Garcinia cambogia trim espanol

Garcinia cambogia trim espanol
It is the skin of this fruit which is used as an effective weight loss agent, it contains a natural substance called HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid) which not only helps in weight loss naturally but also brings down the bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

How to Lose Weight Fast

If you want to lose weight, you're not alone. Almost half of all Americans are trying to lose weight at any given time. [1] While there are many things you can do to shed pounds, losing weight too quickly can be dangerous. Fad diets, diet pills, and fasting may help you reduce the number on the scale, but these methods can cause severe health complications.

However, if you are generally healthy and you're determined to drop several pounds quickly, there are some techniques and tips you can adopt to help you reach your short-term goals.

Steps Edit

Method One of Four:

The purpose of most fad diets is to promote rapid weight loss that you can see almost overnight. Fad diets are short-term solutions; if you stay on a fad diet for more than a few days, you could cause your body serious harm. You should always consult your healthcare provider before beginning any kind of weight loss program to make sure your body can take the added strain to its system. Here are some popular fad diets with simple instructions that claim to result in fast, short-term weight loss.

Method Two of Four:

Weight Loss Spa Treatments Edit

Another easy way to get fast weight-loss results is to get beauty treatments specifically designed to help you shed inches quickly. By visiting a spa, sauna, or wellness clinic offering weight loss beauty services and procedures, you can have your pick of numerous beauty treatments and spa services that are designed to help you lose weight quickly or to alter your appearance by reducing bloating, tightening your skin, or removing body fluids. [9] These processes only involve temporary weight loss, but the results are immediate and do not involve dieting or exercise.

Method Three of Four:

Healthy Eating Habits Edit

Change general nutrition and lifestyle habits. Adopting a number of simple but significant dietary and behavioral changes can be enough to jump-start weight loss for many people. Combining the suggestions below with your short-term diet plan will enhance your chances of reaching your weight-loss goals faster and maintaining those results in the long-term.

To Lose Inner Thigh Fat…

  • All you're going to do is firm up your inner thighs while losing very little or no inner thigh fat. Again, To get rid of inner thigh fat & To actually make your thighs thinner you need to use a weight loss plan to lose fat all over your body.
  • As you lose weight you will lose weight in different areas on your body at different times so you may end up losing much of your arm, back and belly fat before you start to see your inner thigh fat go away but usually…
  • Your belly and hip fat is the last to go (Why do I still have belly fat after losing all this weight?). Be patient & Expect to lose only 10 pounds every 4-to-6 weeks and the more overweight you are = the longer it'll take you to lose inner thigh fat.

Inner Thigh Gap

So if you're not overweight with a slimmer figure then the reason why you may not have an inner thigh gap or why your inner thighs touch making it seem like you have inner thigh fat is because of your bone structure and NOT BECAUSE YOU'RE FAT.

3 Inner Thigh Exercises

Remember: These inner thigh exercises will ONLY firm up your inner thigh area making them appear slightly thinner and To truly lose inner fat you must Go on 1 of these fast weight loss plans to lose fat all over your body.

7 Minute Inner Thigh Workout

Home Inner Thigh Exercise

Gym Inner Thigh Exercise

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I'm 15 yrs old and 5'3 in height and 130 pounds in weight. I very recently started to exercise especially to lose inner thigh fat and all. since there is no exercise that only targets the thighs. I'm just doing some random stretchings and squats, jumps and all. I get the feeling that I'm not organized, like I just randomly do any move I like. 1 hour a day. Is that oka? I mean, like Im oka with other parts of my body so i don want 2 lose much weight there, just wanna slim my thighs. Coz I'm afraid that I'm gonna go thin by just going to reduce my thigh fat. Does losing weight mean its gonna show me thin and all. Coz I just wanna lose my thigh. Just wanna know if my exercises will slim my thighs, hips a bit and shapen my body? And about the diet. I don consume much sugar, I drink plenty of water. no junk food. I eat vege's and all. so am I on a good diet? Will this help. So do I have a chance of slimming my body (with the thighs) by following this whatever. If u have more efficient exercise pls suggest. coz I told you I feel lik I'm not organized with my exercises.( how to organize myself, like stretching first or last and etc. ) And more one thing. I don wanna bulk up.

