Garcinia cambogia without calcium and potassium

Garcinia cambogia without calcium and potassium
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Garcinia Cambogia with Potassium

Avocado is Rich in Potassium

A lot of people are confused about the Potassium as an additional ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia capsules. Read through to find out what exactly is this and why you shouldn’t be alarmed at all. You should be happy about it, read here why!

First of all, lets check all the ingredients in each capsule of Garcinia Cambogia Select (Yours may vary). Those are the following:

  1. 500 mg of Garcinia Cambogia Extract standardized to 50% HCA, which means you have 250mg of hydroxycitric acid per serving
  2. 41 mg of Calcium (hydroxycitrate)
  3. 58 mg of Potassium (hydroxycitrate)
  4. Vegetable Capsule

In random order, lets see what we are dealing with: first of all, Vegetable Capsule, totally harmless, the manufacturers use it because they need to put the ingredients in a carrier that can be easily swallowed. Since its made of vegetables, we don’t see anything to ad here.

The mechanism of HCA in Garcinia Cambogia was already explained here, so we won’t go into that now.

Chromium is an important mineral needed for your body, again something that you shouldn’t be alarmed about at all.

And we all are probably aware of the benefits of Calcium minerals, but just in case, here are just a few of the most common benefits:

  1. Strengthens Bones and Prevents Osteoporosis
  2. Helps Weight Loss because it promotes more fat to be burned and less fat to be stored.
  3. Helps avoid Cardio-Vascular diseases

There are many more great benefits of calcium, which we will cover later.

Finally let’s look at Potassium, what it does and why is it needed!

What is Potassium?

Potassium is a mineral found mostly in vegetable, and essential for maintaining the functions and mechanisms in nerve transmission.

These are the “messengers” of our body.

Do not accept the supplement if its seal is broken.

Potassium preserves ones body’s cell’s membrane potential, which enables nerve impulse transmission. Its ion diffusion is a key mechanism in nerve transmission, and potassium depletion in animals, including humans, results in various cardiac dysfunctions (source).

Generally this means, that potassium presence is essential for cardiac functions, that is, heartbeat.

The appropriate level of Potassium and its processing in human body is regulated by kidneys. This generally means you can’t overdose on potassium if you eat a crate full of avocados and bananas.

What is the Role of Potassium in our Body and why is it a part of Garcinia Cambogia Diet?

Potassium works with sodium (common name: salt) to maintain the body’s water balance. Under average circumstances each person takes enough of potassium with daily intake of fruits and vegetables. However, when on diet, this balance can be slightly altered, and Potassium has to be added as a supplement to prevent potassium deficiency which can cause health problems.

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Since a lot of diets work as diuretics that rid the body of salt (sodium) and water, it also causes potassium loss in urine. Adding it as a supplement prevents potassium deficiency. And it also helps the body’s absorption of HCA, since HCA is dissolved in water.

On the other hand, it is also not recommended to exceed the normal daily dosage of Potassium, because a high concetration of potassium can kill tissue and cause injury to the gastric or intestinal mucosa. This is why on-prescription supplement potassium pills are limited by law in the US to only 99 mg of potassium.

As you have seen above, this particular supplement has 58mg of Potassium per serving dose.

The most active ingredients are Garcinia Cambogia extract and other inactive ingredients are calcium, potassium and vegetable capsules.

but some one had also commented that is star anise or chakri phool.

It is also interesting to note that some diets are richer in potassium than others, and that is a thing to consider. Especially if you are prone to any kind of mineral deficiency.

What is the Recommended Dosage?

Recommendations vary by age – the older we get, the more Potassium is needed. Generally speaking, anyone who is over 19 years old can calculate the normal adult dosage of Potassium which is 4,700 mg (aka 4,7g) of Potassium.

What food contains Potassium?

