Garcinia forte and cleanse plus side effects

Garcinia forte and cleanse plus side effects
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Garcinia Forte Review

Transform Your Body the Natural Way!

Garcinia Forte Review

Transform Your Body the Natural Way!

What is Garcinia Forte?

Garcinia Forte is the ideal all natural supplement to support healthy weight loss and increase your metabolism! One all vegan, gelatin-free capsule is filled with the amazing Garcinia extract, which is known for its ability to help people lose weight and feel great while doing it.

Garcinia Forte is made from the Garcinia cambogia fruit, which contains the amazing ingredient that is 60% hydroxycitric acid, or HCA.

Hydroxycitric acid works two fold to help you reach your weight loss goals. First, it helps to inhibit the production of fat cells, and secondly, it has a positive effect on serotonin levels to help induce positive emotions and responses to situations.

Many customers who struggle with their weight understand the fact that carbohydrates are so easily converted into fat within the body. Garcinia Forte stops this process and blocks the fats from being produced!

Garcinia Forte is an effective weight loss aid that provides much more than a lower number on the scale.

When taking Garcinia Forte you will also enjoy increased energy levels and a faster metabolism, among many other fabulous benefits. Here are some of the amazing benefits of thi all natural formulation:

Garcinia Forte works best when combined with the fabulous Cleanse Plus products.

Cleanse Plus is a body detoxification system that not only aids in weight loss, but also keeps the digestive system running smoothly and efficiently.

Losing weight does not need to be a challenge and you don't need to feel deprived or tired while taking off the pounds.

These highly effective and all natural products are designed to help you reach your weight loss goals while improving your overall health and helping you to feel amazing.

What is Cleanse Plus?

Cleanse Plus is a digestive support product that is designed to rid the body of toxins and other harmful organisms that take up residence in the body and wreak havoc on our health.

The all natural formulation provides a gentle means of helping the body to cleanse itself and leave you feeling lighter, more energized and better overall. Cleanse Plus is shown to:

  • Detoxify the Entire Body

The combination of Cleanse Plus and Garcinia Forte is an unstoppable team. Both products are all natural and free of harmful side effects.

They produce results unlike any other product on the market and provide the added benefit of improved health and energy levels. It's the ideal combination!

How Garcinia Forte Works?

Sadly, many people gotten used to taking chemical concoctions to assist in weight loss that don't even work. Garcinia Forte works thanks to its natural ingredients.

The chlorogenic acid found in the supplement works incredibly well to boost the metabolism and enhance weight loss. When the body converts carbohydrates into fat, it can be incredibly difficult to lose that excess body fat.

The hydroxycitric acid in Garcinia Forte stops that fat production from happening. Citrate lyase is an enzyme within the body that works to turn those carbs into fat.

Garcinia Forte slows down the citrate lyase, thus slowing down the production of fat cells! Hydroxycitric acid also plays an important role in supporting one's emotional health on their weight loss journey.

The makers behind Garcinia Forte understand how it can be frustrating and difficult to lose weight without support, which is why they have formulated these ingredients to help you. It has been shown that hydroxycitric acid promotes a natural increase in the brain's serotonin levels.

Serotonin levels play a part in determining how we feel and what we choose to eat to deal with those feelings.

An increase in serotonin leaves you feeling optimistic and excited to take control and improve your health. It is this carefully formulated ingredient blend that provides such effective and rapid results.

You will be thrilled with the way you look and feel only a short time after starting the Garcinia Forte and Cleanse Plus supplements.

How Cleanse Plus Works?

Once the colon is effectively cleaned out, weight loss becomes much easier. Cleanse Plus allows the user to take charge of their health and start to see real results in their bodies.

Cleanse Plus relies on a natural herbal formula to work its way into the colon and remove the toxic build up that may be causing health or weight concerns. As you eliminate the waste from your body, you will begin to feel renewed and lighter than ever before.

When the colon is not maintained properly, the entire body suffers. Nutrition from healthy food cannot be adequately absorbed and health may begin to deteriorate.