January 14, 2018

January 14, 2018

Hi Adrian, I’m 17 and my height is around 5’3”.

Although the term “Garcinia cambogia” is no longer used by the scientific community, it’s the primary term used by the nutritional supplement community.

I used to be 115 lbs but lately somehow I gained weight and become 120 lbs (my diet is the same like before so I don’t know how I gained that much). I’m fine with most part of my body but I hate my thigh because it is too big and I want to lose my inner thigh fat so much. I’m really active, I play some sports and also martial arts, however I feel like I can’t lose anymore weight, I keep on gaining them. What exercise should I do? And should I change my diet? Thank you.

December 20, 2017

well do you look like you gained 5 pounds. maybe its muscle?

December 20, 2017

That’s what I thought but then I realized that my thigh got bigger. And aren’t muscles don’t weight that much? I don’t really know tho, please correct me if I’m wrong

December 21, 2017

no, muscles weigh the same pound for pound

December 21, 2017

Hi Adrian I'm trying to lose my thigh and butt fat I'm 6' foot and 68 kg can you please tell me what I should do.

November 22, 2017

November 23, 2017

I am 5'3 and 200lbs i have been trying to lose weight and its just not working. I could improve my diet and i walk 3 miles a day. I have lost 20 pounds since April it seems like the harder i try it just wont come off. I want to wear my size 3 jeans again! Please help!

November 20, 2017

November 21, 2017

Hi Adrian, I have to reduce 10 kg in 2 months. I am bottom heavy. Please suggest me what diet and workout i should follow. I’m 67kg, 5’3 .

November 12, 2017

November 12, 2017

I have big calves, but there's no shape to them. What exercises can I try to give them more shape?

October 14, 2017

wht is your weight and height?

October 14, 2017

Hi I’m 17 years old and I weigh 89kg I would like to lose weight fast how can I do it

November 09, 2017

November 10, 2017

When will I see results? I'm 14, 5'5 and 117 pounds. I've recently went on a crash diet and I've noticed that I'm gaining the weight back. I've tried everything. How many times do I do this a day? And how what are some good ways of reving up my metabolism?

If you are only 14 years old, my recommendation is DO NOT go on diets. What you need to to eat a healthy, balanced diet with lots of veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds and whole grain foods. Drink lots of water plus excersize. Look up quick intense interval training and resistance training. Do lots of cardio workouts at the end of each workout for 30-40 minutes, and workouts that get your heart rate up to keep the calories burning! Good luck!! :) -Ash

September 07, 2017

I'm 17 and I weigh 160 lbs how do I lose weight effectively? I know that food change is probably the answer but I like to eat the sweet things too. How do I work that in too?


Diccionario Gastronómico Bilingüe Español-Inglés e Inglés-Español – Recetas de comida, en especial, judía



Abadejo (pez) = Pollack , Cod (fish)

Abadejo eglefino (pez) = Haddock (fish)

Ablandar = to Soften

Abrebotellas = Bottle Opener

Abrelatas = Can Opener

Abrillantar = to Burnish

Absorber = to Absorb

Acaramelar = to Coat (to cover) in caramel

Aceitar = to Oil

Aceite de Colza = Rapeseedoil

Aceite de Girasol = Sunflower oil

Aceite de hígado de Bacalao = Cod-liver oill

Aceite de Maíz = Corn oil

Aceite de Oliva = Olive oil

Aceite de Ricino = Castor oil

Aceite de rosas = Attar

Aceituna rellena = Stuffed Olive

Acelga = Chard, Swiss Chard

Achicharrar = to Burn

Acida = Sour, acid

Acompañamiento (plato de) = Side dish, , Accompaniment

Acompañamiento decorativo comestible = Garnish

Acre = Pungend, Acrid

Adelgazar = to Thin

Aderezar = to Season

Aderezo = Dressing, Seasoning

Aderezo ácido = Vinaigrette

Adobar = to Marinate

Adobo ácido = Marinade

Adornar = to Garnish, to Decorate

Adulterar = to Adulterate

Afilador = Knife Sharpener

Afilar = to Sharpen

A Fuego lento = to Simmer

Agallas (de pez) = Gills

Agallas (de animal) = Guts

Agitar = to Stir, to Toss, to Churn

Agridulce = Sweet and sour, Bittersweet

Agrio = Sour, tart, acid

Agua de la red = Tap Water

Agua Potable = Drinking Water

Agua salada = Brackish Water

Aguaturma = Jerusalem Artichoke

Aguja (carne) = Chuk (meat)

