Garcinia cambogia before and after tumblr

Garcinia cambogia before and after tumblr
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How to Lose Body Fat: 50 Tips That Really Work

If you’re looking for ways to get back in shape (or get in shape, period), you’re not alone. After all, it’s prime resolution-making (and breaking!) season, which means most of us have some self-improvement goals, and getting healthier and fitter is always a good one. Instead of being laser-focused on shedding pounds, which can result in tunnel vision and frustration, there are some easy ways you can tone and tighten—and melt fat—without agonizing. For tips on how to lose body fat, scroll below for 50 of the best ones.

1. Switch Up Your Workout

If you’re not seeing results from your cardio regimen, switch to interval training. For instance, sprint for 30 seconds, and then recover by walking or jogging for a following 30 seconds and repeat for the duration of your workout. Or, follow this guide.

2. Follow the 80/20 Rule

Eat clean 80 percent of the time, while allowing a bit of indulgence for the remaining 20 percent. By clean, we mean whole foods with no processed flour, sugar, or additives.

3. Keep a Food Journal

This will help you monitor absent-minded eating. A 2008 study found that tracking your eating habits can actually double your weight loss! Rather than pulling out a pen and paper, try free apps like SparkPeople Diet and Food Tracker or LoseIt so you can update your entries on the go.

4. Break Out Your Blender

Blend fiber-rich greens like spinach or kale, avocado, and berries for a delicious and healthy breakfast smoothie to keep you feeling fuller longer.

5. Cut Down on Carbs

Limit your starch intake by choosing protein and vegetables over bread, rice, pasta, and other grains. Evidence suggests that cutting down starchy foods and carbs can help you lose weight quickly, and can also reduce your risk of heart disease.

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6. Take the Stairs

Seems simple, but do it whenever possible instead of using an elevator. You’ve heard it before, but little changes like this are a great way to get incidental exercise, and burn calories without planning a workout.

7. Pack Your Own Lunch (and Snacks)

This can help you avoid unhealthy takeout temptation. Sure, sometimes it’s hard enough to find time to eat lunch, let alone pre-prepare it, but that’s why we came up with 13 healthy lunch ideas that are realistic for busy people.

8. Use Smaller Dishes

Serving meals on smaller, salad-sized plates or in small bowls really can help control your portion size.

Drink a glass of water before each meal to feel fuller and to avoid overeating. While water doesn’t have a magical fat-burning property, nutrition experts say keeping hydrated can stop overeating, as many people confuse thirst with hunger.

10. Chew Slowly and Thoroughly

Slice crunchy vegetables and fruit into large chunks—this will force you to spend longer chewing, slow down your eating, and allow your brain to recognize when your body is full.

11. Minimize Munching

Keep snacks to around 100 calories to avoid over eating. We enlisted fitness guru and celebrity trainer David Kirsch to offer up 10 ridiculously easy-to-grab healthy snacks that clock in at 100 calories or less.

12. Eat an Apple a Day, Because…

It will help curb your appetite and keep your feeling full for up to two hours. The soluble fiber found in apples (pectin) actually reduces the amount of sugar and calories you absorb after a meal, making apples one of the best snacks for dieters. Pectin also stops blood sugar from spiking, which helps to avoid that “crash” that can often leave you desperately craving sugary food.

13. Use Veggies Instead

14. Brush Your Teeth Between Meals

Doing this every time you finish a meal can discourage snacking. Nothing tastes good mixed with toothpaste.

15. Fill Up on Protein

Tons of studies show that missing out on high protein foods can cause overeating and lead to weight gain. Plus, if you’re exercising to lose weight (which you should be!), protein is important for your muscles to repair after a big workout.

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16. Avoid Restaurant Bread

When you eat out, ask the waiter not to bring any bread to your table. One large bread roll with butter could be up to 100 calories, which you probably don’t need to be eating in addition to a full meal.

When you’re thirsty, sip water with lemon or iced greed tea rather than sugary soda drinks or milky coffee concoctions.

18. Never Skip Breakfast

Researchers analyzed 19 studies on weight gain and found a relationship between skipping breakfast and piling on the pounds, so remember to eat within an hour of waking up to kick-start your metabolism.

19. Stand While You Work

Get a standing desk. Even a couple of hours spent standing rather than sitting can boost your metabolism.

20. Make it Hot

Eat spicy foods, like hot peppers, which increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation by increasing the metabolism.

21. Pick Smart Snacks

Snack on calorie negative foods, like celery, which actually require more energy to digest than they contain.

22. Load Up on Grapefruit

It’s a great metabolism booster and an amazing source of vitamin C and vitamin A, both of which have been proven to help clear up your complexion and reduce the dark circles around tired eyes. Eat up!

23. Get Into Green Tea

Ditch empty energizing drinks like those found in milky lattes that don’t fill you up. If you miss your morning coffee, try a strong green tea instead—it’ll perk you up without the caffeine crash later.

24. Eat Right in the A.M.

Eat a breakfast that’s between 300 to 400 calories and full or protein to keep you feeling full (and not reaching for snacks) all morning. Stuck for ideas? Try making a frittata using only egg whites, or follow one of these recipe ideas.