Cleanse Plus ensures that the body is able to get all the vitamins and minerals that it needs thanks to your own healthy food and lifestyle choices.

Award Winning Product

The desire to lose weight is one that affects people from countries all around the world. Regardless of where you live, you want a weight loss supplement that is effective, safe, natural and does not cause undesirable side effects.

Garcinia Forte, taken in combination with Cleanse Plus is the most effective and easiest means to enjoy a dramatic weight loss while feeling more energized and confident about your new body.

Why Garcinia Forte is the best Garcinia product?

Even among all the other Garcinia supplements on the shelf today, Garcinia Forte is the most effective and safest product out there.

HCA is the very key ingredient why garcinia cambogia supplements are making a massive name in the weight loss industry today.

It has the customer base that proves just how well it works, and how great the people who use it are feeling.

The combination of 60% hydroxycitric acid and all natural Garcinia Cambogia extract produces dramatic weight loss results.

Garcinia Forte is superior to other Garcinia products due to this amazing formulation or ingredients as well as the other positive attributes the provide.

Other Garcinia products do not contain the same percentage of hydroxycitric acid, therefore they will not produce the same results as Garcinia Forte. It is also important to choose a product such as Garcinia Forte that is made in a laboratory certified by GNP.

Garcinia Forte is a superior product all around. While weight loss is often the key reason that people take Garcinia Forte, they often report enjoying amazing health at the same time that they are losing weight.

Garcinia Forte customers report an increase in energy, an increased metabolism and an uplifting and optimistic outlook on their journey.

Advantages over other products

Garcinia Forte is the perfect choice for anyone looking to lose weight with the help of an all natural formula that will not cause jitters or energy crashes.

The fact that customers are encouraged to take Garcinia Forte and Cleanse Plus together is an advantage within itself. Most other products are targeted to only one specific need.

Taking both products at the same time provides incredibly results across a variety of needs. Weight loss is not the only need that is addressed when taking Garcinia Forte.

The addition of the Cleanse Plus provides digestive support and increased overall health. The combination of both products boosts energy levels and supports the weight loss challenge as a whole.

Garcinia Forte and Cleanse Plus are also a very affordable means of weight loss and energy boosting support.

There is no need to spend triple the amount on other weight loss supplements, especially when the results from Garcinia Forte and Cleanse Plus are quick and effective.

How to use Garcinia Forte and Cleanse Plus?

They have been created with ease of use in mind and customers have reported that they are pleased by the fact that they don't need to devote a large portion of their time to this process.

Your time is valuable, so it is important that taking your weight loss supplement is as quick and simple as possible. You don't even need to refrigerate your capsules as it is perfectly fine to store them at room temperature.

Garcinia Forte and Cleanse Plus are ideal for most people seeking a weight loss supplement. There are, however, a few people for whom these supplements will not be appropriate for.

Do not take Garcinia Forte or Cleanse Plus if you are pregnant or nursing, are under the age of 18 or have a health condition that may be counter indicative to these products.

In order to see optimal results from your Garcinia Forte and Cleanse Plus regimen, here are some tips that you may wish to follow:

  1. Eat a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables

When taking Garcinia Forte and Cleanse Plus supplements, you will be taking 2 capsules each day. Try to take them around the same time each day for the best results.

There are many satisfied customers who report their happiness with taking 1 capsule in the morning with breakfast and 1 in the evening with their dinner.

Capsules should be taken with a full glass of water and can be taken with or without food. It is important to maintain a regular schedule of supplementation in order to gain the most effective results and rapid weight loss.

The full 2 capsules should be taken every day of the week, without missing any days. Since the supplements do not have any side effects, it is fine to take them at any time of the day that is convenient for you and will help you remember to take them.

They can easily be transported to take at work or even while commuting. Taking Garcinia Forte and Cleanse Plus will lead to incredible results and leave you feeling amazing.


The GNP certification that their labs carry maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. The makers behind Garcinia Forte and Cleanse Plus only trust their products in the hands of these highly respected laboratories.

You can trust that every bottle of Garcinia Forte you purchase has been made with the utmost of care and produced according to incredibly high standards.