Agujerear = to Pierce

Ahogar = to Smother

Ajedrea (especia) = Savory (spice)

Ajenjo = Wormwood, Absinthe

Ají = Red pepper, Chilli

Ajíes verdes = Green Peppers

Ajilimoje = Garlic and Pepper Sauce

Ají picante = Red pepper

Ajipuerro = Wild leek

Ajo (diente de) = Garlic clove

Ajoaceite = Garlic Mayonnaise

Ajoarriero = dish prepared with cod fish,olive oil,garlic and eggs.

Ajonjoli (sésamo) = Sesame

Ajos confitados = Candied garlic

Al Ajillo = Fried with garlic

Ala (de ave) = Wing (of fowl)

Alacena = Kitchen Cupboard

Albahaca (especia) = Basil (spice)

Albóndiga = Meatball, patty

Alcaravea (especia) = Caraway seeds (spice)

Aleta (de pescado) = Fin (fish), Flipper

Alimentar = to Feed, to Nourish

Aliñar = to Dress (for salads)

Aliñar = to Season, to Flavor

Aliño para Ensaladas = Salad Dressing

Almacen = Warehouse, Grocery, Mark, Storeroom, Store

Almidón de maíz o papa = (see Maizena)

Almidón de maíz = Corn Starch

Almorzar = to have Lunch

Almuerzo de 3 platos = 3 course Lunch

Alpiste = Bird Seed

Alubia = Bean, Haricot

Al Vapor = Steamed

Amasar = to Knead

Ancas (de rana) = Frog’s legs

Anchoa (pez) = Anchovy (fish)

Anguila (pez) = Eel (fish)

Anguila (de mar) = Conger Eel

Anís (especia) = Anise (spice)

Anis estrellado = Star anise

Añal (cordero de un año) = Yearling

Aperitivo = Appetizer, Aperitif

Apetitoso = Appetizing, Savory

Aplastado = Crushed, Smashed

Apretar = to Squeeze

A punto = Just right

Arándano = Bilberry, Blueberry, Cranberry

Arándanos, pasas de = Craisins

Arce = Maple Tree

Arenoso = Gritty, Sandy

Arenque (pez) = Herring (fish)

Arenque ahumado = Kipper

Aroma = Flavor, Scent

Arrastrar = to Drag

Arreglar (poner orden) = to Arrange

Arrollado = Swiss roll

Arruinar = to Spoil

Arvejas = Peas, Sweet Peas

Asadera = Roasting Pan

Asado (plancha de) = Plate

Asado con vacío ( carne) = Plateflank (meat)

Asado de tira = Short Ribs

Asado (parrillada) = Barbeque

Asador (instrumento) = Spit

Asar = to Roast, to Grill

Asar a la parrilla = to Broil, Charbroil

Asqueroso = Yucky, Disgusting

Astillarse = to Splinter

Atado = Bunch, Bundle

Atún (pez) = Tuna, Tunny (fish)

Avena, copos de = Porridge

Avena, gachas de = Porridge

Ave de corral = Fowl, Poultry

Ayunar = to Fast

Azafrán (especia) = Saffron (spice), Crocus

Azahar = Orange Blossom

Azúcar candé = Sugar Candy

Azúcar de caña = Cane Sugar

Azúcar Impalpable = Confectioner’s Sugar

Azúcar moreno = Brown Sugar

Azúcar quemada = Caramel

Azúcar superfino = Caster Sugar

Azucarera = Sugar Bowl

Bacalao (pez) = Cod (fish)

Bagre (pez)) = Catfish (fish)

