Garcinia cambogia and pure cleanse canada

Garcinia cambogia and pure cleanse canada
Garcinia cambogia is also said to contain ingredients that can boost your production of the hormone known as serotonin.

Garcinia Pro and Ven Cleanse Detox Combo Diet CA

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Garcinia Pro and Ven Cleanse Detox Combo Diet is the solution of obesity issues. It has been popular recently. The power of natural extract is being very helpful. It helps many people reducing fat. It eliminates the accumulation quite impressive.

The users usually got the effect after a few weeks only. It happens since it works both reducing fat and preventing fat accumulation back. It is very good effect. The users will gain better body shape. Then, it has the improvement of stamina.

Obesity is a big issue now. It seems like harmless at the first time. However, your body will accumulate a lot of risks. It kills you by step. It makes your body weaker and fragile. It reduces your movement. It results to unhealthy bloodstream inside.

Therefore, you will gain less productivity. It makes your live value decrease by time. The problem is you cannot stop your unproductivity. It is true. Most of fat people are difficult to get slimmer body again.

That is why the dietary programs are often useless. It is because of two things. The first on is because of overeating habit. The second one is fat people needs extra power to move their body. It simply inhibits their effort to get better body shape.

In this case, overeating habit is dangerous. If you have ever eaten several times, then it is one of the characteristic. People usually eat extra meals or snack. However, they eat those foods outside primary time to eat. It finally makes digestion system never stop working.

The digestion system finally gets worse. Digestion organ will no longer function properly. The absorption of nutrition will decrease. It is because fat accumulation covers the intestines and stomach.

What is Garcinia Pro?

Garcinia Pro is the solution for the problem above. Since it has natural component, it has no harmful effect. It also works effectively. The signs of obesity are very clear. Yet, the effect of this medication is also visible.

Garcinia Pro usually used as dietary supplement. The use of this extract will develop better result and quicker period. It is a lot helpful. The work area of this extract is large as well. It works by making your digestion healthier first. Then, it makes you get better stamina and body shape.

The use of this extract will be more helpful if you perform healthy habit as well. Healthy habit may increase fat burning. It results to effectiveness. Then, it makes your body lighter as well.

Those benefits have been popular since some years ago. This product actually starts from the ingredients. It consists of pure Garcinia fruit extract. This fruit has found in Indonesia. It is a native fruit there and usually served as traditional medication.

Previously, this fruit has used for the therapy of constipation. This will be the meaningful part of digestion. Since it can optimize defecation, it makes your body slimmer. Fat will go away together with toxins. It gives you complete solution.

Thus, some recent studies found that this fruit is clinically beneficial. It eliminates fat effectively. Moreover, it has proven to fight back appetite. The extract finally inhibits overeating habit.

Through this process, you will perform diet activity happily. It is far from painful diet. Tight diet will only remain pains. Then, it is impossible to lose your overeating habit. You will still eat all the time.

Ingredients of Garcinia Pro

Garcinia Pro has unique ingredient. It has no other component then the extract of Garcinia fruit. This will make strong purity level. It means, the effectiveness is unquestionable. Inside the extract, you will find:

The HCA or so-called Hydroxycitric acid is the main key of its effectiveness. It can reduces fat accumulation. Further, it avoids overeating habit back. It finally becomes a complete solution for weight-loss.

  • Harmless capsule coat gelatin
  • Free from artificial ingredient

The use of natural component is the power of this product. That is why, it can have several benefits inside. Most of the doctors and scientist have reveal many benefits too. It works exceptionally without leaving side effect.

Different from this product, many chemical medications are dangerous. It can be harmful. Chemical component may degrade the digestion organ. It causes many digestion disorders.

The examples of those disorders are floating, gas, and constipation. Even, sometimes you will have dehydration effect. It is not good. Perhaps, it delivers very quick result. However, it has certain consequence of side effect.

Moreover, it does not prevent your overeating habit. Making the fat accumulation cycle never stop. It possibly makes you fatter by time. After taking the medicine, you still eat much and do not realize it.

Another dangerous method is by surgery. Fat surgery becomes popular since it has very quick result. Fat has gone away from stomach by force. It hurts you for sure. That’s why you need to checkup the condition regularly.

