Garcinia cambogia gold powder

Garcinia cambogia gold powder
However, researchers have so far found only mixed results when looking at whether the supplement really helps weight loss.

Simply Garcinia scam review

Ever since its first appearance on the Dr Oz Show you cannot browse the internet without coming across various adverts for Garcinia Cambogia supplements.

One such supplement is Simply Garcinia, which is available to trial. However, these trials often lead onto auto ship programs where you will be charged at the end of the trial and will continue to be charged until your membership is cancelled.

Does Simply Garcinia work in the same way? Lets find out shall we, and while we are at it we should look more closely at what it is made from and its cost too.

Simply Garcinia benefits

The following benefits have been claimed on the Simply Garcinia website:

  • Helps stop fat from being made
  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Increase serotonin levels – stop emotional eating

These benefits are to be expected if the ingredients of Simply Garcinia are to the correct dosages. We would have to look at them before we comment further on the accuracy of these claims.

Simply Garcinia ingredients

It is pleasing to see that Simply Garcinia has shown an image of the product label with the dosages in plain view.

Each capsule contains 500 mg of Garcinia Cambogia with 50% HCA, which although not as strong as some supplements is certainly okay and should result in weight loss. Especially if combined with a healthy lifestyle.

There are no fillers, binders or artificial ingredients, which is again pleasing to hear.

Simply Garcinia cost

The main issue with Simply Garcinia is its price, as although the initial trial is negligible if you do not cancel within the 14 day trial period you will be charged an astonishingly high price of £84.74.

Whats worse is that you will continue to receive further packages along with the hefty bill each month until cancellation.

Is Simply Garcinia a scam?

The payment terms are available in the terms and conditions but who reads them? If you have signed up for this trial without reading the T&Cs then you are going to get a shock when the bill arrives.

You will probably be annoyed and will claim that Simply Garcinia is a scam.

This is why you should never sign up for any trial offer without first reading the terms and conditions. The old saying is often correct in the case of trial offers, ‘if an offer seems to good to be true, it probably is.’

Contact details for Simply Garcinia

You can phone Simply Garcinia customer support on +44 (0) 845-528-1365 or by email

The address for returns is (please phone or email to cancel and to get an RMA beforehand):

At Cost Fulfillment

If you have signed up for this trial offer please leave us a comment below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Simply Garcinia

A proven alternative to Simply Garcinia is Garcinia Pure, which you can buy online for £39.99, without ever having to sign up for an auto ship program.

Each capsule contains 1000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia (60% HCA), but it is still considerably cheaper than Simply Garcinia.

Hi first of all I want to let you know that this company is a scam since they told me that my money will be refunded withing 24 hours. Well it is already a week and i don’t have nothing, so PLEASE whoever is under this scam, have a heart and give my money, I am not a rich person, and whatever this people is doing will pay by your life time, nothing will be good in your life all of you will be miserable.

Call your bank, explain what happened and deactivate your card immediately and order a new one, then they will be unable to take any money. This is what I had to do.

Yes I feel, no I have been so foolish for thinking i had 30 days free trial and i was billed after 14 days. My bad for not reading the T & Cs which I’m sure I did and alwaays do. O wel I got a half refuund and will be canceling after getting bank to block them. O dear…

I tried calling the number above but it doesn’t ring at all, I’ve already emailed them today because $89 was taken out of my account without my knowledge. Can I possibly still get a refund? I haven’t even finished my trial bottle

I too have tried the phone number i have been given 3 TIMES here in New Zealand and nothing. If i email them i receive Do Not Reply To This Email. For goodness sake what are we to do.

I only received the product in the mail today (it took 1 month to arrive). Yesterday i noticed i was charged $98 for something and today i have been charge $100.48, but i o0nly received it today, havent even tried the product yet. I will be doing what i can to get my $200 back as well as complaining. This is just so wrong what these people are doing.

I too have rang & the number is disconnected, emailed with no response. Have had 2 amounts debited from my account of $104 and received no goods! Please if anyone has a contact number that I can call from Australia, please let me know!

I too did this, I live in aust and i hadn’t finished the trial bottle when the next one arrived, and another $103. Went from my bank. I went to my bank and they put a stop to the second amount going out, I got my money back.

Did you add a 0 before the number? Take out the 64, add 0 then 9801 0479 and I got through straight away to a very helpful woman!

i just saw $89.00 taken from my acct,i never ordered this product and going to bank monday morning first thing.

same thing has happened to me and i never noticed it. I ordered a trial for 14 days, and did not read the fine print. 6 months later and they have pocketed $1207.58 from me and will only refund the most recent purchase for $215. this is an absolute scam and they are very unhelpful. i spoke to the manager and she hung up on me because she could not answer why i could not be refunded for the money i have been charged even though i have all the products still sealed in their package.

it is the biggest scam I’ve ever actually gotten myself into I’m usually very careful they hurt my checking account twice without my permission there’s nothing there that says you have to contact them in 15 days to keep them from taking money out of your checking account that it is a scam do not get into this and if you do quickly call back and cancel or they will drain you dry

Did u manage to get ur money back?? coz Im in the same position as everyone else :/

I am in the same boat as everyone else however they took out over $200.00 and i didn’t receive any product to return, so in my case it is a true story of thievery. Husband has taken my debit card and returned it to the bank so guess i will never be able to be caught out again and damn l am usually so careful. I don’t have the money not to be. Oh well thanks to an unco-operate lot l am now allowed no money.

the website should be againt the law and shut down leading people on.


Total Scam, just purchased the coffee bean and garcinia after reading the posts below I called and canceled to realize they still charge you $38 even if you cancel before the 14 days are up. Do not buy from them! They say they won’t charge you $84 as long as you cancel but they will charge you $38 when you cancel! This company is horrible and has the worse customer service. I called them today and told them not to send their products to my house at all and to refund the shipping and handling since I just submitted the order this morning. The lady argued with me saying we will still send out. She ended up voiding the $38 transaction and sent me a confirmation email. I wanted all of my money back including the shipping because they are not shipping it to my house. The lady was very rude so I hung up called my bank and let them know their are fraudulent charges on my card from 3 payments they processed which is mysimplydiet and the garnicia coffee. I had to cancel my bank card and won’t receive a new one for 5 days. But I will get all my money back and I want anyone who is looking at this product to STOP and not buy it. You will be upset when you realize the money they take. Hope this helps someone.

I just ordered the trial and now I am reading all of this. How do I cancel? Do I call in the morning and have them cancel it? Will they still charge me? Or, I could just cancel my debit card and then they won’t have access… correct?

i am a nurse. I tried the product for three days and had an allergic reaction. When I rang the NZ number they cancelled my subscription promptly. Probably scared I would sue them

How do you get all your money back?

I have received 2 bottles of Simply Green Coffee Bean and been charged for them after been told the first one was a trial bottle which I used to no added effect

I then received 2 more bottles without my consent and according to my bank statement I have been charged for them both. If my money is not refunded I have been advised by my bank to ring the fraud squad which I will do. According to some of the revues I have read this is a scam. Please get in touch with me asap and tell me what your intentions are. Ness bernal Western Australia. 0438981944

Ness, the above is a REVIEW. You need to contact Simply Garcinia with any issues.

I read enough last night to make me call up my credit card co in the morn after having 2 charges; ;;1 per month ,charged to the card which like your selves I did not order; just before heading for the bank ANOTHER E MAIL CHARGING ME AGAIN $114.00 NZ for another shippment. This product is available with 80% HCA in Nz for $23.40 NZ and shipped all over the world. $90.60 less per bottle. call this a Con Or what. Anyway luckily was the cancellation customer service # on it so here they areNZ 09-8010479 US/CAN 8558607871 AUST 0871001723 Icancelled out everything so now have a cancellation # and all correspondence in hard copy in case they try it again. If your happy with it check out the NZ sites. Regards Ron Blair.

So I was scammed also but there’s nothing I can do about it. So why not try it? Have any of you tried it and saw any weight loss?

Total scam. When I didn’t realize I was charged two hundred dollars because I didn’t cancel. It took a whole to find he small print saying it was an automatic order but I called anyways and said I wished to return the product and get a full refund. Everytime I have called, they say their system is down and to call back in an hour. Total ullshit and I still don’t have my money back

Really its a scam. Is there anybody who could tell me how to recuperate the $225.that they took from by bank account.I am not a rich person and I really near that money.I have wrote to the company I even told my bank that I have never authorize them to take a payment . Nothing yet.

U guy are the biggest scam… i did a trial you took my money canceled the trial charged 43 dollars for that again…

Muhydeen, we do not sell any diet pills ourselves. We simply review them.

If you read the above review you will see that we do not recommend Simply Garcinia so you are wrong to assume it was us who took your money. Perhaps you should contact Simply Garcinia using the information I have kindly provided for people in the exact same position as yourself. 🙂

Sorry was just very angry when i wrote that… My simply garcinia has arrived and am thinking should i use it or not because since they took my money i dont trust them again

do not use it call them cancel quickly they will suck money out of your checking account once a month if you do not

The return address you have listed is different than the one the woman on the phone gave me.

I am sorry but the address stated above was correct at the time of writing the review as it was taken from their website.

I guess I should have donemy research before I ordered.. i just received my bottle for 4.95 and now i have to make sure sent it back so they can stop payments

I am in the same boat as Michelle. I haven’t received my trial yet but have already cancelled within the 14 day period. Now I am just waiting to receive it so I can ship it right back. I was wondering if anyone had done this and was legitimately not charged any further?

In researching this and also checking out the “trial” to see exactly what is happening (as a health promotion assistant, I get asked a LOT of questions about this stuff, so I really wanted to find out for myself!)…I am about to learn whether this company fulfills its terms when its demands are met exactly as they map out. I have received confirmation of cancellation with the explicit details of returning the “unused” (NOT USED) supplements, at my cost and all the “return merchandise authorization” codes. I have also received the notice that if it is NOT received in 30 days, I will be charged the full price. I am honestly wondering they will claim they never receive the return. I will be purchasing receipt confirmation and insurance on the package, but we will see what happens. All in all, as someone who loves to research holistic health practices and supplement healthy living safely, I would recommend to ANYONE: 1) Herbal “supplements” MAY HELP when used in combination with healthy lifestyle and food choices, exercise, and the knowledge/supervision of a doctor, but are not going to magically shed pounds, fat, etc. The people that claim these so-called results are either starving themselves with 500 calorie diets while taking it, or simply paid to write these false posts to bolster web traffic. 2) Just as the review above, the old adage “If it looks too good to be true…” cannot be stressed enough. This company is specifically set up to prey on people desperate for something to help, with a litany of fine print, terms, and hoops. IF someone wants to try these products, there are legitimate supplement companies to find them through and purchase as a product, not a subscription (e.g., Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, even

I have received the confirmation email about my cancellation prior to the trial period ending. But I have yet to receive the package. I am reluctant to call to ask as they may try to reactivate my trial period. Any thoughts on what I should do anyone?

Am sure you guys used your credit card for purchasing the trial, just call your bank to remove them from your authorized payment or request a new credit card… I cancel for 49 dollars and i have the bottle dont even trust them enough to use the product. And i have got a new credit card also…

Have you sent the bottle back? I ordered and canceled mine in the same day, so not sure what I should do if it ever arrives…

Heather, did you receive your bottle to return to them at all? I cancelled mine within the same day as well, so I was wondering if you received it at all?

I never pre authorized anything EXCEPT the trial offer I never agreed to any other monthly payments, also the company is a scam because if you put a stop payment on the product next month they may try to bil lyou for a differnt amount.

I have received my trial bottle it was pass the 14 day.

Notice that my credit card was charge $106.00 before I got the product.

Called the company and cancel the product and advise that just got the bills and have not had the time to try the product.

The person on the phone did not help at all .

Asked for the address that could send product back .

As the product was not to my satisfactory.

Sure to find out if this is a scam.

I got the product! It arrived after 14 days! Immediately regretted buying it, cancelled my subscription, with the lady on the phone being no help! I am now waiting for a reply email to get my REM so I can send it back (if that ever happens).

To anybody thinking about getting this product, dont do it!

If you have, send it back and get a REM before you do!

Were you charged even,agter canceling??

So after ordering the Simply Garcinia & Simply Garcinia Green Coffee Bean, I was sent an email telling me it will arrive within 5 days. I only paid $15 for the trials but it has been a week now and nothing yet received… I have emailed the “support” centre twice, no response yet and even tried calling the number but it won’t work :/ maybe because I live in Australia? After reading though I deeply regret ordering this 🙁

I can’t seem to cancel mine, because I am in Australia! It’s already cost me over $400 and I really need help! HELP!

You must call them at 1-800-635-5589 to stop shipments. They will give you a confirmation number. Don’t lose it!

I am in Australia as well. I called the company number and canceled, and they have taken about $100 out of my account, however it is pending so nothing can be done about it thus far.

Once I found out it was a scam, and after canceling the order, I IMMEDIATELY called the bank (I’m with Commonwealth) and they have canceled my card and I will receive a new one in 2 weeks time. This not only stops them from charging you but will also keep you safe if they end up giving your card number out. Additionally, the customer service representative I spoke with is looking into the transactions and will hopefully get my money back soon,

There is the system, at least with Commonwealth, where you can take money out of an ATM by using your phone – no card necessary, which makes the card cancellation process much easier. PLEASE call your bank and cancel the card. My advisor was wonderful and helped out more than I could have asked for!

Hope this helped!

Hi Heather, what was the number you called? I’ve tried all the numbers I can find and all say not connected.

HELP! My daughter has been caught by this scam too. I have tried calling the number they give but because I’m in Australia … no luck. What number did you call?

What is the Australian number to call ?

Hi there, I just ordered some tonight and only paid the $7.99 shipping. I got suspect when i rang the hotline and it was an automated message. I immediately called my bank and cancelled my debit card so they can’t take anymore money. Do the same babe!!

The 14-day “free trial” starts when you place your order. You will be charged for the bottles even if you haven’t received them yet if the free trial period is over. I thought I was within my free trial period but found out it had started at the time of placing my order, which really isn’t fair because you aren’t allowed time to actually trial the products. The guy on the other end of the line had such a thick accent it was very difficult to understand why I was being charged $81.86 for the remainder of the pills. He said something about it was supposed to be twice that amount but he was giving me his employee discount. Legit companies don’t act like this. It is definitely a scammy company. Please don’t buy anything from them!

I did read all the information on the “free trial” before ordering and did not see ANYTHING about “subscribing”.

They claim it is under their terms and conditions.

Also, when you receive the free trial there is again NOTHING in ANY of the packaging about the fact that you are subscribing and if you do not return the bottles, with RMA’s, to them WITHIN the first 14 days they will charge you full price.

BEWARE of this fly-by-night, shading, hood winking company!

BE AGGRESSIVE with them and they WILL back down and refund 100% of the money they stole.

I have confirmation #’s of the refund the dude on the phone gave me. Also have confirmation emails of the refund. AND the RMA emails.

Will be sending them back all the unused capsules (emptied of powder so I can see about testing it) per their instructions. We have also disputed their charges with our bank just in case they do not honor the refunds they claim to have issued.

Hey have you got anything back from them ?

Did they charge. You?


Please check out this helpful guide. 🙂

So I had ordered the simply garcinia 14 day trial as well as the simply green coffee bean 14 day trial and only paid the shipping fees. This morning I logged on to my online banking to find that there was two withdrawals of $98.00 taken from my account by the simply garcinia and simply green coffee bean company, which I did not authorize. So in total they took about 200$ from my account without any notice. When ordering the 14 day trial there is no warning that when the trial ends that they automatically ship and charge you an outrageous amount of money for another 30 days worth of their products. They don’t inform you that if you do not like the product or do not wish to continue you have to cancel your subscription (they also dont inform you that you are subscribing to anything at the time of purchasing a TRIAL of the product) now all of a sudden without any notice they charge you almost $100 for simply garcinia and if you also purchased the green coffee bean product you are charged almost another $100. I took the pills for about a week and 2 days and started nothing this very bad pain on my left side in the rib area and could barely move because it hurt that bad. I also experienced bad headaches and couldn’t go to the bathroom. I was fine up until I started taking these products, so I decided to stop taking them and see if I feel better and I am getting better now apart from them taking my money. Naturally when I seen what they had took out of my bank account I was furious. I immediately got on the phone and wanted answers and my money back. The first representative that I spoke to had said they can refund only 25% of what they had charged me which is ridiculous. So then he puts me on hold to go and speak with his supervisor and see if there is any thing else he could do for me. He comes back saying they can refund 50% now of what they charged me. I have no interest what so ever continuing to take these products let alone purchasing more to begin with. I asked to speak to his supervisor after he offered the 50% refund, he then puts me on hold and comes back saying that his supervisor has just gone into a meeting and should be available in about an hour and said to call back after an hour. So I called back after an hour, this time recording the conversation with a different representative. This representative wasn’t any better, I told her I was told to call back after an hour to speak to the supervisor, she said ok let me put you on hold while I check to see if my supervisor is available. She comes back saying that the supervisor is in another call and is once again unavailable and she doesn’t know when she will be available. So by this time I am done wasting my time and am now demanding a full 100% refund back or I will pursue on to take legal action. She said that in order to receive a full refund I am required to send back the product I have and I am responsible for paying the shipping fees (thats fine as long as I am getting my money back) . She said she will be sending me a return package in the mail and once I receive that and ship the product back to them is when they will refund my money and that takes from 3-5 business days. (I called them today Saturday July 19,2014 ). I will be posting any updates that follow.