Banquete = Banquet, Feast

Bañado con azúcar = Candied

Bañar = to Baste

Baño maría = Bain-marie

Base de salsa = Roux

Batata = Yam, sweet Potato

Batido = Batter(s), Whipped, Milk Shake

Batidor = Blender, Beater, Whisk

Batidor de Alambre = Wire Whisk

Batidor de Huevos = Egg Whisk

Batir = to Whisk, to Beat, to Churn

Baya de Enebro (especia) = Juniper Berry (spice)

Bazo (de vaca) = Spleen

Beber = to Drink

Beber a Sorbos = to Sup

Bebida = Drink, Beverage

Bebida Alcohólica = Liquor

Becerro = Calf (calv)

Berberecho = Cockle( molusc)

Berenjena = Eggplant, Aubergine

Bicarbonato de sodio = Baking Soda

Bien asado = well done

Bife = Chop, Fillet

Bife = Steak, Beefsteak

Bife a la plancha = Grilled Steak

Bife ancho = Fore rib, roll

Bife angosto = Short loin, Strip loin

Bife de Cordero = Lamb Chop

Bife de costilla (c/lomo) = T-bone Steak

Bife de Lomo = Tenderloin

Bife de Lomo de ternera = Sirloin Steak

Bife de Nalga = Rump Steak

Bife de Ternera = Baby Beef

Bife de Vacío (carne) = Flank Steak

Bilis = Bile, Gall

Bizcochuelo = Sponge Cake

Bizcochuelo de capas = Trifle

Blando = Soft, Mushy, Floppy, Bland

Blanquear = to Blanch

Bocado = a Bit , Swallow

Bodega = Cave, Winery, Wine Cellar

Bofe (pulmón de animal) = Lungs (of animal)

Bola de Helado = Scoop of Ice Cream

Bola de lomo = Knuckle, Round (meat)

Bollito de almendra = Macaroon

Bollo = Bun, Roll

Bombilla = Tube (for mate)

Boniato = Sweet Potato

Bombon = Chocolate, goody

Boniato = Sweet Potato

Borbotear = to Bubble

Bramante = String, Cord

Brazuelo (carne) = Shin (meat)

Brebaje = Potion, Brew, Concotion

Breva = Early Fig

Brindar = to Toast

Brochete = Skewer, Kebab

Brote de helecho = Fiddlehead

Buey = Steer, Bullock

Buñuelos = Fritters, Doughnuts

Butifarra = Pork Sausage

Caballa (pez) = Mackerel (fish)

Cabeza, parte superior = Crown

Cabrito = Kid (Goat)

Cacerola (recipiente) = Casserole, Saucepan, Pot

Cajú, nueces de = Cashew Nuts

Calabacita = Acorn Squash

Calabaza (zapallo) = Squash, Pumpkin, Gourd

Calamar = Squid, Cuttlefish

Calcinar = to Calcine, to Burn, to Char

Caldo = Broth, Stock, Consomme

Calentar sin hervir = to Simmer

Caliente = Warm, Hot

Camarones = Shrimps, Prawns(small)

Canela (especia) = Cinnamon

Canilla de agua = Spigot, Fauset

Cangrejo de Mar = Crab

Cangrejo de Río = Crayfish

Cantina = Canteen, Buffet

Caqui = Persimmon, Kaki

Caracol (de tierra) = Snail

Caracol (de mar) = Winkle

Caracú = Bone Marrow

Caramelizar = to Caramelize

Caramelo = Candy, Caramel, Sweetie, Toffee, Bonbon

Caramelo hilado = Spun sugar

Cardamomo (especia) = Cardamom (spice)

Cardúmen(de peces) = Shoal

Carnaza (de vaca) = Clod (meat)

