Garcinia cambogia extract sold at target

Garcinia cambogia extract sold at target
It slows down our metabolism and makes us more prone to gaining weight and staying fat.

Truth about garcinia cambogia and apple cider vinegar diet!

Table of Contents

Garcinia Cambogia and Apple Cider Vinegar: A revolutionary diet or a dangerous hype?

Garcinia cambogia became famous after Dr.Oz called it the “holy grail of fat loss” on his popular talk show.

Here’s what you can expect from this article:

  1. Quick facts about Garcinia.
  2. An in-depth overview of everything Dr.Oz said about Garcinia Cambogia.
  3. A quick check on if/how many of those claims are true.
  4. How Apple Cider Vinegar works for weight loss.
  5. Garcinia Cambogia and Apple Cider Vinegar diet recipe
  6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Spoiler Alert: Garcinia doesn’t work. It doesn’t have human trial studies to back up its weight loss claims. Keep reading and you’ll understand it for yourselves. And that Anna Haughman CNN story is a hoax!

But before that, I really have to share this with you.

Somewhere during my research process on Garcinia, I found out that it has been used as a flavoring agent for fish curries.

Wait a second…fish curries?

I had my aha moment and decided to Google the Tamil/Sinhala name of Garcinia.

And to my surprise, it turns out this sweetypie is what we (Srilankans) call Goroka.

For those interested, Garcinia is called Kudampuli (Pot Tamarind) in Tamil.

And we are those people who traditionally use Garcinia Cambogia to flavor our fish curries.

It’s a staple in every Srilankan kitchen.

Let me tell you this, Garcinia (Goroka) flavored fish curry, also known as Ambul Thiyal is one of the best things Srilankans have discovered.

A picture of Garcinia Cambogia I took from our kitchen cupboard:

Dried fruit version of Garcinia from our kitchen…

What is Garcinia Cambogia and where is it from?

Garcinia Cambogia, also known as Malabar Tamarind, is a pumpkin shaped fruit that originates from south-east Asia and India.

The rind of this sour fruit is used as a traditional flavoring agent for fish curries.

It’s a staple in every Srilankan kitchen cupboard and that’s coming from a Srilankan (Me).

There are claims that Garcinia has been used as a home remedy for bowel problems, intestinal parasites and rheumatism [ 1 ].

As mentioned earlier, Garcinia Cambogia became super famous after Dr. Oz labeled it as the “revolutionary fat buster” in his show.

An Overview of Everything Dr. Oz said about Garcinia Cambogia

He’s the name behind the success of this viral weight loss supplement, so it only makes sense to start off with his claims right?

According to Dr.Oz, Garcinia Cambogia is the:

  1. “Holy grail” of weight loss.
  2. “Newest, fastest and least expensive fat buster”.
  3. “Revolutionary fat buster you’ve been waiting for.”

Let’s go through each claim about Garcinia from Dr.Oz show.

What does Garcinia Cambogia do for you?

These are the exact words of Doctor Julie Chen from Dr.Oz show:

It’s actually been seen in studies to help increase weight loss by 2-3 times, what people would naturally lose with just diet and exercise alone.

See the bolded words above?

Those words are what pretty much sold Garcinia Cambogia on the show.

I mean who wouldn’t like the idea of munching on KFC, sitting on the sofa all day and still lose that stubborn belly fat?

How does Garcinia Cambogia work for weight loss?

According to Dr.Oz, Garcinia cambogia works for weight loss in 2 ways:

  1. By blocking fat production and converting excess sugar into energy.
  2. By dealing with emotional eating. This works as an appetite suppressant.

What they repeatedly claimed is that Garcinia inhibits the production of fat in the body.

So if the body is not making fat, it will burn the fat it already has.

They also said that Garcinia Cambogia increases the production of serotonin in your brain.

Serotonin is a compound that helps avoid excess eating by making you feel fuller longer.

How is Garcinia different from all the other weight loss supplements out there?

Were you wondering about that?

Dr.Oz can read your mind because he asked that question to Julie Chen and she said:

Because it suppresses appetite and it helps to prevent fat from being made in the body. It moves it towards glycogen which is actually an energy source for the muscles to burn when you exercise.

Dr. Oz did a demonstration in which he explains how the liver turns excess sugar into fats.

He showed how Garcinia Cambogia will block the enzyme that turns the sugar into fats.

He explained that Garcinia uncorks the pathway that allows sugar to be converted into energy.

Here is another EPIC comment by Dr.Oz regarding Garcinia:

Your fat cells can begin to shrink out and convert into energy. Now even if you eat sugar, you’re unable because of Garcinia to make more of that fat cell.

That means you can eat your Ice cream, Pizza with double cheese and still get ready to brace the bikini season!

The whole focal point of their discussion is that Garcinia helps burn fat and not the muscle because it converts into energy that helps build muscle.

Other claims made on the Dr.Oz show:

  1. It doesn’t just help with weight loss, Garcinia also helps with overall body health.
  2. They saw in studies that patients had a decrease in total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL.
  3. Improvement in HDL which is a good cholesterol.
  4. Those studies saw improvements in patients with obesity.

Watch Dr.Episode about Garcinia Cambogia:

Where is the REAL Evidence to prove these Weight loss claims about Garcinia Cambogia?

I’m yet to find those “studies” talked about in Dr.Oz show.

If anyone gets hold of accurate studies supporting the above claim about Garcinia, please feel free to send me the link.

However, I’ve found a research paper that concludes Garcinia Cambogia works for weight loss in the short term.

It says that the magnitude of the weight loss is so small that it requires more rigorous future trials to draw any serious conclusions [2, 3].

Another research paper has also concluded about the lack of human trial evidence to support the claim about Garcinia Cambogia for weight loss [ 4 , 6 ].

It points out that most studies in humans have been conducted on small samples.

All of those studies have failed to show the long-term effect of Garcinia for weight loss.

Does Garcinia Target Belly Fat?

Now here is an interesting finding.

Earlier we read that there isn’t much evidence to support the claims of weight loss caused by Garcinia Cambogia.

Here are 2 studies stating that Garcinia can help lose visceral fat (belly fat).

The first study was carried out on mice and the second was on humans.

Study 1: This study was carried out on obesity-prone mice.

They were fed with high-fat diet for 16 weeks.

One group was given Garcinia Cambogia every day and another group was a control.

