Hcg diet pills reviews

Hcg diet pills reviews
Its easy with garcinia cambogia, simply take it and lose weight.

What Foods Can You Eat on the hCG Diet?

Diet fads come and go, but the hCG diet has been around for at least four decades, according to a study of the diet published in the Western Journal of Medicine in 1977. While the diet claims that the injection of human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG, is responsible for helping people lose weight, it's more likely the dangerously restrictive, 500-calorie diet you're expected to follow that causes the loss. You should not follow any extremely low-calorie diet except under the close supervision of a doctor.

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What is the hCG Diet

The hormone hCG is made by women's bodies when they're pregnant, and it's also sometimes prescribed for women having difficulty becoming pregnant. While not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for weight loss, hCG is touted to help people lose weight quickly by suppressing appetite and spot-reducing areas of unwanted fat.

In addition to receiving the hormone, which can be given as a pill or an injection, it's also recommended that you follow a 500-calorie diet when on the hCG weight-loss plan. Restricting your intake to such extremes severely limits your food choices and may make it hard for you to meet your essential nutrient needs. For reference, very low-calorie diets prescribed by doctors contain about 800 calories and usually include a liquid supplement to help you meet your vitamin and mineral needs.

Lean Protein on hCG

Most of the calories on the hCG diet come from very lean proteins, including white meat poultry, white fish, shellfish and very lean red meat such as veal. You are allowed 7 ounces of these proteins a day, which you should evenly divide between lunch and dinner. To make sure your portions aren't too large, it's recommended you measure your meats before they're cooked. Then trim away any visible fat and either grill or broil the meat without fat.

Low-Cal Veggies, Some Fruit and Carbs

In addition to your very lean protein, you're allowed one low-cal veggie at lunch and dinner. Options include spinach and other greens, cucumbers, onions, radishes, asparagus, tomatoes, celery, radishes and cabbage. Although just two servings of veggies a day won't provide all the vitamins and minerals you need, they'll provide add some nutrients and fiber to the restrictive diet.

At lunch and dinner, you also can have one piece of Melba toast or one bread stick and one serving of fruit -- either an apple, an orange, a handful of strawberries or half a grapefruit.

Food Flavorings and Drinks

While you can't use butter or oil on the hCG diet, you can add flavor to your food with a few allowed seasonings, including salt, pepper, marjoram, thyme, mustard powder and basil. Vinegar and garlic are also permitted.

Beverage choices are limited to water, coffee or tea. And you either have to drink your coffee or tea unsweetened or use a sugar substitute. One tablespoon of milk is allowed per day, which you can add to your hot beverage.

What a Typical Day's Menu Might Look Like

You can't eat any solid food before lunch on the hCG diet. So, for breakfast, you can have a cup of coffee or tea, either black or with the allowed 1 tablespoon of milk and sugar substitute. At lunch, you may want to have 3.5 ounces of grilled chicken breast and sliced strawberries on top of raw spinach, drizzled with vinegar and served with a bread stick. Dinner might be 3.5 ounces of grilled garlic shrimp, grilled asparagus, Melba toast and a fresh orange.

Efficacy and Concerns About the Diet

No evidence supports the claims that hCG hormones help you lose weight, according to the Hormone Health Network. Nor does the hormone and diet plan help control your hunger, which may make the diet portion very difficult to follow for any length of time.

In addition to being nearly impossible for you to meet your daily nutrient needs on the restrictive diet, you may also experience a drop in metabolism, which means you'll burn fewer calories. And, as you can imagine, eating so little can negatively affect your energy levels and mood. Rapid weight loss from a very low-calorie diet also increases your risk of developing gallstones.

Potential side effects from the injected form of the hormone include headaches, breast tenderness, breast enlargement in men or ovarian cysts in women. Blood clots, which can be serious and even fatal, are a possible complication of improperly administered injections. The injections may also cause ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in women, which leads to swollen ovaries, leaking of fluid into your belly and possible weight gain. You should not take hCG if you're nursing or have a history of heart disease, kidney disease, adrenal or thyroid gland disorder, or various types of cancer such as breast or prostate. The hCG diet isn't a healthy way to lose weight; therefore, anyone who attempts it should have close medical supervision.

Diet Pill Reviews

While pills for weight loss for been around in one form or another for many years, the fact is that weight loss drugs can work very well for some people.

And, yes, some pills for weight loss purposes are questionable, mainly because of claims that cannot be verified. But there’s no denying the fact that there’s a major market for weight loss pills.

It is, after all, a $20 billion a year industry.

Still, when used responsibility, weight loss pills can be effective and safe, especially when adjustments to diet and exercise habits are made.

So, what’s the truth about weight loss pills? Here’s what you need to know.

What Are Weight Loss Pills?

With weight loss pills over the counter and prescription forms are available. Weight loss pills are generally defined as drugs or supplements marketed or used for the purpose of losing weight.

