Hcg diet reviews

Hcg diet reviews
Unfortunately, this can cause the supplement to become ineffective and even worse can cause unwanted side effects.

The 3 Best HCG Drops on The Market – Customer Reviews & Ratings

Right now there are 3 major brands that are proliferating the natural supplement market for those that are considering jumping into HCG drops.

You can search online for the best HCG drops on the market , but you are going to get hit with a list of thousands, and on top of those listings you will find that HCG Complex, Nu Image Medical, and HCG Triumph are at the top of most top 10 and top 3 lists.

As such, you will want to break down which is best for you. The following helps you figure out which is going to help you lose weight, and get the fitness goals that you’ve been trying to get through for a long time.

Top 3 HCG Diet Official Sites To Consider

The following are the top 3 brands and websites that you should consider. In order to break down the best, you’ll want to look into several points of measurement. These are the top options to look for.

HCG Complex

HCG Triumph

Nu Image Med

Again, you are going to find that the aforementioned websites are part of the top 3 HCG drops that you’re going to find online. Whether you are trying to read reviews, or you want to base things solely on popularity, credibility, and authority within the industry, these options abound often online.

Looking Further at the Best HCG Drops

1. HCG Complex

With a record effectiveness rate of 98.5%, this is undoubtedly the top quality HCG drop.

It is made from refined ingredients and has the highest customer satisfactory rate.

The company conducts scientific research regularly to provide their customers with the highest quality products. It is among the leading retailers of the HCG diet.

2. HCG Triumph

Triumph is the second best brand in the market. Just like its counterpart, it is made of high quality ingredients that guarantee effective weight loss within a considerable time span.

Produced by Triu Naturals, this premier product offers a reliable solution to obesity. This unique formulation is designed to grant shedding off of extra flesh within an idealistic time.

3. Nu Image Medical

Nu Image Medical generally advises users to use HCG injection. Although its sublingual HCG is not as renowned as HCG Complex, they still provide it for those who are not willing to carry out the injection method.

One of the key points to their advantage is the availability of licensed doctors at their clinic.

Anyone can consult freely with the physician over the phone about the services they offer.

4. HCG 1234

This company sells an HCG supplement and its complementary. It is a fast growing company that focuses on boosting health and wellness campaigns within the community.

We add this product to the list because it was once good and much preferred by consumers. But with the declining quality of customer service they have, these products are now the least preferred by the customers.

5 Reasons Why These 3 HCG Drops Brands Are Rated to be The Best

Before we break down these 5 reasons, it’s important to understand why pure HCG drops are crucial to weight loss and muscle gain. As you start to break down the reasons you should be working with an official HCG diet, you will see that you shouldn’t just dismiss the notion of supplements.

Too often people dismiss the notion as a shortcut, but you’re going to see that this is 100% natural, and helps the body’s natural systems. With the natural systems going at full homeostasis, you’ll end up with results that matter.

Consider the following reasons for why you should be going with these top rated weight loss drops right now:

Google’s Grading Factor

First and foremost, look at finding what Google’s search volume is for the 3 major brands. There are several major brands that you should look at.

Each one of these has a high volume alongside keywords that are related to liquid HCG and more.

For instance, look into Google trends, and the Google keyword tool as well.

These features from the mighty search engine will show that HCG Complex , HCG 1234 (it is now replaced by Nu Image Medical), and HCG Triumph are amidst the highest searched for brands and options.

The average is in the several thousands, and it’s because these are the top brands that real users are looking for and reordering with.

The Results and Customer Satisfaction Measurement

The measure of a good company can be seen within the confines of customer satisfaction, results, and honest weight loss reviews. When you look for the best HCG drops brand to buy, make sure that you do not neglect to look at these metrics. These options will denote whether or not you are going to be receiving the best quality supplements.

People’s reviews for HCG Complex Diet :

CLICK HERE for more of our research on HCG Complex.

People’s reviews for HCG 1234 :

CLICK HERE for more of our research on HCG 1234.

People’s reviews for HCG Triumph :

CLICK HERE for more of our research on HCG Triumph.