Results: No significant changes in body weight and food intake between both groups of mice.

However, they found out that the group of mice that had Garcinia had a significant reduction in their visceral fat (belly fat) [ 5 ].

Study 2: Double-blind, randomized and placebo-controlled.

This study was carried out on a group of men/women aged 20-65 years.

They all had a visceral (belly) fat area of 90cm or more [9].

  1. One group received 1000 mg HCA (Garcinia Cambogia) per day.
  2. The other group received placebo.
  3. The treatment was given for 12 weeks.
  4. After 12 weeks, both groups were given placebo for 4 weeks to assess any rebound effect.

Findings: After 16 weeks, the group that received Garcinia Cambogia had a significant reduction in visceral fat compared to the control group.

They also didn’t see any rebound effect from week 12 to 16 without Garcinia.

Regardless of their gender, both groups that received Garcinia showed belly fat reduction.

Bottom line: The belly fat loss from Garcinia was mentioned in Dr.Oz show and this is probably one of the rare studies out there to support that claim.

There still needs to be more human trial research to draw any serious conclusions.

This is primarily because of some of the rumored side effects of Garcinia.

Let’s Talk About Apple Cider Vinegar for Weightloss!

Apple Cider Vinegar is widely popular for its antifungal, antibacterial, antidiabetic and antioxidant properties [ 7 ].

As for its weight loss properties, here’s what a double-blind trial study found:

Participants: Japanese obese individuals with the same body weight, BMI and waist circumference [ 8 ].

  1. All participants were divided into 3 groups.
  2. Each group was given 500 ml of a beverage containing either 15 ml vinegar, 30 ml vinegar or 0 ml vinegar.
  3. They were given this treatment every single day for 12 weeks.

Results: The study found out that both groups that took the Vinegar beverage had significant weight reduction than the placebo group.

They also noticed more reduction in belly fat.

Bottom line: Apple Cider Vinegar actually has more reliable evidence for weight loss than Garcinia in human trial studies.

Garcinia Cambogia and Apple Cider Vinegar Diet Recipe

This is the method used and recommended by everybody to lose weight with the Garcinia Cambogia and ACV diet.

What you will need:

Pure Garcinia Cambogia Capsules: Buy a brand that’s FDA approved and has 60% HCA with no fillers etc.

Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother (Bragg’s is an excellent choice)

8 ounces of warm water in a glass.

A straw: To protect your teeth/enamel from any damage by the ACV.

  1. Mix 2 teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar into a glass of 8 ounces of warm water.
  2. Swallow the Garcinia Cambogia and drink the ACV water.

When to do it: Once in the morning, 30 minutes before breakfast and once in the afternoon, 30 minutes before lunch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1 . Which brand of Garcinia Cambogia did Dr.Oz recommend?

Dr. Oz did not recommend any brands and he clearly mentioned that on his show.

2 . Which brand of Garcinia Cambogia is the best?

Although we traditionally use it in our fish curries, Garcinia Cambogia is not something I will be using for weight loss purposes anytime soon.

I’ve done my part to educate you guys about this product for weight loss but I don’t trust it, yet.

My opinions might change in the future if/when there are enough studies to support the claims on humans.

I’m not very satisfied with the before/after pictures and videos I’ve seen so far either.

Therefore I refuse to mention or link out to any Garcinia brands.

3. What should you look out for when buying Garcinia Cambogia?

  1. Strictly watch out for online scams. Don’t bother with the free trials from random websites and Facebook pages.
  2. Look for an FDA approved brand.
  3. Make sure it has at least 60% Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) which is the active ingredient.
  4. And make sure it doesn’t have any fillers.

4 . Is Garcinia Cambogia safe for diabetics and pregnant women?

If you’re diabetic, pregnant or under any serious medications, please consult with your doctor before taking any weight loss supplements.

5 . What are the side effects of taking Garcinia Cambogia?

There’s been a lot of talks on this lately.

There have many claims of Garcinia causing Diarrhea, constipation, and insomnia.

Those, we can deal with.

However, there are also accusations of Garcinia causing liver damage, kidney and heart problems.

Now that’s something I wouldn’t want to risk myself with, which is another main reason why I’m not recommending any brands on here.

I’m still doing some research on the side effects of Garcinia Cambogia.

I’ll link my new post here when I’m done.

6 . Do you have any reliable before/after photos of Garcinia Cambogia and Apple Cider Vinegar diet results?

I have searched all over the internet and still haven’t come across any reliable before/after photos yet.

Some of these YouTube videos I saw on Garcinia reviews is just plain promotional ones.

Some have created a YouTube channel to post 1 video review of Garcinia Cambogia and that’s it.

No further updates or reliable photos whatsoever.

Even many of the comments left on these videos sound so fishy.

Request for you: If you have seen any reliable before/after photo results of Garcinia and Apple Cider vinegar diet anywhere, please send me the link so I can add it on here.

Photo credit will be given of course but I just can’t seem to find any that seem convincing.

7 . What about Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss. Does it work for real?

As mentioned earlier, Apple Cider Vinegar also lacks much evidence from human trial studies.

However, I’ve definitely seen convincing before/after photos and videos of ACV diet.

I myself have a bottle of Braggs ACV and drink it whenever I’m bothered.

Another plus is that Apple Cider Vinegar side effects are definitely don’t sound scary compared to Garcinia.

8 . So is the Garcinia Cambogia and Apple Cider Vinegar diet a scam?

All I’m saying is, ask your doctor first.

And don’t bother with the free trials of Garcinia from the Internet because your card will be charged month after month.

Have you had any results with the Garcinia Cambogia and Apple Cider Vinegar diet?

Speak your mind in the comments below and share your experience with others.

Tell us if it worked for you or not and if you’ve had any side effects from this diet.

Garcinia cambogia extract sold at target


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Garcinia Cambogia in the Media

Garcinia cambogia has been a hot topic of discussion on many several mainstream media forums. Reportedly thousands of people are reaping the benefits of this amazing natural supplement.

"Studies have also suggested that it's possible that HCA found in garcinia cambogia can help lower someone's appetite by increasing production of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is associated with calm and happy feelings - and therefore, sometimes appetite suppression, fewer cravings and reduced desire for comfort foods."

Published by Dr.

Many women think you’re either born with a big, curvy buttocks or you’re not.

Axe, Jun 6, 2016

"Garcinia is an exceptionally effective fat buster. It inhibits the production of fat in the body, and when the body's not making fat, it's burning fat."