Regardless of the type of weight loss pills you may be considering, they are not a replacement for a healthy diet and regular exercise.

The specific strength of the pills will vary, as will possible effects on your body.

As for weight loss pills results, roughly 10 percent of a person’s body weight may be lost with most weight loss drugs, according to one estimate. [1]

Popular Diet Pill Articles

Are Weight Loss Pills Bad for You?

Just over half of the respondents to a 2008 survey said they believed the weight loss pills they were taking were approved by the FDA. [2]

The fact is that weight loss or dietary supplements are not inspected or evaluated by any government agency. So, are weight loss pills bad for you? The answer depends on:

  • The source of your pills
  • Medications you may be taking for other conditions
  • Reactions you may have to certain ingredients in weight loss pills
  • How well you follow dosage and use instructions
  • Whether or not you have underlying health issues

So, Weight Loss Pills How Do They Work?

There are many different weight loss pills available, including ones that are available over-the-counter and ones that are available by prescription.

With weight loss pills how do they work and are they safe are commonly asked questions. Pills of this nature primarily work in three ways:

  • They suppress your appetite to keep you from feeling a need to eat when you’re not hungry
  • They increase your metabolism so you’ll burn calories faster from the foods you consume so your body won’t have as much time to convert extra calories into fat
  • They keep your body from absorbing fat from the foods you eat

With herbal supplements for weight loss, most pills contain either bitter orange or hoodia.

Bitter orange works by increasing your energy level and reducing your appetite.

Available in liquid, pill, and lollipop forms, hoodia works by increasing energy activity within your brain in a way that tells your body you’ve had enough food so you won’t overeat.

If you get a weight loss pills prescription, be aware that these pills work in a more complex way that herbal supplements or over-the-counter diet pills.

They work on the complex systems within your body that drive you to eat.

Let’s take a look at its ingredients: Hydroxycitric Acid: This is a natural fat buster, which is found in the fruit garcinia Cambogia.

The weight loss pills FDA approved are usually the prescription ones.

However, prescription weight loss drugs are only meant to be used by individuals with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 30.

Or, a BMI of 27 or above if there is an underlying health issues like diabetes that may improve with weight loss.

There aren’t many over-the-counter weight loss pills FDA approved.

In fact, Orlistat is the only OTC product FDA approved for weight loss purposes. It works by coating the intestinal system to prevent enzymes from digesting fat, which means calories aren’t absorbed. [3]

How Do HCG Weight Loss Pills Work?

With weight loss pills HCG based, you will be expected to follow a certain diet.

HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) is pregnancy hormone excreted through urine.

You may obtain the hormone in prescription form or over-the-counter. HCG in pill form is OTC.

It’s a homeopathic treatment with a diluted form of the hormone HCG.

Developed in the 1950s by a British endocrinologist, the hCG diet that goes along with the use of hCG pills or the prescription version of the hormone is designed to get rid of stubborn belly fat.

The hCG diet includes several weeks of calorie loading followed by several weeks of calorie restriction.

According to the FDA, exposure to the HCG hormone does present potential risks, including side effects that may include [4] :

  • Headaches
  • Breast tenderness
  • Possible heart-related issues

What’s the Deal with Weight Loss Pills for Belly Fat?

Some weight loss pills are marketed exclusively to help users lose stubborn belly fat.

This brings us to a weight loss pills vs fat burners debate. Weight loss pills may have fat burning capabilities.

These pills often help with weight loss in other ways than just burning fat, such as naturally reducing appetite and calorie absorption.

With weight loss pills vs fat burners, the main difference is with ingredients.

For instance, weight loss pills not specifically intended for belly fat removal only typically do not contain stimulants like caffeine and synephrine.

However, most weight loss pills for belly fat removal purposes only, also referred to as “fat burners,” usually contain such ingredients.

Weight loss pills effects on the body are also different. Weight loss pills usually contain more vitamins, minerals, and other natural ingredients, which affects what goes on within your body.

You’ll likely see more of an increased energy level and metabolic rate with weight loss pills rather than pills marketed as fat burners.

Based on weight loss pills reviews and fat burner reviews, there are users who have seen positive results with both options.

As for which one is better, it depends on your weight loss goals.

If your main problem losing weight has to do with stubborn belly fat that won’t go away even with changes to your diet and exercise habits, you may benefit from fat burners. [5]

But if you have other issues contributing to your weight loss difficulties, weight loss pills results may be more noticeable for you than what you would see with fat burners.

What Are Possible Weight Loss Pills Side Effects?

Preferably, you want to choose weight loss pills effective safe and with minimal side effects.

An FDA investigation found that nearly 70 different types of diet pills contained dangerous drugs.

Therefore, it’s important to be cautious and pay attention to any signs of side effects when you are taking weight loss pills or supplements.