It’s easy to adhere to the notion that you are getting the best, but how do you determine what is only marketing talk and what is actually real? That’s what many people have to deal with on a regular basis. That’s where before and after results, success rates, and reviews come into play. A quick search will reveal that bloggers, and experts in nutrition are going to deem these 3 top contenders as some of the best.

The Quality of Ingredients

Cutting to the chase of what really makes the best HCG product work, is the ingredient list. Many people complain that supplement companies lie about what’s in the products that they are selling. That’s not the case when you look into the quality that you will be receiving from these brands.

Each company has been able to produce the best possible product by aligning themselves with non-GMO ingredients, gluten free capsules, and a proprietary energy blend that is guaranteed to help you lose weight, and attain your fitness goals. They bank on that fact, and the pictures coming through prove it.

HCG Drops Ingredients Comparison

The Price Tag

Peeling back the curtain of the fitness world, you’ll find that oral HCG and weight loss programs as a whole are part of a billion dollar industry. Finding a way to make weight loss affordable is rough. However, if you focus on HCG Complex, Nu Image Medical, and HCG Triumph, you will be saving money.

The reason is simple, you’re not going to have to pay extra for food items, meetings, and nuisances that can drain your pocket book fast. Even if you were to purchase the most expensive of packages from these companies, you would still save money compared to the cost of larger scale weight loss programs.

Credibility and Guarantees

Let’s talk about the credibility of these companies. Each company has their own marketing plan, but each one is also backed by a high tier, and grade company. As you read the company information and the science that goes into the products, you’ll see that they are not only credible, they are number 1, 2, and 3 for a reason.

Each facility is inspected by the FDA, and each ingredient list is specific to the goal of weight loss and increasing HCG elements within the body. There are no surprises when you go with each solution.

At the end of the day, what good is all of this if there’s no guarantee? When you focus on figuring out which real HCG drops work the best in the market, do not forget to look for the guarantee that is behind each solution.

Regardless of which solution you decide to pick, you should know that you can get your money back from these companies. As long as you are honest with them, and you abide by the rules, you can get your full money back. They are not in the business of playing games, they are sincerely trying to help people.

HCG Drops – Frequently Asked Questions

What is HCG drops?

HCG drops is known as human chorionic gonadotropin in the form of droplets. Widely considered a hormone like substance, HCG is created from the placenta when a person is pregnant. The hormone helps you to lose weight by stimulating the weight-loss breakdown of fat in the body. By increasing your HCG content, you increase the rate in which your body burns fat.

Should I take HCG drops or Injections?

The answer to this question entirely depends on what you are looking for. For example, drops can be taken whenever but do not last as long as injections. Injections last longer, but require knowing where to inject.

Is there any difference in results between using HCG drops and HCG injections?

A person who tried HCG shots successfully lost weight up to 36 pounds over the course of 80 days. Meanwhile, another person using HCG droplets managed to lose weight 27 pounds in the first 32 days, and another 20 pounds in the next 30 days, which means the total weight loss using the drops were 47 pounds in 62 days.

The amount of a person’s weight loss depends on various factors, some of which are genetic, and dietary patterns. In conclusion, both types of methods have the same effectiveness.

Watch the following video to see how these two sisters were doing it:

How do I use HCG and what is the dosage?

You can take HCG in either drop or injection form as discussed above. The amount that you take will depend entirely on the length of time you are looking to lose weight over. In addition, you will want to look at factors like your current weight, age, and height.

Is HCG drops safe?

The long and the short of it is that HCG weight loss drops is safe to use. Thousands of people have used it before you with little to no side effects. Contact your doctor if you are concerned about potential issues with other medications.

What are the side effects of HCG?

Minor side effects can include things like headaches and lightheadedness from a lack of food during Phase 2. Side effects in general rarely happen, especially if you are taking the right dosage.

How long should I consume HCG supplement?

You can take homeopathic HCG drops for between 26-43 days long for the first single round. This will be enough time to get through the 4 phases of the diet. You will then want to take a break afterwards. The first 2 days include gorging on high fat foods when first starting injections.

How soon can I see the result?

You can begin seeing results in as little as a few weeks. Understand that every person will have results at different times thanks to their unique physiologies.

Should I follow diet restrictions?