Published by Harry G Preuss, Nov 8, 2012

"It's a dual action fat buster because it suppresses appetite and prevents fat being made in the body and moves it towards Glycogen which is actually an energy source for the muscles to use during exercise"

Published by Dr. Julie T. Chen, Jun, 2014

1. Do I need a prescription for Garcinia Cambogia Plus?

2. How many capsules are in 1 bottle of Garcinia Cambogia Plus?

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4. How do I use Garcinia Cambogia Plus?

5. Do I need to change my lifestyle to use Garcinia Cambogia Plus?

6. How much weight can I lose with Garcinia Cambogia Plus?

7. Are there any side effects of taking Garcinia Cambogia Plus?

8. How long does it take for delivery?

9. Do you ship internationally?

10. Do you accept gift cards as a valid form of payment?

11. Will I be billed for reoccurring payments after I complete my purchase?

Beware of Scams and Imitations

There are many garcinia cambogia products on the market that are either scams or imitations of genuine garcinia cambogia products. It’s important to be aware of these so that you can make the best choice for your health.

Harmful Additives

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I'm lighter and feeling great - Gary 2018 January 4

It’s been 2 months and I'm feeling healthier and fitter. Need to get some scales to keep track of my weight, but I know I have lost a notch on my belt. Best of all friends and colleagues are commenting. It's not a miracle pill, I have been walking and eating less, however past dieting attempts have failed so something must have changed.

Yes, I would recommend this product

Good product that really works! - Diana 2017 December 14

I was 238 pounds after my second child and after a couple of failed diet and gym attempts I decided to give this a go. I have been taking Garcinia Cambogia Plus for 5 months now and I’m down 178. My target is 160 and I’m on track to achieve this within the next 3 months. It has not been easy, however I feel that it has helped me curb my eating habits. I try and get a little bit of exercise every day, which is usually a walk to the park or shops pushing the pram. I would recommend Garcinia Cambogia Plus, it's made my weight loss journey a little easier.

Yes, I would recommend this product

Great product! - Simran 2017 December 4

Great product, high quality and no complaints. Going to order some more soon.

Yes, I would recommend this product

Amazing Product - Sonya 2017 November 21

A quality product at a great price. Loving it!

Yes, I would recommend this product

Happy with results! - Mandy 2017 October 2

I use Garcinia with my multi vitamin and it is working well. I’ve lost 9 lbs in 1 month and have started working out too, so far so good.

Yes, I would recommend this product

It’s working! - SJ 2017 September 26

I have started Garcinia Cambogia Plus with apple vinegar. It works! I have not changed my exercising habits, I'm not as hungry and feel great. Have lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks.

Yes, I would recommend this product

Good Price and Quality - Patricia 2017 August 15

I am very satisfied with the quality and the price. No issue with recommending this product.

Yes, I would recommend this product

Pleased with progress - Tammy 2017 July 17

So far, I'm relatively happy with the results. I've lost about 5 pounds over 2 weeks, I have a goal of losing 20 pounds in 3 months as I need to squeeze into a bridesmaid dress in late October. I feel like I have a bit more energy and I have noticed that I'm not starving by dinner time.

Yes, I would recommend this product

It’s perfect with apple cider vinger - Stace 2017 July 13

My friend got me onto garcinia cambogia and apple cider vinegar, who would have thought! She has lost around 30 pounds however she has also hit the gym. This is my second month and I have lost a more modest 7 pounds, however I'm not exercising. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to loose a few extra pounds.

Yes, I would recommend this product

Feeling energetic - Christy 2017 May 29

It’s been just a few days and I already noticed a change in my appetite. Energy levels also seem to have improved. So far so good.

Yes, I would recommend this product

Lost a few pounds - Sharon 2017 April 25

I’ve heard a lot about the buzz around Garcinia and I ordered from this site. I didn't know how much I could expect from this product. Been taking it for a few weeks and finding it easier to eat less! Have lost 7lbs so far. Hope to get more out of it.

Yes, I would recommend this product

Back into shape - Jennifer 2017 March 18

I'm a mother of 2, and after having 2 kids I thought I'd never get my body back into shape, but I've lost 9lbs in 6 weeks of taking Garcinia Cambogia Plus and I feel amazing

Yes, I would recommend this product

Energy levels insane - Kimberly Thomas 2017 March 18

I was a little sceptical before ordering, but now having used Garcinia Cambogia Plus for just 1 week my energy levels are through the roof. I've never felt so good getting out of bed in the morning

Yes, I would recommend this product

Feel a lot lighter - Michelle 2017 February 24

I simply cannot believe how quickly I noticed a change in body. I feel lighter and more vibrant after losing 4lbs in the first two weeks

Yes, I would recommend this product

Only been 3 days - Chris Adams 2017 February 14

It's only been 3 days and already I've stopped getting that horrible bloating feeling after every meal. I can't wait to see the results

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Garcinia cambogia extract sold at target

It’s no secret that people today are TOO FAT!

Did you know that fat cells secrete cytokines that increase systemic inflammation, disease and aging? (73,74,75).

The double whammy comes from elevated blood glucose levels, that also dramatically increase inflammation (63,65,75)


By age 60, we have 1/2 the NAD+ as in our 20’s (21,57)

Declining NAD+ leads to metabolic dysfunction, age-related diseases and is a key contributor to the aging process(21,22,24,40,41).

As we age, this become a viscous circle


If you are over 40, and your fasting blood glucose level is >85mg/dl, you are pouring gasoline on the inflammation fire(63).

Understanding the role NAD+ plays in aging can help you REVERSE this circle and combat the effects of aging .

Not just weight and blood sugar levels, but Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer and even aging itself are influenced by lower NAD+ levels (21,22,40,41).

Now researchers are discovering what you can do to elevate your NAD+ levels to fight back. Here’s some of the topics we cover:

  • AMPK – Stimulates NAD+ Production
  • INFLAMMATION – consumes NAD+
  • BLOOD GLUCOSE – High Levels Increase Inflammation
  • EXERCISE – Stimulates AMPK and Lowers Inflammation
  • KETOSIS – Stimulates AMPK and Lowers Inflammation
  • BHB – Key signaling metabolite in ketosis
  • MCT OIL – Boosts BHB
  • NAD+ Precursor Supplements (NR, NMN)
  • AMPK Activator Supplements


There are several things covered here that seem like a “Secret”, because they aren’t talked about by those just looking to sell pills or get clicks to their overhyped stories.