Carne (para comer) = Meat

Carnes (platos de.) = Meat dishes

Carne asada = Roasted Meat

Carne cruda = Raw Flesh

Carne de animal o fruto = Flesh

Carne de cerdo = Pork

Carne de ciervo = Venison

Carne de cordero = Lamb

Carne de oveja = Mutton

Carne de ternera = Veal

Carne de vaca = Beef

Carne picada = Mince, mince Meat, ground Meat

Carne cruda = Raw Flesh

Carnero (animal) = Ram

Carnero (carne de) = Mutton

Carnes (platos de ) = Meat Dishes

Carnicería = Butcher’s Shop

Carnoso = Meaty, Fleshy

Carozo = Pit, Stone

Carpa (pez) = Carp (fish)

Carpa dorada (pez) = Goldfish (fish)

Carré de Cerdo = Rack of Pork

Carré de Cordero = Rack of Lamb

Carta de Comidas ( menú) = Menu

Carta de Vinos = Wine list

Cartílago = Grisle, Cartilage

Cascanueces = Nut Cracker

Cáscara = Shell, Peel

Cáscara de huevo = Egg Shell

Casero = Home made

Casis = Blackcurrant bush, Cassis

Castaña de agua = Water Chesnut

Castaña de Cajú = Cashew nut

Catar = to Taste

Catinga = Foul Smell

Cava = Wine cellar

Cayena ,pimienta de (especia) = Cayenne (spice)

Cazuela (recipiente) = Casserole, Saucepan

Cazuela (de comida) = Casserole, Stew

Cebolla de verdeo = Spring Onion

Cena = Dinner, Supper

Cena de 4 platos = 4 course Dinner

Cena tardía = Supper

Centolla = Spider Crab

Cera de abeja = Beewax

Cerdo (carne) = Pork

Cerdo (macho y hembra) =Hog, Pig (male), Sow (female)

Cernir = to Sift, to Sieve

Cerveza Inglesa = Ale

Ceviche = Marinated raw Fish

Chaira = Sharpening Steel

Chamuscar = to Sear, to Scorch, to Singe

Chancho = Pig, Swine

Chancho (carne de) = Pork

Chantillí, crema = Whipped cream

Chauchas = Green or french Beans

Chauchas = String, Snap or runner Beans

Chicle = Chewing Gum

Chicle tipo Bazuca = Bubble Gum

Chile (pimiento) = Chili Pepper

Chilindrón = Sauce (tom.,pepper,onion)

Chimichurri = Hot Sauce

Chinchulines = Thin Bowels

Chipirón = Baby Squid

Chirimoya = Custard Apple

Choclo = Corn cob, ear corn, sweet corn

Chocolatin = Chocolate bar

Chop = Mug of Beer

Chorear = to Spout

Chorizo = Cured Pork Sausage

Chorro de líquido = Squirt

Choto (ternero) = Sucking Calf

Choto (cabrito) = young Goat

Chucrut = Sauer Kraut

Chuleta = Chop, Cutlet

Chuleta de Cerdo = Pork Chop

Chupar = to Suck

Churrasco asado a las brasas = Barbecued meat or steak

Churrasco de nalga = Rump Steak

Churro = Fritter, Cruller

Ciervo = Deer, Venison, Buck, Stag

Cigala (custáceo) = Cigala lobster, Crayfish (crustacean)

Cigala = Scami, Bay Prawn

Cilantro (especia) = Coriander (spice)

Ciruela seca = Prune

Cítricos = Citrus fruits

Clara de huevo = Egg white

Clavo de olor (especia) = Clove (spice)

Cobertura de torta = Icing

Cobertura de chocolate y crema chantilly = Ganache

Cocción = Cooking, Baking

Cocer = to Cook, to Boil, to Bake

Cochinillo = Suckling Pig

Cochino = Swine, Pig (female: Sow)

Cocina (artefacto) = Stove, Caboose, Range

Cocina (gastronomía) = Cuisine

Cocina (lugar) = Kitchen

Cocinado excesivamente = Overdone, Overcoocked

Cocinar = to Cook

Cocinar al vapor = to Steam

Coctelera = Cocktail Shaker

Codillo de cerdo = Pork Knuckle

Cogollo = Heart, Shoot

Colador = Colander, Strainer, Sieve

Colar = to Strain

Colita de cuadril = Tail of Rump

Comedor = Dining Room

Comida = Meal, Food, Lunch, Dinner

Comino (especia) = Cumin, Kummel (spice)

Compactar = to Jostle, to Compress.

to Compress = Compactar

Concentrado = Concentrate, Extract

Concha ( de molusco) = Shell

Condimentar = to Season, to Flavor

Condimento = Relish, Dressing, Condiment

Condimento = Flavoring, Seasoning

Conejo = Rabbit (fem.