25. Strengthen Up

Try a high-intensity workout that uses your own body weight as resistance.

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26. Get Energy With Every Meal

If you’re not eating protein with just about every meal, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to lose fat. An article published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition during 2006 argued that the current recommended daily intake for protein, 0.36 grams per pound of body weight, is way less than any woman undergoing strength training actually needs.

Instead, they suggest active women get between 0.54 and one gram per pound of body weight. If you want to lose weight, Women’s Health suggests using your goal weight rather than your current weight as a guide when calculating the required protein intake.

27. Go For Sweet Potatoes

Replace regular potatoes with sweet potatoes to swap starch and carbs for vitamins and nutrients. Here are a bunch of tasty recipes that use sweet potatoes perfectly.

28. Get Enough Fiber

Remember that it’s incredibly important for weight loss and nutrient absorption, so make sure you’re getting 30 to 50 grams of the good stuff every single day.

29. Pick Up Some Blueberries.

They’ve been shown to help get rid of belly fat, so much away on the tasty fruit at snack times or breakfast.

30. Get Plenty of Z’s.

Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, because nothing induces overeating and skipped workouts than feeling tired!


Instead, they found the doses were either too low or too high.

Download Healthy Apps.

Use a free fitness app like My Fitness Pal or these excellent women’s health ones to check how healthy your meal choices are, and to track your food intake verses the amount of exercise you’re doing.

32. Be Realistic

Set healthy and realistic weight loss goals and write them down on paper. The relationship between goal setting, committing said objectives to paper, and achieving success has been well documented.

33. Burn Calories at Home

Bookmark online cardio workout videos you can do at home for those nights or mornings when it’s too cold, hot, or rainy for a run outdoors.

34. Use the Buddy System

Plan workouts with a friend who will hold you accountable to your exercise commitments.

35. Add Garlic to (Almost) Everything

Apart from being damn delicious, it’s a fat-burning, metabolism-boosting food that helps balance blood sugar levels, which in turn reduces energy highs and slumps that are associated with over-eating.

36. Motivate With a Pro Program

Too busy to commit to a gym class? Buy an eBook program, like Kayla Itsines’ 12 week program that you can follow at home at burn fat in your living room.

37. Experiment (Carefully)

Try sipping on sugar water or extra-light olive oil—seriously! The Shangri-La Diet was pioneered by Seth Roberts, PhD, a professor of psychology, and claims you can lose weight by drinking one to three tablespoons of sugar water and/or one to two tablespoons of extra-light (not virgin) olive oil twice daily in between your normal meals. Apparently this diet suppresses your appetite while lowering your body’s “set point” (the weight at which it naturally wants to settle).

“It burns up to 50 calories if you laugh for 10 to 15 minutes per day,” Adelino Da Costa, owner of Punch Fitness Center in New York City told NBC News.

39. Go Organic

Where possible—and affordable—you should opt for organic food. Canadian researchers report that dieters who have the most organochlorines (a pollutant found in pesticides that is stored in your fat cells) find it harder to lose pounds. These dieters experience an abnormally large dip in metabolism when they lose weight, which could mean that the pesticides are actually interfering with the energy-burning process.

40. A Short Workout’s Better Than No Workout

When you’re too swamped to exercise properly, at least take a short 10 minute walk, or get up for regular intervals to walk around your office. One study looked at people who sit for hours on end, and found that those who took regular breaks to stand up, stretch, of stroll down corridors, had smaller waists than those who continued to sit all day.

41. Avoid Processed Stuff

Stop eating processed junk food—it may sound obvious, but too many people crush their weight loss progression by snacking on sugary and salty snacks.

42. Take an Actual Lunch Break

Stop eating lunch at your desk, and instead be more mindful about your meals by sitting at a table and avoiding distractions. You’d be surprised at just how effective mindful eating is at reducing overeating and lowering your BMI. By simply thinking about what you’re eating, as you’re eating it, you’re more tuned to your body’s “I’m full” cues and can start to think rationally about any desires to eat out of boredom.

43. Watch What You Add to Your Coffee (If You Drink It)

Drinking coffee can help you to lose weight, but be sure to watch the milk and sugar additions. Caffeine has been shown to increase the rate at which you burn calories, upping your metabolism dramatically in the hours after you drain your morning mug.

44. Try “superset” workouts.

45. Go On a Cleaning Spree

Complete your simple household chores, like vacuuming, dusting, and making your bed, to burn calories without even realizing it.

46. Walk and Talk

Instead of sitting down to take a phone call, walk and talk so that you can burn calories while mindlessly pacing a room or strolling the streets.

Find yourself tapping your feet or bouncing your legs while you type at your desk? Don’t stop! These little moves have been shown to make an actual difference when it comes to burning calories—again, it’s better than nothing.

48. Clean Your Cabinets

Rid your kitchen and office space of junk food—if it’s not there, you can’t eat it!

49. Watch Your Posture

Sit up straight at work and while watching TV, forcing your body to use muscles and exert energy to support itself.