Sounds like my story, but I never received any shipment after my trail period.

Angry and ripped off and I also want my money back. Really need to have a law suit against them as they are still selling the product.. They are worth millions now for all the money they have scamed!!

Yep yep. Total scam. ‘Fine print’ is exactly right, their disclosure of the automatic charge after 14 days is terrible and not upfront or in plain sight. Product did absolutely nothing. Well run scam guys, congrats!

Run, don’t walk away from this scam. To enrol in this trial, all I did was click on the website to read about the product then close the website. My phone rang – an individual from the company called to ask me if I had any questions as I had closed the site without ordering. After placing an order from a very warm and fuzzy talking salesperson (stupid decision on my part), I had second thoughts. I had just been diagnosed with having had 2 strokes and also having angina attacks. I decided not to take any risks by taking the supplement. Fortunately, I had written down the phone number to call if I decided to cancel, although I had already sent them an email with that message – no response to the email. On the telephone, I explained my reason for cancelling the trial. I became irate when he told me to mail back the samples as the trial offer did not mention that requirement and I should not have to incur the cost of registered mail. He suggested that I should have gone on their main website and read the terms and conditions – I didn’t think of that when the sales person was calling me. There was so much static on the telephone on an intermittent basis that I could not always hear what he was saying so I told him to put it in writing and send the information by email.

Garcinia cambogia gold powder

Could you please help me lose 10 pounds in 3 days? I’m getting married this week […] I need to lose weight quickly. I’m desperate […] please tell me how to lose 10 pounds in 3 days. Thanks, Sherri.- – via Ask Questions.

I would love to help you, and I wish I could tell you how to lose 10 pounds in 3 days – unfortunately, losing that much weight in such a short time is not realistic; nor it is healthy as it could lead to a bouquet of adverse health effects.

To put things into perspective, on average, people can expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week- to lose 10 pounds in 3 days you would need to drop 3.3 pounds a day. However, getting married is a very special occasion.

So I will give you some tips for a quick weight loss. Please keep in mind, I cannot tell you if you will lose 10 pounds in 3 days. I do not even know if you will lose any weight at all in 3 days.

For the next 3 days, do not eat any sugar. Eliminate all traditional sources of carbohydrates. Do no eat any pasta, bread of any kind, cookies, cakes, ice cream, soda, donuts, bagels, morning cereal, oatmeal, rice, French fries, pizza, candies, etc.

Get all your carbohydrates exclusively from vegetables. For example, broccoli, green leafy vegetables, bell peppers, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, avocado, cauliflower and others are all good choices. Do not forget to eat breakfast.

If you eat big meals, 2-3 times a day, divide the amount of food you usually eat into 4 to 5 meals. In other words, eat smaller meals more often. Drink plenty of water and eat protein with every meal – chicken, lean cuts of beef, shrimp, lean pork, lamb, egg whites, as well as eggs and any fish.

You also need to exercise. Since you are short on time, the easiest way to get some cardio done is walking, rollerblading, bicycling, swimming, or any activity that will get you moving more than you usually do.

If you are interested in a permanent weight loss, your best bet is a balanced diet and exercise. Finding a diet and an exercise program with which you feel comfortable, will aid in your adherence to meeting your weight-loss goal.

There are many good diets out there, but if you do not know where to start, I would recommend this program or Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle.

These plans are not just some fad diets. They are, however, great programs. Why? Because they are easy to understand, anyone can follow them, and they teach excellent eating and exercise habits, which you will be able to use at your own pace.

You should consult with your doctor before making any drastic changes to your diet or starting an exercise program.

252 Responses to “How to Lose 10 Pounds in 3 Days”

  1. ethan Says:

I am 16years old am 180lbs I now eat twice a day and walk for 1hour every day also I am active in football and cycling is that good enough for me to lose weight and keep it off permanently.

Please help me!Im 17 yrs old aand i need help losing 3 pounds of the legs.I mean i tried skipping meals and stuff like that but it doesnt seem to be working.

Customer Support When is comes to buying products online, customer support is key.

Please help me!I want to be able to look thin in th legs like im embarraased to wear a bathing suit.It would mean SO much if u help me!

i am 23 years i was45 kg and now i am 61 kg i feel so bad plz hep me to become again like 45 plz i need help

I am 32 years old , just had my first baby 3 months ago. I was 150 lbs before pregnancy, weighed 210 lbs when I went into delivey. I dropped to 180, and still weight 170 lbs 3 months later. I need to loose weight, i have embarassing fat jiggle rolls, I cant wear regular blue jeans, still have to wear maternity jeans and they fall off of me

im 17 yrs old and i am fat, i weigh 311 pound and i am 5’7″ i have troble breathing when sleeping and constant chess pain plz help me lose weight.

Im a teen … weight = 162 or something and im 5ft 6.

i lost 1 stone in 1 week !! woohoo my secret is

Day 1: i ate nomally ..whatever i wanted then i took 1 bottle of water after every meal.

Day 2: i ate fresh fruit in the morning ..scrambled eggs at lunch and ate steak at dinner …i also took 1 bottle of water after every meal.

Day 3 : copied day 1

:Day 4: Copied day 2

Day 5:copied day 1

Day6: copied day 2

Day 7:Went to the gym to lose as much as i can ..i lost 3 pounds that day :O

i feel much better..

you should always eat 3 meals a day if you don’t you will get hungry in the middle of the night and you will have trouble sleeping !

one thing i do is put a picture of a thin model on my kitchen door so when i go in i remember …(your trying to lose weight lol)

Good Luck to you all ..

im a 17 years old girl and i weigh 52kg anh my height is 5’2″..i need to lose weight so badly especially at the lower part of my thighs and butt are damn not fit.of course u dont want to walk with your fat at the thighs we banggling and moving as u move..plz help me to lose weight for about 10 pounds in between 3-5 days..i really2 need the help as for me,fasting do not guarantee weight loss.

I am turning 20 years old this summer and I must lose 40 pounds by May 1. I really need help. Please help me find a diet and exercise plan. I am 5 fot 6 inches tall and weigh 180 pounds. My hips and thighs are big and my behind is to fat. Please help me. I can’t go to the beach this summer wit a fat body. I can’t take ot anymore.

IM SO FAT. Im 5 ft. 1 and I weigh like 108 lb. HELP. There’s a pool party this summer and I NEED 2 DROP DOWN 2 90. People say I will be underweight BUT I DONT CARE.

you should really listen to everyone when they say that you will be under-weight coz… they are right.

when you are in beetween 5 ft – 5 ft 2/3, you should weigh round about the 100.

even though i think that you are a healthy weight for your height & life-style,

these are a couple of tips for you if you gain weight in the future…

*Drink more water & calorie free drinks, ‘coz fizzy drinks contain a LOT of sugar & calories. And sugar turns into fat.

*Eat 3 – 5 portions of fruit & veg a day to give you more energy – e.g. 2 fruit, 3 veg. I’m sure you know but, having more energy than been lazy is better for your life-style & ‘healthy eating’.

*Make most your sweets weight-watchers.

I am fifteen years old and i have been gradually gaining ten pounds a year since 6th grade. I started out in the 120’s in sixth grade, 130’s in seventh, 140’s in eighth, and now i am in highschool and i am 160. I play lot’s of sports throughout the whole year. I know i have muscle, but i am overweight. I mainly want to get down to the mid-thirties, but i am at loss. I try to diet, but i get the worse sugar cravings, and then when i actually do diet, and i do it for real, I can only lose five pounds and then i’ll reach that time of the month and my weight will go straight up again and not come down no matter how hard i try. Any suggestions will fantabulous,

hi i am 42 years old and i must to lose 50 pounds before the summer but i dont know how todothis alone

please ineed help

hi im jamie!i am 15 years old and i lost 10 pounds in just ten days.the thing that i did was i got up @ 5:30 every morning and stretched for @ leat 10 minutes,did 30 sit ups,10 push ups,and walked a mile.i only ate fruits and milk.and for snack at night i ate a pickle and drank cranberry juice (organics ONLY).i lost 10 pounds and know im a size ZERO!

hey. plz help me, I weigh 160 and I really need help. i am trying to diet but i dont know how to, i really need help. I have summer camp on june 23. i want to lose like 20 pounds. i know everyone is going to make fun of me because i am FAT. if u would plz plz plz help me i’d love you forever. just someone plz help me.

can someone please help.. ima 16 year old girl and i weigh aprrox 260 pounds. if anyone has any ideas please send them to

i am 14 years old and weigh 200 pounds how would i loose this weight to where i wont be laughed at and teasded.

hello i am 31 i weight 279 i wanted to loose 100 fast i have hight blooded pruser and i cant loose wight i eat 2 times aday i just want to be happy about myself again i mine i still love my self i just do not like the way i look can u help me

im 12 and my hieght is propably 5.5 and i weigh 140 pounds and my legs are really fat. I dont feel comfortable in shorts or in a swiming suit

i need to lose 35 lbs fast. i am 5’2 and weigh about 138. can someone please help me? how long will it take me to lose this much weight

i just left the comment about needing to lose 35 lbs fast. i forgot to add, i need a free diet plan or something to help me. does the lost 10 lbs in 3 days diet really work at all?

hi my name is tasy and i have a problem in dieting because my body has a great ability to gain wait really fast and no diet works with me so school is after 2 weeks so i need to lose about 20 kg max. or 10 kg min. so i need a diet not with any diet pills just a something to organise my eating way so i lose wait and then stop gaining for ever

please help me … now my weight is 101 kg and my height is 1.8 m and i want to be bet 75kg to 80kg but please throught a short period may be 2 month ….tell me what can i do ,eat , practice anyother thing u want tell me or tipsss …. ok thanks

hey ! , im 14 years old im 67 kilos im 165cm i really need to lose 20 kilos in a month !!

i am 14 and 5’3” and i weigh 134 pounds i need to lose 15 pounds quick can some one please help me.

Hi my names April and im over-weight i weigh 152 pounds and im going to Mexico soon like in 3-4 weeks and i need do lose weight FAST in my hips, belly, legs, and face so please help im in soccer going into volleyball and i dont eat breakfast at all sometimes and sometimes not i get picked on by my brother he ALWAYS calls my Fatty, Piggy, Cow, Mosse, and a fatty fat fat. and it really hurts he gets in troble but he keeps on calling me names people make fun of me behind my back and im tired of it plez help me PLEASE. - April

hi, i m afreen and i just turned 16 and i am 65 kg.There is a party on 1/2/09 and

i hav to lose 20 kg in 35 days so please help me.get me a free diet plan please

i really need help

Hi Im 16 Yrs. Old and i am 125 Lbs., It doesnt look like i am fat, but i have horrible love handles and my stomach is like a baby stomach but it looks like i am pregnant. its horrible. I haven’t tried anything yet to help myself, but i really need some professional help on this.

i want to loose at least 20 Lbs. I want to get to size 1 and i am in size 5 right now in juniors. please help

Hi, I get teased about my weight. Last i checked I was 160 and 5 feet and 6in. And I really want to weigh 110 fast. So I can fit into my sweet jean shorts.

I am a 15 yr old girl, and i weight 260. I am only 5’4.

I really would like if someone could help me lose weight.

my goal is to atleast to lose 100lbs in one year, I know I can do it, I just don’t know how!

Hi, my name is Jamie. I am 245 pounds and im not proud of it . I tired to go a few days without eating anything but carrots. That didn’t really seem to work. The answer is yes people do make fun of me alot to. So i’ll do anything just to get all this weight off of me , also i have a pool in my backyard and i wear a two peice my thighs don’t look good nore does my stomach . So i just wanted to know if there is anyway i can lose all this weight and look like the girls on tv.

hi there im 22 and im 5,7 and 148lbs i need to lose weight by feb. 1st 2009 my friend is getting married in Dominican and my bridsmaid dress almost wont fit, i need a meal plan to lose 5 to 10lbs by then. the only problem is that i was going to the gym but i broke my ankle so now im sitting on the couch all day!

Hello, i’m 16 years old and i weight 66 pounds

My problem is my face, i’m just so confused

Why is my cheeks so big? I’m not Fat but i need to loose couple of pounds to look skinny but my cheeks are so BIG what should i do? It’s killing me

Hey I am Gracie

I am 16 – 5,8 and 140 pounds- I know I am not OVER weight I just want to loose some more and trim up my butt and thighs everywhere else is skinny- any food tips? I could us 10 pounds less in 1-2 weeks/month Thanks!!

I am fourteen, and I am major into loosing wait,

I am 120 pounds, which is alot ! please, please, please.

I want to be able to look skinny, right now I find myself big.

I would really, really apperitiate you helping me.

I eat alot of junk food, then I should, and I can not stop.

I want to be able to loose fifteen pounds in a month .

him im 17 yrs old im 5’1 and 169 pounds plz help me i need to lose wight im tired of this i need a new lifestyle

Hello, my name is Miley. (No, not the famous singer/actress from the T.V. hit series, Hannah Montana.)

I weigh 185-190lbs. I definitley love to to weigh around 135-130lbs. I am 15yrs. old, and soon to be 16. I have conducted a plan of mine that seems to be working quite well, and here it is:

1.Drink lots of water, about half a galleon a day.

2.Drink the water throughout the day, not all at once. It is an also a good idea to drink ice-cold water, for it will help you burn calories faster, while trying to warm up your body.

3. Excersize, everday for 3-5days, and its a good idea to excersize maybe just a small bit after eating, and drink a glass or bottle of water.

4.When excercizing you have to keep your body guessing, because if you do the same excersize over and over again for too long, it will get used to that excersize and will not help you lose more weight. Also when exersizing try to excersize different parts of your body, not just one.

5.Eat, smaller bites, and eat slower, because your body takes about 20mins, to get full, eating too fast, and too much will only make your body think it’s not full, and you WILL feel more hungry then you did before you started to eat.

6. DO NOT overeat, and CUT BACK! Doing this will help your body discipline itself to eat less and get used to having less inside, causing it to get smaller and controll your appietite better.

5.When you are flat not hungry, but it’s meal time. Eat some fruit or a small amount of a meal, and hey you never know you might feel more hungry then you thought, but don’t eat mass amounts. Keep it light.

7. Burn more calories then you take in, but don’t starve yourself.

8.Cut back on sugar, carbs, starch, and salt, but not so much so that its unhealthy.

9.Cut back on sodas, but if you want sodas I reccomend, Coke 0, Diets, or Diet Cafine Free Coke. Still cut back, even on that note. ;D

10. By the way diets almost NEVER WORK!

11.Eat more fruits and vegstables. =o

12.Most importantly, don’t do this till you lose, treat it as if its a change in lifestyle. =3

All this may seem crazy, and alot of work, buts its working pretty well for me. lol! ^^

God Bless, and Good Luck,

PS. I’m terrible at spelling and punctuation! ;D

i am 24 years old my weight is 70kg. my height is 5.3 feet

i want to loose extra weight in 1 month becoz i have to attend a important family function. i have to reduce a fat specially from my upper back ,stomach and hips. i want to loose a weight without using any diet pills

Well why lie…am fat lol! i want to lose at least 8 to 9 pounds my face is chubby my stomach don’t look nothing like it used to,my arms are chubby am just 1 of those people that eat and eat and don’t get fat but get a little chubby….my point is am 15 and am a girl and i weight about 110 or 108 and well am not that fat but i used to be an active energetic..used to exersice a lot was in a lot of sports and used to be very fit…i mostly want to lose belly fat and do you think i can lose some punds while exercising 30 minutes a day like running and eating some healthy staff…but well today i ate 2 humbargers and 2 sodas soo that ruined it for today…but before that i runed for like 10 or 15 minutes i dont want to start rough…but tomorrow am running for 20 and hopefully that would make me feel better but i need help on the food..cuz i think that it dont matter what i eat if i exercise and eat some healthy things and drink 2 bottle of water a day and get my sleep on i think i’ll be good..thanks to reading some stuff in here i hope ya’ll have some more advice for people like me.

hi 😀 I’m 15 and I’m 5 feet tall. I weight 60 kilos and wanna lose 15 or at least 10 kilos fast but in a healthy way. PLEASE help me

hi im a teen and i weigh about 160 to 180 pounds i feel huge i really want to lose 70 pounds

hi im 17 yrs old and i way 190 to 210 lbs. i hate it i cant stand it anymore i really need help i really wanna lose at least 30 pounds in 4 to 5 months and another 30 pounds after i just really wanna weigh to at least 135 to 145 lbs i’ve tried so many things to lose weight and nuthing works if u plz can write me at nat_jacobo_15 at to give me a few tips ideas or anything i just really dont wanna be fat anymore thanks

i am 15 and i want to do that 10 pounds in 3 days diet, but i’m very skeptical about it. should i try it? please reply

Ok, so i am 5’3 and 126 pounds

i am short so i dont grow up i go out

i have a Swimming Party on saturday and My stomach has too Much flab !

what can i do for the Flab, im not so worried about the Weight just the Shape !!

can someone help me pleasee i dunno what to do

i lost 5 pounds in 3 days by not eating fast food and by dancing 2 hours a day. I also did not eat after 9:00pm.