Otherwise, the surgery wound will give reaction. It appears itch and burn feeling. It is also possible for bacteria to penetrate easily. It is a lot risky. That is why you need to avoid this way. Besides, it is risky, it does not solve the problem 100%.

How Does Garcinia Pro Actually Work?

The works systematic done by Garcinia Pro is unique. In fact, it does not reduce your fat first. Yet, it changes your bad habit of overeating. Then, it is for sure working on your fat accumulation.

At the initial use, it makes the overeating habit gone away. Usually, it appears the effect in the first-three days. You will feel full all the day. Of course, your hunger feeling back only when the primary eating time comes.

It happens since certain neurotransmitter has stimulated. This neurotransmitter will exist the sense of fullness. However, it is only the feeling. Actually, you are hungry at that time. You just do not feel that.

Consequently, your body creates the energy from fat accumulation. Since you do not have consume carbohydrate, it synthesis the energy from fat. Fat has burnt. Then, you will lose few pounds during the first days.

After that, you will lose more pounds in a week. Garcinia Pro continues working on your digestion organ. It stimulates certain enzyme. This stimulation makes the enzyme is able to digest fat. Putting it out through defecation.

It simply reduces fat without being hurt. In fact, there is an extra advantage for getting better defecation frequencies. It avoids you from constipation. Further, it creates better digestion environment.

The regular use will synthesis better result. Since you have less weight, it increases your agility. You become more powerful. The stamina has successfully improved. It affects to your productivity.

You become more productive and be a valuable person. You can do a lot of activities. It is now possible for exercising. Especially, exercising your body with fun. It will not be difficult as always. It is because you have lost more weight. Other than that, it happens since you equipped better oxygen transport.

Benefits of Garcinia Pro

The advantages inside Garcinia Pro are many. There are plenty of natural benefits here. Those benefits will not come abruptly.

We suggest consulting with a health care professional before taking these or any dietary, nutritional, weight loss or herbal products especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking other medications, have a serious medical condition, or have a history of heart conditions.

However, it comes by step and with fun. Those benefits include:

  • It eliminates body fat quickly
  • It reduces overeating habit potential
  • It prevents further fat forming
  • It avoids fat forming from stored carbohydrate
  • It stimulates fat burn in digestion
  • It changes blood sugar into energy
  • It prevents diabetes and stroke
  • It possibly gives you better body shape
  • It improves stamina
  • It increases productivity
  • It adds your life value
  • It has no harmful or poisonous effect
  • It is safe for teenagers and elder adults

Those advantages are helpful. It is beneficial for your digestion and stamina. It totally changes your body shape much better. Digestion process will run properly. Then, you also get better bloodstream to support activities.

Ven Cleanse Detox Review

Ven Cleanse Detox is helpful colon cleanse. It works differently than Garcinia Cambogia Pills. However, it has similar effect to reduce body fat. It also remains natural effectiveness.

This product consists of multiple herbs. Those herbs are useful to detoxify digestion. Sometimes, we eat too much. Further, we may consume chemical component. Those are dangerous. Thus, those components must be out of your body.

Since you have no idea about what actually is that, you should be careful. That is why, you have to keep digestion clean. It makes digestion organ performs properly. Moreover, clean digestion will be easy to absorb nutrition.

Nutrition is important. It can create energy. It can also heal the broken cells in your body. It simply replaces death cell becomes the new one. Therefore, your body will be always fit and fresh. This process called by cell regeneration.

Since it has plenty benefit for weight loss, it is similar with Garcinia Pro. Therefore, the use will be the best as the 2 nd choice after Ven Cleanse Detox. It reduce your fat the same well and properly.

However, it does not affect your overeating habit. This product has focused to clean up digestion. It makes digestion clean from any toxins, waste, and fat. It results to better nutrition absorption. It eliminates diarrhea, constipation, and more as well.

The combination use will also lead to better effect. The combination makes it much better. Combo use is more popular than only single use. It happens since our body will get better effect after. It includes:

  • It reduces fat quicker
  • It eliminates toxins, waste, and fat from intestines
  • It stimulates digestion enzyme to digest better
  • It activates fat burn more powerfully
  • It prevents you from constipation and diarrhea
  • It increases your metabolism
  • It solves many digestion disorder
  • It avoids deadly sickness like stroke
  • It has clinically tested
  • It has no side effect

The use in a long term has recommended. Some doctors believe it may exists better result. In fact, many long-term user got it. They gain better healthy life. Moreover, the agility increased together with productivity.