They are truly the highest quality products with the best quality ingredients available.


Hearing from real people who have tried these products is the best way to get to know just how great your results can be. Here are some comments from Garcinia Forte and Cleanse Plus customers:

"When I wasn't able to get off the couch to play ball with my kids I knew it was time for a change. Within weeks of starting the Garcinia Forte I had dropped enough weight to be more comfortable moving around and I feel better every single day." - Andy-Boston

"I love the fact that my weight loss efforts are combined with a natural body detox.

In this Article In this Article In this Article Garcinia cambogia, a tropical fruit also known as the Malabar tamarind, is a popular weight-loss supplement.

Patients administered the extract exhibited weight loss and improvement in cholesterol and triglycerides when compared with the placebo group.

For the first time in a really long time, I'm taking care of myself and am looking and feeling great!" - Sue-Pittsburgh

"I have tried literally every weight loss product out there. None of them worked and they all made me feel shaky and weird. until Garcinia Forte! Since starting it, I have finally been able to shed the weight and feel great at the same time. Fabulous product!" - Linda-New Jersey

"After reading about Garcinia Forte I decided to give it a try to lose the last stubborn 15 pounds that I just couldn't shake on my own. I am thrilled with the results and look forward to seeing even more pounds melt away." - Jane from United Kingdom

"I used to feel too full and bloated after every meal. Needless to say, I am ecstatic that since starting the Cleanse Plus along with the Garcinia Forte, I have seen my post-meal discomfort completely disappear. I can eat comfortably and am enjoying the changes I see within my body." - Joe-London

"These products are easy to take and easy to order. I love that I can order online and they're shipped right to my door. No battling traffic or the stores, and I'm feeling great!" - Nella-Florida

"When my doctor recommended that I lose weight, I remembered hearing great things about Garcinia Forte, so decided to try it. Well, that was over a year ago! I am currently at a healthy weight and feel so wonderful." - Henry-Los Angeles

"I was interested in doing a full body cleanse, but didn't like the idea of drinking only liquids for days on end. The Cleanse Plus supplements were the perfect solution! I feel great, my stomach feels amazing and I will continue to take this wonder product." - Josh-Chicago

"I feel like I'm really taking care of myself by taking the Cleanse Plus with the Garcinia Forte together. I've always had digestive issues and nothing else has helped prior to taking this combo. I'm losing weight and feeling amazing." - Chris Iverson from USA

Don’t believe the LIES about Garcinia Cambogia

Popular, but…

For more than a decade Garcinia Cambogia has been included in various weight loss products, but exploded in popularity in 2012 when Dr Julie Chen talked about it on the Dr Oz TV show.

Unfortunately, there is an avalanche of faulty information about Garcinia Cambogia on the web that we attempt to clean up here.

What The Research Says?

Several studies on rats have demonstrated significant weight loss, belly fat reduction, and lowered blood glucose levels (4, 5, 6).

We looked at all the randomized, double-blind clinical studies on humans. Some we excluded were either too short (2 weeks), used too small a dose, or had other flaws such as a low fat, high carb diet which researchers believe had a negative impact on the results.

This chart shows the results from the most relevant clinical studies on Garcinia Cambogia, encompassing 307 participants (7,8,9,10).

All of these were Double Blind,Randomized Controlled Trials, with subjects given Garcinia Cambogia or Placebo over 8-12 weeks.

The average for these 4 studies was 4.1 pounds lost vs 1.7 for those taking Placebo.

It should be noted that studies #3 and 4 used the highest dosages of 2800 mg daily, and showed the greatest amount of weight loss compared to placebo.

Studies #1 and 2 showed the least amount of weight loss benefit, and also used the lowest amount of Garcinia Cambogia, at 1200 mg per day.

Conclusion: The average for the 4 relevant clinical studies on humans showed weight loss of 3 pounds more than placebo. Studies that used higher doses of HCA recorded more weight loss.

Choose a Reputable Supplier

What brand of Garcinia Cambogia should you Buy?

