Garcinia tablets boots

Garcinia tablets boots
A study that was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that GC used for 12 weeks (1,500 milligrams dosage) “failed to produce significant weight loss and fat mass loss beyond that observed with placebo.” (2) The conclusion of the meta-analysis regarding garcinia cambogia?

Garcinia tablets boots

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Garcinia Cambogia + Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss Combo (1-, 2-, or 3-Pack)

  • Designed to block citrate lyase, an enzyme your body uses to store fat
  • May increase levels of serotonin in the brain, helping you feel less hungry and avoid emotional eating
  • 1- or 3-pack of 60ct. bottles
  • Serving size: 2 tablets
  • Supplement facts

For post-purchase inquiries, please contact customer support.

Kandigloss Blog

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My Weightloss Journey – The Beginning

So those of you who follow my blog will know that it’s been a while since I posted anything on here. The main reason for that is that I’ve been busy after having baby Jack who is 4 months old! Looking after him and my 2 year old Eva takes up a lot of my time these days!! It really is full on but I love being a mammy and all it brings 😊 Makeup has taken a bit of a back seat for me for a while now. While I do still love it and will keep updating my blog and social media with reviews and looks etc., I have decided to take a bit of a new direction with my blog and use it to document my new “project” which is…my weightloss/body transformation journey!

After having 2 babies in 2 years, it’s really taken its toll on my body and I just want to feel good about myself again! Also, while I was pregnant both times, I developed Gestational Diabetes which is a type of diabetes you only get while pregnant. I was put on a special diet, had to restrict carbs and sugars and take medication including injecting insulin and regularly checking my blood sugars and well, it wasn’t a nice experience to say the least! It really opened my eyes to how the way you eat and also how your lifestyle choices can really affect your health. The diabetes went after I gave birth both times and I was back to normal afterwards but I was shocked to learn that I had a 60% chance of developing Type 2 diabetes within the next few years if I don’t overhaul my diet & lifestyle!! With 2 small kids depending on me, that’s a scary prospect and I knew I didn’t want to ever go back to checking my blood sugars and injecting insulin so if that wasn’t motivation to change my ways I don’t know what was.

So what am I doing? Well first of all I’ve started keeping an eye on my food intake, I’m trying to follow a low GI (low carb/sugar) diet which was what I did while pregnant and I actually ended up weighing less afterwards than I did before I got pregnant! So it obviously works for me. Though I won’t lie and pretend it’s easy, I have a real sweet tooth as well as an addiction to Costa Coffee!! To try and keep That under control I’ve downloaded MyFitnessPal and every day I track my food and exercise and I find it really helps me to see where I’m going wrong or doing well and it motivates me to make better food choices.

Also I’ve gone back to my TRX training and I do 2 classes there a week. One bootcamp style class and one that focuses on strength and resistance training. At the moment with the two kids, it can be hard to fit in the 4 or 5 sessions that I need to do per week to see results so I supplement my training by doing another 2/3 training sessions at home.

Make sure that the eggs are warm and the butter is hot when you mix it.

The way this works best for me at the moment is to do a HIIT (High Intensity Interval training) session on YouTube when I can. I usually only have 20/30 mins max to do this and most times I have to entertain either the baby or toddler, or both at the same time so it can be a challenge but it’s not impossible! I feel great after I do it though and it sets me up for the day. I follow The Body Coach Channel as well a few others for this type of workout but I will do a separate blog post about this again if you are interested 😊

In a couple of weeks I’m going to be doing a 6 week program in my gym and will update my progress regularly here and on my social media. I find Snapchat so handy for quick updates so I’ll be doing progress updates every Monday. If you’re on there, go and give me a follow! My username is Kandigloss 😊

Hopefully you’ll be seeing less of me very soon!

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

With Mothers Day falling this Sunday 6 th March, you’re probably trying to decide what to get your Mammy (or even as a hint to your other half!) to show her how much you care. You can’t really go wrong with cosmetics and what Mammy doesn’t love a bit of pampering or some nice new Makeup?

I’ve listed a few things here to make life a bit easier when trying to pick the perfect present!