Garcinia pro and Ven Cleanse Detox will become a super star for weight loss. They both can reduces fat problems. Moreover, they will establish health environment. It becomes the one stop solution for you.

Even though you may get the result without exercise, exercising your body will give better result. It stimulates better fat burn. Consequently, it synthesis quicker result. Perhaps, you will only need a few days.

Ultimate Slim Pure Select SCAM Report

Ultimate Slim Pure Select is claimed to be a “fast way to burn fat”.

In the following review we will look to see how it works firstly, whether its ingredients can offer the benefits that it claims, and also whether there are any hidden charges or auto-shipping.

From past reviews we know that trial offers like this often have hidden terms and conditions that could potentially leave you out of pocket. No wonder trial offers have such a bad name for themselves.

Read on to discover for yourself whether you should sign up for this trial offer or not.

Claimed benefits of Ultimate Slim Pure Select

Ultimate Slim Pure Select is claimed to offer the following benefits to its users:

  • Rapid absorption for maximum results
  • Supports healthy weight loss
  • Naturally effective for all metabolisms
  • Block fat
  • Suppress appetite

While impressive sounding it is worth noting that we have seen countless offers with similar claims.

These have been designed to entice you to sign up for the offer as quickly as possible, which is why it is probably a better idea to completely ignore claims such as this.

Instead I would recommend looking for proof of its effectiveness, with the ingredients being the best way to discover the efficiency of this supplement.

Ingredients found in Ultimate Slim Pure Select

Unfortunately despite obviously being made using Garcinia Cambogia there is no label present, so no way of knowing the dosage present, or whether there are any other ingredients present.

When looking at supplements the label is incredibly important. In the case of Ultimate Slim Pure Select it is important that you know how much HCA is present, as this will show you what the quality of the supplement is.

As things stand there is no way of knowing whether the claims are accurate or not.

Price of Ultimate Slim Pure Select

The price of Ultimate Slim Pure Select is not immediately clear, however when you view the terms and conditions page it is revealed in full.

When you first sign up there is a $9.95 charge for shipping and handling. You will then be given 21 days to decide whether you want to keep your order.

If you do not contact them during this time period you will be charged $89.83 when the trial has concluded.

As Ultimate Slim Pure Select operates an auto-ship program you will then be sent further monthly packages, which will again be charged at $89.83 each.

Is Ultimate Slim Pure Select a scam?

The T&C page lays out the payment terms of this offer so we cannot go as far as calling it a scam.

However, should you sign up without reading these terms you may well feel that you have been scammed.

This is why it is important that you read everything you can before you sign up to any trial offer.

From experience they are rarely as good an offer as they originally seem.

Ultimate Slim Pure Select is overpriced and there are serious concerns about whether it is as effective as claimed to be. Our suggestion would be to look for an alternative.

How to cancel the trial

There is an option to cancel the trial on their website, however you may want to contact them to check that your subscription has been cancelled.

You can do that using the following contact information:

Phone: 0800 909 8217

Please leave a comment below if you have trialled this particular supplement.

Alternative to Ultimate Slim Pure Select

Our suggested alternative would be Garcinia Pure (available online from Evolution Slimming).

This supplement contains 1,000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia with the recommended percentage of HCA (60%).

And Garcinia cambogia may be a problem for patients with Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia, Ulbricht said.

This not only stops them from charging you but will also keep you safe if they end up giving your card number out.

This shows that this is a quality supplement that will go a long way to aiding your own weight loss efforts.

Benefits offered include:

  • Weight reduction
  • Less body fat
  • Fewer food cravings
  • Lower cholesterol levels

Garcinia Pure is available for $50 for a months supply, but as it is not available for trial the price you see is the price you pay. There are no hidden or repeat charges.