You really need to read the label. Many brands are pushing inferior products. If they don’t show you the label, chances are they are trying to push you some crappy, useless stuff and don’t want you to realize it until you take it and don’t get any results.

Always Look for the HCA!

HCA, or hydroxycitric acid, is the active ingredient. You need to make sure it has at LEAST 60% HCA in it – Higher is better. Also check to make sure they don’t use a lot of added ingredients – especially if they’re hard to read, nearly impossible to pronounce ingredients.

What We Recommend

We’ve looked at all the leading brands sold on Amazon. There are several that are good, and dozens that are garbage.

Reasons why we recommend it:

  • Has 90% HCA!
  • No filler ingredients – all natural only
  • 600mg per capsule
  • Has been PROVEN to be effective
  • Has NO additives, fillers and other low-quality ingredients

Garcinia Cambogia

90% HCA 600 mg 90 V-caps

Garcinia Cambogia (3pk)

90% HCA 600 mg 90 V-caps

Pharmaceutical Companies Hate Garcinia Cambogia

According to this article in Washington Post, it cost between $800 million and $2.6 BILLION to bring a new prescription drug to market.

Once they start clinical trials, the pharmaceutical company only has 20 years of patent protection to recoup that cost, so they have to charge exorbitant prices to make that back and pay their shareholders a good return on their investment.

Of course they don’t want potential customers to think a natural product that cost a tiny fraction of what they charge can be effective at all.

Hence pharmaceutical manufacturers often fund research studies they hope will cast the competition in a bad light.

Fat Production Prevention Whenever you eat carbohydrates, your body converts them into energy.

A few million dollars to fund a study on a competitor is nothing compared to the billions it cost to develop a drug.

For example, this meta-review that examines existing clinical studies on Garcinia Cambogia is funded by GlaxoSmithKline, the manufacturer of the prescription weight loss pill Orlistat, marketed under the name Alli.

For reference, Alli cost $60 for 120 capsules! The literature claims it can block 25% of the fat you eat from being absorbed.

Not surprisingly, the research they pay for often finds mixed results, with some studies showing positive effects for Garcinia Cambogia and some not.

The academic editor for that meta review was also the lead author for a few of the studies that found Garcinia to be ineffective. He also was the lead author for several studies that showed positive results for Orlistat (1,2,3).

Conclusion: Big Pharma spends hundreds of millions of $$$ funding research to cast doubt on the effectiveness of natural weight loss products like Garcinia Cambogia.


Garcinia Cambogia is somewhat unique in that there are 2 pathways the HCA utilizes to help with weight loss

1. It May Help Reduce Hunger

Studies with rats have shown those given Garcinia Cambogia tend to eat less than those in the control group(11, 12).

How it works isn’t fully known, but those studies seem to indicate it increases levels of serotonin in the brain. (13, 14).

Likewise, some clinical studies with humans has shown it tends promote feeling of satiety (fullness), so you eat less. (15, 16, 17, 18, 19).

Serotonin is the “feel good” hormone that promotes feelings of satisfaction and is well known to be an appetite suppressant. (20).

Those studies are in contrast to some others that found no benefit for suppressing appetite vs those given placebo. (21, 22, 23, 24). Its not clear why studies have shown such a difference and more study is needed.

Conclusion: Some studies have shown garcinia cambogia increases serotonin to suppress appetite, but there have been other studies that could not replicate this effect.

2. It May Block Fat Production and Reduce Belly Fat

The effect HCA has on fatty acids in the bloodstream is the most important factor in its ability to aid weight loss.

Human and animal studies has shown HCA helps lower levels of triglycerides in the blood, reducing the oxidative stress throughout the body. (25, 26, 27, 28, 28).

It is even more attractive as a weight loss aid as it helps reduce belly. (29).

Another study gave moderately obese individuals 2,800 mg of garcinia cambogia daily for eight weeks (30).

After completion, participants had dramatically lower markers of metabolic disease such as:

  • 6.3% LOWER Total cholesterol levels
  • 12.3% LOWER LDL (the “bad”) cholesterol levels
  • 10.7% HIGHER HDL (the “good”) cholesterol levels
  • 8.6% LOWER Blood triglycerides

This is due to the inhibition of the enzyme citrate lyase, which signals the production of fat in the body (32, 33, 34, 35, 36).