HI Im 14 years old and i want to lose 45 pound ive tryed to do excersice everyday but im busy with school and church what should i do plez help me i need to lose weight in 2 months

hi, i’m 15 years old, almost 16, but i need to lose weight fast. I am 122 pounds, and i want to look good for the summer time. This year i have been over eating every single day, because my sister left to live with her real mom, so please give me some advice or help.I am willing to go on a diet, i want to lose at least 15 pounds.

hi, i’m 38 years old and i have been trying to lose weight all year, I have tried the south beach diet, which worked really great, also the flat belly diet, adn right now i am just cutting out the carbs, like pastas, rice, bread, milk, cheese, …..etc. Since i’v had 4 kids, i feel like i can never lose weight around my stomach area, just mr legs, and it looks and feels awkward. So i’m 194 pounds and 5′ 5,

My daughters are trying to do the same with me and they have lost more weight than i have. I am trying to fit into a cute this summer. So i need to lose weight in 2 months. Please give me some advice or help, I really want to lose at least 40 pounds.

Hi i am 16 years old and i weigh around 149-153 pounds and i want to go down to about 125-130, because im joining the cheerleading team, i go for a 1 mile run every other night, for a month, but the more i want to loose weight the more i gain!i have tryed everything, but its not working i need help i dont know that im doin rong.

Hi. D I’m 14 years old and im 5 7″ and about 170-175 pounds

I really want to lose weight at least get down to 130-135 pounds before I start high school. I want to be able to get a flat stomach so i can feel comfortable in my own body.

Please any tips would be appreciated. Thanks y’all.

Hello, I am 25 years old and my height is 4’11 and I weigh 194lbs. I know that my weight is now stated to be obest for my height. I started my diet 3 weeks ago and lost a total of 8 pounds. I just counted my calories, exercise 5 days a week, drink at least 2 20 ounces bottles of water a day, and prayed for god to help me through this life long journey. I decided to go on this journey to be healthier not just slim. I think all the young women who are 100-140lbs are over doing it. I understand wanting to be healthy, but u should never try to lose weight just to please other people. The two young women who said they are 66 and 105lbs and who are concerned about how fat ur faces are, did u ever think that ur faces look fat because u are too small. When ur body loses fat u don’t have anything left but muscles or skin. And I’m pretty sure its only ur cheek bones and skin ur seeing, not fat nor muscles!! Some of u guys really are just over doing it. If I was half of u guys sizes I would thank god! Trying to drop from 120 to 105 is just crazy! u think people will talk about u looking fat because u weigh 110, 120, or 140lbs even in a swimsuit, just imagine when u drop 10, 20, or 40 lbs. Then they will talk and laugh at u because u are tooooooo skinnyyyyyyy! Stop complaining about being fat if u only weigh 100-140lbs because that is healthy! Being healthy is way more important than being skinny. I’m just so amazed of how many young girls are posioned by the media and trying to look skinny. The media don’t give a damn about how u look , so why in the hell do u all give a damn about what the media think. If u ever plan on dating a guy he will want a young lady who is healthy and have just a tad bit of meat on her bones. No man wants a woman with no curves or is in a state of mind that she is not thin enough. Trust me, being healthier is so much better than being skinny. Being to small can cost u health problem or even dealth. So please think about what u are doing before u decide to lose weight!

The sad part about all of this is that most of u guys will continue to go an a diet not needing to. Some of u will suffer health problems and others may starve themselves to dealth. I hope someone will take my advice and stop the unnecessary dieting! Anemia is a real killer of our nations young girls/women. I’m praying for the day that all women will consider themselves beautiful reguardless of weight!

Hi I will be 14 next week, and we have our class trip the week after. I weigh about 166 pounds, and I am about 5’7. My stomach is the worst part, and i NEED to lose it before the trip, in 11 days. How do I lose some of my stomach in that time.

Im 13 years of age, and I am 140 pounds. I need to lose around 30 pounds. I need to lose it before I leave! That is on June 1st. Please and thank you.

If you have any ideas.

Hello im just your typical teen. But just letting you guys know. Do NOT, and I repeat DO NOT starve yourselves in order to lose weight, you might lose weight at first but after you start eating youll gain more than you already weighed.

Trust me, it happened to me. But now I lost 10 pounds a week, all I did was eat vegetable and fruits when I was hungry (no dressings or dippings). Drink a lot of water. And I ran 1 mile, did 50 crunches, 50 situps, and 10 hold situps( these are situps where you hold your situp midway and count to like 50) every day. It is important to do this at least 4-5 times a week. You need at least 2 days of rest. I also do martial arts and kick boxing so that helps. I cannot guarantee this “diet” will work for everyone, but im just trying to help, I know how it feels it look “overweight” and get teased.

okay, so i’m a 15 yr old girl and I way 190-something, and I’m going to visit alot of old friends on June 30th. so if you could please help me loose as much weight as I can between now and then it would be aweosme!

Jordin, you need to seek counseling for anorexia. C’mon 108 pds and you think your fat?

hey! tnk u so much for the tips!! i would definitely gonna try this.. im havin prom soon.. and ive gained 6 pounds. now im 112 pounds.. im so bloated! my goal is 90 pounds!! pray for me.

I am 16 years old, 5’11, and 225 pounds. i can bench 275, squat 365, and power clean 205. i have some fluff on me, and just want to get rid of the extra flab hang overs. can you give me some advice. I also do weight training in the morning. i’m more interested in losing fat than weight.

hi my name is kat i am sixteen years old my son is now one and ever since ive had him my weight keeps going back and forth but i alwys still have that little baby pouch i really want to back to the weight and beatiful figure i was before. before i got pregnant i was 150 i am 5ft 9 and now i am around 180 i need help losing weiht and getting in shape so i can looklike my friends again and go to the pool without hiding my body

i am 5.2 and weigh 115 pounds ….. help me lose weight please. i used to be skinny now im getting bigger and bigger.

Hi. My name is Ally. I weigh 160. im OVER WEEIGHT! I cry every night. im willing to do any thing to lose 65 lbs. PLLLEEAASE. it makes me so depresses. i want a good lifestyle. i would really apprecate it. i even try to suck it in. which doesn’t seem to help.

SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!……im going on holiday in 3 three weeks and i need to lose about 5 kgs fast. please help me!…….i just seem to be getting bigger! i was 97 lbs and now am 109 lbs!…….i need it to also come of my fat face too!! help me here.

my high is 165 cm

and i weigh 70kg

i need to loose about 20 kg in 2 weeks

i took a diet which makes me able to lose 15-20 kg in 13 days .. i took it for 4 days and i lost 6 kg .. but i need your advice

heyyy! my name is rahael and im 15 years old. My height is 4”10 1/2” and i weigh like 133 or something like that. im like over weight with the height im at. I NEED to lose AT LEAT 15 pounds in like a lil less than a month. I’m on a diet now. For breakfast i eat a special k bar, for lunch an apple or a banana, for dinner either a salad or what ever my mom makes for dinner but i eat verrrryyyyyyy little of it. Or even sometimes i will eat a bowl of special cereal or i don’t eat dinner at all. PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ HELP me.

Thanks alot if someone does

I’m 24 pounds overweight, and I want to lose it before the next school year begins. I lik wearing fitting shirts, but when I sit down, I get fat rolls. It really is depressing. I’m in my pre-teens and I am 5 ft. 1 inch tall. I don’t make my own meals, so I can’t control what I eat! What do I do?

yea im 15 years old and i need help lose weight. PLEASE HELP ME. i have got no idea how to lose weight please e-mail me thanks

i’m 16 y/o and my wight is about 90lbs. pls help me lose at least 10 or 15 pounds in 1 week.

Hey! Im mya. Im 5’0 and weighed 253 on april 15th. I weighed myself yesterday and now i weigh 241 lbs. I hate my body! I have PCOS So i gain weight like crazy! My family reunion is in a month and a week. How much can i lose by then? And what i can i use or do to lose weight? U can email me at

Hey, My weight is 245 pounds I’d like to lose 50-60 pounds by august when I go to the beach. I’m tired of feeling self conscious and that people laugh at me. Someone Plz Plz Plz Plz help me. If u have any tips send it to:

Heyy im 15 years old and im approx. 205 lbs. I used to be fairly thin but then my depression kicked in, in about 5th grade and i couldn’t stop eating. i eat all the time. sometimes i dont even notice im eating its just a habit. I really want to break the habit and be a healthier size. I want this because i’m sick of being teased and picked on at school. my dream is to start 10th grade with a fresh new body and look. Plz help! thanks

hi, im 14 years old,about 4’11 and weigh between 108 and 110,i want to lose about 10 pounds in 5 days ,i hav a bday party and i want to look good in my bikini i want a tighter stomach plzz helpp

I’m 5′ 11 and weigh about 173. I need help toning my body I’ve tried doing crunches situps and pushups etc but I need something more. Please help.

Oh by the way anything under 120 or even 130 is not fat!

heyy. i need help losing weight. I am a 13 year old girl, and i weigh 108 pounds. i think i am very fat, and my parents are constantly telling me that. i just do not know how! someone PLEASE help me! I am in desperate need of SOME help! please someone.

I am 16, 5’3 and 152lbs (10st 12lbs). My prom is on thursday, i have three full days and the dress is a bit tight, i really need to lose just a few pounds but only have 3 full days, can anyone help me seriously. Pls!

losing 10 pounds in 3 days is nothing i lost 20 pounds in 2 days by sitting in a really hot room doing sit up and just working out.

i have lost 10 pounds in 2 days now i can wear bikni and skirts easily

can i just not eat for 3 days. will anything happen?

hi im 14 an weigh 200 pounds i have to lose weight before school starts and thats in 3 weeks can u plz help me i dont want to get laugh at during my suppose to be awsome high scool year please help.

I am 16 years old and i have lost 30 pounds but it was just over time. I want to lose just 10 pounds and get to be more fit. I have been dieting FOREVER. I have tried everything. I want to lose it as fast as possible. Can anyone help me? Please e-mail me at horsesrule514 at Thank you.

I lost 10 pounds in 3 days. Yes I did, so I know how to lose 10 pounds in 3 days. Those people who say that it’s not possible, don’t know what they are talking about. What’s the big deal with losing 10 pounds in 3 days? Just drink juice and eat fruit and you can probably lose even more weight.


i have a pool party in three days and we have to wear a white bikini (i don’t look the same as the last time i wore one around my friends) i’m probably 115 lbs now and a couple of weeks ago i was 111 lbs and that’s still fat compared to my friends.

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how can I lose 10 pounds in just 3 days? plzzzzzzzz help there’s limited time.

you guys you think you have it hard. in the last TWO months, i gained seven pounds. I already gained eleven this year alone, and now its going up still. I can’t stand it. I hate carrying around my luggage. I am also short, 5′ and 1/2 and in. It’s so upsetting. My stomach and chest have gotten too large. I have taken more sports this year then ever, and yet I’ve gained the most weight. It’s not all just muscle – i KNOW some of that caused the weight, muscle is dense….but this fat is serious. I even have stretch marks around my hips and inner thighs. I truly hate my body. I’m a recent vegetarian that has proper protein and iron, a dense muscle and bone mass, yet am still fat. Can you imagine how hopeless that makes me feel? I really am beginning to hate myself and this body some superior being decided to bestow upon me.

Hi, my name’s Hannah. I’m 14 and I start my sophomore year of high school next week. I’m about 5’8″ and I weigh about 125 – 130 pounds. I only want to lose about 10 pounds and I was wondering if anyone knows how long it should take me to do that healthily? Thanks.

ok, my whole life I’ve been pretty tall and really skinny. This last summer I gain 6 pounds. I’m usually really active but, I’ve been finding it hard to get at. I am 5’8 and weighing in at 116. I know I’m not fat or overweight, I found that most of the weight was from muscle that undeveloped. So is there a way I can lose, 6-8 pounds in a week. I’m willing to exercise and eat healthy… Nothing bad. I just wanna have my best out there for school. And I’m hoping to get the weight off my thighs and my stomach, any suggestions? Even for the long run?

hi im ashley and i need to lose 10 pounds in 5 days is it possible? Im on a fruit diet right now so the only things that i can eat is fruit and i can only drink water. i excersice 45 minutes per days so do you think i can lose that much weight? PLEASE HELP ME!

Hi! I am 14 year old girl who just went to the doctors and realized i am now 144 pounds! I AM OBESE! I feel absolutely horrible about my self! I can’t believe I have gained so much weight! I am starting high school on monday and i want to feel pretty but how can I when i feel obese! please help me I am desperate.

i am of 15 yrs and my weight is 60 kg how i can lose my weight in 20 days.i want to lose atleast 25 kg pls give me some tips every week.

i’am 16 and i weigh 188 and i can’t stop eating every day and it’s hard for me to stop eating and i want to stop.

Hey I am 14 , I am 5 ‘ 8 and weigh 140 pounds I diet a lot and i get down to 130 but after awhile gain it all back and sometimes even go up to 145! i think its cause my best friend is naturally skinny she can eat as much as she wants what/when ever she wants and she still weighs about 95 pounds but anyways I was wondering if there was any diet anybody could recommended for more permanent weight loss?

Hi i’m 14 and i weigh 116 lbs. How can i lose 10 pounds very fast and in the healthy way?

okay soo im average in size im 5’5 and i weigh 127 lb. but i was not always like this.i used to weigh 210 lb! until i began researching how to loose weight and maintain a nice fit body because i wanted to have a tighter flat stomach and be thin. I found out that there are diets for everyone and that a diet that could have worked for someone might not work for you because everyone is different and have different metabolisms. but there is a plan that is foreveryone and its the one i used because everyone my doctor recomended this plan and i was told it works for everyone.


it is a fact that if you want to loose weight you should exercise! i know that many people don’t like to but it helps a lot!if you begin to exercise you probably wont notice results in 7 days but by 14 days you will! it might not be much but if you keep exercising it you could loose ass much as you want!

If you don’t like to exercise like me you should try to helps a lot!i don’t exercise but i always dance. I don’t have a studio or anything but, i put on music that i like and keeps me in a party fun mood i and i dance in front of my mirror until i sweat! its fun and keeps you motivated because you are dancing to the music you like. if you do this everyday i guarantee you will loose weight. You should also consider making it a daily routine and you will slim down fast. But you also have to watch your diet. I’m not saying to cut down on food but lets say you eat 3-4 meals a day; well add those 3-4 meals together and cut them in small portions and eat them through out the day..this helps a lot!!because you are still eating and you stay full but you are also burning the fat and calories because your eating small portions and it gives your body enough time to burn all the calories and fat!this is a proven fact!you also should drink a lot of water because it keeps you full and helps your system burn the food faster. Also don’t eat later than 7 pm..because after 7 your body slows down and basically doesn’t burn that many calories.also drink a lot of water!it makes you loose weight and keep you full.


Hi. I’m Jillian. I’m 15 years old and i weigh 135. I’m 5’2 or 5’3 and i want a flat stomach. I work out everyday and exclusively snack on veggies and fruits. I eat tuna sometimes but, other than that, i’m not a big meat eater. Nor do i eat many starches. I have VERY low self-esteem and i have depression and OCD. I want to lose the weight as quickly as i can. How quickly can i lose about 10 pounds? And if i do, will it be noticeable? I mostly have thigh and belly fat.

I’m sixteen and I weigh 210 lbs. I would like to know a diet that i could use. I cut down on my carbs and sweets but still gain weight. I’m 5’5. I don’t know what else to do. I would really like to lose at least 70 lbs in a year. Is this possible? Can you please help suggest a diet for me.

Im 14, i weigh about 119 pounds, my body fat is exactly 12% which isnt bad but im not exactly fit like i use i use to be i need help my abs have disapeed im getting rolls, i have a bottom belly pouch now and my chest is startin to get fatty i need some advice on how i can get my body back if you have any good ideas can you please help. thank you.

Believe it or not i did lose 10 pounds in 3 days! I followed your advice and i did cardio for 2-3 hours. It felt great!