Spa Day – Rainforest Spa, Summerhill House Hotel, Co. Wicklow

Range of prices, check their website

I can’t recommend The Rainforest Spa in The Summerhill House Hotel enough. Set in the Wicklow mountains, you can take in the beautiful scenery as you get pampered and when you’re done with your treatment, you can even order afternoon tea as a special treat! Of course you can’t send your Mam there on her own, you just have to go with her and make a girls day out of it, sure you both deserve it!

Create the spa effect at home by buying your Mam some good quality skincare as a treat and for this, you can’t go wrong with REN products. I think their anti-ageing line is particularly good and I know I would appreciate getting that as a gift! I’ve been trying out their Instant Firming Beauty Shot (€48, below) which is a gel-serum that instantly firms, lifts and plumps the skin to leave it looking dramatically smoother, tighter and more youthful and I have to say it is fab.

Another great product to use with this for a firmer looking skin is the Instant Brightening Beauty Shot for eyes (€40, below) This gel-serum dramatically reduces dark circles, puffiness and the appearance of fine lines around the eye. When you apply it, you can instantly feel its firming effects. You can apply it under or over makeup too which is great. These are definitely products your Mam would love!

Boots No7 Protect and Perfect intense Advanced Collection

Introducing the Protect and Perfect intense ADVANCED Collection. This gift set contains a complete anti-ageing skincare regime to visibly improve deep lines and wrinkles for younger looking skin and is less than half the normal price. In the set you get 4 skincare products: No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Day Cream, No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Night Cream, No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum and No7 Youthful Eye Serum.

You should always speak with your doctor before you start, stop, or change any prescribed part of your care plan or treatment.

Many outlets have done research comparing Green Coffee vs.

So it’s an absolute bargain!

Clarins Essentials Eyeshadow Palette

I love a good eyeshadow Palette, particularly when it’s made up of colours you would actually use! For that reason I have to include the Clarins Essentials Palette (€43) which includes 10 gorgeous, wearable eye colours with a perfect mix of matte and satin finishes. It’s ideal for a light daytime look and then you can smoke it out using the darker colours for a more dramatic smoky eye. It also comes with a handy little double ended brush to apply the shadows. This palette has you covered from day to night, for all occasions.

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup

Nothing screams “luxury treat” like something from Charlotte Tilbury. The packaging on all her products is just devine and more importantly, the products are just fab. I love her Wonderglow base (€49, below) which gives the most beautiful glowing base to your makeup. You can apply this on its own for a youthful glow or mix it with your foundation to give a beautiful dewy finish to the skin.

I also love her lipsticks and again, the packaging is aaaamazing!! “Bitch Perfect’ is a gorgeous peachy nude colour which would suit most people and it’s €30

I love the smell of these candles and they are a real luxury, something you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself but that you would appreciate getting as a gift! Of course they are pricey and candles are not for everyone, but if you know it’s something your Mam would love then why not treat her!

Makeup Lesson with Kandigloss Makeup

Last but not least I have to mention that as a Makeup Artist I often get people asking me to show them how to apply makeup or master a smoky eye and I have to say that a private makeup lesson is the best way to do this. So why not treat your Mam or even yourself?! (if you get your other half to buy one for you!)

  • Show you what foundation suits you and how to apply your base for lasting results
  • Show you what colours suit your eyes or how to master a specific look, e.g. smoky eyes, makeup for an interview/work, going out makeup, Lashes etc.
  • Show you what essential brushes you need to have to create a professional look
  • Lesson is completely hands on as I do one side of your face and guide you as you do the other yourself
  • I will go though your makeup bag and show you how to use products or recommend which ones suit or don’t suit you.
  • I give you a written guide with all products used and recommended for you and step by step instructions so you can feel confident doing it at home.
  • I can also recommend products for you to buy for yourself that will suit you specifically

You will feel 100% confident doing your own makeup and I will let you in on all my little tips and tricks to help you look and feel amazing 🙂

For more information email me at or send me a message on Facebook

Clarins Joli Rouge Lipsticks & Lipliner review

So a couple of weeks ago I was sent two lipsticks from the Clarins “Joli Rouge” range to try, along with some gorgeous natural coloured lipliners.