Especially with weight loss pills over the counter purchased or ones available online or from distributors outside of the United States. [6]

Even with prescription weight loss pills, there are potential side effects. The most common ones include:

Weight Loss Pills vs Exercise

According to a UCLA study, at lest one- to two-thirds of dieters who lose weight gain it back within five years.

If you are using diet pills alone for weight loss purposes, it’s more likely you’ll be among those who gain back the weight.

The reason for this because weight loss pills only make changes within your body when you are taking them.

But when you stop taking weight loss pills, your body goes back to its natural way of processing food.

Ideally, it shouldn’t come down to weight loss pills vs exercise.

You’re more likely to see positive, lasting results if you combine the use of weight loss pills with an exercise plan that makes sense for you.

It’s recommended that adults get exercise that includes at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity each week. [7] [8]

Keep in mind that exercise includes many activities, not just what’s done in a gym, including:

  • Casual walking
  • Strength training
  • Water-based exercises
  • Gentle forms of exercise such as yoga

Do Weight Loss Pills Give You Energy?

With weight loss pills energy increases sometimes occur because of the ingredients contained in some pills.

In the past, weight loss pills with amphetamines were recommended to give you an energy boost.

However, because of the risk of addiction, amphetamines are no longer recommended for this purpose.

If you want to naturally increase your energy with weight loss pills, talk to your doctor about pills with amphetamine-like properties that are safer.

A weight loss pills energy boost can be beneficial if you plan to use your added energy as an incentive to be more active to help with your weight loss efforts. [9]

Weight loss drugs that may be effective energy-boosters include:

Have There Been Weight Loss Pills Lawsuits?

Occasionally, there will be a weight loss pills lawsuit that generates widespread coverage.

With one notable weight loss pills lawsuit, the feds ordered a manufacturer to pay $10 million because of ads that included fake celebrity endorsements and fake news sites. [10]

The Federal Trade Commission also regularly investigates products marketed for weight loss purposes that make claims that are misleading or those generating several complaints from consumers.

Where Can I Find a Weight Loss Pills List?

You can find a detailed list online, but generally, a weight loss pills list includes a mix of common prescription, over-the-counter, and off-label pills or medications that may be used for weight loss purposes.

Your doctor should also be able to provide a list more specific to your needs.

Here are some of the common pills you’ll find on a weight loss pills list [11] :

How About a Weight Loss Pills Comparison?

For simplicity, let’s focus this weight loss pills comparison on some of the most popular weight loss pills and supplements.

All of these substances work by reducing appetite, reducing absorption, and increasing fat burning.

Garcinia cambogia extract is a small, green fruit. It works by inhibiting a fat-producing enzyme.

A review of 12 studies showed that the average weight loss experienced with weight loss pills garcinia cambogia based was about 2 pounds over several weeks. There are no serious side effects reported.


It contains a combination of ingredients with reported weight loss properties. One study found that the average weight loss experienced with about 20 pounds over three months.

HCA is known to suppress appetite and prevent your body from making fat tissues – leading to fast and effective weight loss done through the most natural and safest way possible.

Similar Questions Blood sugar went from 98 before to 152 after taking garcinia cambogia.

It contains caffeine.

Orlistat (Alli)

Some products include both weight loss pills RX and over-the-counter versions. One of this is Orlistat.

OTC it is sold as Alli. In prescription form, it’s available as Xenical. Both versions work by inhibiting the breakdown of fat in the digestive system. Side effects include possible vitamin deficiency and possible issues with loose, oily stools.

There’s evidence suggesting Orlistat may be a safe weight loss pill for diabetics since it may help reduce blood pressure slightly.

One study suggests Orlistat may reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes for nearly 40 percent.

Raspberry Ketones

This weight loss ingredient supposedly helps breakdown fat and increase adiponectin levels. Side effects are minimal. However, there isn’t much available research on the effectiveness of raspberry ketones for weight loss purposes.

Green Coffee Bean

In extract form, green coffeee bean may help increase fat burning capabilities and slow the breakdown of carbohydrates in the digestive system.

Several studies suggest green coffee beans may help with weight loss. It may also help lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Side effects are minimal. [12]

If you aren’t able to take pills with caffeine, weight loss pills without caffeine include:

  • Orlistat
  • Phentermine
  • Diethylpropion and phendimetrazine (caffeine-free prescription appetite suppressants)

Note: If you need to be cautious with caffeine, check ingredient labels for synonyms for caffeine such as guarana, kola nut, tea extract, and paullinia cupana.

It’s made from two plant extract that may affect the metabolism of fat cells. In one study of a hundred obese people who took this weight loss pill, 11 pounds was the average weight loss over an eight week period. [13]

Participants also reported an improved quality of life and lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels.