Not to be mean, but if many of you young ladies on here spent a little more time concentrating on school and a little less time obsessing about your weight, you wouldn’t be writing at a third grade level. This is the problem with our nation today.

That said, I have struggled with my weight and am currently working to lose. But, there is no quick way to lose weight. You can’t lose ten pounds in one week, or even two. If you do, you are losing water weight or muscle, not fat. You won’t actually get that much smaller and will ultimately sabotage yourself in the end by making yourself less healthy and slowing down your metabolism. Live a life of moderation, that way you won’t go through the cycle of binging on food and then starving yourself. Consistently eat and exercise in a healthy, non-obsessive fashion to both lose and maintain weight.

And if you are at a healthy weight, don’t try to lose more. I noticed a lot of the people submitting mentioned that they were fourteen or fifteen. Girls, you are going through puberty. You are gonna get a little more chunky than you are used to because you have to. Women don’t get their periods until they have a certain BMI because if they can’t even carry a baby unless they have enough fat on them. But trust me when I say that most of that weight isn’t going to end up as unsightly fat, but womanly curves.

My name is Christie and i am very overweight. I weigh 15 stone, or 83kg and i am 1m 70 tall. I need to lose weight fast. I would really like to lose four stone, or 24 kg as soon as possible. I have seen my doctor and he says i need to lose weight before it is too late to go back. I really need your help to lose weight, i thought i could just have an op to have the weight drop off, but it isn’t that possible with money at the moment. please help me.

Well you can try the lemonade cleanse diet I lost 15 pounds in 10 days but trust me it comes back within 2 weeks! What actually helped was I started out at 155 pounds at 5 feet tall I joined curves ate small but frequent portions of fruits and spinich salads about 6 meals a day one protein at least I chose fish. I drank 10 8 once glasses of ice cold water a day best 20 minutes before eating, cranberry juice as a treat, I also drank 5 cups of green tea throughout the day and did at least 1 hour walking or danceing, aside from going to curves 6 days a week. I lost 15 pounds in the first month and am continueing to do so I’m 2 1/2 months in and weigh 121 and use to be 150! It is a great way and the weight stays off stay away from quick diets as your more likely to gain it all back plus more within a few weeks! IV tried all of them grape fruit, lemonade, cabagge soup , some weird yogurt wheat germ cranberry drink ect this is the only way that worked!

First of all it is not healthy to lose more than 1-2 lbs a week. Second it takes time to lose weight and keep it off. Third if you want it to stay off you can’t just diet for a couple months and then decided you want to eat what you want too. And finally. If you eat 1500 calories a day, to lose weight you would have to burn what you consume. Common sense. And for the young teens, don’t be putting your body through yo yo dieting it will only make matters worse. Get to a weight that you are comfortable with and be happy, not everybody is built to be toothpick thin. Just work for it and it will mean even more.

Hey, I’m going to turn 15 in July and weigh 185 lbs but I’m about 5 ft 6 or 7 in. So my weight goes to my thies and stomach. I want to lose weight so my mom can stop telling me I’m fat. The thing is that everytime I ask how I could lose weight they say eat right and excersize but I want them to tell me exactly what to eat and how to workout so any one know any health plans I could stick to?

Hey! I’m 15 year old female and I used to weigh 184 lbs. I was 14 actually at the time when i weighed 184 lbs and I was 5’3 (i’m now 5’4). (I went from size 18 to size 7 in jeans) I lost 50 pounds in 6 months! (so far I’m still losing more). How?

1. You must have only have 1000 calories a day. Those calories should consist of mostly “good” calories. Meaning vegetables (a lot of vegetables are almost no calories such as onions, garlic, celery, zuccini, squash, cucumbers, pickles, bell peppers etc. another tasty way to eat them is to cook them), meats (lean meats in particular like lean chicken, turkey, beef, fish, etc.), limited but MUST have some in order to LOSE weight starch particularly whole grain so you are getting good nutrients (whole grain rice, potatoes, corn, popcorn (limit butter), whole grain pasta, whole grain noodles, whole grain bread etc and yes you can have non-whole grain its just better to have whole grain since you are deprived of less nutrient intake due to your decrease in daily calories), dairy (eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt etc.), fruits (apples, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, rasberries, grapes, etc). Your calorie intake of unhealthy food (cake, brownies, ice cream) should not exceed over 200 calories.

2. How do you measure all this? Well you should try maybe what I did. FROZEN meals specifically Smart Ones Weight Watchers and Lean Cuisine. Buy a bunch of them but none should exceed over 300 calories. Also buy a bunch of the lower calorie desserts they offer or for example Edy’s Slow Churned ice cream in the mini cups that are 150 calories for vanilla and 170 calories for chocolate. Buy also a bunch of Light and Fit Yogurts the ones that are 80 calories. Buy also some apples and fruits, vegetables that you can cook and eat on the go like onions and lettuce and milk.

Here’s an example of a day (do something like this for all days!):

Breakfast: One Peach Light and Fit Yogurt 80 calories

Lunch: Lean Cuisine Glazed Chicken 220 calories

Dinner: Lean Cuisine Shrimp and Angel Hair Pasta 230 calories

Dessert: Edy’s Slow Churned Chocolate ice cream mini cup 170 calories

Night Snack: Apple 100 calories

Night Drink: 1 cup of Skim milk 90 calories

Excercise: 30 mins of rigorous hip-hop dancing (burned around 250 calories DO NOT subtract this from your daily calories)

Total Calories: 890 (81 percent good calories)

You might not always get 1000 calories in one day. But as long as you get nutrients and you don’t go below 600 calories you will be fine. Also limiting your calories for coming up events is a great way to keep your diet and still go to that party and eat there. Make sure this isn’t too often.

3. EXERCISE! YOU MUST EXERCISE! You must do this 6 days a week for at least 30 minutes! Make sure the exercise is cardio and burns calories such as: swimming, dancing, running, skating, gym, treadmill, biking etc. Try something that you like the most. I danced for my exercise. It helps increase your metabolism and burns calories. It is so vital to weight loss that is why I say 6 days a week, so that it becomes a habit not a choice for this or that day.

4. Drinks should rarely consist of anything but water or milk (milk should always be skim and measured to the approximate amount, remember to stay with in calorie limit). Soda, diet or not is never good for you due to multiple reasons. Juice isn’t the best choice, because you could have a fruit instead, never drink anything (except water) that you can eat. Like instead of a cup of apple juice have an actual apple and a glass of water! Speaking of water. It is IMPERATIVE to weight loss. When you lose weight, you many times urinate the fat, and it cleanses your body, drink eight 8 oz glasses a day! But the more the better try a gallon after some time and spread it out if possible.

5. No diet is easy and no diet gives permanent results if you lose weight too quickly. No diet is healthy if you don’t get your nutrients. Do not give up always think of some motive other than yourself. I thought of looking good for my boyfriend. Whatever it is, it will help. Weighing yourself everyday is not recommended, however if you do, keep in mind there are fluctuations. I “thought” I gained 3lbs yesterday but I weighed myself today at a different time after the bathroom, before I ate lunch, and I found I lost a pound. If you can get a scale that measures body fat percentage. You should lose around 2 pounds a week or 7-8 pounds a month. Remember some weeks you will lose more than others. Some you might not lose at all and then the next week you lose 5 pounds. Since your body is changing it will take time to adjust. Remember weight loss also depends on how much you weigh now, your gender, and possibly your age. This diet is based on a 15 year old female weighing 184 lbs to 134 lbs.

6. ALERT! You are hungry and you MUST have something to eat but you’ve already had your 1000 calories! No need to fear! Celery, cucumbers, lettuce and bell peppers are here!

7. I really hope this helps! This might not be as fast as you want to lose weight but trust me each pound you lose on this diet is a pound that will never be there again.

The list: 1000 calories (800 being nutrient filled or good calories), 30 minutes of vigorous exercise 6 days a week, drink mostly nothing but water and skim milk (with measurement), snack on raw veggies such as cucumbers if you have met your daily 1000 calories, remember your motive and never give up!

Well, my dad is a nutritionist and said that eating shrimp and pork is very bad for you. So I advise you not to eat them. Or if you do, not so often. Since pigs have such a poor diet there mostly fat and unhealthy. I know, it’s a great taste but its not good for you. Same with shrimp, since they eat all the waste on the bottom of the ocean its like your eating that waste too. Cut down on your sodas too. Soda is the WORST thing you can drink. It’s like death in a can. It wont also help you loose inches but clear up your skin complexion too. Eat lots and lots of salads and greens. Raw is better for you then fried or seasoned. Lots of chicken and fish, beef once a week. Beef is hard to digest so that mostly the only reason why you should eat it once a week. Lots of organic products too. No produced products. I’m only 15 haha and go by what my dad tells me, so I hope this helps you! It can’t guarantee you’ll loose 10 pounds in three days but it will help you loose weight. And one of the keys to loosing weight is exercising. That will make any flab firm and you have to work the fat off too. Plus after exercising you always feel great! Do some dance classes or walk more then you would use to. Instead of snacking on cheetos watching tv, do some sit ups or push ups. It will make the difference. Also if you loose weight quickly most likely you’ll gain it back faster. Trust me, I’ve been there before. Haha.

I can tell you how to lose weight in 3 days. A lot of the advice on here is wrong and pure rubbish.

Go on a juice fast for 3 days and you’ll lose weight. You can lose up to 7 pounds + in a week following a juice fast. You can lose more if you exercise more and drink less juices.

Go get a gravity method colonic to rid your 5 foot colon of crap that hasn’t been let out. Some people lose up to 10 pounds + just by a few series of colonics.

Go to the sauna to rid your body of water retention and toxins.

Don’t eat anything. Remember you’re juice fasting. You won’t gain weight after the juice fast UNLESS you back to your rotten eating ways. If you eat processed food, sugar, fast food, grains, sweets, etc. then yes, you will gain weight. Try to incorporate 80% raw food into your diet. Check out Natalia Rose’s book “The Raw Food Detox Diet.” She’s a nutritionist to models and TV personalities.

Drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day. 2 litres of water a day if you work out.

Do Body Brushing on your skin before showering. It’ll rid your skin of toxins and give your lymph nodes a nice push.

When you go back to eating, lay off of the SALT. The only salt I recommend is Himalayan Sea Salt or Celtic Sea Salt. Table Salt is bad for you. Google why if you don’t believe me.

Don’t eat dairy! Say bye to cheese and milk. Do you really want hormones, steroids, antibiotics and puss inside you? Even if you drink organic milk, you’re still going to get mucus inside your body. Mucus isn’t good because it’s a perfect breeding ground for disease. I used to suffer from acne and it went away when I got rid of dairy.

Check out Dr. Mercola’s website. He’s so clued up with diet and nutrition.

If possible, try to eat organic fruits & veggies after the fast.

Get plenty of rest – at least 8 hours of sleep a night. The less sleep you get means you’ll get more cravings and feel hungrier.

Hello my name is Cathy, and I’m 17 yrs old. I can help you lose weight, I actually lost 30 pounds in one month and my mom lost 20 pounds. I still need to lose 80 more pounds to be at my regular weight and it is really easy. It is no diet just cutting up on calories and eating more protein and learning to eat healthy.

hi i’m 16 i would like if possible to lose 1 pound everyday of the week i have to get in to this dress it is a very important that i do and if i’m a size 10 how much weight will i have to lose to get to a size 6 ? could ya help me i’ve just got 10 days.

Hi, i’m 15 years of age around 5’4 to 5’6 i’m not sure and i’m 200 pounds, i was able to lose about 6 pounds but then it came right back. I need to lose this weight, i’ve been fat since i was in elementary school. If you had been in my position of being picked on every school day for the past 9 years you would know why i need to lose this weight. If anyone has a good suggestion please tell me.

Hi I am sneha, presently i am in 138 lbs and i want to lose 30 pounds in 40 days as my 1st wedding anniversary is coming in may and I want to lose weight. Before marriage I used to be 110 lbs but after marriage i gained almost 30 pounds. Please can you suggest a good diet and exercise so that I can come back to my original weight? Please tell me how I can lose weight.

Hi, I weigh 158 pounds. I did play soccer but I quit. I want to lose weight and empress this guy I really like and for the past year, I have been hiding my belly fat by buying mid rise jeans at khols. I don’t even have the energy to do anything anymore. Please help, I want to have a body like a model in less than 2weeks.

so im 225-230 pounds my hieght is 5’10, i hate my body. if i wasnt as tall as i am, i’d look a whole lot fatter.

i just need some help, i’ve been overweight all my life, oh by the way im 16, freeking 16, i need some serious help.

Okay 3 days is not possible unless you go anorexic and work out for like 10 hours straight. LoL, so what i suggest is do what that one fat guy from Kristie Allens Big Life did, eat healthier and work out 3 hours a day everyday and you can lose about 9-10 pounds in that one week (this is what i am doing and it works) i want to lose about 40 pounds in one month so ya, plus once you lose all of the fat that you want gone just bring you exercise down to about 1 hour a day. Run every other day, crunches with a small ball under your middle back, push-ups, and maybe pullups on a bar.

I agree with ashley. You cannot lose 10 pounds in 3 days. Its impossible. But you can lose weight quickly up to 20 pounds in 2 weeks. You really don’t even have to work out 3 hrs a day. All you have to do is eat really healthy and avoid sugar, carbs and eat HIGH protein. I’ve done it and i know it works. Its not easy because you have to adjust to a diff lifestyle then before but its duable and the results are amazing! This is what you have to do. For example you can eat a boiled egg or 2 for breakfast and coffee if you like but it has to be black without any type of sugar. And for lunch you can eat poached fish any kind as long as is poached and there’s no seasoning except lemon! For dinner you can have a salad but Lemon for a dressing absolutely nothing else or you can have Chicken grilled or just steamed or better yet raw veggies. All the food you will cook and eat can’t have any type of seasoning except lemon. Fallowing something like this will DEFFENETLY work! You don’t even need to work out, but working out will help into shaping you up quickly and like that you wont lose lean muscle you’ll burn the fat! Best of luck!

I’m 15 and currently weigh in 189 (I’m a girl). I stand at 5’4″ and the school year’s just about to finish up. I’m wanting to do some sports next year in school (about twelve weeks before school starts back up) and I really wouldn’t feel confident wearing the shorts and skirts. I’m looking to drop 44 pounds by August 13, 2010. (twelve weeks away). I’ve looked every where and asked just about everyone and they all say “Teenagers’ bodies are changing, especially girls, so you really shouldn’t try losing or gaining weight” but I am overweight and I shouldn’t be and I’m sick and tired people picking on my weight.

Not only am I wanting to lose the weight to look good for the upcoming school year, but I want to do it because everyone in my family is overweight, obese. I figure if I slim down, they’ll take the initiative to do the same and I won’t lose them to diabetes or heart disease (both are hereditary). Maybe show them that it really can be fun if you’re into it and want to do it. I think 44-45 lbs is realistic for that time frame, if I’ve got nothing to do but be active. I’ve been big all my life and think it’s time for a change. Anyone that’s got some exercise tips, recipes, weight loss plans or tips, things like that, feel free to e-mail at my PUBLIC account. jainee8lane [at] aol [dot] com.

I’m 21 and I think I weigh around 240-250 I’m 5’1. I really would like to lose at least 60-80 pounds by the end of the year. I’m tired being overweight. I’ve been overweight for most of my life and I want to feel confident and like the way I look. I want to feel and look healthy. Please can someone give any advice or ANYTHING that can help me do this.

I am 15 I’m 5’4 and I weigh 134 I work out everyday and I eat fairly healthy but I wanna weigh 115-ish. Please help! I don’t know what to do. I don’t feel confident about my body and I hate wearing bathing suits and shorts. It doesn’t help that all of my friends are really skinny. I used to be anorexic and I weighed around 99 pounds but I don’t wanna be that skinny now but I still wanna feel confident of how I look.

Most of you weigh what you should weigh but have low self esteem and poor body images. You think you are fat, but you are not. You probably just have to tone up. You cannot just diet to lose weight and not exercise. Exercise will help your metabolism going and keep you fit. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn. Here is a diet for those who really need to lose weight, but it will not be a quick fix. You must exercise with weights. 3 sets of 15. Start with 3-5 lb. weights. You will not gain big huge muscles like a man. Try it for one week. Drink 1 gallon of water a day. 1-2 cups before and after meals. Eat every 3 hrs. Chicken and vegetables can be made ahead and in larger amounts, then separated and heated or eaten cold if there is no way to heat. You can substitute 3 slices of low salt deli turkey for the chicken for some meals. Alternate Days. Take your vitamins, take omega 3, 6, 9 supplements. Do not eat after 6:00. Keep busy. Don’t think about the food. You can use pepper, garlic powder.

I used to weigh 191 and now I weigh 147, I lost all that weight in about 3 months by taking the diet pill alli and eating very low fat, I think yoou should all try alli.