But I know that truly understanding this article can change people’s lives. I’ll start with this one:

You DON’T have to take some pills to boost your NAD+

Just spend a little time learning about the science, so you can best tailor your nutrition and exercise plan to take advantage of the recent research breakthroughs and boost your NAD+. A little, or a lot – it’s all up to you.

Having a well defined mental image of what increased NAD+ levels do for your health, rather than some vague idea of “it’s good for you”, helps motivate people to stick to their diet and exercise programs.

And that is the goal of this post – to let you know there are many things you can do to raise your NAD+ levels to achieve a more youthful and energetic body.


It’s pretty simple once you understand the science behind NAD+ and why it drops as we age. The prescription is:

  • Periodic Carbohydrate Restriction – Ketosis
  • Exercise

The goal is periodic ketosis, combined with HIIT to maximize AMPK and boost NAD+ levels, restoring the healthy metabolism you had as a teenager. Weight Loss is just a side effect.

Even if you have no interest in changing your diet or exercise regimen, and only want to learn more about NAD+ and perhaps take a NAD booster supplement like Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) or Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN), you still need to read this page to better understand how critical it is to get your NAD+ up.


It’s well known that Calorie Restriction (CR) can extend longevity by 30–50% in many mammals (32), but is not a realistic therapy for most humans.

Fortunately, you don’t have to starve yourself.

Researchers have found it is the production of ketone bodies, or Ketosis, that occurs when strict Calorie Restriction is imposed that provides the benefit in lowering inflammation and boosting NAD+ (3,9).

Ketosis is a metabolic state in which fat provides most of the fuel for the body.

It occurs when there is limited access to glucose (blood sugar), which is the preferred fuel source for many cells in the body.

Glucose is usually the brain’s main fuel. However, unlike fatty acids, ketones can cross the blood-brain barrier and provide up to 70% of the brain’s energy needs when glucose levels are low (3).

Ketosis is most often associated with ketogenic and very low-carb diets, but can also occur under Calorie Restriction, or any of the diet plan where carbohydrate intake is insufficient to supply blood glucose requirements. (3, 4, 5, 6).

When carb intake falls below 50 grams per day, the lower blood glucose levels cause the Pancreas to signal the liver to process fatty acids, from the blood stream and from body fat, where they are processed into ketones to provide energy.

A Ketogenic Diet is an easier alternative for putting the body into Ketosis than severe CR, and is great for boosting NAD+, but many people still find it difficult to adhere to.

In fact, this recent study found more benefit from cyclical than from full time ketogenic diet (71).

This chart shows production of the ketone body BHB. Note the huge increase in those subjects on the cyclic Keto diet (red). Read about the importance of BHB below.

Conclusion: Ketones become the main source of energy for the body and brain when carb intake and insulin levels are low, and are likely the reason CR extends health span.


Fortunately, it’s really just 1-2 hours a week. Researchers are finding that 2-3 short bouts of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is far more effective at lowering inflammation (and increasing NAD+), especially among older adults (55)

Exercise is not actually required, but it is very effective at boosting NAD+, especially when performed at the right time – when blood glucose is low (see HIIT below, or here).

Hours a day of grinding endurance training does not boost NAD+ and can even be counter-productive (55). You’re not trying to “burn fat”, but activate AMPK, which drives creation of NAD+.


Elevated blood glucose levels increase inflammation, contributing to disease and aging.

You can predict death more reliably by blood sugar level than you can by age.

Studies have found blood glucose levels even at the normal range can have a significant impact on brain atrophy in aging. (Neuro Science News)

Incidence of disease starts to increase when fasting blood sugar rises above 85 mg/dl (63)

A study of 46,000 middle-age individuals and found more than 80% had fasting blood sugar of 85 mg/dL or greater. (64)

This means the vast majority of aging humans today endure chronic cellular damage associated with elevated blood sugar(65).

The link between Blood Glucose levels and inflammation is well known and explored more here and here.

More than 80% of americans have high blood glucose levels and are slowly poisoning their body!


Chronic, low-grade inflammation is recognized as a major characteristic of aging.

This phenomenon is so pervasive that the term inflammaging has been coined to emphasize that many major age-related disabilities, including cancers, susceptibility to infections, and dementia have immunopathogenic components (31).

When we are injured, inflammation is the body’s first line of defense against invading microbes; but in old age inflammation attacks healthy tissues.

Chronic inflammation is a direct cause or major contributor to almost all aging-related diseases

Arthritis. The old view of arthritis was that the cartilage that cushions and lubricates our joints wears away with years of use. Now it is recognized that osteo-arthritis has the same roots as rheumatoid arthritis. It is an auto-immune disorder, the body’s immune system turned traitor against our bones and cartilage.

Atherosclerosis. The old view of coronary heart disease was that over many years, cholesterol deposits on the artery walls in the same way that mineral deposits build up inside a water pipe and gradually come to clog the pipe completely. Now it is recognized that inflammation plays an essential role.

Cancer. The old view was that there are random mutations that cause the cells to disregard regulating signals from the body and just continue replicating and growing out of control. Now we realize that cancer is a failure of the body’s immune defense system. Cancer mutations themselves are not steady and random, but are ramped up as we get older by chronic, systemic inflammation.

Alzheimer’s Disease. This is the latest paradigm to shift, highlighted in an this article in the MIT Technology Review about the work of Harvard Med School Professor Beth Stevens. Now we are beginning to see that glial cells “go rogue” and begin—unexplainably—to destroy nerve connections that are healthy, even essential for the brain’s function.


NAD+ stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. From simple bacteria to mammal including humans, Life as we know it cannot exist without NAD+.

NAD+ is required for our mitochondria to burn glucose to power the basic functions of all our cells, and also plays a key role in signaling with our cells.

It has now been demonstrated that cellular NAD levels decline with age and disease (54).

This decline impairs mitochondrial function, playing a crucial role in the development of metabolic dysfunction, age-related diseases and that this decline is both a consequence of and contributor to the aging process. (24,53).