It’s also know as citrus aurantium, is related to ephedrine but less potent. It primarily works by increasing fat burning capabilities. It has been linked to significant short-term weight loss in several studies. However, it may be addictive and there are potential heart-related issues. [14]

Common weight loss pills doctor prescribed include Contrave, Belviq, Phentermine, and Qsymia.

According to a 2014 study, even weight loss pills doctor recommended or prescribed may not be as effective you would think. On average, RX pills help patients lose about 3-9 percent of their body weight.

What About Safety?

Generally, weight loss pills are effective and safe; free from serious side effects.

For instance, weight loss pills like phentermine are meant to be used with a doctor-approved exercise plan and a reduced-calorie diet program.

Weight loss pills like phentermine are considered less risky by some medical professionals because potential side effects aren’t as severe. [15]

With phentermine, possible side effects include:

  • Restlessness
  • Sleep problems such as insomnia
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Dry mouth

Be cautious about manufacturers offering weight loss pills guaranteed to work.

This doesn’t mean weight loss pills guaranteed to work are automatically ones you should stay away from.

In some cases, such claims come with stipulations, such as the need to stick to the recommended diet plan.

Before and After Results of Weight Loss Pills

In reality, weight loss pills before and after results will vary for each person. Generally, the amount of weight lost is often modest. According to the FDA, people taking Qsymia, for instance, lose an average of 7 pounds. Clinical trails suggest that people taking Saxenda lose about 4-5 percent of their excess body weight.

While results are modest with most weight loss pills, potential health benefits can be significant for some people.

Even shedding 5-10 percent of your excess body weight can lead to the following results [16] :

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Better blood sugar control
  • Increased “good cholesterol” (HDL) levels

Are Weight Loss Pills Healthy?

With weight loss pills healthy habits can sometimes be formed, such as improvements with eating and exercise habits.

But are weight loss pills healthy? The answer depends on the type of pills you choose. There are understandable safety concerns associated with some ingredients.

Being mindful with the ingredients in your preferred pills can help minimize this risk.

Weight loss pills garcinia cambogia based, for instance, have fewer risks associated with them as compared to pills that have ingredients with effects similar to ephedra.

Whether or not weight loss are healthy also depends on your intended use.

With weight loss pills extreme weight loss isn’t likely to occur, so turning to pills to shed a lot of pounds quickly isn’t healthy.

Taking weight loss pills for belly fat reduction when combined with changes to your diet, however, is a healthier way to use diet pills to achieve your goals. [17]

Sorting Through Weight Loss Pills Ads and Reviews

Weight loss pills ads often make a lot of claims. This doesn’t mean they are entirely false.

The FDA does actually have some standards about how weight loss pills can be marketed. [18]

For nonprescription drugs, the FDA requires manufacturers to produce results from human clinical trails that show the effectiveness and safety of the drug.

With reviews and ads for weight loss pills, supplements, or fat burners, you’ll want to look for:

  • Claims that are backed up with references to clinical studies or references to reliable resources
  • Whether or not reviews appear to be from actual users (be suspicious of reviews that are too vague)
  • Promises that you seem too good to be true (e.g., “eat all you want and still lose weight”)

Why Are Some Weight Loss Pills Banned?

Weight loss pills banned by the FDA are those that have been proven to be unsafe.

This is either due to a high number of reported health issues with certain pills or because of compelling research suggesting that a particular ingredient poses a serious risk.

It’s usually when there is compelling research suggesting certain ingredients make weight loss pills dangerous that a ban is issued.

Weight loss pills illegal for this reason generally have a proven health risk associated with them.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture banned weight loss pills with ephedra in 2004. [19]

The ban applies to dietary supplements that contain this substance, which comes from an evergreen plant found in parts of Central Asia and Mongolia. [20]

Weight loss pills with ephedra were banned, in part, because of nearly 20,000 reports suggesting ephedra can be dangerous.

Additional weight loss pills dangerous enough to be banned include:

  • Sibutramine (because of increased risk of heart attack and stroke)
  • Fen-Phen (due to heart-related issues)
  • DMAA (because of serious health risks with high blood pressure and heart issues)

Note: Some weight loss pills illegal in the United States may still be available in other countries. However, it’s advised that pills with ingredients banned in the U.S.

Researchers found HCA to be effective in blocking an enzyme called citrate lyase, which is an enzyme that helps turn sugars and starches into fat.

be avoided, even if there are other ways to obtain them.

How Do You Choose Weight Loss Pills Effective for You?

Whether you’re looking for weight loss pills for teens, weight loss pills for women, weight loss pills for men, or just weight loss pills, in general, it can be overwhelming with all of the choices available.

A good starting point is a visit to your doctor. They will let you know if weight loss pills are appropriate for your desired goals.

Weight loss pills effective for you will likely be ones that are suitable for your body type, age, and general health.

Weight loss pills for men, for example, are formulated somewhat differently than weight loss pills for women.