By inhibiting citrate lyase, garcinia cambogia is thought to slow down or block fat production in the body. This may reduce blood fats and lower the risk of weight gain, two major disease risk factors (37).

Conclusion: Garcinia cambogia blocks the production of new fats in the body, and has been shown to lower cholesterol levels and blood triglycerides in overweight people.


Animal and test-tube studies suggest that garcinia cambogia may also have some anti-diabetic effects, including (38, 39, 40):

  • Decreasing insulin levels
  • Decreasing leptin levels
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Improving blood sugar control
  • Increasing insulin sensitivity

Garcinia cambogia may also have benefits for the digestive system. Animal studies have suggested it helps protect against stomach ulcers and reduce damage to the inner lining of the digestive tract (41, 42).

However, these effects need to be studied further before firm conclusions can be drawn.

Conclusion:Garcinia Cambogia may help lower blood sugar levels and increase insulin sensitivity to combat diabetes

Side Effects

Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS)

Garcinia Cambogia is recognized as GRAS by the FDA, meaning it has

been adequately shown to be safe under the conditions of its intended use.

There have been several studies to test the effectiveness of these products and in these controlled quantities there were no significant side effects.

This meta-analysis examined all published research on Garcinia Cambogia, and found garcinia to be free from any major side effects when taken at dosages up to 2800 mgs per day (with 60% HCA)

At least 15 clinical studies involving approximately 900 patients document mild adverse reactions.

HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid) An ideal product must contain a minimum of 50% HCA to deliver meaningful results.

Most adverse reactions included headache, dizziness, dry mouth, and GI complaints such as nausea and diarrhea.

Who Should Not Take


It IS safe for most people. But there are a few cases where you wouldn’t want to take it:

Garcinia Cambogia boosts serotonin levels in the brain (which triggers the satisfied, full feeling that helps suppress appetite).

For this reason, it is not advised for patients with neurological disorders such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons, or other forms of dementia.


Dr Harry Preuss is a researcher and pathologist at Georgetown University past president of the American College of Nutrition who has led 2 of the studies on HCA that showed the best results (43,44).

You have to take the right dose of the right product, and you have to take it properly.

– Dr Harry Preuss

The 4 studies that were included in the meta-analysis referenced above noted that 1 to 2.8 grams daily were used in testing, and that 2.8 grams seemed more effective (45)

Different studies that have been performed to focus on side effects found no major side effects at dosages up to 2.8 grams daily (46).

Dosage recommendations from those studies are:

  • 500 to 1000mg capsules
  • 70% or higher HCA
  • 3 times a day
  • 30-60 minutes before meals
  • taken with 8 ounces of water

70% HCA means that the manufacturer has standardized the extract to be 70% Hydroxycitric Acid by volume.

50-60% was the highest purity commercially available until recently, so has been the standard used for testing.

The higher percentage provides more total HCA per capsule, but is not more effective otherwise.

In other words, the higher HCA % is not “better”, you just need less of it.

For proper dosage, you should lower the quantity if you use a product with HCA % higher than the 60% used in studies.

For example, the maximum recommended dosage of 3 grams per day of a 60% HCA product would yield 1800 mg of pure HCA – the same as 2 grams of 90% HCA.


3,000 mg x 60% HCA = 1800mg pure HCA

2,000 mg x 90% HCA = 1800mg pure HCA

With any popular diet product, there are lots of scams that sell crappy product at ridiculous prices, and some that disappear with your money.

It is becoming more common now with Garcinia, so beware, and read some of our reviews of brands like Ultra, Extreme, Purely Inspired, Miracle, Whole Body, Natural, and Pure Garcinia Cambogia.

Amazon is super convenient, and great at making sure you get what you order. But they don’t do anything to ensure the quality of a product.

Any brand that just popped up yesterday and will be gone tomorrow is NOT concerned with quality.