A vicious cycle exists in which molecular mechanisms involved in the aging process, such as oxidative stress, DNA damage, senescence, and inflammation, lead to tissue NAD decline which subsequently exacerbates the processes that caused its decline in the first place.(24,53,54)

  • NAD levels decline precipitously with aging in mammals and humans, and are strongly negatively affected by multiple disease and stress processes including obesity. At advanced ages these levels are a tiny fraction of what they are in young people.
  • Maintaining a high level of constitutive NAD+ in the body is critical for maintaining health and functionality, for averting or reversing a number of deleterious disease phenomena, for energy and vitality, and possibly for extending life spans in humans.
  • The rate of DNA damage increases significantly with aging, increasing demand for NAD+ for DNA repair. However in general, the reasons for age-related decline in NAD are not well understood.
  • It has long been known that many deleterious disease phenomena can be prevented or reversed by promoting higher levels of NAD in animal models. There appears to be ample evidence that this approach is generally safe.

Conclusion: As we age, declining NAD+ is a key contributor to illness, disease and deteriorating health


Our bodies do create NAD+ from Tryptophan in a 7 step process termed “de novo”. But this is a very small quantity and not thought to fluctuate much depending on demand.

By far, the greatest source of NAD+ is thru the salvage pathway. That is, recycled from NAM, NA, NR, or NMN.

The entire NAD+ pool is recycled nearly 3 times every day (21)

When we are young and have high levels of NAD+, it is mostly consumed as part of normal cellular respiration process – that is, oxidation of ATP for energy.

So where does all this NAD+ go when we age?

Does the salvage, or de novo creation pathways break down?

Come ordinare le compresse di Garcinia Cambogia Veda?

Not really.

The problem is, as we age there are more demands for NAD+ from 2 sources:

PARPs repair damaged DNA strands, which increase as we age. A popular aging theory holds that DNA damage is the cause of aging.

DNA damage is repairable, but PARPS consume up to 80% of available NAD+ in older humans, meaning it is a major cause of NAD+ shortage, leaving less NAD+ for cellular respiration, fighting inflammation, and disease (21)

PARP activity is reported to be a major consumption pathway for NAD+ (29)

CD38 is an enzyme that responds to inflammation. As NAD+ levels drop while aging, CD38 levels rise in response to inflammation. Its main function is metabolizing NAD+ (25)

As we age, demand for NAD+ from PARPs and CD38 greatly increases, leaving less and less NAD+ for our mitochondria to perform the basic task of energy production.

No wonder we have less and less energy as we age, and look at our grandchildren with such envy!


NAD+ is constantly being created and consumed, with the entire NAD+ pool being recycled every day, primarily through the salvage pathway (21,54)

NAMPT is the rate‐limiting enzyme in mammalian NAD+ salvage pathway, converting Nam into NMN as the first step for maintaining NAD+(54)

Both, aging and obesity impairs NAMPT‐mediated NAD+ biosynthesis.(54)

Chronic inflammation induced by prolonged oxidative stress and inflammatory cytokines also reduce NAMPT and NAD+ levels in multiple tissues (54)

NAMPT is down-regulated by over-eating and sedentary lifestyle. Obesity, high blood sugar levels, and aging decrease NAMPT-mediated NAD + biosynthesis (20,54).

Fasting and exercise up-regulate AMPK, which stimulates NAMPT to metabolize more NAD + (20,54)

Conclusion: NAMPT is the rate limiting enzyme necessary to continuously renew NAD+ .


AMPK is both a sensing and signaling enzyme. It senses ATP activity in the mitochondria – basically, energy levels. When blood glucose levels are low, such as with CR or Keto diet, ATP activity is low and AMPK signals NAMPT to create more NAD+ (19)

The December 2011 e-publication AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) controls the aging process via an integrated signaling network makes the point that control of Nrf2 along with control of other key pathways by AMPK drives aging.

Efficient control of energy metabolic homeostasis, enhanced stress resistance, and qualified cellular housekeeping are the hallmarks of improved healthspan and extended lifespan. AMPK signaling is involved in the regulation of all these characteristics via an integrated signaling network.

Many studies with lower organisms have revealed that increased AMPK activity can extend the lifespan.

Furthermore, inhibition of NF-κB signaling by AMPK suppresses inflammatory responses.

Emerging studies indicate that the responsiveness of AMPK signaling clearly declines with aging.

An increase of NAD+ levels followed by sirtuin activation is observed in situations of energy deficit, such as fasting (47), calorie restriction (CR) (47) or low glucose feeding (Fulco et al, 2008), and exercise (47,48).

On the contrary, multiple studies reported that high-fat high-sucrose (HFHS) feeding diminishes NAD+ content in liver (46,51), skeletal muscle (49), BAT (49), and white adipose tissue (WAT)

Conclusion: AMPK senses low energy levels and responds by signaling NAMPT to increase intracellular NAD+ concentrations (18)


Calorie Restriction (CR) can extend longevity by 30–50% and remains the surest path to increased longevity and resilience to diseases of aging across many organisms, from yeast to monkeys and perhaps humans (32).

CR can lower the prevalence of age-related loss of function and multiple diseases, including tumors, cardiovascular disease, neurodegeneration, and protects against diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, sarcopenia, and neurodegeneration of certain brain regions in rhesus monkeys (31).

Human aging is characterized by a chronic, low-grade inflammation, and this phenomenon has been termed as “inflammaging.” Inflammaging is a highly signifcant risk factor for both morbidity and mortality in the elderly people, as most if not all age-related diseases share an inflammatory pathogenesis [r]

CR decreases inflammation, which is believed to be the reason it protect against multiple diseases and extends lifespan.

In non-obese, healthy adults, 25% CR decreases inflammation with no significant adverse effect.

These CR-induced changes suggest a shift toward a healthy phenotype, given the established role of these pro-inflammatory molecules as risk markers in the development of metabolic syndrome and age-related chronic diseases, in particular CVD, T2D and cancer(1).

Conclusion: Calorie Restriction of 25% or more has significant effect at combating disease and aging – But, is difficult to follow for humans

* Older mice and humans (70+) have not shown benefits from Calorie Restriction that younger people do


The definition of dietary restriction has been expanded from an alternative description of caloric restriction to also encompass a broader scope of interventions, including :

  • Periodic fasting
  • Fast Mimicking diet
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Time-Restricted Feeding

These relatively novel interventions are reported to have beneficial effects on overall health and in some cases longevity (34).

Both intermittent and periodic fasting can increase lifespan, even when there is little or no overall decrease in calorie intake (34).