Because of the potentcy of our product, that is a suffient daily amount for the average person wishing to lose weight.

I was super excited to try these out because I know that the quality is really good – I wore one of these lippies on my wedding day!

First up is this beautiful light pink colour 715 Candy Rose which as you can see is the perfect shade of pink with a light shimmer to it. I love this pink and have wore it endlessly since I got it as it’s a perfect daytime colour and it looks really lovely on.

Next is the amazingly fab 742 Jolie Rouge which is the ultimate in luxurious red lippies! I LOVED this one, apart from the fact that it’s so comfortable to wear (I’ll get to that more in a bit) it really packs a punch and I love how it looks on.

In the whole collection there are a whopping 25 shades to choose from so you are bound to find the right colour for you. These lipsticks are so easy to wear, they glide on effortlessly for quick easy application and you get maximum colour with just the one swipe. Plus they are super moisturising so feel really comfortable on and have the shiny finish of a gloss rather than a lipstick which I love. They lasted well on me, they don’t claim to be a long lasting lipstick so you do have to top up but I found myself doing that through the day anyway as they felt so nice on. Plus they smell really fruity, like berries! I always want my lip products to smell good so that’s a bonus! 🙂 Oh and I’m also loving the shiny gold packaging which makes them look really stylish in your makeup bag 😉

They are available for €22 in all Clarins outlets including larger Boots stores and although that may seem pricey, they are well worth it. As I said, I wore one of these lipsticks for my wedding and they are just perfect for that!

Now, while we’re here, can we also talk about these fab lipliners from the same range which are actually designed to match your own skintone rather than the actual colour of the lipstick you are wearing, how clever is that?!

It makes total sense to match your natural lip colour rather than your lipstick as you’ll get the most natural result and you can even slightly overdraw your own lipline for a fuller lip without looking like Kylie Jenner gone wrong!

There are 4 shades in total and they are designed to go with any lipstick shade you choose so you just buy the one that suits you. The formulation on these are super smooth and blendable and they don’t drag or bleed and look really natural. I totally love these and have been using them a lot on my clients with all colours of lipsticks and they’re worked brilliant. These are priced at €17.50 and again available from all Clarins outlets including larger Boots stores.

What do you think of these? Will you be trying them out? Let me know 🙂

Forever Living Fleur de Jouvence Mask Powder & Aloe Activator

When my skin is not looking or feeling it’s best, I find that applying a good mask will perk it right up and change the whole condition of my skin. I’ve been trying quite a few products from Forever Living lately and I heard great things about this mask which is nicknamed “botox in a bottle” so I thought I’d have me some of that!

The Mask Powder is a unique combination of rich ingredients chosen for their special properties to condition the skin and cleanse the pores while also smoothing, cleansing and tightening the appearance of your skin.

Soni MG, Burdock GA, Preuss HG, Stohs SJ, Ohia SE, Bagchi D.

It blends with the Aloe Activator to create a thin mask for easy application to the face and neck. Albumen and corn starch provide drawing and tightening properties, while kaolin absorbs excess oils. Allantoin and chamomile help to soothe, calm condition and rejuvenate the skin.

The mask itself smells really nice and the activator also contains Forever’s signature ingredient – Aloe which is actually really good for the skin. Being Irish, you will probably know that Aloe is a main ingredient in aftersun lotions and soothing gels because of it’s ability to heal and nourish the skin. It can be absorbed a whopping 7 layers deep into the skin to really work on plumping those new skin cells so that when they reach the surface they are well conditioned and nourished, resulting in great looking skin 🙂

There’s a bit of a process to applying this but the results are great so it’s totally worth it.

  • Firstly take a teaspoon of the mask powder and add another teaspoon of the liquid Aloe Activator and blend vigourously to form a paste as above
  • Then apply to your skin – I found using a foundation brush to apply was better than just your fingers as you could spread it more evenly
  • Once it’s on your skin, you’re supposed to rest and leave it to do its thing for 30 mins
  • You will feel it harden and feel really tight on your skin, don’t panic! It’s supposed to work like that and you should limit your face movement, so no laughing! (as much as you will want to because you’ll look super attractive like me below 😀 )

The lengths I go to for this blog…

So after 30 mins I took a face cloth and soaked it in warm water which I then used to remove the mask. It was so hard on my skin I thought I’d have to really soak it for a while but it came right off. My skin was shining afterwards and felt so smooth and rejeuvinated and you can really see that in the pic below.