Luckily there is a lot of food rich in Potassium, so their intake is recommended as well. These are, for example (no particular order): Banana, Potato, Prune juice, Orange juice, Raisins, Avocado, Chicken meat, Fish, Turkey, Spinach, Nuts, Milk etc.


Potassium is the eighth or ninth most common element by mass in the human body. A 60 kg adult contains a total of about 120 g of potassium. If you are not on a strict diet and you can east food that I mentioned above, your daily intake of potassium is not jeopardized, however, having it added to your diet with Garcinia Cambogia Select will help keeping the balance in your body, and prevent deficiency.

And even if you are on a different diet, if it is diuretic one, make sure you consult your doctor on potassium supplements.

If you want to try out Garcinia Cambogia for your weight loss, first be sure that you know what is it, and what you follow the daily recommended dose.

Should You Take Garcinia Cambogia With or Without Potassium and Calcium?

  • Lower Absorption – The body needs to absorb the chemical fully to achieve the desired benefits.

    Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, Issue 7, 2012.

    HCA is not very bioavailable and hence it won’t work for weight loss even when you consume it as prescribed. The dosage won’t suffice to your body needs fully.

  • Need for higher dose – As mentioned above, pure HCA is usually available in unstable form. This unstable form of HCA would get converted to inactive HCA lactone if not handled properly. The HCA supplements claiming to have certain percentage of pure HCA would not mention how much HCA is active out of total HCA content and that is where this supplement fails! You will require larger dose of this supplement as part of the HCA that you consume would be in inactive form.
  • It boosts your bone health and would prevent condition like osteoporosis that may occur due to depleting bone mass as a result of diet.
  • It will limit the storage of fat and also boost the burning of fat. Resultantly, it will help you get faster weight loss.
  • Cardio-vascular ailments are also controlled by maintaining the calcium levels in the body, which may go down while following strict diet regime.

Supplements Comparison

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Burn Fat Quicker & More Efficiently

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However, we strongly advice that you get checked up by your personal physician and get to know if you are fit for the HCG diet.

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All About Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Many of our readers have asked why some Garcinia Cambogia extracts are ineffective while they have same ingredients and in many cases in right proportions. Well, there is no one reason for the same. Based on our research and understanding here are some of the key reasons we can think of.

Why some Garcinia Cambogia extracts do not work?

  • Amount of HCA – One of the key reasons of success of GCE product is appropriate percentage of HCA present in it. According to Dr. Oz the minimum should be 50%. We have researched several brands and found that some have just 40% HCA. Less the HCA, less the effectiveness of the extract. So make sure when you buy yours you check this important thing.
  • No potassium and calcium – Some GCE brands do not have calcium and potassium in it. The reason why Dr. Oz recommended these is to increase bioavailability of Garcinia Cambogia extract. What this means is without these minerals GCE does not get absorbed nicely and thus its effect is not as what it should be.
  • Quality of GCE – Now this one is tough to identify. As how good the quality of the extract is depends on its origin, processing and handling etc. Not much can be said in this regard. The only thing you can do here is to buy from a reputed brand.
  • Dosage – Sometimes the recommended dosage of an extract is not good enough to make an impact. We have reviewed so many brands and found out that their recommended dosage vary.

    Hydroxycitric acid or HCA: HCA is the primary reason why garcinia cambogia is rising to fame as of late.

    Some are low and some high. We are not saying that you increase your dosage but in many cases this may as well work. But make sure you do so gradually and not too much. If you see any side effects stop it immediately.

Reasons we can control:

While there can be issues with the extract which make them inefficient another big reason Garcinia Cambogia extract may not work is because we as customers are not patient about it. It is not always and with everyone that you lose 5 pounds in a week’s time.

Another reason is that most users see this as ‘all in one solution for weight loss’. Mostly this is not the case; one still has to take care of his diet and do some physical exercise to make sure the extract actually works.

There are so many reason because of which your GCE may not give you desired results, some of them can be avoided by being careful while buying the extract and some other by being more disciplined in taking the supplement course.