There are now dozens of new “Brands” of Garcinia Cambogia sold on Amazon that just make up a name and throw a label on some garbage product. And, they LIE about what is in the bottle!

The following quote is directly from the Dr Oz website where they warn about such deceptive marketing.

Sold Only On Web? Beware!

Our experience at with herbal weight loss supplement suggests that you are more likely to get a bad product if it is sold only on web. Products sold in stores can also have problems (we have uncovered many), but this is less likely, probably because there is an extra layer of scrutiny by stores when deciding what they will carry, and the consequences of selling a bad product may be greater, for example, for a national retail chain, than a small web business. Products sold in mail catalogs also tend to have fewer problems than those sold only on the web. If you’re interested a supplement sold exclusively online, be particularly careful.

This doesn’t mean all products sold on Amazon are bad. It just warns that products sold ONLY on Amazon are a much higher risk for being very poor quality.

Conclusion: Beware any Brand or Product that is sold exclusively online and not in a brick in mortar store. Those that exist only on Amazon and do not even have a website of their own are very likely to sell a very poor quality product.

Choose a Reputable Supplier

What brand of Garcinia Cambogia should you Buy?

You really need to read the label. Many brands are pushing inferior products. If they don’t show you the label, chances are they are trying to push you some crappy, useless stuff and don’t want you to realize it until you take it and don’t get any results.

Always Look for the HCA!

HCA, or hydroxycitric acid, is the active ingredient.

It happens since it works both reducing fat and preventing fat accumulation back.

You need to make sure it has at LEAST 60% HCA in it – Higher is better. Also check to make sure they don’t use a lot of added ingredients – especially if they’re hard to read, nearly impossible to pronounce ingredients.

What We Recommend

We’ve looked at all the leading brands sold on Amazon. There are several that are good, and dozens that are garbage.

Read our review on Garcinia Forte & Cleanse Plus. Do they work and are there any side effects? Garcinia Cambogia And Colon Cleanse Combo Diet - Garcinia Forte And Cleanse Plus Garcinia Cambogia And Colon Cleanse Combo Diet Side Effects Of Garcinia Reviews: K. How can a combined garcinia cambogia and colon cleanse diet possibly help? there are NO significant side effects to detox plus. Nor to the combo pack with.

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Garcinia Forte & Cleanse Plus

There are numbers of factors in play when it comes to healthy, natural weight loss programs. One may argue that there is no big secret in it: That is a fact! So if everything is so easy and understandable, how come, that many of us are still not losing weight properly?

The answer might be closer than you think. Because it is harder to get rid of those toxic agents without proper help. Exercise and proper diet are already a good step in detoxifying our system, but it is often the case that it is not enough.

Detox Plus Colon Cleansing System. It also helps cleansing the liver and intestines, which gets good overall results. Then it will regulate it back to normal but without the leftovers. It is recommended that you take the supplement for three 3 months the longest, and then make at least a month of pause. It helps relieving your body from both toxins that are stored there for who knows how long, as well as helping Garcinia work better in shedding fat.

This kind of dual formulation is not a new concept in weight loss. It has been around for a while and works with other supplements too. You should read the proper dosage on the label. Since you will be using a combination of a fat burner and a colon cleaning agent, it is safer to start with the minimum dosage at first, and see how that works out for you. Never exceed the recommendations as they might not have an effect at all, and also, they might cause more rapid bowel movements, diarrhea and other unwanted effects.

According to the colon cleanse reviews I have found, there are NO significant side effects to detox plus. Nor to the combo pack with Garcinia Cambogia.

However, some people reported to have experienced negative side effects with colon cleansing supplements: Others reported minor stomach irritation, all that passes after a day or two. That being said, it is very hard to determine how your body will react to the cleansing formula. Since everyone has an unique digestive system, metabolism, sometimes the best we can do is just to try it out.

If you know that you have stomach problems, too fast metabolism, frequent bowel movement this might not be the right decision for you. If you experience any problem such as pain, loose stool, diarrhea then you should either lower the dosage or stop taking it, and it would be probably the best if you consult your physician. Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; text-decoration: Click Here to Leave a Comment Below 7 comments.

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