Weight loss pills for teens tend to be loss potent for safety reasons.

With all weight loss pills effects on the body can be both positive and negative, so precautions should be taken.

Having realistic expectations is important. With weight loss pills extreme weight loss isn’t possible unless you make other adjustments to your lifestyle.

Also, if you have underlying health issues, you may need to limit your selections to weight loss pills for diabetics or weight loss pills without caffeine. When making your choice, also consider:

  • How much weight you wish to lose
  • If you are willing to commit to making other changes to your lifestyle, especially with your normal diet and exercise habits
  • The validity of claims made in weight loss pills ads
  • Weight loss pills reviews from actual users rather than carefully worded marketing pieces

Why Are Weight Loss Pills for Men and Women Different?

The short answer is because of social and biological differences in how men and women gain weight.

There are also differences in the how male and female hormones affect weight loss potential.

Estrogen, for example, creates higher levels of stress and often increases food cravings. Testosterone, on the other hand, makes men more susceptible to building muscle mass from certain foods.

Because of these differences, men tend to respond better to supplements for weight loss that include whey, protein, and creatine to help build muscle mass. [21] [22]

Most of the weight loss pills for women have ingredients that help with absorption while also helping to suppress appetite since women statistically have more issues with food cravings than men.

Final Thoughts on Diet Pills

When used responsibly, weight loss pills may produce positive results.

There are weight loss pills side effects to be mindful of when taking any over-the-counter or prescription drug for weight loss purposes.

Additionally, lifestyle changes will need to be a part of any weight loss efforts that include pills if you want to see long-term results.

Before turning to pills to achieve your weight loss goals, check with your doctor to see what precautions you may need to take.

Your doctor may also be able to offer a weight loss pills prescription that’s a safer alternative to what you might find over-the-counter.

Ultimately, your experience with weight loss pills will depend on your goals, your motivation to make positive lifestyle changes, and your overall health.

hCG Diet Reviews and Results: More than 60 Motivational Weight Loss Story Interviews

Weight Loss Motivation with hCG Diet Success Stories

Real People – Real Stories

We are officially at 60 Episodes of hCG Diet Interviews with Everyday People you guys! Where’s the party hat emoticon when you need it? Wow I can’t even believe it.

Nathan lost 110lbs in 6 months with the hCG Diet Plan. Bee went from a U.S. size 28 to a size 8 in pants. Ginn lost 80 lbs with this protocol. Bonnie went from a size 12 to a size 2 with hCG, despite being in menopause. Sabrina had her body fat tested before and after doing this diet and 93% of the weight she lost was proven to be FAT. All these hCG diet results are everyday people outcomes.

Did I whet your appetite yet? Check out ALL the interviews I’ve conducted right here:

hCG Success Stories Grouped by Weight Loss Range

Does the hCG Protocol Work? Does it Work Well?

The BIGGEST thing that caused me to feel confident enough to try hCG injections (I mean, who decides to inject themselves with a hormone very easily? Not I!) was the REAL people I found on youtube who were sharing their own personal journey while doing this diet.

How many sites have you gone to that sell hCG, whether it’s drops or injections, prescription or homeopathic, that has a picture of a smiling thin person holding out the waist of some super huge jeans several sizes too big?

You and I both know those are stock photos purchased online right?

AHEM: Who is this lady anyway? Do any of us know her?

Most likely images like these that we see on these sites did not lose that weight with the hCG Diet at all, and it’s a big question whether these persons were EVER overweight to begin with- more than likely they are simply a model paid to pose in a large pair of jeans right?

I guess my point is that these types of images get us excited when we see them, but they’re not actually REAL – whatever diet product you’re looking at to use, don’t you want to see what ACTUAL results people have achieved using it?

BTW I had to pay $15 to use the above photo. It was worth it to make my point though.

When you come to my blog,

I hope you can see that I’m a real person who not only lost weight, but lost it with the actual hCG Diet (see my personal results here: My hCG Story, My hCG Diet Review, and Timeline of my hCG Weight loss).

These are real photos, unretouched, and not altered to make the change look more drastic. I’m aware I’m not a MODEL in the after photo – what I am is a healthy, fit, normal woman now, with a little excess skin left after my weight loss and pregnancy to prove it. And being a comfy size 4 for a year and a half now 5 YEARS (yes, as of Nov 2017 I’ve been maintaining 5 stinkin’ years) is nothing to scoff at for sure. These are the ACTUAL results that you can indeed achieve if you see this protocol through.

But I also wanted to interview other everyday people I’ve found in places like youtube and facebook, who’ve completely transformed both their bodies and their lives with this amazing protocol.

See Some HCG Diet Interviews Now!

I get a little bored talking just about myself all the time on this site!