My skin felt really firm afterwards, even after I moisturised and it was super smooth which provided a great base for my makeup, it just glided on the next day! I will be using this mask once a week from now on because it’s so good at rejeuvinating the look and texture of the skin and it didn’t break me out which I was happy about!

Overall I can highly recommend it and it would be especially good for older or ageing skin as it tightens and firms the skin and with regular use this will really help.

You can buy this from any Forever Living distributor or if you don’t know of one contact me and I can put you onto someone so just contact me on my Facebook page or email The mask powder costs €19.96 and the Aloe Activator costs €14.02

What do you think, would you use this yourself?

Sleek Makeup Matte Me Lip Creams

Today’s post is a review of these fab new Matte Me liquid cream lipsticks from Sleek Makeup. They are a “liquid lipstick” with a completely matte finish. I saw them in Boots and because I’m loving the trend for a more matte lip finish, I decided to pick up two of them.

The first one I got is this gorgeous nude shade in the colour Birthday Suit.

cambogia contains iron and thus may have additive adverse reactions for patients taking medications for anemia.

Although it’s nude in colour, it doesn’t completely wipe out the colour of your lips. I really love the colour of it, it kind of reminds me of the Kylie Jenner look that every girl wants at the moment!

Birthday Suit swatch

Kylie Jenner’s nude lip

The second colour is called Fandango Purple and this is a real showstopper! I don’t tend to go towards purple toned lip colours myself but I have tried them on some of my makeup clients and they look amazing! I think I’m converted though, I LOVE this!

Fandango Purple Swatch

They both feel surprisingly comfortable on your lips, I thought they would look dry and feel tight and uncomfortable but no, once I applied and let the liquid dry on my lips, the colour came out really even and I didn’t feel like I had anything on. Now, obviously I had to prep my lips by exfoliating (I find doing that with an old toothbrush is best) and applying a lip balm. If your lips are chapped you wouldn’t get a great finish on these, as they are not meant to be moisturising. Also, they lasted so long! I went out for the day with my friend and I was eating, drinking and chatting for Ireland & the colour didn’t budge for ages! I did notice a bit of fading near the inside of my lips after a few hours but I just reapplied like I would have with any other lip product anyway.

Overall I can highly recommend these and will definiately be picking up more of them, and they are a much cheaper alternative to the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks which I also love but cost a bomb! These are a very budget friendly, €6.49 and are available in larger Boots stores.

Vitamins & minerals health centre

Flaxseed is a popular traditional food and remedy, as flaxseed and flaxseed oil, or linseed oil, contain alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an omega-3 fatty acid.

Why do people take flaxseed?

Linseed is an ingredient in traditional herbal remedies registered with the medicines regulator MHRA for the short-term relief of constipation.

There are no authorised health claims for flaxseed, but some research suggests it may have some possible health benefits.

Ground flaxseed - but not flaxseed oil - may also help with menopausal symptoms. Research has shown that 40 grams per day may be similar to hormone therapy for improving mild menopause symptoms, such as hot flushes and night sweats. However, another study found no benefits of flaxseed in relieving menopausal symptoms.

Some study results suggest flaxseed may improve kidney function in people with lupus, but more research is needed. If you have lupus - or any other medical condition - it's very important to talk to your doctor about any supplements you take.

Flaxseed is being studied for many other conditions, ranging from cancer to diabetes to osteoporosis. At this point, there is not enough evidence to support flaxseed for these conditions.

How much flaxseed should you take?

There is no set dose for flaxseed. Flaxseed must be ground prior to ingestion or it won’t be able to provide benefits for the health conditions described. Ask your doctor or a dietitian for advice.

Flaxseed can be mixed with liquid or food, such as muffins or bread.