Absolutely. The key to using HCG effectively is to follow the diet restrictions provided in the instructions. Failure to do so will result in your body not responding correctly to HCG and any gains being lost in the process.

What is the calorie intake in HCG diet drops?

Calorie intake is dependent upon what phase you are in. Phase 2 will see your calorie consumption dropping to around 500 calories a day, while Phase 3 will be used to ramp up calories a bit as you stabilize your new weight. Know that you will be on a low calorie diet during a lot of this to help the process be more effective. Complete guidelines are available on each hormone drop products.

Should I do exercises during the diet?

Absolutely. Understand that intense exercises may not be the best idea when on a low calorie diet.

What should I eat when taking real HCG drops?

The dietary restraints are listed in guides written for HCG drops. While following a similar set of guidelines, each one will have specific recommendations based on what they have found to work.

What to avoid during HCG drops diet?

Avoid foods with high starch content. This includes things like legumes, artichokes, beets, potatoes, carrots, yams, water chestnuts, bananas, tangerines, grapes, mangos, prunes, and potatoes. In addition to reducing starch from your diet, be sure to bottom out your sugar consumption during this period as well.

Can I consume vitamins supplements with the diet?

It is recommended that you consume B12 with the diet. The B12 helps to reduce the risk of suddenly gaining weight after the diet is complete.

Can I take other drugs during the program?

B12 is highly recommended while you are on the program. For other drugs, you may want to read the guides provided. If you are still uncertain, then check with your doctor before beginning to ensure that complications will be kept at a minimum.

What are the prohibitions when implementing the diet?

Typically, after the high fat phase, you will enter a low calorie diet. The low calorie phase requires you consume 500 calories a day. There are prohibitions on foods with starches and sugars.

What is HCG diet phase?

The HCG diet phase is a central part of taking HCG supplement. Also known as the stabilization phase or Phase 2, you will go from a high fat diet immediately to the HCG diet phase where calories will be reduced to around 500 a day.

Why most manufacturers do not produce Diet Drops that contained only pure HCG in it?

Taking hormone through the mouth and through the injection is unalike. HCG drops diet are more effective when mixed with extra ingredients since the body’s absorption is different for each person. Given some mixture of natural ingredients, these will be absorbed efficiently and much faster into the bloodstream.

Accordingly, HCG weight loss, if possible, should be complemented with vitamin B12. The reason for this is due to the fact that several people may experience rapid weight gain once the diet is completed. Vitamin B-12 is needed in each product to ensure this does not happen since this vitamin is essential to assist the body burn calories.

Where to Buy HCG Drops?

If you are looking to buy HCG diet drops, the 3 most reliable companies are available at the top of this page. Each company has issued a large research costs to produce products that provide maximum results. You can rest assured that the HCG drops companies we mentioned on this website are companies which have a solid legality.

Not Like Other HCG Diet Reviews – My actual day by day account.

I am updating this post as my personal experience, since doing The HCG Protocol as detailed below, is that as long as it is done using a reputable company, with good support and advice, and where the focus is on healthy food and ongoing lifestyle changes, it can be a wonderful, life changing experience. I did it through a nutritionist and I followed the instructions exactly. You will see by the amount of comments below that it is a topic that many people are interested in and many people are confused about. I hope this post helps you with your research into this protocol.

I have maintained a healthy weight, since doing it nearly a year and a half ago, by following healthy eating principles and getting regular exercise.

HCA blocks citrate lyase enzyme, which is a metabolic enzyme that converts sugars and carbohydrates into fatty acids, cholesterol, and triglycerides.

I still enjoy baking, entertaining, dining out and good wine but I ensure that I have a well balanced diet that includes protein, Omega 3 and plenty of healthy carbohydrates in the form of vegetables and fruit.

I have left the remainder of this post as it was written at the time and it is my personal account including day by day details of my losses.

Important Update for American and Canadian Readers

There are a lot of people who are very enthusiastic about this very low calorie diet but until now I have only been able to recommend the nutritionist that I did it with and she can’t ship her HCG drops internationally. I have since done some extensive research and have written about some suppliers in The USA and Canada. I have found three for the homeopathic HCG drops, hormone free HCG and also a medical company in Tampa, Florida who supplies a 100% Prescription HCG Diet Program available by injections, drops or pellets.