Pooling the experiences of many others who’ve done this protocol as well by interviewing them I thought would be a wonderful way to continue the learning journey without things getting too stale. And boy it has turned out to be more inspiring than I ever could have imagined!

Not to mention super fun. Somehow I get the feeling that people who are willing to do something so seemingly off-the-wall as the hCG protocol end up being really cool people.

You Might Be In the Same Situation They’ve Been

Each person’s hCG story is unique and contains some pearls of wisdom that we can benefit from that will help us to either lose the weight, or keep it off.

Whether it’s having thyroid issues , having gained weight from menopause, overeating because of emotional issues, having an eating disorder in your past, or being a mom with kids who you wish you could set an example for, you may be able to related to their starting point in some way, which will inspire you that YES you can do this protocol and succeed too.

These interviews are with real people, of all ages, different health conditions and life circumstances- we need to see that others who have had similar struggles to us have succeeded in losing weight with hCG to convince us that the same thing is possible for ourselves.


HCA is proven to burn calories faster, increase lean body mass and suppress appetite.

Stop reading and start watching already! 😉

Take Me to the Interviews!

Carlee, 29, went from 200lbs to 145lbs with hCG injections. She used to be thin & active while growing up but she started packing on weight after college. She has tried “miracle pills” and she shares her experience with B12 & Lipomax in her interview.

At the age of 57, Lynda succesfully lost 25lbs with hCG injections. She’s menopausal and she has to be on Hormone Replacement Therapy. She’s a p3tolifer and she stabilized pretty well while feeling all satisfied and full!

Jenna had a rare condition called necrotic stomach (where her stomach basically killed itself). She lost 35 lbs with hCG injections on a 45-day round. She has tried many other diets and nothing worked but hCG! She has lots of tips and tricks to share in her interview.

Thyroid problems & celiac disease made it difficult for Julie to lose weight in her mid-forties. But with hCG injections, she was able to lose 20lbs on P2. What’s more exciting is she continued to shed 8 more lbs while on P3 with the p3tolife program.

At the age of 51, Tamara lost a total of 50lbs and went down by 10 dress sizes. Despite post-menopause and serious bouts of hormonal imbalance, she had great results with hCG injections and have been successfully maintaining 19% bodyfat for a full year!

Arleen lost 15 lbs in her most recent round of hCG with the help of the P2 workbook. At the age of over 50, she has successfully stabilized and even lost more weight while on Phase 3 by following the p3tolife program!

Michelle was diagnosed with Celiac about 6 years ago, she also has HPT, fibromyalgia and Hashimotos. Currently at the age of 54, she has done 5-6 rounds of hCG over the past 5 years and overall lost more than 50 lbs and went from a size 14 to a size 4.

After losing around 100 lbs on hCG and gaining them back some few year ago, Andrea decided to take a few more rounds this year and lost weight again. Recently, she decided to follow the Simplified p3tolife program and has been in love with it ever since! On top of having a variety of tasty food in proper amounts, she was able to lose 9 more pounds on the p3tolife program.

Alexandra has a health condition called stress-induced narcolepsy and had been overweight since she was a kid. She did 4 short rounds of hCG injections and was successful in losing weight. At her constant dose of 250iu with 500 calorie intake daily, she lost a total of 55lbs and maintained it with the help of p3tolife program.

Heather is the type who needed structure when it comes to weight loss programs and she has been successful with it. She lost 28 lbs with keto and used the p3tolife program to stabilize – not struggling at all and at the same time being able to eat delicious food with variety together with her family.

Pamela had health problem which was stress-induced (PTSD) psychological dysfunction and she struggled with this for 5 years. She have tried 3 half rounds of prescription drops and homeopathic spray a few years back. Currently at the age of 60, her most recent round were she lost 35lbs was with hCG injections which she found the most effective overall.

Courtney lost 28 lbs on her recent round of hCG injections. She skipped P3 during her first round 2 years ago & gained back all the weight loss and added more. She did not want to do the same mistake again – so this time, she followed the p3tolife program and lost 3 lbs on the first 2 weeks without depriving herself while maintaining that weight loss.

Debbie lost 17.4lbs. She was also diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. She had trouble stabilizing before but she had great success with my P3tolife Program and finally stabilized well! You can also check out her YouTube channel. The link is in the show notes.

Nisa lost 44 lbs with the hCG injections. She had a radical hysterectomy in 2013 and she’s currently taking bio identical hormones. She is also diagnosed with hypothyroidism and currently taking 2 thyroid medicines. You can follow her on her IG account.

Amy has been overweight as long as she can remember. She lost 104 lbs with the hCG protocol and lost 88.75 inches overall. She has some wonderful tips for Phase 2 for you guys!

Denise lost 61 lbs with hCG injections. She has used both hCG injections and drops. And from her experience, there is a huge difference between the drops and the injections.. See her Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe for the end of P3 here.

