Green garcinia pro phone number

Green garcinia pro phone number
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Green Garcinia Pro – Natural Appetite Suppressant

Green Garcinia Pro is a new diet pill that contains garcinia cambogia extract to help suppress your appetite and encourage natural weight loss. Here’s our review.

What is Green Garcinia Pro?

Green Garcinia Pro is a diet pill that uses garcinia cambogia as its active ingredient. Garcinia cambogia is a trendy Southeast Asian fruit prized for its weight loss benefits. Although those weight loss benefits haven’t been definitively proven in any major study to date, garcinia cambogia remains one of the most popular diet pill ingredients on the market today.

Green Garcinia Pro claims to deliver high levels of garcinia cambogia into your system, helping you maximize weight loss without dieting or exercise.

To do that, Green Garcinia Pro contains 60% HCA, which is the highest level of HCA you’ll find in a diet pill.

Green Garcinia Pro also claims to contain all natural ingredients with no preservatives and no chemical additives.

This supplement is exclusively available to Canadian residents: the offer is not available to US residents.

Lowers Blood Cholesterol Levels Since garcinia cambogia HCA ability to stop citrate lyase enzyme, it has shown to be effective in lowering blood cholesterol.

Green Garcinia Pro is also made entirely in Canada according to he manufacturer.

Does that sound too good to be true? Let’s take a closer look at how Green Garcinia Pro works.

How Does Green Garcinia Pro Work?

Green Garcinia Pro works by using 60% HCA garcinia cambogia extract. That extract has been linked to moderate weight loss results in a small number of studies that have been performed over the years.

For example, one study involving 150 obese patients saw significant reductions in cholesterol after 4 weeks of taking garcinia cambogia daily. Those patients took 55mg of garcinia cambogia extract along with 240mg of chitosan and 19mg of chrome.

It’s important to note that even in this study, garcinia cambogia wasn’t linked to any actual weight loss: it was linked to a reduction of other symptoms, like high cholesterol, but it’s never been definitively linked to weight loss results.

Despite the lack of major scientific evidence, the makers of Green Garcinia Pro claim that their supplement can work in all of the following ways:

More importantly, Green Garcinia Pro claims to be made using 100% natural ingredients.

Secondly, the hydroxycitric acid in the supplement ensures that the citrate lyase enzyme does not work hence; carbohydrates are not converted into fat tissues.

This ‘magic’ is performed by the naturally obtained substance called HCA which is nothing but a variant of citric acid present in the citrus family fruits like orange and lemon.

The supplement also claims to be 100% made in Canada.

Green Garcinia Pro Ingredients

Green Garcinia Pro claims to contain nothing but garcinia cambogia extract with 60% HCA content. The company doesn’t mention any other compounds that are found within the supplement, nor does it provide a full list of ingredients.

That’s a problem, because we don’t know the actual dosage of garcinia cambogia. We don’t know if there are 500mg – like the dose found in most supplements – or 1,000mg+ – which is the dose found in some of the higher powered supplements.

Typically, manufacturers like to advertise their dosages when they’re strong and high. With Green Garcinia Pro, that doesn’t appear to be the case: the manufacturer appears to deliberately hide the full ingredients list and prevent us from learning about the full ingredient value.

Green Garcinia Pro Pricing

Green Garcinia Pro is priced at the following rates:

You can only order Green Garcinia Pro online through the official website.

Unused carbs and sugar are converted by this enzyme into FAT.

You cannot order it through any other online store or retail outlet.

You can pay online using any major credit card. The company ships its products by Canada Post.

Who Makes Green Garcinia Pro?

Green Garcinia Pro is made by a company that does business under the name Green Garcinia Pro. That company can be reached by email at or by phone at 1-888-548-6661.

Although the supplement claims to be made 100% in Canada, there’s no mention of where the manufacturing facility may be. There’s also no mention of where the ingredients are sourced.

Should You Use Green Garcinia Pro to Lose Weight without Diet or Exercise?

Green Garcinia Pro is a mysterious diet pill with very little information attached to it.

If you’ve been updated with the latest health trends, you might have already heard about garcinia cambogia from fellow health buffs and weight loss enthusiasts.

We don’t know the amount of garcinia cambogia in the supplement, for example, nor do we know if there are any other ingredients added to the formula.

Although the manufacturer claims to use a 100% natural formula, we have no evidence that the formula actually works. There are no scientific studies listed, no clinical trials, and no further evidence explaining that Green Garcinia Pro can genuinely help you lose weight (not to mention without diet or exercise).

Given its high price tag, ($68 for a one month supply), it appears there’s little reason to use Green Garcinia Pro as a diet pill to help you lose weight.

This superfood has been long used to treat stomach ailments by societies and communities that have always had access to the plant and fruit.