Just started this product gutted as ive not seen the other one ketone raspberry was rubbish I’m on a slimming world diet plan but wanted to boost it had lots of problems in the past with not eating have had to re educate myself to eat properly now I find out these are a scam great not going to continue they have 50% HCA in them also 200mg of caffeine

How do I cancel they took money out of my card and I want to cancel but when I phone it’s just a busy signal . Not happy

I cancelled my credit card! I tried calling to cancel it was almost impossible to get anyone one time one of them hung up on me when I told them They made un approved charges to my card. I had no idea I would be paying so much. They even sent and charged me for items I did not order! Total scam.

having the same problem cant cancel . what a scam !

Did cancelling your credit card stop the Chargers?

Didn’t for me, still took the money. Got the goods but they want a further £11.04 import charge (importing to the UK) People be warned this is not a good site the website for the support is basic and looks fraudulent. My son who is a qualified internet security engineer seconded this an has warned people to stay vigilant to scams like this. Especially with slimming, if it is too good to be true, it will be.

I didn’t order this product first sigh I had that it was a scam is when I got a post charge wanting £11.09 off me for delivery I left it thought it had been sent to the wrong address then 1 month later I got my bank statement the had been taking money off me for 3 months £380 I contacted bank as I had no idea who this company were they found out and cancelled my cards & handed to the fraud squad , I have never received anything from them until today when I got a delivery of the product , they got my info through email hackers this is a disgrace and they should be punished

It is a scam My account had unauthorised payment taken from it. The free sample was a trick to get my Bank Account Number as I had to pay the $9.95 for postage. I was trying to help someone I support who has a weight problem. There is no way I would use that product

As the manufacturing company name is not on the product & there was no hard copy directions with the product, Its a very odd way to do business & no guarantees it’s safe to use.

If they send me anymore I will take it a lot further. Maybe the website should be shut down. 😱

1-866-281-9930 or 1-303-823-4473 is their customer serves, but they won’t do shit for you.They did the same thing to me and I canceled two weeks before they took the money out. They won’t give you a refund and if they do they will only give you a 50% refund. This company does nothing to help you and the pills do nothing on what it say it should do. BIG SCAM if you ask me. Sorry, you have to go through it all. I wish you luck.

totally AGREE. wHAT A SCAM

Any body have a number for them

How did you get them to give you 50%. I would be happy with that if not in full . I’ve emailed them for over a week for a refund but will not email me back

they did the same to me offered a 50% refund but I stood my ground and am getting a full 100% ready d as I said I was going to go with legal proceedings and will include lawyers fees into the cost of what they owe me

i would like to cancel my trial for ultimate slim i have not find this product work for me please do not send me any more pills and to not pay anymore than i have already thankyou

Sharon, as stated previously this website has no link to this or any other trial offer.

Lorraine Kelly and Cosmopolitan magazine are endorsing this product, are they aware of all these people being ripped off, I was just about to go for the “free trial” and happened to notice the very small print underneath saying that there would be a monthly bill for further products so didn’t bother. Good luck to all

These “advertorials” are a common tactic. You need to be careful and read all of the available information before you sign up for any trial offer.

I tried the supposedly free trial which should have been about $9.00 and however they have taken out over $250.00 out of my account. I have had to cancel my card and get the bank to try and get my money back. This is a real scam .

This is a pure scam they ha e took 70 euro out of my account every time cant get through to them to stop it’s

Go n change urvisa or credit card. They did same to me. They are thieves

Sorry have to cancel as I cannot take them due to medical reasons

Trudy, you need to contact them yourself. Details posted in above review.

This is a total scam….they take ages to get you the product. The product doesn’t work. They charged me a further $123.23 and will not refund as I did not contact them in time. The time I had to contact them was when the product was in transit. Not Happy. Don’t Do It .

I was told that my account had been cancelled .However another $106.24 had been taken from my account on the 2/11/2016. Like the above message very time I try to ring all I get is a line busy,I think I have fallen for scam.

Cancel your card and get a new one, they won’t be able to charge your card

I cancelled my card and got a new one issued. If memory serves correct I used card as payment method so they would have used that, as soon as I realised I reported card lost/stolen and got new one issued. Hopefully that will stop them robbing me anymore!

please do not send me any more of your products cancel any payments in future

Brian, the above is a review. We do not endorse trial offers. You need to use the contact details provided above to cancel.

How do I cancel they took money out of my card and I want to cancel but when I phone it’s just a busy signal .

Am so annoyed that I fell for this scam. How can they get away with such a rip off?