This group of people were divided into 3: Group 1 took HCA, Group 2 took niacin-bound HCA, and Group 3 took placebo pills.

It did wonders for me

I need some help. I’m a vegetarian. I drink lots of water, eat lots of salad, but my main problem is lack of exercise and protein. I used to be a pesce-vegetarian, where I consumed most of my protein from fish. But then I went all-out, with nothing but eggs, soy milk/products and energy bars to keep my protein in check. I’m in eighth grade, and am turning 14 years old on May 28. I weigh around 135-140 pounds, and am around 5′ 4″. I’m not as much concerned with losing weight as burning fat and turning it to muscle. Protein and exercise are essential here, so if anyone could help me, I’d love you. Remember, I’m not concerned with LOSING weight, but turning it to muscle or burning fat. Right now my routine is the suggested above, getting carbs from veggies and my daily exercise is around 35 crunches before I go to sleep. I just have a small gut and little “moobs”, but I want to change this by summer, around three or four weeks from now. Does anyone have any suggestions for exercise routines are vegetarian ways to get healthy protein? (Gym is unfortunately out of the question).

Hey i am soooo tired of people calling me fat and laughing behind my back, sure i’m not the fattest kid in the world but every time i’ll take my shirt off i can’t bare to look at my chest. i have a muffin top stomach not giant but still big and worst of all i have have these man boobs that just kill my appearance and i think in my mind “who the hell would want to go out with this”. i am 17 yrs old and about 5’8″ and about 217 pounds. sure i can lift good amounts of weight but i can’t do one pull up or chin up, its terrible. ugh i just want to be thin again. i don’t drink soda anymore and if i do i’ll drink it once a week like two cans that’s it and i try to cut my meals in half and eating more healthy. its such a pain, i power walk and jog 2 miles mon. through thurs. and lift weights in the process. and everyday for school i’m am so tired and don’t have enough brain power to get through the day without sleeping. it’s tough but i’m tougher. sometimes i don’t think so. i need help. losing weight is the biggest pain in the rear.

I lost 10 pounds in a week by eating 800 calories a day and dancing to richard simmons hardcore.

Well…I’d just like to say that most of you are being irrational and altogether quite childish. “Help me lose 10 pounds in three days.” Honey, if you find that miracle, sell it and be rich. Three days? Do you have any idea what that would do to your body? Even in a month, losing those twenty pounds will only result in regaining it.

“I eat like, nothing! and its not working!” Duh. Your metabolism is at 0 without food to entice it to burn fat, it won’t burn fat! Plus it starves your body of the nutrients it NEEDS and being that hungry and unhealthy makes you miserable. Instead try drinking only water, fat free milk, and sugar free-low sugar juices (I do it, its rather simple). Chow down on fruits and vegetables and save the carbs for special occasions (and make them whole grain). Excercise a lot with weights, bands, tapes, friends, go to the gym, play a sport, walk to work or school, swim, dance, enjoy some physical activity. All that is going to get you results in a month or two, but they’ll be permanent and totally sustainable as well as healthy. P.S. I am blunt. I will not apologize for it.

Hi, my name is cristina. I am 16 soon to be 17. I am 5’6 and weigh 210 pounds. i would really like to weigh 140 by july 27th. I am going to seaside and I dont want to be seen in a two peice that covers my stomach. I also cant stand the fact of guys calling me fat and them not asking me out because of this. Advice would help a lot right now! I would like to lose about 5 pounds a week, and i would like to start losing weight immediately. PLEASE HELP ME!

I’m 14 years old and I weigh 240 pounds. I’m a vegetarian and about two weeks ago I found out that I’m at very high risk of getting diabetes. I’m not asking to lose “10 pounds in 3 days” or anything crazy, but can someone out there just please help me? I don’t want to die because I’m obese. I want to live a happy life without diabetes and obesity. Is there an angel out there who can change my life? If there is then please come, come and save my life.

I went from 210 pounds to 167 pounds in 3 months. Some weeks I lost as much as 6 lbs and on a certain week 8 and 10 lbs. Def not easy, but cutting carbs like bread, sauces pastries, chips , soda helps ALOT. To lose weight fast get : a gym membership, or have a place that has weights and cardio machines. Eat ALOT of protein. Things such as chicken lean beef tuna fruits and fresh veggies. Alot of water. Go buy the tub of protein from Target and drink that for breakfast every day. This will help you build muscle and burn fat faster.

You guys have no i idea when a person in such a predicament as weighing nearly 200 pounds is trying to lose 10 pounds and some of you are 120! At the age of 14 with a height between 5′- 5’7 and you are complaining about being fat! Look in the mirror. Except yourself for being that weight. Think about that your healthy. Even though the average weight is a little more then that for your age. I’m 14. I’ve had wight problems all my life. You learn to except yourself and sometimes you forget about even being on a diet because it doesn’t really matter and diets don’t work. Eating fruits and vegetables doing daily physical activity’s that does work. I hope everyone opens up there eyes and sees how stupid you sound saying your fat when you know your not. And it makes all of us feel sooo bad. You’re beautiful. Everyone is in their own way. Stay unique.

i’m 16 i’m also tall 5’11 and my weight is 190 i would like to lose 20-30 pounds. i just got a new boyfriend and i want to look good for him. i have been walking miles and swimming and i try to watch what i eat but to tell you the truth i love to eat and that my problem. i don’t know what to do. i know i’m fat and when i go to school i feel like i’m the only fat girl and i don’t want to feel that way. i’m am going to start walking 5 miles every day plus swimming and i’m going to try to stop eating as much as i do. i’m going to eat 2 eggs in the morning with a glass of H2O and eat small amounts for the rest of the day

ok so i’m 13 and i weigh 142 pounds. help!! i get teased all the time by getting called a whale. everyone at school says they don’t want to get whaleiousis (the disease they made up for me). i come home everyday and cry. i look in the mirror and see fat fat fat! i hate it! why can’t everyone be skinny? i really need advice!

Okay. Is it just me, or does this seem like a mecca for early teenagers? You’re a teenager, your body IS changing, and if you think there’s a way for you to drop 10-20 lbs in a week, let alone a month, it’s damn near impossible. You don’t want to damage your body on going on some crazy binge diet. You’ll gain it all back when you’re tired of sticking with the diet. When I was 23, I weighed 185lbs. I’m 5’0″ tall. I dropped quite a bit of weight quick (maybe 10-15 lbs in a month and a half?), but it took FOREVER to lose the rest of the weight to get me to my goal of 125. 2 whole years to be exact. There is no secret to weight loss. Eat right, exercise, and get plenty of water. As for exercise, I fell in love with the elliptical. Granted, we have a love/hate relationship, and it took me at least 3 weeks to make it up to 45 minutes (6 days a week for 3 weeks until that happened), but you have to take your time. Don’t rush it. Slow and steady wins the race. Good luck to you all. I hope you can find a more positive image for yourselves because y’all need it. To be so young and to think so poorly of yourselves is really a shame.

FASTING DO NOT HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT. Believe me, i tried every hundred and thousand ways to diet and starve and exercise and lose weight and i fail every single time. why? because the goal you set when you diet is not just to lose weight for a short period of time but to create a lifestyle and incorporate healthy eating habits. honestly i have tried everything from diet pills to water fasting. i am 5ft 4in and i am 135pounds now. i was 143 pounds last month and i lost 8 pounds in one month just by:

a) eating a healthy breakfast – normally i eat oats and just change the fruit toppings for variety – this is because oats are complex carbs and take time to be released to the blood stream, hence you will feel full for a longer period and are less likely to snack.

b) i eat a full size meal for lunch, either rice, noodles, fruits and vege. due to the fact i have a “cold” body i always try to eat foods that a hot, spicy and drinks loads and loads of warm water. normally its better to drink cold water as the body needs to use more energy to heat the water up.

c) i do one hour of exercise everyday during my lunchtime at the gym.

d) i take only 3 spoons of sugar for my tea for the whole day. slowly even these will be reduced once you incorporate your food routine.

e) the body adopts easily to whatever changes you make to your eating habits and exercise regime. for instance, if he first time you work out for an hour, you’ll probably be panting and huffing away as your body is trying to adjust itself to increase oxygen to send to your organs that are working overtime. but as the days go by and you are doing this regularly, then your body will start working more efficiently as they can predict what you are going to do and ensure that you won’t be breathing as hard when ur going the same workout, that’s the time you will hit a wall (where your doing the same workout and eating properly and not losing any weight). the trick is to have variety in your exercise regime.

f) whenever you starve or cut your calories, YOU DO NOT LOSE WEIGHT. YOU LOSE WATER. Thats IT. Once you eat back like normal , you will put on more weight as your metabolisme has been adjusted for a lower calorie input.

for example, you are 130 pounds and you burn 1500 calories a day during your normal stuff such as breathing, eating, sleeping. nothing extra. now you want to lose weight, so you cut your calorie input by 500 so you are essentially eating 1000 calories to run a 1500 calorie needed body for a day. for the first 2 or 3 days you will notice that you feel and look smaller especially in your tummy area and you feel good as you feel that you have lost weight. take note that these are not fat burn. these are water and muscle loss which is BAD. Now your body will adjust itself so it only can burn 1000 calories, thats why you feel tired, sluggish and sleepy when you starve or fast, as your body is conserving its energy as it is in “starvation mode”. which is very very BAD as the last place your body is going to look for energy is in your stored fat as they think they need to keep the fats to keep you warm. so your body starts using energy from muscle mass (which needs more energy to use hence more calories). so when you are back to eating normally, you will feel like you’re putting on weight so fast even though ur eating your normal portion simply because your putting in 1500 calories in your mouth but your body has adjusted itself to only burn 1000 calories. so the 500 extra calories will straight be stored in your fatty cells as fats as it is still in “starvation mode” and needs to conserve more energy to sustain your life. it doesn’t know that you want to lose weight and that you’re not gonna die, it just know that there is a shortage of food and it needs to “save you” to live just a little longer. i wish there was a remote to choose what you want to do with your body but you can’t so dun even think of starving as it just screws up your metabolism. just eat well and exercise simply because exercising increases your metabolism which in turns go to your fat stored to burn off more energy to give your body more energy to do the exercise in the first place. EXERCISE. Nothing else works.

You young girls are crazy if you think you are fat (Those who are below 150) First off this is the time in your life when you are getting your hips and what not. BTW a lot of people have stretch marks so don’t get so sad about it. The only way to lose weight is eating right, and getting a good amount of exercise. Plus, drinking WATER. Seriously it is that simple! So, don’t over think it just get use to it and do it. Also, starving yourself isn’t the way to go, because you are basically asking to go to the hospital with IV needles stuck in your arm. However, what probably is the hardest thing to gain is motivation. But all you need to know is that your intention is to accomplish things for yourself. And becoming healthier is one way to do it. Remember it is about how YOU feel not about those who despised you feel. I am not really focusing on the scales, but the food i am eating. Don’t be so self-conscious, because that only makes things harder. Good luck to those who actually do need to lose weight for their own health. And I give my blessings to those who want to, but shouldn’t. (The media is full of lies.)

The only way to lose weight (I lost 27 pounds in 7 months) is to cut your portions. Eat on a smaller plate. Don’t have seconds. When you eat a meal, eat mostly salad and vegetables, a small piece of meat, and if you must have rice or a potato eat a tiny portion. When you want a snack eat 94 percent fat free popcorn or fruit (which are naturally low calorie) like grapes and strawberries. You have to eat breakfast. It gets your metabolism going for the day. Eat plenty of fruit, high protein yogurt with a sprinkle of cereal (for vitamin B) The yogurt has protein and your body needs protein. You should have a source of protein at every meal. If you want carbs eat multi grain, it is lower in calories because it is higher in fiber. There are multi grain low fat waffles, wraps, etc. You eat them with fresh fruit, not syrup. The writer above is correct. If you eat too little you won’t lose real weight, just water. Your body will hold on to fat when it thinks it is starving. So you must eat small portions. Eat lean meats, (portion size of your palm), eat fruit and vegetables. Take walks, ride your bike, dance. You will lose weight. If you are 5 foot 1, FYI the normal weight range is 106-132. If you are less than that you are underweight. Don’t starve yourself. No one is worth starving yourself for! Love yourself and you will lose weight.

omg melly you weigh as much as scwarzenneger used to weigh 250 pounds. go according to my instructions and then youll see the results

my name is mary im 5″0 and am 15 years old I have been trying to lose weight since i was 13 years old. feeling confident about myself was a hard thing todo, didnt want to wear a bathing suit and i didnt feel like i was hot like the other girls, but i started telling myslef that i could lose weight everyday and i didnt want to be like this my whole life miserable wishing that i could be more healthy and skinny. So i started the same day as i comitted myself into losing weight I did 10 v sits, ab crunches, and running everyday, drinking low fat milk, water, green tea, no sugar, less salt, and no junk food!. i had to realize i couldn’t keep saying oh im gonna sart tomarrow and then you dont and say the same thing you said yesterday you need to take action and do it and dont say you cant when you can! i had to realize what i was doing wrong such as randomly eating when im bored, having junk food in the house and knowing its there and can eat it when ever i want, i needed to eat more vegetabels and fruits and i hate vegetabels but i gradualy got use to the flavor i just thought to myself that i had to change my eating habits before it got out of hand, and before i weighed 153 now im 130! i feel great and more confident knowing that im more healthy and my stomach is getting firmer and flat!

Wow, you people all sound really desperate. I have a great plan for you! Eat healthy and do some physical activities. If you’re not satisfied with the way your body looks the only thing that’s gonna change that is your mentality. Not looking for an unrealistic way to lose weight on the internet. Quit asking for a miracle and take action.

Hello! I’m 16 years old girl, i’m 5’6 or 5’7 and i weigh 190 pounds. And i like to eat cereal. I’m looking for some tips on how to lose weight and keep it off. Like what foods should i eat, what exercises will help slim down the stomach and legs etc. I’m in no rush to lose the weight quick, but if you do have any fast tips i’m all ears. Please help me. Thank you so much.

There are a lot of home techniques to lose weight and if you want to build muscle and tone. If you want to build arm strength and pectoral muscles all you need to do is pushups. I do my age in pushups every commercial and more and it helps out a lot to keep my upper body in good shape. Same goes for crunches and sit ups, but you might need to do more for those to actually feel the burn. For lower body do butterfly kicks (Lie flat on your back and lift your legs about 6-8 inches of the ground and flutter them up and down), this is one of the best ways to tone and build muscles around your thighs, or if you mainly want to tone and not build then get in the butterfly pose and do not flutter your legs, this way muscle does not build as fast. Or if you just mainly want to lose weight, at home do jumping jacks and quick feet, its slow but you will lose weight. If you want to go outside to do it, it is all about running. You can time your runs and go up every week (Start at 15 min of running then go up 5 min every week, and start over at the end of the week, or do it by days and go up in time every day). You can also go by distace (Such as start off at 1/4 of a mile and raise it to 3/8 or a half every week). By the way running is always better if you are at an incline and it will burn calories quicker.

Hi this is asuia I am 29 and 5′ 2″ weight 138 pounds. I want to lose weight fast say in 1-2 months and want to be 120 pounds. I have bad habit of losing hope and eating emotionally when i feel bad or avoided. So i eat what i don’t like or not good for me. I have 2 yr old baby. I want to be more active and attractive. Please someone help.

I actually LOVE to workout. I have been working out everyday for an hour for the past week. Does anyone know if that is bad. Also if I keep doing this for 4 weeks does anyone know how much weight I will lose. I am 5’2” 127 pounds and 14 years old, if that helps any.

Okay I’m 5’3″ and 152 lbs. My parents and everyone are always telling me I’m fat. I’m sick of it. I want to lose 40-30 Lbs within 3 weeks before school starts. I just want to be comfortable in my own body. I can truly say I HATE my body. If you guys have any ideas how I can lose weight that fast plz tell me. I’m desperate.

Well first of all accept yourself as you are. And ignore people that call you fat. Tell them to suck it. Just make simple changes. Walk to the next bus stop. Switch to dark chocalate. Dance In the mirror. No soda but drink water and juice and milk. I got tired of people talking about me too. And it’s worse when it’s your family because they think they are playing but it really hurts. So I just danced and walked my dogs and to my friends house and stopped drinking soda (never liked it much) and I lost 30 pounds in little time. But the first step you have to take is acceptance. Confidence is key to change. And aim for healthy weight. They may talk about you because you are to “fat” but they will talk about you if your too “skinny” too. Unhealthy goes both ways. And find something that works for you and your body. Because chances are what works for someone else won’t work for you the same way. Best wishes! P.S. Give your body time. Example: It is unfair when a teacher or boss give you a day to complete something that takes a week? Well it is the same with your body.

My name is Nicole i’m 5’4″ and I weigh 135 pounds. I think i’m overweight I have love handles and a fatty stomach. Whenever I gain weight it goes to my stomach and my face i have a round face which makes me look even fatter. please help I want to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks, i’m starting high school and i want to look good please help!