Lynette here lost 17.8 lbs with the hCG injections. She prepared for her hCG journey by researching hCG for 6 months. She has some really great tips to share with us.

Leeann has been overweight since she was 9 years old. She lost 130 lbs with hCG injections. Check out her P2 Chili Recipe – because everyone NEEDS chili in their life!

At 60 years old, Helen has regained her size and weight from back when she was 15! Helen talked about how over the past 10 years, she gradually gained weight, in part due to menopause but more from finding comfort in food during times of great stress because of some very difficult situations she through.

Jenny lost 25 lbs with hCG drops. She tested positive for Celiac disease but ever since going on the hCG diet and being completely gluten-free, she has not had any symptoms whatsoever and she feels very healthy. We also talked a lot about BODY IMAGE issues Jenny shares her experience with bulimia and how she recovered from it.

Bridgette lost 20 lbs with hCG injections and sublingual hCG. She works with an hCG health clinic in Orlando, Florida. She shares with us her Cauliflower Soup Recipe for Phase 2. Please watch the full interview to find out more about Bridgette’s personal hCG experience and also more about their clinic’s hCG program.

Melissa lost 110 lbs on her hCG journey. She used homeopathic hCG drops. She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in late teens. Her body fat test shows her body fat percent is 24.2%. We discussed hCG as a tool and not to rely on it forever where it becomes a crutch.

KJ lost 50lbs with hCG injections and she’s been maintaining her weight loss for 4 years now. She’s written a motivational book to overcome personal struggles with fat loss and overall wellness.

Moe lost 50 lbs. She has her own blog and coaches other hCGers. She’s menopause, has Multiple Sclerosis, a reformed cigarette smoker, and she’s about to be 52. She used sublingual drops on her 2 rounds. She shared a recipe for Dijon Herb Sauce in this interview.

Diane started her hCG journey when she was 57 years old. She lost 102lbs with homeopathic drops. Diane shares some very helpful information on lipedema and interesting tips on cosmetic surgery post weight-loss.

Vicky is 56 and lost 114 lbs with the injections. She went from size 26 to size 14. She had hysterectomy, a very bad arthritis and slightly high blood pressure. Vicky has some tips to make this diet doable and tips for traveling while on hCG.

Bella lost 65 lbs. She used different kinds of hCG on her rounds. Her family has a history of blood sugar issues and obesity. She has a lot of recipes to share on her social media accounts and she shared one of those with us. Check out her Strawberry Coconut Cream Bars Recipe in this interview.

Donna is a practicing nutritionist in Australia and she specializes in coaching women who are 40+ with weight loss and autoimmune disease. She was not that overweight but she struggled with slowly gaining and not losing weight. Check out this interview to see her contact details.

Melissa lost 85 lbs with hCG injections, going from a size 24 to size 8.

Your not going to look like a Super Model in 30 days, but if you keep with it and do what you can to help it along, I think you can get where you want to be.

She had diabetes and high blood pressure prior her hCG journey. On this interview she shared some great tips and tricks for staying sane on P2.

MEN on hCG. Chris lost 44 lbs in 56 days. He has a lot of tips for men and women on hCG. He is a kinetics graduate and recorded ketone and glucose as well as caloric intake and daily losses.

Tracy here lost 47 lbs with hCG injection. And overall she lost 44.5″. She has a Major Depressive Disorder and the antidepressants prescribed to her was a major factor on her weight gain. In this interview she shared some of her sanity savers while on P2.

Sarah lost 90 lbs with hCG injections. She went from a size 16 to a size 2. She has Tourette syndrome and Polycystic Ovary Disorder. She struggled with her weight since she was a little girl and now she shares with us how she overcame her eating disorder.

Heather lost a whopping 150 lbs with hCG prescription troches, sublingual drops and injections. She has diabetes Type 2, Hypothyroid and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. She tried hCG first as a way to avoid invasive surgery. We talked a lot about the process of getting over emotional issues related to her weight.

Nance lost 75 lbs with hCG injection. She went from size 22 to size 8. She talked about moving past the yo-yo dieting mentality. We have a very detailed discussion about Phase 3 that will definitely benefit you guys. She charted her macros and calories on Phase 3 so if you want to know more, check out this interview!

Kerrie lost 59 lbs using hCG injections. She went from size 14 to size 6. She did not lose all of this weight during P2, she actually lost 23 lbs in between rounds, without hCG. She also shared some of her P2 experiences in this interview.

Laynette lost a total of 115 lbs with injection by the time this interview was published. Watch this interview as she share how her life changed by doing this protocol and how having your mind set help you succeed in this protocol. She also shares a P3 recipe for zucchini and eggplant pizza.

Casey lost 80 lbs with hCG injections. She went from size 18 to size 6. She has a very interesting tip on cooking food easier and healthier. She also EXERCISED while on P2. So watch this interview to know how she modified her eating on Phase 2 to compensate for that.