I’m having the same problem, cant cancel, given the wrong number by one person but no answer after that. very furious . i will have to cancel my card theyre not getting another cent.

they did the same thing to me, said the only thing I would have to pay was shipping and handling, which was $2.99, then I get my Visa bill and it was $118.00 for one product and $102.00 for another , this is a rotten thing to do to someone, and how do you get your money back. evidently you can’t. , so p—– off at these animals.

What the hell is going on l was thinking it was only 2.99 for this and l went to use my credit card three times over Christmas money was taken out l want to talk to some one other a tigon is going to take place

Have you tried using the contact details provided in the above review?

Pureslim 1-888-964-5358 6:38 today I spoke with Jamie.

Some of the most notable ones include: Xanthones are plant polyphenols that are known to be effective in fighting cancer.

She advised since I ordered on 8/16/17 today they took 4.95 (Intensity Marketing) That I cancelled before 30th so I would not be charged 86.94. I still have not been shipped product. Jamie gave me a tracking #. Advised me I would not rcv future shipments or any future charges. Today I felt like I rcvd GREAT customer service but I am holding my breath & canceling my card ASAP. Product is PURESLIM Garcinia Cambogia & Pure Cleanse. I will never do another FREE TRIAL anything they always get you with the 30 free but actual charge you for it after 14 days. Sounds like they have found a legal way to take customers money. I took pictures of terms & conditions & Heathers statement how she only had $9 got free month for $4. FTC has many compiled cases on this Free Trial ponsy. FBI has program called ICE that is internet misuse they ask that people file report. Thank You

I recently purchased a bottle and paid I did nit authorize anyone to go into my bank account and take out money I want my money returned to my bank account immediatelty I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau I am absolutely appalled and disgusted with this compny for doing this I am a single mom and you took my money how dare this company do this Jasmine Ivanoff # 4 1908 1 ave ne Medicine Hat Alberta Canada you can check immediate response would be greatly appreciated again I am totally disgusted and appalled shame ion you

Jasmine, the above is a review. This website has no link to any trial offers.

Did you have any luck getting your money back? Please let me know how if you did.

When first taking this product, I ended up with a profuse internal bleeding. The urine was the color of a dark red wine. Stopped taking it immediately, the bleeding stopped after a day. When I took it a week later, the same thing happened again.

I am on blood thinners and there is no warning on the bottle that such a thing could happen. Beside being a scam, this is also a dangerous and criminal undertaking.

This is a total Scam! this product is worthless and is likely made from a wheat by product.

do not get rooked into buying this or ANY products made from the same company. THEY DO NOT WORK!

after calling for customer service on the Garcinia Pure Select the number went directly to a refund selection only.. no other options. Why? because even if only half the people call for a refund they still have exceeded revenue on thin air.

They stole my money too. It is Blantant THEFT!

Ooh my god, email is a fake one and the phone number is disconnected,

I don’t want them taking anymore money from me, scammers…..

Yes I agree, this a total scam. I was stupid enough to take the free trial of Ultimate Slim and Vital Cleanse which was offered on Coles Supermarket promotion. A big retailer in Australia. Thanks COLES. I keep getting deliveries of these pill that I will not take, I have tried to cancel but they still send them and bill my credit card. I have called the number on their product but get a message that my delivery are cancelled BUT what the F, they keep sending me pill and charging me. I think this is a very clever scam because WE should have read the term and conditions. If the people behind this know the stuffing that they cause to a home by extorting so much money from a modest family while they get rich and fat. I hope that the owner of this company have so sort of morality and understand my situation. BUT I do not think that will happen. F##k them I have cancelled my credit card so they can get lost, I will post on Facebook and spread my thoughts.

I have tried emailing this company. To get them to stop taking money out of my account, and stop sending the pills The address keeps failing. They must of changed their email address.

I had to cancel my credit card and the bank will be dealing with them.

Does anyone have an address so I can send their rubbish back to them.I also put a posting on fb.

I was charged today for the product I have not even received my trial product so I couldn’t even decided if I liked the product or not I have called to cancel product now however I am very disappointed that I was charged $ 119.59 without even getting my free trail I would really like if someone would call me at 12043910309 to explain what is going on and to make sure I do not get any other charges from you guys. As well since I have already paid for things have not received I would hope I would be getting some money back for this product I look forward to hearing from from you thank you

The above is a review. This website has no link to any trial offers so you will need to contact them yourself, there are contact details listed above.