When taking Garcinia cambogia capsules, you should take the capsules 30 to 60 minutes before each meal with a glass of water.

Among the FITs that are cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and available for use in the United States, the OC FIT-CHEK family of FITs (Polymedco)--which include the OC-Light and the OC-Auto--have the best test performance characteristics (ie, highest sensitivity and specificity) (USPSTF, 2016).

: Doe), Buck

Confitado = Glacé, Candied

Confitar = to Glace

Congelar = to Freeze

Congrio (pez) = Conger (fish), Eel

Consejo = Tip, Advice

Conserva = Preserves, Canned food

Conserva Frutal agridulce y picante = Chutney

Conservar = to Preserve

Contaminar = to Pollute

Coñac = Brandy, Cognac

Copa grande = Goblet

Copa de vino = Wine Glass

Copa de vino blanco = white Wine Glass

Copa de vino dulce = Sherry Glass

Copa de vino tinto = red Wine Glass

Copos de Avena = rolled Oats

Copos (de cereales,etc.) = Flakes

Corazón (de vaca) = Heart

Corazón (meollo) = Core

Cordero, Pata de = Leg of Lamb

Coriandro (especia) = Coriander

Cornalitos (pez) = Whitebait (fish)

Corral ( de aves) = Run

Corral (de cerdos, ovejas) = Pen, Coop, Cattle Yard

Cortado en cubitos = Cubed

Cortado en juliana = Julienned

Cortado en rodajas = Sliced

Cortahuevos = Egg slicer

Cortapastas = Pastry cutter

Cortar = to Slice, to cut

Cortar en dados = to Dice

Cortar en rodajas = to Slice

Cortar los vegetales = to Slit

Cortarse (la leche,etc.) = to Curdle

Corteza = Rind, Crust, Bark

Corvina (pez) = Corvina (fish), Meagre

Cosecha = Harvest, Crop, Vintage

Cosechar = to Reap

Costillar = Ribs, Rib cage

Costillas de cerdo = Spear Ribs

Costillas de vaca = Short Ribs

Crema = Cream, sour Cream

Crema Chantilly = Whipping cream

Crema Pastelera = Cofectioner’s Custard

Crêpes = Pancacke, Crepe, Hotcake

Criadilla = Testicle of animal

Crocante = Brittle, Crunchy

Crocante de almendras = Almond brittle

Croqueta = Cutlet, Croquette

Crudo = Raw, Rear, Rare, Uncooked

Crujiente = Crisp, Crispy, Crunchy

Cuadrada (de vaca) = Flat (meat)

Cuadril (de vaca) = Rump (meat)

Cuajada ( de leche de camello) = Kefir

Cuajada ( de leche de oveja) = Yogurt

Cuajada ( de leche de yegua) = Kumis

Cuajar = to Curdle

Cuarto trasero (carne) = Rump (meat)

Cubierto = Place setting (for one person)

Cubierto de ensalada = Salat Server

Cubrir = to Smother

Cuchara = Spoon, Tablespoon

Cuchara de Servir = Tablespoon

Cuchara sopera = Soup Spoon

Cucharada = Dollop, Scoop, Spoonful

Cucharita de postre = Dessert Spoon

Cucharita de té = Teaspoon ,(tsp)

Cucharón = Dipper, Ladle

Cuchilla = Big knife, Blade

Cuchillo de carnicero = Chopper

Cuchillo de cocina (grande) = Case Knife, Kitchen Knife

Cuchillo de pelar = Pring Knife

Cuchillo de pescado = Fish Knife, Fish Slice

Cuchillo para trinchar = Carving Knife

Cucurucho = Wafer, Cone, Cornet

Cultivar = to Farm, to Cultivate, to Grow

Cúrcuma (especia) = Turmeric ( spice )