My name is Claire , I’m 15 and weight 150 pounds. I recently moved to a new state and ate whenever I was bored. I used to weight 122 now 150. I have been trying for a yer to keep the weight down or off by doing ballet and soccer on alternating days but I lost three pounds that entire 6 months. I would like something to burn calories fast and to lose 20 pounds by Christmas. please Help!!

I’m 15 years old and I am 5′ 5″ and I weigh about 150- 155 pounds. I don’t really think I look THAT bad but my parents keep telling me that I’m too fat and I need to lose weight and getting to around 140 would feel nice. Any ideas?

It is easy to lose weight. I eat 3 meals a day. I am 172 lbs. now. I started at 260. I would lose 3-5 lbs. a week just by eating smaller portions and buying an excercise bike. In the morning,I get up and have a bowl of multi-grain cereal, and then ride my bike for 17-21 mph for 45 minutes. This helps start your metabolism (if you are stuck in a cubicle all day until 5 o’ clock). I have a chicken sandwich and sports drink every day for lunch (nothing but breaded chicken on the sandwich) and when I get home I do another 45 minutes on my bike. Eat dinner early, I like to walk to the gym and lift weights after dinner. You don’t want to eat right before bed because your metabolism slows down due to your decreased heart rate and all of those calories are stored as fat.

This is a message for Claire… Dear Claire, It is possible for you to lose twenty pounds by Christmas if you do so in a healthy way. I would suggest eating three meals and two snacks that are rich in fiber, protein, and complex carbs. For example, a good breakfast would be high fiber cereal (like kashi) with skim milk and fruit, a good morning snack would be an apple with 10 almonds, a good lunch would be an omelet or salad with chicken or tuna, a good afternoon snack would be an energy bar (like luna bar), and a nice dinner would be a piece of chicken or beef or fish that is 4 oz. (the size of the palm of your hand) with vegetables, and a portion of potato, brown rice or pasta (the size of your fist). Also remember that exercise is an important part of fat loss. I would suggest working out 4 to 5 days a week for about 45 minutes to an hour. Good luck, I hope this helps.

My name is Ajay and I am 26 Yrs old. I weigh 100 Kg and height 183 cm. I want my weight to be at 80-85 kg. So I will need to lose around 15 kg or so. Please suggest me about a good diet and exercise program and by the way I am vegetarian too.

All of you girls that say you tired to stop eating or you skipped meals you are STUPID! You wonder why nothing works because that is the worst thing you could do! Limit your portions, stop eating pasta and bread. If you do eat bread limit it to 2-3 slices a day of WHOLE GRAIN. No soda, not even diet, its bad for you! Even if you exercise 3 hours a day it still all comes down to what you eat, how you eat it and how Much you eat! Stop complaining and take the tips and use them. It’s not just going to “float away”!

LOL@Marie. You’re right on the money. As I was reading, I couldn’t help but to picture young desperate girls with their heads down the toilet after every meal. And I’m saddened by that. Girls we have to love ourselves the right way, and not by looking for a quick fix just so we can have the “model” sized bodies, most of these models are skinny bones, with no meat! If that’s attractive to you, then there’s nothing more that I can say. But Marie, I agree with you 100 percent, one can exercise all they want, but its what you put in your mouths that really make the difference. With some exercise and self control, anyone can have the body that they’ve always wanted, and that’s how that cookie crumbles.

hi i’m 31 years old 4”3′ and weigh 299 pounds, i need to lose 140 pounds. can u help me?

Lets do this together! I would like to lose 36 lbs. I recently gained 6 lbs in the last 3 weeks from emotional eating. My brother in laws fiance asked every girl in the family to be in her bridal party except me! I am not fat, as a matter of fact when she saw me last I was quite thin. So yes I have been emotional eating because even a cousins wife is her party. Let’s cut out all the bad food, exercise more. Let’s build up gradually and we will get there in no time. Good luck.

All of you who weigh under 160 pounds do NOT need to lose weight, and those of you who want to be under 100 pounds, good luck not dying, it is SO unhealthy. GET HELP NOW BEFORE IT KILLS YOU!

Girls, I am 5 foot 5 and a half lol and I weigh 245 lbs and I am just happy!! Listen all those people who are teasing and making fun of you those are the people who will be stuck in ur town for the rest of their lives. Those are the people who are never going to amount to anything!! When I was younger I can’t lie it was hard but you have to realize those people who are talkin about u r insecure and feel better when they take it out on girls like us. I bet every single one of you are beautiful inside and out and all those people who judge you for what’s on the outside can f off because you are beautiful no matter how much you weigh. My boyfriend loves me just the way I am and that’s fine with me!! So to all the girls on here eat healthy, walk more, just remeber you have to love urself so others can see how great you are. Love you all. Lg

Look all you teens that think you need to lose weight, you probably don’t need to lose weight. Wen i was a teen i use to think i was fat, but i was at a really good weight and the more you complain to yourself, the more you gonna think you’re fat. SO BE POSITIVE. Stress can make you gain weight. And also you may think all these tips just won’t work, but seriously they do! Basically just eat healthier, (which means not as much junk food, i know it’s tempting but resist). Also exercise helps (help around the house, if you got dog take for walk, go hang out with some mates, or just run around the backyard like a maniac, it doesn’t matter what you do, it helps) and every bit of exercise counts. Also maybe you should keep track of what u eat.

THE DON’Ts are: Fasting, listening to all those skinny girls at school, thinking of yourself as fat.

11 Flavonoids from the plant reduced lipid levels in normal and hypercholesterolemic rats.

POSITIVE ATTITUDES HELPs! Well these things did help me when I did get fat (which was my last year of highschool, ahhhh graduation) but i managed to lose weight. Nat.

Hi I am 14 years old and my wight is 132 lbs. I have a boyfriend and he is super skinny and when I go to school I look all around and see how all the couples in the school are super skinny and my friend is skinny and also has a boyfriend and he is skinny also, so that just only makes me feel more fat then I am. I would like to be 90 lbs. I try on clothes I have been trying for almost a year to become 90 lbs but nothing. I skip lunch at school and I also skip brakefast but nothing works. Is there anyone out there that has ideas for me? Thanks.

To Sally, my friend didn’t eat for 2 days and she lost 6 lbs. All she had was v8 juice and water. I told her to stop it because it wasnt healthy. Luckily she stopped. But instead of starving herself, she is losing weight the healthy way. She runs 2 miles and works out, eats in small portions and watches what she eats. Now she has lost about 17 lbs in 2 months. She looks really healthy now. My plan is to lose weight the healthy way too. I weigh alot. But im also 5’5. I have to get in shape cause im doing sports this year and im also a dancer. My plan is to run 2-3 miles a day, 1300 cal diet, only water and milk (i always drink pop so this will be a big change for me. but im ready for the challege), and eats smaller portions. my plan is to be about a size 2 or 3 in juniors. Over the summer I was really self concious because all my friends were all really healthy and skinny and i was just fat. Listen to me. If you weigh less than 130 lbs and feel that you need to diet. Be careful. Don’t die. 2-7 lbs is okay just not 20-30. If ur trying to be 90 lbs good luck. If you get made fun of now and lose a whole bunch of weight, people will start critizing you about possibly being anorexic. If you 90 lbs, you might need to gain some weight. Not alot. But like 10 lbs. That weight is extreamly dangerous and if u lose anymore weight you can die. Trust me its happened before. If you weigh more than 130 then talk to your doctor about healthy diets (only if they feel it might be necissary). Just dont go to the maxium and go anorexic or bulimic. If you are anorexic or bulimic..ill be praying for you. Get help. Your risking your lives and other peoples too even if you dont know it. People might look up to you and start doing it too, and Lexie.

Lexie, Just to let you know, if your trying to be 90 lbs. That ridiculous. Im trying to be skinny too but not that skinny. Like 115 or 110 at the minimum. Don’t ever skip lunch. I shouldnt say anything about skipping breakfast cause i skip it too. Well i have to be at the busstop at 6:30 am. I dont have time. But if you do then you should definatly eat. Dont starve yourself. If you eat less food you’ll lose weight fast. Like say u go eat mcdonalds. And you usually get a ranch blt and a large fry. A good plan would be getting chicken nuggets instead and if you must get fries get a small. The little things you do, WILL help in a big BIG way! So just minimizing your portions helps. Ive lost about 4 lbs this week because ive been eating smaller portions and working out. Good Luck!

To all of you, you are beautifull just the way you are!

Hi I’m 16 and really overweight, especially my tummy. I’m 5 ft 4 and I weigh 170 pounds. I want to get to about 135 pounds but i’ve got a pool party in 3 weeks and I need to lose as much weight as I can by then. I have been eating healthily for the past month doing exercise such as walking, dancing, football, badminton and fitness session but I’ve only lost 3 pounds! I have cut out all junk food except for one take-away, I have been drinking water all the time except for one glass of orange juice a day. Please can you tell me a good diet thank you.

hey, those who are about 5″8 why are you all worrying about how fat you are? I am five ft. eight inches tall and weigh 165 pounds, and i feel absolutely gorgeous. I love all my curves so much and my boyfriend says i’m so beautiful. Although if you do need to lose weight, tone up. But for you tall girls out there stop trying to become toothpicks! Just tone your stomach up work on doing physical activity to benefit your body. Take care of yourself. Don’t drink sodas. Eat fruits and vegetables and in portioned amounts. But for those ladies out there who look at their curves as fat and obese and nasty. Just remember, that most of the skinny people who can help it (not those girls who are just naturally skinny), and i mean toothpick skinny – anorexic type 0 size, it isn’t necessary, and not healthy. Besides, if your eating and exercising right, extra curves don’t hurt anything. In fact, your boyfriend might like it even more if there’s a little extra there. All of mine have. Just remember that healthy isn’t the same as toothpick skinny.

hi, i’m 14 yrs old & i need help! it’s hard for me to lose weight! currently, i’m 5’6″ and i weigh 158 lbs to be exact. i really need to lose weight, and i seriously need to know what my normal weight should be. i’m a vegitarian and i don’t eat meat or eggs of any type. i’m female. plz reply! i also need to know how to stop that horrid craving for junk and sugary food.

I’m 14 years old. I weigh 150. I’m 5’2”. I have fat thighs, a jiggly stomach, and horrible love handles. And also some fat on my arms. How to I lose weight and quickly? I’m willing to exercise and work at it. Please email me. I’m tired of being made fun of by kids at school, and my own family. askthemthat [at] gmail [dot] com

i’m 16, i weigh 170. i’m 5’7″ and my brother is getting married in april and i’m a bridesmaid and i need to lose 20 pounds. i’ve tried doing WW and counting points and i’ve done the team beachbody’s insanity and i lost 9 pounds. but it was so hard, with school and work. and it left me really tired. i’ve recently started shaun T’s Hip Hop abs and it’s toned me up but still havn’t got rid of much weight.

Hi, im 5’6 and weigh 160. i would really like to be at 145 or 150 but, you know what after reading these comments i think i’ve learned something. Yes there are some that need to lose weight for health reasons but, some are average size. I’m sorry if i offend anyone but i believe God made you the way you are because he wanted you that way. if your 5’2 – 5’3 and weigh between 100 and 110 you are fine stop your whinning and help others that actually need help. i mean me i weigh 160 but i really don’t want to lose weight i want to tone it up. and maybe that’s what some people need to do rather than lose weight.

Hello, I’m 5’2 and weigh 124 1bs. I’d like to loose 15 pounds and tone up. I LOVE sweets and especially chocolate. I tend to over eat almost EVERYDAY or not stick to a diet. My body frame is small, I think 110 or 105 is perfect for me. I love to exercise, I walk about 4 1/2 miles everyday and like doing kickboxing videos. I just need to have the right DIET. Any TIPS? ADVICE??

Hi my name is Ashley I’m 14 and I weight 156 I don’t look fat but my weight is to high! I wanna be 110..I need HELP! I don’t know how to lose it and I wanna look good for my Quiencenera thats next year in the summer. Please HELP it would mean the world to me.

hi i am 4′ 6″ and i weigh 100 pounds, so i am way over weight for my height. just like ashley, i don’t look fat but i am way over weight! i’ve tried dieting and exercising more but between unhealthy school food and all the homework and sports i’m just gaining weight! and i can’t bring my own lunch to school because i barely have enough time for breakfast and my parents aren’t up when i go to school. and i get so much homework and i play basketball and softball, i have no time to go for a walk or exercise at all. HELP!

people have different bodies and they respond differently to weight loss and gain, i used to be huge, but i lost a lot of weight, and now i have a lot of muscle, i didn’t stop eating heavily, i still eat bread, sugar and lots of fruit, and take a lot of water, but every morning and evening, i skip a rope in my room, for 15 minutes and it has worked, well, the muscle came from lifting my home made weights, its good for men.

Hi i’m 20 years old and i just had a baby. I’m 5’8″ and my weight is 250 pounds. Back in high school you can say that i wasn’t the most thinnest girl in the bunch. I always had a problem losing weight. Never could stick with the diet. This summer i would love to lose about 90 pounds for my birthday. And for all of my family to see me as a new person. But i need HELP AND I NEED SOME TIPS on how to stick with my diet! Please!

I’ve read through some of these posts and there’s a lot of misinformation and self denial. Firstly, there’s a very good reason why they say you can only lose 1-2 pounds (500 grams – 1 kgs) a week of fat (unless you are SEVERELY overweight, in which case it is possible to lose more in the initial weeks). Anymore than that and it’s muscle and water you are losing. And also you are more than guaranteed to put it back on and then some, thanks to messing up and slowing your metabolism. And to all the posters saying they lost more than 3 pounds at the gym in one day, i lost 6 to 7 pounds in 1 hour of intense training (professional standard training) of which probably 99 percent is water. So that’s just stupid to claim you lost fat in that time. Fact is it’s a long term thing if you want to lose weight. You CANNOT have a lame attitude like ‘oh i’ll do this for a few weeks, months, then i can get back to eating normal’ which is why 99 percent of people put back on that weight and more. It’s a LIFESTYLE change.

Firstly you have to GRADUALLY lessen the calories. I’m talking about 200 calories less a week until you are about 500 or so below maintenance. This is easily achieved by simply cutting out unnecessary snacks, pop sodas etc. And from there bump up your exercises so you are losing 200 or more calories on average a day. And don’t worry about what the scale say, in fact i would completely ignore it and go by measurements or photos. If you must weigh, ALWAYS do it first thing in the morning before eating etc. Some people can gain a pound or so during the day and its not accurate if you don’t weigh first thing. Take photos once a week of yourself and see how the progress is over a month or two. In a nutshell if you want to lose 20 pounds then realistically its probably going to take you 20 weeks. Go by that rule so that you a – don’t stress yourself if you are not losing 10 pounds a week (of which 10 percent will be fat) and b – it’s REALISTIC, so you know it will take time to get to that result.

i agree with suzuki, people mostly lose water not fat

Hey ya’ll! I am 107 pounds and I hate my tummy. I have tried eating around 1,000 calorie a day and not eating for 3 days with little small snacks. I did research trying to find a way to lose those last pounds. My weight is healthy for my age but I would like to be 100-98 pounds. Summer is coming and I want to look good in a two piece and not have to worry about what I look like. I have been exercising a lot, but I had to stop because I have been feeling very tired. Now I eat 1,400 calories so I can still lose weight and still eat right. Look, what I really want is to lose 7-10 pounds easy and healthy in the next few weeks and or months. If anyone can tell me a good plan to lose weight fast, healthy and easy, I’d really appreciate it ya’ll!

Hey, I really need some help on losing weight. I have started exercising, I’ve got a mini workout trampoline that I jump (or walk in place) for about 30-45 mins. I’ve started cutting back on meals and eating more vegetables. And I’m drinking about 3-4 pints of water a day, but I’m not losing anything! I’ve actully gained 5 pounds! I don’t understand why! Am I gaining water weight or doing something wrong?! Please let me know! Btw, I’m 15, 5’6″ and I weigh 194. I really wanna get down to 130 in about 4 months. Is this possible? Thank you.

Hey, I am 4’11” and weight 150 lbs. I know that I am over weight for my height. I have been working out a lot but i do not see any improvement and I tried to eat healthy food like fruits and vegetables and taking small snacks. Some days I eat once or twice a day because I have a busy schedule. I am trying to lose 30 lbs before April because I want to look good for my close friend’s wedding. If anyone can help me, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Hey guys, I’m 4’5″ and weigh 97 or 102 pounds. I know I’m not overweight but everybody at my school is skinny. I see pics of girls that are super skinny and I want to be like them. So i want to know the fastest way to lose 10 pounds. Please help. Thanks.