You won’t hear back from them and you won’t get any money back either, if you do I will be shocked. Cut your losses now, cancell

your credit card and have this be a learning experience. A very expensive one.

I have been charged $107 for this product which I do not which to receive. Trying desperately to contact your company to have this charge reversed. No product has been received and no authoriztion has been given.

You will need to contact Ultimate Slim Pure Select yourself if you have any issues.

How do we do that! There are no contact numbers for this company.

I have listed contact details in the above review..

Here they are again:

Phone: 0800 909 8217

Hi Jac, that number is not connected!!

Hi Ruth. At the time of writing the review that was the number available on their website. I suggest contacting your bank if you are unable to contact the merchant yourself.

I have had $296.78 stolen from my bank credit card by this company. I demand a full refund immediately.

Deborah, you will need to contact them (details posted in the above review). I highly doubt they will read these comments as this website has no link to this or any other trial offer.

I have tried to get through and no response via the above. I did send response to their e-mail asking how was it going but no response back from them.

I would recommend phoning your bank.

I do not want to to receive anymore of this product. I have tried to contact these ppl by email and its boggus! Calling them you only get “press 1 now!” deal… this is totally screwballed!

I’m in I lost 400.00

Report all your transactions to your bank this is a scam there pills are worthless and we are being coned out of our money. Go to your chemist not the internet for there so called great trial deals and contact them by chat line if possible.

What a scam, they also charged me without my permisson. With all the people on this site, we should contact a lawyer and sue them and see how they like their hard earned money taken from them!! They took $220 from me alone, could you imagine how many people they have done this to. DISGUSTING. If someone decides to open a class action suit against them, I’m definately in.

Big friggin scam, same thing happened to me said they would send a trail bottle only had to pay shipping next thing I see 2 charges of $100.00 + each going onto my credit card.

Primalite Garcinia Extract ( primalite garcinia extract The companionship's products are developed in FDA inspected and GMP approved and regulated facilities.

Have canceled my orders that I didn’t sign up for , but now can’t get through to make a complaint of an unauthorized transactions on my credit card. Scam artists

What a freaken scam. I did the trial for Garcinia and vital cleanse. got charged 107.19 + 122.29. on the slip inside the bag there’s a website where you could cancel, did that back in March. Following month got charged again. Tried cancelling again. April 29th another charge, This time I called the number for vital cleanse for Canada 925-234-4298, there’s a prompt and then you get a confirmation number. Today, May 20th received the Ultimate slim, called the 408-655-405 (Canada) prompted and confirmation number. May 24th thought I would call the above numbers just to be sure that everything was cancelled, according to the prompt it is. Hopefully this helps and works.

Jac Jenkins seem to know a lot about the process because he keeps on responding to people indicating they will need to contact pure select, do you by any chance work for this company that just keeps on scamming? You just seem to know too much on the process

Shirley, I have written these guides to help those who have been scammed. I have received thousands of messages over the past few years, so hopefully a few of those have managed to avoid these hidden charges.

To accuse me of being involved with those behind these trial offers makes me believe that you have not even read the above REVIEW. If you had then you would know that I do not endorse these offers.

BTW I am a female. 🙂

I am amazed that so many (mainly) women continue to go for the mesmerising number of ‘free trials’ without checking out reviews FIRST. We live in an advanced technological age which is awash with scammers/I.D. fraud and everyone out to make a fast buck. We need to be more ‘savvy’. Sadly Jac, you can ‘lead a horse to water…..’!

Like the others I am appalled at the dishonest marketing activities of these companies.

Also like the others I ‘trialed’ this product and on finding it didn’t work I called to cancel. Imagine my horror when I was told (by an irritating voice indicating they were doing me a favour) that I could do so for the payment of US$39.95 for each product. I read the material before ordering and saw no mention of this. Nor mention of the fact that they may automatically debit my card if I did not cancel before the end of the trial. There must be some way we can stop these companies behaving reprehensibly.

I also find it odd that they were unable to locate my account when I tried to cancel on-line, but had no trouble locating it to deduct extra charges.