50. Drink Wisely

If you don’t want to completely cut out alcohol, switch from sugary cocktails packed with empty calories to healthier alcoholic drinks, like vodka and club soda with a dash of fresh lime, or a glass of Brut Champagne. Wine isn’t nearly as bad as a hot-pink cocktail, but one glass will add about 130 calories, while a single shot of vodka with seltzer is only about 65 calories.

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Student from Cornell University’s Incredible 37lbs Weight Loss On University Budget Using Garcinia Diet Pill Formula Featured on CNN!

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(As featured on CNN) Amanda Haughman, an amazing student attending Cornell University, was able to lose 37 pounds of belly fat in 4 weeks without using a nickel of her own money. You see Amanda is studying Nutritional Science at Cornell, and for a mandatory research project Amanda figured it would be perfect to use the school's funds to find out how to ‘hack' her weight loss. She teamed up with her friends at other Ivy league Universities including Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, and Yale to develop this unique formula. According to Amanda, “the most expensive piece of it all was actually finding what worked. But the actual solution only cost about $5.”

After we saw her story on CNN, we were intrigued to say the least…

What do you need to know about the Garcinia Cambogia and Apple Cider Combination?

In an exclusive interview she told us, “I had struggled with my weight my whole life. I tried things like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, which just didn't work as good as they promised. I am a single Mom with a kid at home and I am also working towards my degree, so I don't have any time to be at the gym. When I was assigned this big research project, I saw it as a perfect opportunity to get a deeper look at the natural weight loss opportunities that are out there, and that is when I found out about combining and apple cider vinegar. The best part of it all, I can tell that my daughter is proud of me. The results were even published on CNN!” – Amanda Haughman

Since the study, Amanda shared the and apple cider vinegar combination with her close friend, Mark, who had also been struggling with his weight. Mark's results are even more impressive than Amanda.

Is the CNN Cornell Student Weight Loss Story True?

Mark Lost over 130 Lbs in under 12 weeks with Amanda's Help

We sat down with Amanda to ask her more about how she found out about and whether or not that is all that she used to lose 37lbs so quickly.

PIOP: Tell us, how did you know where to start?

Amanda: To be honest, I really didn't. I was given a budget for the project by the university, and I spent nearly all of it researching everything under the sun. I looked into other previous research, case studies, and even successful weight loss stories of others.

PIOP: So, how did you find out about and apple cider vinegar?

Amanda: It's sort of funny. I am a big fan of Melissa McCarthy, and while I was looking into weight loss stories of others I decided to see if I could find out more about how McCarthy was able to lose so much weight so quickly. Surprisingly, even with all of the tabloids, it was pretty challenging to find concrete information on exactly how she did it. However, I was able to find a radio interview where McCarthy credited her entire weight loss to combining with apple cider vinegar.

PIOP: Was it expensive to get ?

Amanda: It actually was not very expensive at all, and thankfully so. By the time I had found out about and apple cider vinegar, I had about $13 left in my project budget. Since is a completely natural formula, the supplier doesn't spend a lot to manufacture it. Additionally, they actually provided me with a and I just paid for shipping! So I got for $5 and picked up a bottle of apple cider vinegar for $6 from a local grocery store, and I still had $2 left in my budget!

PIOP: That's impressive! Could you explain how it works?

Amanda: There isn't much to it, and that is the appeal of it all. Every morning, I made tea with 1 – 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and took with it. Other than that, I didn't change a single thing in my daily routine. 30 days later, I am 37lbs off the waist and in better shape than ever before!

She's not the only one…

Miranda Lambert claims and were the key factors to helping her lose over 45lbs in just five weeks.

I had to investigate for myself! My free bottles of were delivered in just a few short days and I was only charged for shipping. is one of the most concentrated and purest forms of Garcinia on the market. It was our shared opinion that this would give me the most accurate results for my test. Below you can see my results and read about them.

has ingredients that have been shown to:

(This is the first step in the process. This one is the hemo-dilator that builds lean muscle. It's completely legal, safe, and has none of the bad steroid-like effects.)

  • Enhance energy and strength

To test out the same pills Amanda Haughman Cornell University, swears by, I took one pill every morning and one pill every evening for 4 weeks.


After 1 week on Amanda from Cornell's Diet Pills, I was surprised by how fast and dramatic the effects were. My energy level was up and I wasn't as hungry as usual. The appetite curbing was a welcome side effect of the . I felt fantastic and best of all, I didn't have to change anything about my daily routine.

On Day 7, I got on the scale and used a caliper to check my body fat. I couldn't believe my eyes–I had lost 14 lbs of fat in my first week!

But still I wasn't completely convinced! I know they say you lose a lot of water weight at the beginning of any diet. I wanted to wait and see the results in the upcoming weeks.

After 2 weeks of using I had more energy and focus than ever. The detoxifying properties were allowing me to sleep through through the night, every night – I swear I was burning fat in my sleep too. I managed to lose another 6 lbs of fat, and started to see the outline of my 6-pack coming back, something my boyfriend obviously loved. After just 14 days I was feeling quite confident that this product were the real deal.

After 3 weeks, all my doubts and skepticisms had vanished!