Curry (especia) = Curry (spice)

Dar vuelta = to Turn over

Dátil de mar = Date shell, Date mussel

Decantar = to Pour off, to Decant

Decorar = to Garnish

Deglutir = to Swallow

Delgado = Thin, Slim

Delicioso = Delicious, Scrumptious

Denso = Dense, Thick

Derramar = to Spill, to Slash,to Pour

Derretir = to Melt, to Thaw

Desayuno tardío = Brunch

Descarozados = Pitted, Seeded

Descongelar = to Thaw, to Defrost

Descremar =to Skim

Desespinado = Boned, deboned

Desespinar = to Bone

Desespumar = to Skim

Deshidratar = to Dehydrate

Deshuesado = Boned, Boneless

Deshuesar = to Bone

Desleir = to Dilute, to Thin

Deslizar = to Slide in

Desmenuzar = to Crumble, to Flake

Desnatar = to Skim

Desollar = to Skin, to Flay

Despechugar = to Cut the Breast off

Despellejar = to Skin, to Flay

Despensa = Pantry, Storeroom, Larder

Despiezar = to Quarter, to Cut up

Desplumar = to Pluck

Destripar = to Gut (fish)

Destripar = to Disembowel (animal)

Devorar = to Rave

Diente de ajo = Garlic Clove

Diente de tenedor = Prong

Digerir = to Digest

Diluir = to Dilute, to Thin

Disolver = to Dissolve

Doblar = to Tuck, to Fold

Dorada (pez) = Gilthead Bream (fish)

Dorar = to Brown

Dorar al horno = to Gratin

Dulce (sabor) = Sweet (flavor)

Dulce (mermelada,etc.) = Preserves, Jam

Dulce de Azúcar, Manteca y Leche = Fudge

Duro = Hard, Stif, Tough

Echalotes = Scallions, shallot

Echar (volcar) = to Pour

Echar de a cucharadas = to Scoop on

Echar en forma de chorro = to Stream

Electrodoméstico = Appliance (electrical)

Embeber = to Soak up

Embridar = to Bridle

Embutido = Cold Cut, Cold Meat prossesed, Sausage Stuff

Embutir = to Stuff

Empanada = Empanada, Pasty, Pie

Empanar = to Coat in Breadcrumbs

Empanar = to Bake in Pastry

Empapar = to Soak

Empastar = to Cream

Emperador (pez) = Swordfish (fish)

Empollar = to Hatch

Empujar = to Jostle, to Push

Emulsionar = to Emulsify

Encogerse = to Shrivel

Encurtir = to Pickle

Encargar = to Order

Enebro (especia) = Juniper (spice)

Enebro, baya de (especia) = Juniper Berry (spice)

Eneldo (especia) = Dill (spice)

Enfriar = to Chill

Engrasar = to Grease, to Oil

En grano = Wholegrain

Engullir = to Gobble

Enharinar = to Sprinkle w/flour, to Dredge

Enjuagar = to Rinse

Enlatado = Canned, Jarred

Enmantecar = to Smear with Butter

Enólogo = wine Expert

Enristrar = to String together

Ensaladera = Salad Bowl

Ensartas = to Skewer

Entrada (comida) = Starter, Entrée

Entraña (de vaca) = Skirt (meat)

Entremés = Hors d’oeuvre

Entusiasmarse = to Rave

Envasado al Vacío = Vacuum-Packed

Envasar = to Pack

Envolver = to Wrap

Escabechar = to Pickle

Escaldar = to Scald

Escalfar = to Poach

Escamar = to Scale

Escanciar = to Pour, to Serve

Escarchar = to Crystallize

Escarola = Curly Endive, Escarole

Escurrir = to Drain, to Strain, to Wring

Espadarte (pez) = Swordfish (fish)