Thank you for the review, it is comforting to know that I am not alone in falling for this.

The best way to stop the payments coming out of your account is to phone the bank and cancel the card. They will cancel straight away and send you a replacement card within 5-10 working days. Bit inconvenient being without the card, but, at least there will be no more charges.

My May 13th order for my trial subscription has not turned up today (June 14th) & it was (supposedly) posted on 17th May according to them.

I have just cancelled my credit card after reading all of the ‘bad accounts’ on this website…

I was drawn to this website by their advert on the “9MSN” news page on my computer & one would think that a large organisation such as “9MSN” would have their finger on the pulse of their advertising & not allow SCAMS to infiltrate their website…

I read all the ‘blurb’ in the T&C’s & understood what was expected of me & I cancelled the account after my trial subscription was posted, but reading all the bad stuff here made me decide to cancel my card to avoid further grief…

The old adage “BUYER BEWARE” was never more true than in this case…

I ordered my trial, somehow, they took $9.99 + $2.99 from credit card account. I tried to cancel the order online from the link they provided, there’s no option of just simply cancel the order. I had to cancel my credit card before they take any money from my account.

Is there any way we can report this?

Ordered this product with the detox as well.

17 days and still have not received it , rang to cancel and was greeted by an automated operator .

I could not cancel the product without paying $100 for both items that I still have not received.

There is no HUMAN answering the phones for Australia ,so there is no-one to talk too.

What a scam this should be outlawed but they would still get around it somehow.

Legit companies will be wondering why people will not buy there legit products from the net with SCUM like these running around and giving every one trying to sell on the internet.

This is the last time I will buy from the internet.

ive done the same saw the promotion through coles payed for it etc and just been charged $110 from my bank for I don’t know what. as far I knew I was a one time offer not a ongoing thing.

just tried cancelling thru this link and you gotta pay another $36 for each order to cancel WTF.

right just for others to see ive cancelled the vital clense through this link

with no charge to cancel. but to cancel the garcina as above it costs $36

Yeah – I nearly got caught – if you have opted for the so-called “free trial” with this scam, go immediately to your bank and cancel your card, and get a new one. It’s the only way to stop them scamming you.

I fell into d same category. They extort 74 euros from me

They tried d second attempt of 89 but was declined. I had to cancel my card. They are bunch of lazy n unruly thieves. Trying to eat from where they did not sis.

this is a scam dont order them they keep taking mony from you.why cant something be done about this

I unfortunately fell for the same scam. They have only taken the shipping payment so far as I only ordered last week and thankfully seen the reviews about the scam. I have phoned my bank immediately. I was informed that cancelling the cards wont work – you need to get your bank to put a block on them so they cannot take out the money. Apparently there are two companies who will try and take it. If for some reason they do manage to get the money -because you informed your bank you will get a refund immediatly.

Get calling your banks folks!

hi you took 73 euro from my mater card and i won,t it back on my card becuase i did not order any thing .for you .so you had know right to go into my accout so i would like it if you would put my my back on my card THANK YOU

Donna, the above is a review. You will need to use the contact details provided above to cancel your trial.

I have just been conned aswell paid for the free trial now I can’t cancel ….I have mental health issues and I feel so let down please don’t take money off me gutted

Dawn, you will need to contact them yourself or failing that your bank.

The pilot study involved testing the Garcinia supplement in male Zucker mice which are naturally predisposed to obesity.

They should be able to help.

Hi, I have fallen for this and ordered the free trial. Reading these messages I have cancelled the account online and have a print off to confirm. Will this be enough to stop further payments does anyone know or do I still need to contact my bank ? Help appreciated.

WOW, I was just about to click for a free trial after entering my bank account details and noticed that the tab said ‘vital cleasne’ instead of ‘vital cleanse’, so I read further down the page to the extortionate amount of money they took and then found this page! Lucky escape.

If it is any use, I contacted Consumer Helpline (for anyone in UK), on behalf of everything this has happened to and nearly doing so myself, who referred my case to trading standards. If there are enough cases the money should get refunded to you.

I also have a friend who is a bank manager for Santander, he said that the card would need to be cancelled as these are the details that they have. Even if you get your bank to decline their deductions, they probably have more than one bank account set up and so can transfer to keep on taking money from each person from different accounts.