Hey yall. I’m 5’2” and I weigh 142 lbs. I’m borderline overweight and right now I’m really trying to lose 10 lbs so I can fit better in my swim suit. I’ve been trying a lot of things and here is what has (semi) worked for me:

1. Eat 2,000 calories or less a day. At first it’s really hard. You start realising that 8 oz of cola has 100 calories, 3 pieces of chocolate is 190 calories, and poptarts are 500 (equal to a small meal). It’s crazy. So, I’ve divided the day into 3 meals: 250 calories (or less) for breakfast, one 500 calorie (at most) meal for lunch, and no more than 750 calories for dinner. Breakfast can be a bagel with cream cheese, a small frozen pretzel, or one poptart. I won’t advise anyone to skip breakfast, but as we get older our metabloism slows and we don’t need to eat as much. 17 and under should definately eat breakfast, but if you’re older and you ate big at dinner and aren’t that hungry in the the morning, then skip it. But don’t make it a habit! My lunch consists of peanut butter spread on two peices of whole wheat bread and a Mott’s applesauce cup. It’s totally elementary school but it fills me up and is roughly 500 calories. And dinner is completely up to you.

2. I don’t like diets that much because they are restricting, but I am incorporating the SlimFast 3-2-1 Plan into my above diet. For breakfast and lunch I’m going to eat a SlimFast bar, totaling to only 400 calories. That leaves me 750 for dinner and, if necessay, a small 200 calorie snack. Be warned: diet plans can get expensive.

3. Since summer of last year I’ve gotten myself involved in a Zumba class. If you don’t know what Zumba is, check out their website and find an instuctor in your area. It’s usually $3 a class, at it’s super fun. No judgment, just crazy happy dancing/cardio. On average it burns between 500-800 calories in an hour. I did it twice a week for a month and a half and I lost about 8 pounds and toned my thighs and stomach. The best part of it was that it was really fun.

I hope I helped some of you out. I know what it is like to be the girl picked at because she can’t fit into her friends clothing or wear a bikini; I know how it feels to picked on at home, where you are suppose to feel safe and loved. Losing wieght (and gaining muslce) should not be about “getting skinny.” It’s about getting comfortable in your own skin. If you want to lose weight, lose it for YOU, lose it to become more confident in yourself and make yourself happier.

OK. I can help. I am 5’6 and I weigh about 135 ish. I’m pretty happy the way I am. And you guys need to not look at the numbers on the scale, it means nothing. Just think to your self, “Do I look and feel the way I want to, am I able to do the things I love, or is my body getting in the way?” If you want to feel and look healthier, the answer is easy! Just have a healthier life style. It’s the only healthy way to lose fat and gain muscle. You can’t just tell your self that you’re going to eat healthier and then go to the fridge and grab a pop. Trust me, been there done that. You have to actually take action. If you feel desperate to lose weight then this will be easy for you. All you have to do is stop and think. Before you grab a coke from the fridge, or go to McDonald’s just remember all of the sugar and fat and calories. When your thirsty, drink water. You have to actually take action if you want to lose weight. Also before bed, do as many sit ups as you can, and keep working to get that number up. Also start with 1-5 push ups and do that number each night for a week, then the next week add one more push up and so on until your doing tons of push ups! Just remember to start slow, motivate your self to go for a walk. Just try to spend 10 or more minutes a day doing active. Also once you start eating healthy, you’ll be surprised how good you feel once you choose a carrot over a cookie. You won’t have that guilt hanging over your head and mentally you’ll feel healthier and have more energy. So just try it! Theres only one way to lose weight, and it might not seem easy, but it doesnt have to be hard, just find a way to motivate your self to be healthy and you’ll see good results in no time!

I am 20 years old 5’0″ and I weigh 129 lbs. I want to lose 14 lbs. to be at 115. I run 2 miles every morning. My question is how many calories a day should I eat in order to lose that weight? My goal is to get a little 4 pack or so but i want to lose the flab first.

I am an Hispanic/French, black 17 years old at 5’5″ – 5’6″ and I weight 185-200 lbs. (It changes frequently). I’m very busty, and somewhat muscular and my butt is huge but my waist isn’t so bad. I love my curves, don’t get me wrong, but I want to weight 150-160 pounds (my boobs are size 36G and my pants are size 18/20 but a size 10/12 shirt still fits me over my hips) because my doctors say that It’s not healthy to be my weight. They want me to lose 30 lbs. but I want to lose at least 40 pounds. I eat three meals a day while watching the serving size, but I sit down and do my homework and can’t find time to do exercise beside the occasional “cha cha slide because you can’t dance for a million dollars” routine. I look like Denise Bidot but shorter with bigger boobs and a slightly bigger butt. Please help me cut the fat out of the “necessary” areas (my thighs are huge, most of the weight has to originate there), or at least help me plan a healthy diet regiment.

I’m 5’4″ and 127 and I really want to lose 15 lbs. I feel uncomfortable in a bathingsuit and I’m starting to wear more flow-y (is that even a word?) clothes because you can see my stomach most shirts I wear. I have one really skinny friend who is georgous and super skinny and I wish I could be the same weight as her. She is 113. I want to feel better about myself and feel more confident with the clothes I wear. All the websites I look at are for 40-60 year olds losing weight. Its so annoying! Can someone help? I need advice on how to lose 15 lbs before summer! Thanks so much!

I don’t know how this worked for everyone else but i actually lost 10 pounds in 3 days. Don’t believe if you want to but I am amazed and now I have the confidence to ask out the guy I’ve been crusheing on for 4 years.

I am 14 years old and I weigh about 145 and would like to lose 45 lbs at least. Please if you have any suggestions let me know. I have been trying everything that I can to lose weight but it’s just not working. Thanks.

Hey all, I think that most of us know how to lose weight but the problem is sticking to it, as we need to be committed to make it work. These tips might help:

Drink a glass of water before and after each meal. Take a big bottle of water wherever you go and when its done, refill it and try to drink it all. Eat healthy food and limit sweets and sodas. Do exercises such as sit-ups, push ups, jumping jacks and skipping rope each day. Walk or jog and be more active than you really are. My best way to exercise is to dance on my favorite tune, its fun and helps you loose weight. And most importantly, you can’t just lose weight in 3 days or so, it has to be as a life style so that you won’t get fatter in the future. Hope i helped.

I’m 17 and I weigh about 230 lbs. Yeah I know I’m not healthy but I’ve been trying for so long to lose weight. I drink 3-4 bottles of water a day. During the week, I eat school lunch and I always choose a chicken sandwich with a bottle of water. I eat breakfast everyday. When I eat dinner, it’s usually just some whole-grain cereal or a turkey sandwich on wheat bread. My weeks are so hectic and I never have time to exercise. The only exercise I get is a 25-minute walk from school to my house. But since it’s getting so hot where I live,my dad doesn’t want me to walk that far in the sun,so he picks me up from school. I’m a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding on May 21st. I’ve tried so hard but I haven’t seen any change.How can I lose a few lbs before the wedding?

Hello, my name is Ashley and I’m 16 years old. I weigh 115 Ibs. I don’t consider myself fat but i have a like what people would call a “beer belly” even though I’ve never drank in my life. I leave on a cruise in 2 weeks is there any possible way to lose that gut in that amount of days? please help I’m desperate!

(to sAMANTHA) Samantha, I would not skip food groups. You need to eat three times a day and two snacks (fruits or veggies) between meals and after every meal I Drink a glass of water. I drink water when i first get up then eat then brush teeth then i drink another glass then after a while take dog for walk (exersise) you also need to exersise at least 2 – 3 times a day! That would help you to! Okay, I know this because I’ve tried everything on the web. No Pills, if your wondering. And the web says 8-10 glasses of water a day. I only do like 6, and I was 127,6 pounds last month i did this everyday and I lost 10 pounds. Now I’m 116.2 Not Much of a difference but its close I’m working on this for the summer, Hope This Helped! Kariana. P.s GOOD LUCK!

Don’t eat any meat. That cuts down on belly fat a lot. You can eat sea food but that’s it. Just remember to get plenty of protein like peanut butter or protein bars and shakes. Hope this helps!

I’ve been reading all of these comments and it makes me very sad because of the weight that you want to be. You all say that your friends are really skinny and all of that but have you asked them how much they weigh? You might be surprised when you find out how much ppl actually do weigh. You also have to remember every person has a different bone structure. You could have a small, medium, or large bone frame and that will definately affect your weight. Don’t freak out because i’m 150 and 5’6 and i feel really fat. I know that being 90 pounds is only healthy of your like 4’5. I think for people arround my height you should be around 120. That is not fat and if you are that weight and you think you are fat well, you are wrong and i sincerely hope you don’t lose so much weight that you kill yourself!

to jordin. honey you are thin i wish i was 108 pounds fact everyone here does. i am 14 years old 5’3″ 140 pounds i am overweight. i would KILL to weigh how much you weigh. i lost 5 pounds though. 3 days ago i was 138 and i gained two pounds i’m so ashamed i have 50 days until 8th grade graduation and 55 days until prom. no one has asked me and its because i’m one of the fattest girls in the whole grade. be lucky you have your body. everyone except 3 girls in my class are size 2’s i wish i was that size. i’m a size 7/8 i have an okay pretty face but that’s not it for the boys they want skinny. the ugliest boy turned me down because of how i look. appriciate it honey because you wouldn’t want to be in my position.

There are some people on here who really need to lose weight but there are others who really need to get a life. First of all people should realize that a healthy weight for someone 5’3″ is between 118-132 lbs. Now it is one thing to be skinny and another one to be toned. If you are already skinny just try adding some excercise to your life, not only will it make you look better but also feel a lot better, also try getting some counseling. There is no way a new size or a new wardrobe will make you feel better about yourself, only you can do that. When I was 17 I was 5′ 3″and 132 lbs, I didn’t excersice so my stomach was flabby but had plenty of guys asking me out anyway. Right after highschool I went into the ARMY and after boot camp my weight went up to 145 lbs but I was in the best shape of my life, had a flat, firm stomach and legs many of my friends wish they could have. I told everyone I weight 125 lbs because they would not believe me when I told them I weighed 145lbs. So i would like for everyone to just consider it, and really try to see a doctor before starting any diet plan as not all diet plans are made for just anybody and fad diets will only make you gain more weight in the long run.

I wished people would stop using the word diet, since diet means depriving one or keeping one from some thing

I really think people should start using “change of life” or “balance eating” and that approach will be more a philosophy+way of life rather than some thing you start for a month and then stop when you’ve reach your goal.

90% of people dieting put on those kilos very very quick. It should be a way of life, you change your habits of eating, and change your way of being active, you educate yourself about what you can eat and also you should look into why you feel the need to “abuse” food, you stop having excuses, you take responsability for your life. I think the advice given is a good one but one should always educate themselves, with all the information and knowledge that is out there.

I just turned 20; I’m 5’1″ and I weigh 237 lbs. I’ve tried everything my doctor sujested. It just hasn’t worked for me so I tried my own thing. What I did was step up my excersize and cut out most sugars. At first it was working but only for the first week. I did it for 2 whole months but only lost 5 pounds in the first week. I gave up after that. What did I do wrong.

My name is anna and i really would like to lose at least 5-10 pounds. I’m almost 14, 5’5″ and 135 pounds. I know I’m not that fat, but i would like to weigh at least 125 pounds.

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I saw the three day diet and tried it for a couple days and it did work, (lost about 5 pounds) but right after i went back to my healthy dieting (like I always eat) I gained it all back. I do sports and dance. I just want to lose about 5 pounds on my legs and stomach and I will be fine. If anyone would help me that would be great! thank you.

@Anna. have you ever thought that you may be gaining muscle? I to was very active in high school, and every one knows muscle weighs more then fat. So you may think you are gaining weight but it’s just muscle. I think what you should do is lay off the carbs and sodas that will make a huge diff.

Hi, I am 19 years old, 4 foot 11 and i weigh 245 pounds, i exercise as much as possible but i literally have no energy, i also have Scoliosis, which makes my stomach poke out even more because of the way my backbone curves inward, when i walk my back hurts extremely bad and i just get so tired, sometimes my back even feels like its going numb in the middle where it indents the most. What should I do? Please help me.

Also, i am suppose to be going to a beach in 3 weeks and I want to look nice, I’m not asking to be skinny, I don’t want to be skinny i want to weigh about 160 (would like to weigh 200 before going to the beach which is impossible), is there anyway i could at least lose some weight before then?

Hi! I’m Lizzie. I really need help. I’m 5’3″ and I weigh 137 pounds. I am trying but i ts so hard to stop eating! Any suggestions? I really need to fit into my graduation dress in 2 weeks!

Hi!! I’m Aleksandra. I weigh 68 kilograms and my height is 5’9″. I want to lose weight so I can fit in a dress for our school ball! I am a size 16 and I want to get to size 14! I really need help with this!

This is really good advice, just sayin. Hi. I gained 15 pounds in one year and I’m still healthy. I am currently 5’4″ and 140 lbs. Some of the people on here are really healthy and want to lose twenty to thirty pounds! What the heck? You shouldn’t want to lose weight. You should want to be healthy. If you are bothered by your fat jiggling then turn it into muscle. Work out on those probmlem areas. The problem isn’t your weight it’s the way you view yourself. Models on tv use tapeworms and other ridiculous ideas to be skinny but they are not healthy. In the long run they will probably because of the stress they put their bodies through. Please don’t hurt yourself or change who you are because quote on quote society says that your fat. Listen to me, you are perfect just the way you are.

I’m 18 and I’m a model. I was looking for a diet I could use to lose weight to be a runway model, I found this one, so I decided to try it. I’m having wonderful luck with it, and i recomend it to anyone that wants to lose weight or just simply wants to be healthyer.

Hi, I just turned 16 in may, I’m 4’11”. And I am over 110 pounds. I need help losing weight now. My family is all small and I weigh more then my older sisters. I NEVER go swiming with my friends or family anymore, because I’m emmbarrased by my weight. Please someone tell me how to lose weight fast. I was hoping to lose a good amount of weight before late august, before the summer ends.

Hi, I am 17 years old. I am 5’5” and about 190 pounds. I want to lose weight for college next year and to be more comfortable with my body. I am very athletic and play sports year round. I also eat fairly well but I just cant seem to lose weight. I want to be healthier and lose some of the weight because I will be playing on a D1 college team next year.

low carb, low fat and good excercise is the only way to go. the key is consistency and allow yourself only 1 treat MEAL a WEEK. be good for the rest of the week and drink 2 ltrs of water a day. its so hard but its the only way!

Okay, this is for everyone. I know EXACTLY how you all feel because I was 150 pounds and I’m 5’4″. I lost twenty pounds and got down to 130, and I am still trying to lose weight. The thing is that there is NO quick fix to losing weight, because it took you a while to gain it, so it will take you a while to lose it. At some point in time, you will also experience a pause in losing weight, and this is where a lot of people get discouraged, but DON’T give up. Just eat healthier smaller portions, excercise often, and use your will power to avoid all the manufactured crap food out there.

Reading this, I know what I’m about to say will sound cliche. I never show that I’m uncomfortable in front of other people, but I am. There is a guy a like, which is kind of another incentive to be hot. I would like very much to grab his attention. I am 5’7″ and weigh 160 lbs. I have lost 9 pounds within the past 3 weeks. I want to get down to 120 by July 30. I workout lots, and for the next 3 weeks am doing SUPER low carbs. I know fast weight loss is not the best for you, but it IS possible. Whatever you do, don’t starve yourself. If you don’t eat, after 4 hours your body will start to go into starvation mode and thinks like it needs to store fat, which will make you more fat. If trying to lose weight fast, weigh yourself regularly throughout the day. You can’t let what the scale says get to you, you just have to say “well, I will get there.” I know it’s not the healthiest mentally for you to be looking at a scale constantly, but if you are losing weight FAST, it helps a lot. And drink LOTS of water so what you’re losing isn’t water retention. Just some tips, I’m working on my bod too! Make sure you are comfortable with yourself at any weight and don’t be down on yourself. We see ourselves differently than others do, and what others think says more about them than us. At the same time, I understand wanting to lose weight. God bless on your endeavors!

Well i weight 157 pounds and I’m 5’6″. I want to lose 39 pounds by the end of the summer (August 22) because that’s when school starts. I eat 3 meals a day, I only drink water no soda ,I don’t really eat that much fruit, I eat sweets only like 3 times a month, and I exercise 3 times a week, I haven’t lost weight at all. I’ve been thinking about doing the lemonade diet. So any tips on losing weight quickly?

I have been where most of you are. I use to bee the fat kid in school. I though that not eating would help me lose the weight. But all that did was make me weak and put me in the hospital with more health problems that eventually lead to the weight coming back. The only way to lose the weight and keep it off is to do it right. Eat healthy, drink plenty of cold water, exercise. It will take time but as you start to see the healthy changes happen you’ll feel good and continue with a healthy life style.

