Garcinia cambogia supplement facts

Garcinia cambogia supplement facts
Garcinia cambogia weight loss supplements are natural herbal capsules or pills that use 100% natural garcinia cambogia extract.

Garcinia Cambogia Warnings That You Deserve to Know About

Garcinia Cambogia has been in and out of the news for years. There are dozens of articles both touting its effectiveness and blasting the supplement as nothing more than “snake oil.” So, what are the current warnings about the tropical fruit extract, and why is the topic so polarizing?

Some websites and articles are warning diabetics about taking Garcinia Cambogia because it can cause an unsafe drop in blood sugar when combined with insulin. It is unknown if this is true. If you have any chronic health problems, it is strongly advised that you speak with a physician before taking any dietary supplements.

HCA has proven to be as effective as fluoxetine at acting as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor. If taking fluoxetine or any other SSRI-type antidepressants, speak with a doctor before taking HCA. There is a slight possibility that taking this supplement could result in serotonin levels that are too high, leading to a host of side effects.

Perhaps the most prevalent and persistent warning about Garcinia Cambogia is that it is an ineffective method of losing weight. Clinical trials of Garcinia Cambogia and HCA, the active ingredient in the dietary supplement, have come back with mixed results.

In some clinical human trials, Garcinia Cambogia extract was no more effective than a placebo, but in others it worked well enough to attract the attention of celebrity Dr. Oz. Every person is different, and what works for some simply does not work for others. This could have something to do with brain chemistry, hormone levels, etc., but it is not currently well understood why results are so mixed.

More studies need to be done in order to make conclusive arguments concerning Garcinia Cambogia. So far, the longest study of the supplement was 12 weeks. In order to properly study the drug, it is imperative that several independent studies be performed over several years.

Currently it is only understood with relative certainty that HCA works in lab rats as an effective weight loss drug. For certain animals, HCA blocks the body’s ability to convert sugar into fat. Results in humans are less conclusive than in animal studies, but many people stand behind the supplement and are proud to show off their results.

Obesity and how to fight it is a polarizing topic because weight loss is very difficult and people want an easier way to do it.

From our side, give this one a skip for time being.

If a pill comes along that will make curing losing weight fast and easy, of course people will try it. They will try anything to get healthy, and feel and look better without actually going to the effort of doing it through diet and exercise. Sometimes, it is hard to accept that weight loss takes a combined plan of attack rather than a singular approach.

G. Cambogia is a booster, not a miracle cure

The truth is, without diet and exercise, a supplement like Garcinia Cambogia may offer certain people results that are so underwhelming that they think it is failing to work altogether. This supplement can only amplify the efforts that people put in to their weight loss programs. If dieters stick to a healthy diet and exercise regimen, then HCA will give excellent results. If people neglect to exercise and cheat on their diets a lot, nothing that is safe or legal will work to help them lose weight, including HCA.

Garcinia Cambogia is not a miracle drug plucked from the hand of God and brought to our local health food stores to cure obesity. It is simply a dietary aid. It can help burn fat and it can help lower blood sugar, but it cannot do it all.

Overall, HCA has mixed reviews and it is apparent that some people experience fabulous results while others see less of an impact. Why this is true needs further inspection. Though it might not work for everyone, it very well might. 12 weeks is a short time span to find out.

Garcinia cambogia supplement facts

Garcinia Cambogia: The Newest, Fastest Fat Burner?

If you’ve been trying to lose weight, you’ve most likely heard of garcinia cambogia – a fruit believed to hold the very key to healthy weight loss. If you’ve never considered using garcinia cambogia extract supplements for weight loss before, then it’s about time you should.

Garcinia cambogia is a tropical fruit found in the countries of Southeast Asia. People who live in the region have long used this incredible tiny fruit to make dishes more filling. Western scientists who encountered the fruit, decided to study its weight loss abilities and discovered that the rind contains massive amounts of HCA – which is short for Hydroxycitric Acid.

HCA is the very key ingredient why garcinia cambogia supplements are making a massive name in the weight loss industry today.

Moreover, HCA has an adverse effect on the blood sugar levels of the nursing mothers.

That’s not ideal especially when you have other important payments coming from that card on a monthly basis.

HCA is known to suppress appetite and prevent your body from making fat tissues – leading to fast and effective weight loss done through the most natural and safest way possible.

Why Is Garcinia Cambogia So Popular?

In the world of natural weight loss solutions, no other name surpasses garcinia cambogia as the most recommended and most effective natural weight loss supplement in the market.

Garcinia cambogia came into national consciousness through the efforts of Dr. Oz – the most famous doctor on TV today. Immensely impressed by recent scientific research, he dubbed garcinia cambogia as the “holy grail” to beat weight gain.

Immediately after featuring the supplement in his show, tens of thousands of individuals around the country decided to use the supplement to combat excess weight and keep the weight away.

And because it’s 100% all-natural and truly effective in weight loss even without the help of diet and exercise, garcinia cambogia has become the best selling and most recommended natural weight loss supplement in the industry today.

How Garcinia Cambogia Extract Helps for Weight Loss

Garcinia cambogia supplements work through the mechanisms of HCA – the very key ingredient that makes the extract a powerful weight loss solution.

It somehow uses your own body’s chemicals to combat weight gain, giving you natural and healthy weight loss from the inside out.