I hope this helps.

I so wish I had read these messages before I ordered the trial product. I’m based in Ireland where the 0800 number is not even accessible. Just keep returning my emails with automated messages asking me to cancel through their website. I cancelled immediately after I received the trial product but they still took 150 euro from my account.

I contacted by bank but they cannot do anything unless I get some kind of email from company acknowledging my cancellation. Alternatively I can print the screen showing I cancelled, then send the bank a letter outlining my desire to cancel and they will then go after them

What a production. I can’t believe this is Legal

I ordered Garcinia Ultimate and Vita Clense Aug 29/16 Instantly had buyers remorse. It is indeed very deceptive. I have not even received the product yet, but tried to cancel and found same issues of previous readers. However, bottom line, I called 1 800 489-4818 for the Vita Clense and 1800 281-9930 for the Garcinia Ultimate and bypassed the auto voice saying I can keep for $39 something and spoke to a live person, who was such a pleasure to deal with. We were able to resolve the issue with me keeping the product when it arrives and be charged $5.95 each, I figure it probably would cost that to ship it back anyway. She sent a confirmation email with the cancellation, assuring me no further chargers will go on my account. I hope this is of help to anyone who is going through trying to cancel. When will I learn there is no fast easy magic pill to loose the weight.

I orderd these pills on trial,had to pay customs charge,off 22 pound’s. Decided to cancel a week later which they say you can do.was offered to cancel next order an keep the pills I had for 20 pounds.finevi did.looked at my bank statement today and 60 odd pound has been taken out.after me cancelling.had to cancel my card,after phoning the number the bank gave me when they scanned the number on the statement.which led back to these people,only for them to tell me its a scam and people has been using their number to scam is wrong with people,lying thieves should be ashamed of them selves.

better than the slimming tablets is the Lady Soma Detox (as someone else has said already). I could see a difference the next day, and after one week I was slim and trim 🙂



I cannot believe I have fallen for this! The only one thing I bought without reading reviews on and this happens! I have cancelled my account through them although they will probably still carry on trying to take payment as it has happened to others. I have also rang my bank and they have put a block on them so they can no longer take a payment from me. I would advise you all to do this, it literally took my 5 minutes and now they will no longer be able to charge me.

Well, Well, Well. I have just read all your comments, hmmmm, as I got my credit card statement back I thought the mongrel s took 3 withdrawal s from my account. yeah 2.99 which was converted to 4.06, which i did not take into account and is fair, but the other 28.64, and 9.41? What is that, FREE TRIAL hey.

I am going to get these guys. So apparently you have all tried the email and it does not work? At least I will email it and take a screen shot to prove I cancelled. I have just had to cancel my credit card before I even got on this site here, as I was suspicious.

The product was full of caffeine and I dont take that, so I was high as a kite, and actually started going off my face. Plus there is not enough of the substance that I wanted in the product to scientifically work.

Our records indicate that you have already cancelled your account by accepting our discount promotion. You have received a one-time charge for $36.71 for the 30 day supply already sent to you during your trial period. You will not receive any more shipments or charges from us. Thank you for trying Garcinia Cambogia Pure Select!

Make sure when you cancel you have already cancelled your credit card, so not only is it a free trial they charge you for, the automatic robot tells you when you cancel that you have agreed to pay for the next lot coming and I did not even receive the first lot.

I formally request that my account be cancelled immediately.

I originally accepted your trial offer but found it did not meet my expectations.

Thank you for your the opportunity to try your product.

I returned your shipment dated 08/30/2016 as it was not required for the reasons stated above.

I received my credit card statement for the month of September to find associated credit charges to the value of $3.87 for the mailing costs of the free sample which I accept. I then returned the next shipment seeking a refund which as not occurred. Then an additional charges of $40.67 and $9.56 for what I don’t know? This is then followed by a charge of $121.42 on 28th September again for what I don’t know as I have received nothing apart from the “Free Sample” and the delivery returned I to you on 8th September 2016

Please ensure I do not incur any further costs associated with your product and I formally request a full and total refund for all applicable charges to my Credit Card forthwith in association with what has been outlined above.

I further request the you forward me a return email to the above address acknowledging receipt of this message and that the applicable charges outlined above have been made

Steven, the above is a review.