Esparcir = to Scatter

Especiero = Spice rack

Esperma de pescado = Milt

Espesar = to Thicken

Espeso = Stiff, Thick

Espetar = to Skewer

Espina =Fish Bone, Spine

Espinazo = Backbone, Spine

Espolvorear = to Sprinkle, to Dredge, to Dust

Esponjoso = Fluffy, Light, Spongy

Espuma = Foam, Scum

Espumadera = Skimmer, Slotted Spoon

Espumar = to Skim

Estante = Rack, Shelf

Estirar = to Stretch

Estofado = Stew, Hotpot

Estofar = to Stew

Estómago de ave = Gizzard

Estragón (especia) = Tarragon (spice)

Estropear = to Spoil, to Ruin

Esturión (pez) = Sturgeon (fish)

Evaporar = to Evaporate, to Vaporize

Exprés (café) = Expresso

Exprimir = to Wring, to Squeeze

Extraer = to Extract

Fábrica de Conservas = Cannery

Falda (carne) = Navel (meat), Flank of Beef

Feria a cielo abierto = Open Market

Fiambre = Cold Meat, cold Cut

Fiambre de Carne,prensado y enlatado = Corned Beef

Fideos = Noodles, Pasta

Filete (de pescado o carne) = Fillet, Steak

Film transparente = Clingfilm

Filo (del cuchillo) = Edge

Flan = Custard, Creme Caramel

Flan = Terrine, Egg Custard

Flanera = Mould (U.S.:mold)

Fonda = Boarding House

Forrar = to Line

Freidor = Deep Fryer

Freir en mucho aceite = to Deep Fry

Freir rápidamente = to Sear

Fresco = Fresh, cold, Cool

Fritura = Fried dish

Fritura con agitación simultánea = Stir-fry

Fruta Cítrica = Citrus

Frutas Secas = Dried Fruits

Frutos Carnosos = Fleshy Fruits

Fuente = Pan, Dish, Platter

Fuente de horno = Baking Sheet

Fumet = Thick Broth

Fundir = to Melt

Gachas de Avena = Porridge

Galleta de Manteca = Shortbread

Galleta Salada = Cracker

Galletita = Biscuit, Cookie

Galletita de agua = Cracker

Galletita salada = Cracker, Cream Cracker

Gallinero = Roost, Hen house

Gallo = Rooster, Cock

Gambas = Shrimps, prawns (small sice)

Gambas rebozadas = Scampi

Ganado = Cattle, Livestock

Ganso (macho) = Goose(female), (male: Gander)

Garrapiñar = to Candy

Garron (carne) = Shank (meat)

Gaseosa = Pop, Soda

Gelatina = Jello, Jelly, Aspic, Gelatine

Germen de trigo = Wheat Germ

Ginebra holandesa = Schnaps

Glacear = to Glaze

Golosina = Candy , Goody

Goloso = Tooth, Sweet tooth

Gouda = Dutch Cheese

Granada = Pomegranate, Grenade

Granero = Barn, Granary

Granja Avícola = Poultry Farm

Grasa = Fat, Fatness

Grasa de cerdo = Lard

Grasa hidrogenada = Shortening

Gratinado = Au gratin

Gratinar = to Gratin, to Cook au Gratin

Grelo = Turnip Leaf

Grueso = Coarse, Thick

Grumo = Lump, Clot

Guante de horno = Oven Glove

Guarnición (comida) = Accompaniment (food), Garnish

Guinda = Morello Cherr

Guisante = Bean, Pea

Guisar = to Stew

Guiso = Stew, Casserole

Habas = Broad Beans

Habichuelas = Green Beans

Hamburguesa = Hamburger, Beefburger

Harina = Flour, Meal

Harina común = All purpose Flour

Harina de Avena = Oatmeal

Harina de maíz = Corn Flour, Corn Meal

Harina de trigo = Wheat Flour

Harina integral = Whole Wheat Flour

Harina leudante = Self-raising Flour

Haya (madera de,) = Beech (wood)

Hecho en casa = Home made

Heladera = Fridge, ice box, refrigerator

Helado (frío) = Iced

Helado (crema helada) = Ice Cream, Sorbet

Helado con Frutas y Nueces = Sundae

Helecho = Fern, Bracken

Hervido = Boiled, Scalded

Hervido ( para pescado ) = Poached

Hervir = to Boil

Hervir por poco tiempo = to Blanch, to Scald

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