HCA works through two main mechanisms: Suppression of Appetite and Fat Production Prevention.

1. Suppression of Appetite

One of the main reasons why people can’t seem to lose weight is because they can’t control what they eat, and the volume of food that they eat. It’s a sad fact that appetite is one of the hardest things to control.

HCA helps you lower your food consumption by making your body feel full even when you’ve only had little to eat. This means you get to say goodbye to cravings such as sweets and salty foods, say goodbye to emotional and binge eating and say hello to smaller portions each and every time.

HCA helps you eat only the amount of food that your body needs, and nothing more – helping you lose excess weight and maintain a healthy daily calorie intake.


Utilize adaptogen herbs: Adaptogen herbs like maca, ginseng and rhodiola can help control health conditions that can make it hard to lose weight (like high amounts of stress, thyroid issues, leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, cellular toxicity and candida).

Fat Production Prevention

Whenever you eat carbohydrates, your body converts them into energy. Now when you don’t use this energy, a certain enzyme named citrate lyase converts these carbohydrates into fat tissues – giving you not just weight gain, but nasty fat tissues that go to your stomach, arms, thighs, and all the other parts of the body that accumulate fat.

When you take HCA, this enzyme will no longer work. HCA inhibits citrate lyase and the entire process of fat production will no longer exist – giving you effective fat production prevention done in the most natural way possible.

Helping you ward off cravings and fat production, garcinia cambogia is an all-natural supplement giving your body natural methods to combat excess fat and weight.

Studies that Prove Garcinia Cambogia’s Effectiveness

Several studies on garcinia cambogia can be found at the website of the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.

One of these studies was done by Downs, BW, Bagchi M, and others in November of 2005.

The study, entitled “ Bioefficacy of a novel calcium-potassium salt of HCA ,” proved that HCA, together with potassium and calcium, results to increased serotonin availability, reduced appetite, increased fat oxidation, increased blood lipid levels, reduced body weight, and the modulation of a number of obesity regulatory genes.

Another study was done on May 2004 – Preuss, HG, and others conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical study in Elluru, India over the period of 8 weeks. The subjects were 60 moderately-obese individuals aged 21 to 50 years old.

This group of people were divided into 3: Group 1 took HCA, Group 2 took niacin-bound HCA, and Group 3 took placebo pills.

At the end of the study, the researchers discovered that both Groups 1 and 2 had reduced body weight, reduced body mass index, reduced food intake, and reduced total cholesterol.

Preuss and others then concluded that optimal doses of HCA can serve as a potentially safe and effective weight loss formula that can facilitate effective reductions in both excess body weight and body mass index.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

There have been reports of nausea and stomach upsets from actual users, but severe side effects have not occurred.

It is expected to lose around four pounds during the first month.

Users who do experience side effects may have used products that contained other ingredients aside from HCA and/or potassium and calcium.

Because garcinia cambogia is so popular, literally tens of thousands of garcinia cambogia products have popped up in the market. And because you don’t need to have a prescription to buy one, it’s so easy to purchase these supplements from just about anywhere and from anyone.

It’s very important that you equip yourself with the knowledge and qualifications of what a top quality and effective garcinia cambogia product is so you know you’re getting an authentic product that’s safe and most of all, effective.

Are Garcinia Cambogia Products Made the Same?

The answer to this is no. There are literally thousands of garcinia cambogia products out there but only a small number really do stand out in the market.

Dr. Oz emphasized the importance of certain requirements of a top quality garcinia cambogia supplement. When you look for a product, the following qualifications are a definite must:

  • The product must contain at least 50% pure HCA concentration
  • It must have the label “HCA” or “Garcinia Cambogia” on the bottle
  • It must contain 100% all natural ingredients
  • Each capsule must have at least 500mg of dosage
  • The product must be made in FDA-registered and GMP-certified laboratories

If a certain garcinia cambogia brand adheres to these requirements, then you know you have a top quality product that’s safe, healthy, and truly effective.

Where to Buy Garcinia Cambogia

The supplements we recommend here are available through retail stores or exclusively online. One of our bestselling and top recommended products is Garcinia Cambogia Extra , satisfying thousands of users!

Meeting all these qualifications is Garcinia Cambogia Extra – is made in FDA registered and cGMP-certified laboratories, ensuring you that each and every capsule satisfies the manufacturing, testing, and quality assurance of Good Manufacturing Practices.

With 60% HCA in every dosage, Garcinia Cambogia Extra is one the top garcinia cambogia product to try today.

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Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Facts on Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Each pill contains 500mg of Garcinia Cambogia Extract with 60% HCA.

It is recommended to take (1) pill in the morning and (1) pill in the afternoon. It is best to take it on an empty stomach or typically 30 to 60 minutes prior to eating.

By taking this regiemn daily you will be recieving 1000mg of Garcinia Cambogia Extract, 200 mcg of Chromium, 50 mg of Calcium, and 50mg of Potassium.

Click on the image below to see full size label

As with all supplement, before mixing supplements and prescription medication please consult with your doctor first. You should also not take Garcinia Cambogia Extract while pregnant or breastfeeding. If you have any questions or concerns about taking Garcinia Cambogia with your other medication or supplements, please consult with your doctor first.