“Laura” lost 28 lbs with hCG Injection. This is only a written interview. Laura shares her Phase 3 story success with us. This is a very in-depth interview regarding Phase 3.

Kimberly went from size 26 to size 12 with hCG injections. She is a nurse and she has a health condition that makes it hard for her to lose weight. Her first round of HCG was very emotional and she had to deal with all of her eating disorders to achieve success. We talked about a lot of helpful tips on both P2 and P3 in this interview.

James lost 65 lbs in 1 round of 8 weeks with hCG injection. He proves that even large grown men can be comfortable on a 500-calorie diet when on hCG.

Stefanie lost 70 lbs with hCG injections. She was considering gastric bypass when her friend who was a nurse practioner responsible for follow up care of bariatric patients suggested she compare the pros and cons of surgery vs. the hCG protocol. We talked about her 3 rounds of hCG here.

Over 60 lbs gone with hCG injections. Mary was considering gastric bypass before doing hCG. She has some pretty good P2 and P3 recipes to share and we also discussed carb withdrawals.

Linita lost 74 lbs with hCG. She also found the hCG to improve her fibromyalgia symptoms. She had hysterectomy years ago and she’s on hormone replacement. We discussed a little bit about hormones.

Janie lost 122 lbs with hCG injections. She had her hydrostatic body fat testing after hCG. She’s 62 years old when I interviewed her and she has a very inspiring story to share.

A follow up interview with Lisa from Ep. 10. She has lost a total of 125 lbs. with hCG injections.She has dealt with major hypothyroidism issues as well, so her experience is encouraging.

Mandy here lost 30 lbs with hCG. She has a P2/P3 recipe Pinterest board. She also has her favorite radish rice recipe in there. We talked about struggling with body image and adjusting to your new weight.

Patti lost 40 lbs with the hCG protocol. From size 13 to size 0 of the same clothing brand. She used both homeopathic hCG and the real hormone. She had failed Phase 3 before and now she will share how she finally stabilized and maintain her weight loss.

Debbie lost 100 lbs with hCG. She was 200 lbs overweight and suffers from diabetes. She was a smoker for seventeen years, she was a binge sugar addict since she was a child, and used sugar and food as a way to cope with some major disappointments in her childhood. One particular aspect we focused on this interview is sugar addiction.

Carma lost 80 lbs with hCG. She started her hCG journey at just over 50 years old and she is menopause. She has gone to great lengths to discover the best recipes, the best resources, the best tools to prepare food in a newer healthier way that doesn’t feel like a down-grade to the taste buds. And she shares all that on this interview.

Elke lost 70lbs on hCG and lost another 13 lbs or so on her own. She did something different on her Phase 2, she used the Jay Robb protein shakes for 1 of her meals while on P2. She shares more P2 and P3 tips here.

Miriandra lost 36 lbs with hCG. She has failed previous rounds but when she took the protocol more seriously she has maintained really well. We talked a lot about how she went from failure rounds to successful rounds. She shared lots of tips on how to not fail based on her own experience.

Lisa lost 111 lbs with hCG. From size 24 to size 8/10. Lisa ate healthy and exercised but still she gained weight and could not lose it. She had tried different kinds of diet but only lost the weight on hCG. We discussed a lot of topics on hCG and metabolism.

Nathan lost 110 lbs with homeopathic hCG. This is the first real diet he has ever done and he did great. He was able to go back to physically demanding work without feeling “weakness” after his weight loss.

Ginn lost 100 lbs with hCG. She was heavy even as young as 6 years old. She recalls trying to do her first diet when she was 10 or 11. She did fail some rounds so we talked about the keys to her long term success and what helped her live in a healthy way.

B lost 100 lbs in 16 months. From size 28 to size 8. B took a solid 6 months to research the protocol before starting it herself. She shares that throughout her 4 rounds of the diet she has had to change her dose every round. We discussed lots of tips on Phase 2 and how she maintained her weightloss.

Donna has a very motivating story to share. She lost 127 lbs with hCG injections and she went from size 20 to size 7/9. She also deals with Multiple Sclerosis. She states first of all that the biggest factor that she learned in hCG is that she is in a healthful mindset now. You can see the link to her YouTube channel in the show notes.

Laurie lost almost 80 lbs with homeopathic hCG pellets. She went from a tight size 15/16 to a comfy size 3 in jeans. There’s a lot to learn from Laurie and she also has her own very informative YouTube channel where she vlog her hCG journey.

Jeana lost 65 lbs with hCG. She said that she started feeling uncomfortable being overweight and she was concerned how her daughter will feel having an overweight mom so she started doing the hCG. She lost 65 lbs in 5.5 months, 2-month break included. We discussed about stalls on the hCG diet and how the online hCG community helped in her success.

Bonnie lost 50lbs with hCG injection.