When mice were given access to food for only 8–9 hours during the active phase of the day, metabolic diseases induced by a high-fat, high-fructose, and high-sucrose diet, were reduced without lowering caloric intake(34)

Ad lib feeding during the weekend did not interfere with the protective effects of time-restricted feeding(34)

Conclusion: Constant Calorie Restriction is not necessary. Short periods of deprivation provide the same benefits for health and life extension


Although most of the brain can use ketones, there are portions that require glucose to function.

On a very-low-carb diet, the liver can also switch on gluconeogenesis, which means “making new glucose” from amino acids in protein, or from glycerol in triglycerides.

Gluconeogenesis increases metabolism to burn more calories (26, r).

Conclusion: On a very low-carb diet, up to 70% of the brain can be fueled by ketones. The rest can be fueled by glucose produced in the liver.


The pie charts below show the typical nutrient breakdown of a low-fat Western diet, a low-carb diet and a typical ketogenic diet:

In fact, research shows that the ketogenic diet is far superior to the recommended low-fat diets for weight loss. (2, 14, 15, 16).

What’s more, you can lose weight without counting calories or tracking your food (16).

One study found that people on a ketogenic diet lost 2.2 times more weight than those on a calorie-restricted low-fat diet. Triglyceride and HDL cholesterol levels also improved (17).

Another study found that participants on the ketogenic diet lost 3 times more weight than those on the Diabetes UK’s recommended diet (r).

A ketogenic diet also lowers risk for many diseases (8, r, r, 11, r, 13).

They are now being studied as a treatment for a wide variety of conditions (r):

  • Heart disease. Reducing carbs to achieve ketosis may improve heart disease risk factors like blood triglycerides, total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol (r, r).
  • Type 2 diabetes. The diet may improve insulin sensitivity by up to 75%, and some diabetics are able to reduce or even stop diabetes medication (r, r).
  • Metabolic syndrome. Ketogenic diets can improve all major symptoms of metabolic syndrome, including high triglycerides, excess belly fat and elevated blood pressure (r).
  • Alzheimer’s disease. A ketogenic diet may have benefits for patients with Alzheimer’s disease (r).
  • Cancer. Some studies suggest that ketogenic diets may aid in cancer therapy, possibly by helping to “starve” cancer cells of glucose (r, r).
  • Parkinson’s disease. A small study found that symptoms of Parkinson’s disease improved after 28 days on a ketogenic diet (r).
  • Acne. There is some evidence that this diet may reduce the severity and progression of acne (r).

Conclusion: Studies show that ketogenic diets lead to more weight loss than low-fat diets, and help with a number of chronic diseases, including metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s.


A report by the US Institute of Medicine’s Food and Nutrition Board states: “The lower limit of dietary carbohydrates compatible with life apparently is zero, provided that adequate amounts of protein and fat are consumed.”

In one study, a group of volunteers fasted for 84 hours (3.5 days), or received a lipid infusion such that they got all the calories they needed.

The researchers found that there were no differences in “plasma glucose, free fatty acids, ketone bodies, insulin, and epinephrine concentrations” between fasting and non-fasting conditions (30)

The authors conclude, “These results demonstrate that restriction of dietary carbohydrate, not the general absence of energy intake itself, is responsible for initiating the metabolic response to short-term fasting.” (30)

Conclusion: Calorie Restriction is NOT NECESSARY – Carbohydrate restriction provides the benefits


For those that have a fat phobia, here’s 3 recent studies that may open your eyes a little.

Study 1: Compared three different diets for weight loss: Weight Loss with a Low-Carbohydrate, Mediterranean, or Low-Fat Diet.

The low-fat diet was calorically restricted, with a target 1800 calories a day for men, 1500 for women. It was 30% of calories from fat, and “participants were counseled to consume low-fat grains, vegetables, fruits, and legumes and to limit their consumption of additional fats, sweets, and high-fat snacks”.

The Mediterranean diet’s target calorie intake was the same as for the low-fat, but with a goal of 35% calories from fat, “the main sources of added fat were 30 to 45 g of olive oil and a handful of nuts (five to seven nuts, that’s it).

Thelow-carbohydrate diet was not restricted in calories; it was all you can eat. It provided “20 g of carbohydrates per day for the 2-month induction phase…, with a gradual increase to a maximum of 120 g per day to maintain the weight loss. The intakes of total calories, protein, and fat were not limited.

The study lasted for 2 years; all participants were either overweight (BMI ≥27), or with diabetes or coronary heart disease.

This was was a high-fat diet, with 95% fat, 5% protein, and 0% carbohydrate. When animals were switched to this diet they lost weight, lower glucose and insulin, and higher AMPK activity.

Study 3: Heres’ an interesting new study on the effects of keto diet on human muscles. The effects of ketogenic dieting on skeletal muscle and fat mass. One reason why it’s interesting is that the men in the study were already resistance-trained.

Twenty-six college aged resistance trained men volunteered to participate in this study and were divided into either:

  • VLCKD (5 % CHO, 75 % Fat, 20 % Protein)
  • traditional western diet (55 % CHO, 25 % fat, 20 % protein)

All subjects participated in a periodized resistance-training program three times per week

The ketogenic diet group gained 4.3 kg lean mass (muscle) compared to only 2.2 kg for the traditional diet group

The ketogenic group lost 2.2 kg of fat, compared to 1.5 kg in the traditional group.

Here’s some more articles that dispel the myths about Carbohydrates vs Fats in the human diet.


When the blood-glucose level drops the liver generates glucose by breaking down glycogen. If glucose levels drop too much, the liver synthesizes ketone bodies as a sort of back up fuel source for use by other organs (4).

So, levels of ketone bodies are elevated by starvation, caloric restriction, high-intensity exercise, or the low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet (5).

Studies in cells (r), animals (r), and patients (r, r) suggest that it may be useful in common neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, as well as in insulin-resistant states, such as trauma, heart failure, and diabetes (r).

Many aging-induced changes, such as the incidence of malignancies in mice (10), the increases in blood glucose and insulin caused by insulin resistance (11), and the muscular weakness have been shown to be decreased by the metabolism of ketone bodies (12).


β-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is one such ketone body of particular interest as it has unique properties in reducing inflammation (5).

BHB is not used solely as a energy source, but also acts as a signal to regulate metabolism when energy sources are low (5).

Due to this special role, only BHB suppresses activation of the NLRP3 inflammasome, a key driver of systemic inflammation.