Wow. you all are CRAZY! How to lose weight? Eat small proportions, work out. DRINK A LOT OF WATER and cut down on the calories but don’t be an idiot and starve yourself. Oh and to lose belly fat, do at least 50 sit ups a day. DON’T TAKE BREAKS because it doesn’t work that way, while doing sit ups hold your breathe when your down and when you sit up then let it out. To lose weight on hips do side crouches. Yeah, i know, it’s REALLY HARD to keep up to but you need to try and get off sodas, ice tea, fast foods and candy. You may drink juices but not ice tea or soda even orange soda, but orange juice is perfect. And no joke drink literally like 5 water bottles a day. Eat only fruits and vegetables and by energetic do jumping jacks and jumprope A LOT! That will keep you healthy and fit.

Im 13 years old. I weigh 160 lbs. School starts in about two weeks. I’ve gained about 20 lbs. over the summer and I already felt fat before that. I’d really like to trim down at least the belly fat. Any suggestions?

My names Rebecca, I’m sixteen years old. I’m 150 pounds I’m trying to drop to 120 by November 22nd in 3 months I’ve tried everything and I get very upset all the time over my weight I’m going to be eating a healthy bowl of cereal fruit and healthy dinner and going to the gym everyday to lose this weight and drink nothing but water all day. wish me luck guys! I know I will feel a hell lot better if I get to 120 or maybe even 110 if I’m lucky.

I’m 5’8″, and four months ago I weighed 155 lbs. I now weigh 119 lbs and I’m still no happier in myself. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, kids.

@Rora i know how you feel i was skinny before and then over the summer i gained 20 pounds and got stretch marks! I can’t stand it i need to lose weight pronto!

Alot of you girls are so young and you don’t realize that you are going through puberty. I’m 24 years old I’m 5″3 and weigh 130 pounds before I had my daughter I was 118 pounds so now its very hard for me to get used to the extra weight. At my heaviest I weight 140 pounds and I also found out I had cholesterol I knew my eating habits had to change I started drinking lots of water and avoided soda and sweets what also helped me was timing my meals I would have breakfast at 8 lunch at 1 and dinner at 6 and this truly helped.

ok im a 15 year old girl and i really need to lose weight. i have beautiful features but my weight is an issue. i weigh 220 and i am 5′ 7″. people say i look like i weigh about 180 though. I convinced my mom to home school me because i am so insecure about my body… i just want to be confident about myself. i would love to weigh about 170-180 and then work down from there. the fat on my body is preportioned decently i guess, but i really want to lose the fat on my back and my stomach. i want to lose 2-3 pant sizes. i wear an 16-18 right now but i would love to wear a 12-14 or less. please help me. i want to go back to public school by next semester (3-4months) and be proud of my body.

Hi, I’m 14 years old, and 4 foot 8. I weigh 117 and would like to at least go down to 100. I’m going to start excercising at least twice a day, and drink only water. Also, cut back on junk food, salt, and sugar. Will I be losing any weight if I continue this? Or am I just wasting time?

@ lisa well there is a possibility that you might cut those extra pounds or not but the good thing is cutting out carbohydrates and sugars plus doing some exercises?? you’ll be sexy as hell trust me i’m 17 and i’m 115 lbs and i did the same thing, though my weight is still the same but people keep telling me that i look just fine

Okay, so an answer to everyone looking to lose weight, i went on a starvation diet and only drank water on most days, and took hydroxycut (weightloss pills) and i worked out twice a day, mostly cardio like running and stuff, i lost up to 6 pounds in a single day once.

Hi, I’m Kendall age 14 I weigh 145 pounds and i am 5’1 i want to lose at least 20 pounds by december 12th which is volleyball tryouts i got big legs and i want them thinner please help!

you know if you starve yourself you will gain more weight trust me i tried it

To all you girls trying to lose weight fast – you can’t. But in 5-6 weeks you can make quite a difference with this simple rule: Eat Less – Move more. Cut out as many carbohydrates (especially sugars) as you can, exercise (hard) for at least 40 minutes every day, do Pilates for toning up those muscles – especially stomach muscles – and you will look great and fit into your ‘skinny’ clothes again.

last year i was 158lb, and in 1 year im now 201lb, im a student and travell all the time for hours on end. I don’t eat a great deal, but I never let myself go hungry. I know alot of my weight is muscle, but the fat is ruinning me. How on earth can i loose weight without costing me too much? I went shopping for a weeks supply of healthy organic food only and it was double my normal bill. I have an inhibilaty to touch certain textures without feel ing unwell, so most vegtables are not something i go for. But i love frut. Help!

The more calories burned than consumed you will lose weight. The more calories consumed than burned you will gain wait. This does not mean do not consume anything. You need calories to burn calories because calories give you energy. Most people consume 2-4k of calories. Drink skim or reduced fat milk to keep your bones strong enough for exercise. Eat green and naturally red foods with low salt and minimum sugar. Try to avoid all sugar though. As long as u are getting a good amount of nutrients and vitamins it is okay to have low calorie diets. But it couldn’t really make a difference what you eat if you exercise 60-120 minutes a day or more. WATER WATER WATER.

I am 16 and 188.8 lbs. I would like to get down to 150 lbs at least by July. I dont wanna be stick skinny I just dont want my belly, legs, and butt. my arms need toned too. Fasting will just kill you, and I dont want that. It seems like I cant lose weight almost. D: please help

hey im 14 and would love to lose a good 30 pounds by january 20 i weigh 145 and right now it s becoming unbearable for me to wear any of my shirts and im going on a shopping spree soon and would like to get the usual size shirts, please can you help me like a good diet plan?

Im a 13 years old girl I’m trying to lose weight but it’s really hard I try to exercise and then I get tired easily I just feel bad I’m getting fatter every single day I don’t know what to do should I quit and spend the rest of my life being fat I’m trying not to eat food that contains sugar I’m trying also not to eat anything for the rest of the week but just drink water and milk and exercise will I lose weight if I don’t eat anything but just drink milk +water and exercise

Hi im 18yrs old and i weigh 160 pounds i use to be really slinny ever since i graduated high school i have gained 35 pounds. I want to really lose 30 pounds at least within a month i feel like i have tried everything but nothings working. Will you please tell me everything i should do to lose this weight. I dance once a week for a hr in a half and i work and i constantly stand on my feet. I have a umca membership that iv tried using. I need help please.

So I’m 15 and 200 i need to lose weight have any suggestions or anything that worked for you email me at gir dot bear dot KP at gmail dot com really much appreciation I’m losing hope.

Hey, I know this is an old post but maybe some people are reading this? I going on this diet that involves nothing but sweet potatoes, water and milk. So all you do is:

eat 1 sweet potato and a glass of milk for breakfast

2 potatoes and a bottle of water for lunch

1 potato and 2 glasses of milk for dinner.

*add in 10 minutes if stretching right before bed!*

my friends all have gone on this diet so I know it has good results, so I hope you will take into consideration my advice!!

Also get Lol P’s a lot stuff getting results if you do an hour of cardio everyday. Just remember it takes 3 days for anything to become a habit. So just keep with it

I’m 5’5 and 120 pounds. I know I’m a good weight, but I have osteoarthritis and have a lot of difficulty walking because of my back pain. I want to lose around 10 pounds because I know that if I lose just a bit of weight, there won’t be so much pressure on my back and maybe I can walk again. I started a diet of mostly apples, skinless baked chicken breast, eggs whites, low fat yogurt, water and green tea. I’m doing as much exercise as I can, but that part is really killing my back. So, any advice so I can lose weight and not mess my back up more would be great. Thank you.

Hi I’m 5’6 and weight 130 pounds. I use to weight 235 pound that was fat i hated myself and it was hard moving around and my close did not fit anymore. I started this diet called Turmeric and applecider vinger. You need to drink water alot of water and take vitamin D&E Is really good and exercise everyday eat lots of green stuff and drink green tea. Stay away from sugar and bread no sugar at all. I lost 105 pounds in less then one year about 10 months it took me. I feel great and fast do not eat in two days just drink water that helps to. Good Lyck .

I’m 14 and I weigh 64 pounds .. I tried lots of diet spell but nothing changes .. I need help please because I hate my legs and my body. I really need to lose lots of pounds PLEASE HELP!

Hi, I am 13 years old, I will be 14 on the 25th of febuary. NEXT MONTH. I Am fat, My Tummy is my biggest problem. I still look pretty, but It I let it go any longer, I will not look pretty for long. I am SCARED. I weigh 140 pounds. I used to weigh 120. But now I gained that much, over christmas. And I dont feel right. I want to be SKINNY. I dont care how long it takes, I just want it to happen. thanks,

An easy way to loose weight is eat lots of fruits and walking for about 30-60 minutes a day and danceing to hip hop music just go on youtube and look up music or if you have an ipod or radio? and dance for about 15 20 minutes and more if you can, ive lost 25 pounds in a month doing that which is pretty good and not straining yourself like your going to die, cut back on white bread and switch to whole wheat bread only about 70 calories per slice and way healthier than white bread, eat grilled chicken than fried. only grab a spoon full of everything for dinner and if your still hungry go back for more, im not asking you to starve youself im just saying to cut back, stop drinking regular soda’s and if you can’t do that drink only one a day and drink lots of water, water keeps your matbolisum going through out the day, eat breakfast lunch and a small snack without very many calories then dinner but the key to looseing weight is excersize and lots of fruits and water. Thanks:) Candace.

Hi! Im 13 years old turning 14 in may. Im in 8th grade and im about 5’6 i weight about 140 pounds and the only thing i really hate are my thighs and stomach. i would just like to take off about 10-15 pounds. I’m asking for help, please i have been unhappy for so long and just want the body i have always dreamed about!

Hi! Im 14 years old and I lost 10 pounds by just walking, drinking only water, eating no sweets and no bread for 2 weeks. This worked for me so I thought it might help you.

Looking through here I can see that there are TONS of very young girls incredibley insecure about a wieght which is perfecty healthy for thier height (some already at an unhealthy wieght and wanting to lose more). How about you worry about your personality more than a number? Also skipping meals is the worst thing you can do for losing wieght, your body will try to store all the extra fat it can because it doesnt know when it will be getting more food to process into energy. It also lowers your metabolism which works against you.

Hi I’m a girl, and I weigh about 150-155 I’m 5’2 and I’m 14 . I’m tired of looking fat I have stretch marks on my legs and waists. My arms are fat, wiggly and disgusting. I want to look good in the summer, I want to wear a cute bathing suit without worrying about my fat stomach or legs or arms. Everybody tells meim fat and I can never loose weight plz help me to prove them wrong!! By the end of summer I want to be around 120 pounds. I want to feel gorgeous and fit into trendy clothes. I want a nice healthy diet where I can loose about 5 ponds in a month or so… I’m starting high school next year and I want to impress everyone. Thanks!! Plz help!

Hey am a 18 year old 5’2 girl and I weight 200 pounds and I just want some one to help me out and can give me an idea on what can I do to lose weight currently I have replacevd two of my meals for shakes and am eating onces a day and drinking lots of water. Well you could try this and see if it works but I don’t guarantte since I just started its my 3 day but it will take a lot of effort and it won’t be easy just determin to do something. About it and if any one knows what helps take strech marks off please let me know tanxs. Or any thing else to lose weight I will appriciate it very much.

I’m 16, i weigh 155 right now. Im 5’5″ and I wanna get down to like 130ish by July for a get together. Please help any ideas will help thank you!

I’m around 260 pounds and feel really fat. The other day when I was shopping with my friend a truck passed by, and the boys inside laughed and called me an elephant. That feeling so sad and afraid to be picked on. Can i have some good tips to lose weight quickly. That way i can feel confident about my body, and go after my long-time crush…….(Plz help if u can….thnx)

Hey everyone I’m 5’9″ and 3 weeks ago I weighed 192 lbs, I was unhappy about my weight because 2 years ago I weighed 140. I got depressed and started eating everything in sight no matter if I was hungry or not. I had to relearn how to eat normally, I went on a calorie counting nutrition site and joined a gym. It really helped me to not only eat less, but also to eat HEALTHY! Now sweets don’t tempt me and salt tastes bad. I get a stomach ache if I eat food that is not healthy. I have lost 13 lbs so far with no hunger pangs and no overeating. I’m down to 179 as of this morning. The first couple weeks my face broke out like crazy but now my skin is clear and I don’t have dark circles under my eyes. I’d like to lose 45 more lbs and keep it off this time- I had previously starved myself for 8 days to lose 30 lbs but the weight came back and then some because that was before I learned how to eat correctly. I advise anyone trying to lose weight to find a calorie counting website that also has nutritional info to make sure you’re getting all your nutrients. When the body doesn’t get what it needs you feel hungry though you may have already eaten a meal. Good luck everyone!

There is one important thing you should know. Starvation is of no help. It won’t help you loose weight. It will keep the fats in your body reserved. There is a simple way to loose weight, but like everything else it requires patience. To loose your weight you need to speed up your metabolism and burn calories. So here’s what you need to do—- first sleep well, 8 hours of sleep is a must. Your body needs to recharge. You should never skip breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day. Drink a lot of water, it helps in the calorie burning process. Instead of having 2 or 3 big meals a day, switch to 4 or 5 smaller meals a day. That way your metabolism is faster and better. One important thing you need to know is how many calories you need. If say you require 2500 calories a day, then to loose weight you should try to eat 500 calories less. Keep a count of the calories you eat. Cardio is important. Engage in 20-30 minutes of cardio a day. You don’t need to do intense card. A brisk 4 mph walk for 20 minutes is great.

help me lose weight plz becuse i am 227 ponds [some where there] any ways i feel very sad and worried i will get diabeties help me and p.s. i am 5ft. 8”

I am 14years old and I use to weigh 120 which still gave me my flattish stomach but now i am gaining weight and i weight like 137 which isn’t good because now my mom is like “lay off the poptarts” as a joke of course but I stopped eating poptarts and sweets, I drink water, and i exercise when i can which isn’t much because I been really busy I really need help to at least go down to 120 again or even lower i don’t wanna be like freak-in 100 or below that but just enough to make me look good in a bikini for the summer since we only have 2 more months of school after this April and I wanna try losing it before school ends can someone please tell me a good way to lose weight, and exercise? in 2 1/2 months to make me get down to 120 again? please help. (This will help my confidence extremely!) xoxo Davina

I’m 21 and I think I weigh around 75-90 I’m 5’4. I really would like to lose at least 10-30 pounds by the end of the year. I’m tired being overweight. I’ve been overweight for most of my life and I want to feel confident and like the way I look. I want to feel and look healthy. Please can someone give any advice or ANYTHING that can help me do this.

Hi my name is katie

I am 20 yr’s old and a mother of two i have a 2yr old girl and a 3 month old baby boy. i have no more energy i am overweight i weigh 235 and i am 5’3 i need help idk what to do any more i have low self a stem i dont feel beau-ta-ful any more i just dnt feel good about my self be4 i have my 1st kid i was a size 6 and felt good about myself i want to go back to that and keep with it idk even know what size i wear now i know i am in a size 22 wedding dress i have never ben this big be4 the biggst i have ever ben was 190 i dnt take my kids out much becuz i dnt feel good about my self and when i do i cant relly play with them i get out of breath easy. i haave tryed a few thing but did not help. i tryed going back on the diet i was on when i was a size 6 but dnt work anymore for me and that was rice & chicken thats all i would eat and drink nothing but water and would do 50 to 100 crunch’s and 50 push up’s a night and walk for 1 to 4 hr’s a day.i would like to get down to the most 130 lbs or the less 140 and be able to stay there. i do take med’s so it is hard to lose the lb’s i wish i didnt have to take them it would be alot easyer but i have to the doc said so. can someone help my with this i have no time limit at all i just want to be more healthy for myself and my kids so i can run around with them on the play ground and more….pleaz help my my kids are the world to me i want to be healthy and stay around along time for them.

u can eather post here or at my e-mail at zoielynn6491 at hotmail dot com

thank you and have a blessed day

Megala.m: if you weight 75-90 pounds and want to lose wieght my advice to you is go talk to your doctor right away. Please talk to a doctor.

I’m 14, I weigh 130 right now and I’m 5’6. I need to lose 15 lbs in 1 month so when I go to the beach I will feel comfortable. Any tips on how to do this? Please help!

hi i neen bad help… i am 16 and 225 lbs… school is ending in 2 wks and i want to look trim by august 2012… i need to loose 100 lbs in 3 months… PLEASE HELP ME… i hate being fat…. i also need something really easy… because i have working out… so please help me… i dont want to be know as the fat girl at school… i want people to notice me not my butt and belly… SO PLEASE HELP… ASAP! I am also 5’6 so please help!

I am 34 years old I now eat twice a day and walk for 1and half hour every day also I am active in yoga, rope jumping, race and cycling is that good enough for me to lose weight and keep it off permanently.

hi guys im 13 i weigh 123 pounds i want to loose at least 23 25 pounds in a week so anyone reply to this im scared to go swimming or even go to school i have rolls and my theighs are really big and im very embarrissed please anyone help me reply to this!