with this we have put together a 'right nutrition' list and a 'wrong nutrition' list. You can print the lists and put them on your kitchen wall. Every time you eat something check if it is included in the 'right nutrition' list or the 'wrong nutrition' list. If it is from the 'wrong nutrition' list try to replace it by something from the right list. If you can't replace the 'wrong nutrition' for some kind of reason enjoy it and don’t feel guilty about it!

In other words: to lose weight it is important to live a healthier life, a healthy life starts with healthy food and raw fruits and vegetables are the healthiest food. We recommend you start your weight loss program by having five fruits a day and focusing on feeling good.

If you want to lose weight quickly just eating or squeezing five pieces of fresh fruit a day will not be enough. We have put together a list of foods to avoid if you want to speed up the burning process.

It’s quite obvious that you didn’t gain all the weight overnight.

In this way you'll start burning fat faster. You'll have to avoid as much food from the 'wrong nutrition' list as you can. In fact it’s a simple list to remember, only two food groups are mentioned: stimulants and animal food. Now this list might seem simple enough but it is actually quite difficult to find out which products in the supermarket do or don't contain one of the products mentioned on the list. If you check out the labels you'll notice that almost every product contains a stimulant, mostly white refined sugar or some kind of animal based product, often stock.

So, the foods you have to stay away from as much as possible if you want to help your body function properly and thus lose the excess weight are stimulants and animal based food.

Just a bit of exercise will do. It is important though to get some exercise every day especially if you are in a job where you sit down all day. A half-an-hour walk a day will do. Of course more exercise is always better but never feel bad if you can't get yourself to do it. If you just take that walk for at least half an hour each day you'll be fine. Stretching your muscles is also good, it makes you more conscious of your body.

Your body reacts like an oil tanker so if you want to change course it will take some time. Every structural change in the right direction is one to be proud of as long as it is permanent. After making a change it will take about six weeks before a change becomes permanent and part of your daily life.

If you want to be slim you have to be smart: change your eating pattern permanently. In this way you'll lose those pounds forever! Remember this: after eating (five to) nine pieces of fruit a day for a few months you'll notice that your appetite for fruit has increased structurally and moreover your appetite for stimulants will certainly have decreased! Try it out, it really is magic!

In other words: the more fruit you eat, the more fruit you eat..

It is especially beneficial for women in reducing the risk of breast cancer.

High dose of Garcinia cambogia is effective in suppressing fat accumulation in developing male Zucker obese rats, but highly toxic to the testis.

it's as simple as that.

Step five: Just follow the four steps mentioned before and don't complicate things when doing so. Be easy on yourself as long as you are working on it. Just follow the simple steps we give you on this page and eating healthy won't be a punishment anymore. It just will become a whole lot of fun!

  • See replacing foods from the 'wrong nutrition' list by foods from the 'right nutrition' list as a game;
  • Try to feel what consumption of the 'wrong nutrition' list does to your body: are you more sleepy, feel like you've lost energy, are you constipated or the opposite, are you noticing a loss of memory, do you have headaches, are you thirsty;
  • Don't feel guilty if you consume food from the 'wrong nutrition' list. Just enjoy it as much as you can and feel carefully what it does with your body the day after;
  • Read the other diet articles about fruit.

    Good luck and the best wishes for good health from The Fruit Pages.

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    One of the dangers of weight loss products is that companies keep prices low by adding fillers, binders and other ingredients.

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