Other ketone bodies such asAcAc, butyrate and acetate do not have a similar effect on inflammation (5).

The ketone metabolite BHB blocks NLRP3 inflammasome-mediated inflammatory disease and mimics the life span extending properties of caloric restriction


A 2016 study found β-hydroxybutyrate significantly increased the phosphorylation of AMPK (16).

AMPK activation is the key signal that drives increased NAMPT, which is the rate limiting factor in the bodies constant recycling of NAD+ (r).

Metabolism of one BHB molecule require 2 molecules of NAD+ instead of the 4 molecules required in normal glucose metabolism, thereby preserving the cytoplasmic NAD+ pool (7).

  • Inhibits inflammation which is a key consumer of NAD+ as we age
  • Activates AMPK which drives endogenous production of NAMPT and NAD+
  • Uses 50% less NAD+ in the production of ATP for basic cellular energy

In humans, serum levels of BHB are usually in the low micromolar range but begin to rise to a few hundred micromolar after 12–16 h of fasting, reaching 1–2 mM after 2 days of fasting (r) and 6–8 mM with prolonged starvation (r).

Similarly, serum levels of BHB can reach 1–2 mM after 90 min of intense exercise (r).

Does garcinia cambogia work without apple cider vinegar The garcina slim and apple cider vinegar increases metabolism rate which increases your fat being turned into.

Consistent levels above 2 mM are also reached with a ketogenic diet that is almost devoid of carbohydrates (r).


Three new independently conducted studies show that the increased BHB produced in a ketogenic diet improved the NAD+/NADH ratio which decreases expression of the pro-inflammatory NF-κB gene, resulting in:

  • weight loss
  • improved memory
  • improved physical strength
  • 13-percent increase in median life span

One study – led by Drs. Eric Verdin and John Newman, looked at the effect of the keto diet on aging mice.

Remarkably, the older mice on the ketogenic diet had a better memory than the younger mice – months after they had gone off a ketogenic diet.

Dr. Verdin, says this is the first study to demonstrate how BHB improves memory and lifespan. “This opens up a new field in aging research. We think the health benefits of BHB may go beyond memory and could affect tissues and organ systems”

The second study – led by Dr. Jon Ramsey, looked at adult mice and had similar findings about the impact of the keto diet, with the addition that it may also improve strength and coordination.

The second study not only showed the improvement from a cyclical keto diet, but were able to prove that BHB was the mechanism behind it.

The third study by Yiguo Shen and Raymond Swanson found the BHB produced in a keto diet improved the NAD+/NADH ratio to block brain inflammation following stroke and brain trauma.

The researchers used a small molecule called 2-deoxyglucose, or 2DG, to block glucose metabolism and produce a ketogenic state in rats. They found 2DG could mimic a keto diet, increasing BHB and NAD+ production, and bring inflammation levels down to normal levels.

MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides, which are fats found in foods like coconut oil. They are metabolized differently than the long-chain triglycerides (LCT) found in most other foods.

Because of the shorter chain length, MCTs go straight to the liver where they are used as an instant energy source or turned into ketones.

This makes MCT oil an ideal energy source for those looking to cut down on carbs and maximize BHB ketone production

MCT oil aids weight loss by:

  • Fat Storage: Given that MCTs are absorbed and used more rapidly than LCTs, they are less likely to be stored as body fat (10).
  • Burn Calories: Studies in animals and humans show that MCTs (mainly C8 and C10) may increase the body’s ability to burn fat and calories (12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18).
  • Greater Fat Loss: One study found that an MCT-rich diet caused greater fat burning and fat loss than a diet higher in LCTs. However, these effects may disappear after 2–3 weeks once the body has adapted (18).

In addition to weight loss, the increased production of ketones and decreased good sugar levels make MCT oil a increasingly popular therapy for disease control.

One study in children found that the MCT diet was comparable in effectiveness to the classic ketogenic diet in controlling seizures (23).

In one study of 152 people with Alzheimer’s disease, those who received an MCT supplement for 90 days had much higher ketone levels and a significant improvement in brain function compared to a control group (34).

One of the great things about MCT oil is that it has virtually no taste or smell, and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. So it is easy to add to protein shakes or bulletproof coffee.

Another great thing about MCT oil is the price. This 32 ounce bottle at Amazon is around $24. That’s nearly 9,000 calories in the bottle, which is the calories most people consume in 4-5 days. So per calorie, its less $ than McDonalds!

Conclusion: MCT’s are quickly converted to Glucose for energy if needed, or converted to Ketones. They can increase BHB production even without dieting


Administration of NMN improves mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation (33)

NMN-administered mice switched their main energy source from glucose to fatty acids (23)


The best way to stay young really might be to keep moving. Research has shown physical activity can reduce inflammation in your body and improve heart health—both important for staying young beyond your years.

Aging results in chronic low grade inflammation that is associated with increased risk for disease, poor physical functioning and mortality. Strategies that reduce age-related inflammation improve the quality of life in older adults (1).

Regular exercise is recommended for older people for a variety of reasons including increasing muscle mass and reducing risk for chronic diseases of the heart and metabolic systems (2).

This recent study found that 4 hours of running per week increased average lifespan by 3 years. Surprisingly, time spent running added more time that it took to run, with each hour running adding 7 hours on average.


HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods. Interestingly, it is perhaps the most time-efficient way to exercise (4, 5).

Typically, a HIIT workout will range from 10 to 30 minutes in duration (4).

Despite how short the workout is, it can produce health benefits similar to twice as much moderate-intensity exercise (6, 7).

This would be considered one “round” or “repetition” of HIIT, and you would typically complete 4 to 6 repetitions in one workout (4).

Regardless of how it is implemented, high-intensity intervals should involve short periods of vigorous exercise that make your heart rate speed up (4, 8).

This recently published study compares HIIT with resistance training and combined weights/cardio training. It found HIIT to be far more effective, particularly for older humans.

HIIT continues to burn calories long after you finish exercising because your muscles need to use more energy to recover after exercise (68,69).

In fact, research has shown that HIIT can burn up to 190 calories over 14 hours after exercising (69).

Research also shows that HIIT can help your body build and preserve muscle mass with age (70).

In some cases, the high-intensity regimen actually seemed to reverse the age-related decline in both mitochondrial function and muscle-building proteins.

  • High intensity interval training (HIIT), in particular sprint interval training (SIT), has been shown to promote mitochondrial biogenesis
  • SIT is usually performed as very short sprints (20-30 s) at maximal intensity (“all out” effort) repeated 4-8 times.
  • As few as 4-6 sprints have been shown to increase mitochondrial biogenesis to a similar extent as long duration cycling (90-120 min at 65% of VO2max)
  • research shows that it is more beneficial to undertake most training in a “low” glycogen state (Hansen et al., 2005) .


It’s clear that the same things that help fight inflammation also increase NAD+.

AMPK is the reason why. CR and exercise active AMPK, which stimulates NAMPT to metabolize more NAD + (20, 54)

Exercise, especially HIIT, activates the enzyme AMPK to increase your NAD+ levels, stimulate glucose uptake ad mitochondrial biiogenesis (31, 55)

Exercise while fasting is even more effective at cranking up AMPK to elevate your NAD+ levels (r). Exercise while fasting, or continue to exercise after you “hit your wall” (55)

“Athletes have a 2-fold higher levels of NAMPT in their skeletal muscle compared with sedentary adults” (38

Exercise, especially HIIT, activates the enzyme AMPK to increase your NAD+ levels, stimulate glucose uptake and mitochondrial biiogenesis (31)

Exercise while fasting is even more effective at cranking up AMPK to elevate your NAD+ levels (r).

Conclusion: HIIT 2-3 times per week while in low blood glucose state is ideal for Activating AMPK and boosting NAD+


Studies show that high levels of NAD+ result in stronger, healthier cells and mitochondrial function. (r)

More importantly, their analysis revealed that mitochondrial dysfunction is reversible with NAD+ supplementation, enabling the life and health of cells to be prolonged at the molecular level. (r)

NAD+ cannot be taken as oral supplements because it does not survive the digestive system long enough to enter your cells (25).

However, researchers have found that the molecules our bodies use to make NAD+ can be taken as supplements and DO make their way through the digestive system where they are processed (mostly) by the liver and DO raise NAD+ levels in the blood and organs.

These NAD+ precursors have been tested in mice and humans to evaluate their effectiveness at elevating NAD+ levels and treating various disease conditions. The NAD+ precursors are (25):

NAM, Niacin, and Tryptophan have been shown to alleviate symptoms in a wide variety of disease, but have some drawbacks such as intense flushing (niacin).

The landmark 2013 study by Dr. Sinclair demonstrated that supplementation with NMN increased levels of NAD+ and reversed age related degeneration in mice, giving older mice the muscle capacity, endurance and metabolism of much younger mice – the “equivalent of a human 60 year old becoming more like a 20 year old” (24).

That study really lit a fire to research in the role NAD+ plays in regulating our metabolism and aging, with dozens of studies already completed and even more underway.

A later study by Dr Sinclair published in 2016 looked at the effects on health of long term (12 months) administration of NMN on mice (23). The following quotes are from that study:

NMN effectively mitigates age-associated physiological decline in mice

NMN suppressed age-associated body weight gain, enhanced energy metabolism, promoted physical activity, improved insulin sensitivity and plasma lipid profile, and ameliorated eye function and other pathophysiologies

These effects of NMN highlight the preventive and therapeutic potential of NAD + intermediates as effective anti-aging interventions in humans

NR was discovered in 2004 by Dr Charles Brenner, and is used in his experiments. Although NR is unstable by itself, Dartmouth University has patented production methods that combine it with Chloride which makes it stable.

Chromadex has licensed this technology and has been selling NR commercially since 2014 under the brand name “Niagen”.

They controlled the market for NR until just recently, when Elysium Health has begun to market their own version of NR in their Basis product.

Dr. Brenner has been instrumental in leading research into the health benefits of NAD+ supplementation using NR, and led the first human studies of NR published in 2016. He is the chief science officer for Chromadex, and founder of the company that markets Tru Niagen, the official brand favored by Chromadex.

“Not every cell is capable of converting each NAD+ precursor to NAD+ at all times…the precursors are differentially utilized in the gut, brain, blood, and organs” (R).

AMPK and NAMPT activators

With the realization of the profound impact that boosting NAD+ levels has on health and lifespan, researchers are now testing thousands of natural products that may stimulate AMPK (60).

You might notice that many the SAME supplements that have the greatest positive impact on health ALSO ACTIVATE AMPK.

This is further confirmation that the AMPK-NAD+ pathway is a key determinant of healthy aging (60)

  • Berberine has been shown to lower blood sugar levels as much as the leading prescription drug Metformin. They may be equally effective at lowering inflammation thru their effect on blood sugar levels, but Metformin has been shown to lower NAD+ levels (r), so I would definately recommend Berberine.
  • Chlorogenic Acid (CGA), one of the active ingredients in Green Coffee beans, has prove to be a strong activator of AMPK (58). CGA was also show to increase metabolism, lower blood sugar levels, and decrease risk of diabetes (59).
  • EGCG – EGCG activates AMPK, enhancing insulin signaling pathway by membrane translocation and phosphorylation of IRS-1, improving insulin sensitivity and secretion (60)
  • Curcumin
  • Leucine – “Addition of leucine to HFD restored NAMPT expression. In addition, dietary leucine stimulates SIRT1 signaling through activation of AMPK and increased NAD+/NADH ratio was observed”(52)
  • Sulforaphane – strongly activates AMPK, and has been shown to have numerous disease fighting and anti-aging potential(R). Here is a short list of studies showing Sulforaphane activating AMPK to fight Cancer(R),Diabetes(R),Obesity(R),Neurological disease (R),Heart disease (R),HIV (R),Colitis(R).




A bold statement, but I truly believe it is possible for most people, if you:

Activate AMPK to boost NAD+

  • CKD (Cyclical Keto Diet) – At least 48 hours prior to HIIT sessions
  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) – 2-3 short session a week, when blood glucose levels are at their lowest
  • MCT oil (More BHB production)

Decrease Inflammation to spare NAD+

  • Omega 3 Fats (Fish oil, Flax oil, Chia seeds)
  • Sufficient Sleep
  • Heat/Cold Therapy
  • Don’t overtrain – 5 or 6 days a week is ok, but only 2-3 days HIIT – the rest should be light

Niagen and NMN clearly boost NAD+ levels, but you can do a lot yourself.

* All Information on this page is generic and not intended to replace guidance from your doctor