My regular readers will know that in the past I have been made some derogatory comments about the HCG diet saying that it sounds ridiculous and extreme and that I wouldn’t even consider it. I have since researched it more thoroughly and had a change of heart and in this post I will detail why and also give you a thorough overview of the protocol. Unlike many other Human Chorionic Gonadotropin diet reviews, this is my personal account including a day by day list of my exact weight loss.

My Change of Heart

Since then I came across another version of the HCG extreme diet and checked out other reviews about it. I probably would have ignored it except the person promoting is Cindy O’Meara, who is a highly respected nutritionist and speaker on health-related subjects. Given that I was desperate, due to my recent binge and subsequent weight gain, plus the fact that I have Cindy’s book, Changing Habits Changing Lives, and find her theories very credible, I decided to look further.

I checked out her website and if you go to this page you will find useful information about the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin protocol plus a free video.

What I read convinced me that it was worth looking into further. I also looked into The Diet Solution Program which I have reviewed on this site before. To be honest, that looked like a more sensible approach, but I was excited at the prospect of managing to lose over 20 lbs. (9 kg) in less than a month.

So I went ahead and purchased it (you can get it here) and started the protocol exactly 30 days ago. This is not like other diet reviews in that it is an actual account of my progress, day by day.

The Protocol and my Progress

This is called The Loading Phase and I loved it; it was my idea of food heaven. This part of the program only lasts two days and the intention is to help the body to load up on essential fats and nutrients to carry it through for the first few days of phase 2 until the homeopathic drops start to take effect. I could indulge in all of the healthy high-fat foods I could think off, even to excess! Now this doesn’t mean that I ate junk, processed foods, or other nutrient void “food like products.” It was all good, healthy stuff; yummy things that I love. For example I had eggs benedict for breakfast, I had leftover homemade hollandaise on my asparagus for lunch, and I had a beautiful steak dinner with a cream sauce and potatoes with both sour cream and butter! I think you get the picture.

Here is some Free info from the nutritionist that I did it with. If you scroll down to the section called “The 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol” and then go to the “Phase 4″ subtitle, you will find a link that says “For much more detailed information on the Phases, as well as Cyndi’s story – click here”. This is where you will find it: Get your Free HCG Info here

This is called the core phase and can last anywhere from 13 to 43 days. I originally planned on doing it for 21 days but ended up extending to 27 because I was getting such great results. This is where you begin the 500 cal/2100 kJ per-day-diet. I will go into more detail about the actual allowed foods and also provide some recipes in another post on the topic but the basics are as follows:

  • You can have two protein serves per day of 3 ½ ounces (100 grams) each, weighed raw. You can choose from beef , lamb, veal, chicken breast and some fish. Vegetarian and diabetic options are also covered in the outline.
  • You can have two vegetable servings a day from a list of allowed items and in addition to this there are other, what are called free foods, which include tomato, onion, many salad ingredients and most herbs. You can eat as much of these as you like.
  • You can have three items of fruit per day, also from a selected list, plus the juice of one lemon or lime per day
  • In addition to this you must drink at least 8 cups of fluid per day including water tea and coffee. All sweeteners are prohibited apart from Stevia. You can have up to 1 tablespoon of milk per day as long as it is a good-quality organic milk that has not been homogenized.
  • All processed products, sugar, wheat, dairy, oils and alcohol are prohibited.
  • You continue to take the drop during this entire phase.

Yesterday was my last day on phase 2 and I can say that I stuck to it very closely to the letter. My only deviation was that I probably had the juice of two lemons per day, as opposed to one, on some of the days. Here are my actual HCG diet results on a daily basis:

Day one – 4.6 lbs (2.1kg)

Day two – 1.5 lbs (.7kg)

Day three – 1.3 lbs (.6kg)

Day four – 1.1 lbs (.5kg)

Day five – .9 lbs (.4kg)

Day six – 1.3 lbs (.6kg)

Day seven – .7 lbs (.3kg)

Day eight – .4 lbs (.2kg)

Day nine – 1.3 lbs (.6kg)

Day ten – .2 lbs (.1kg)

Day eleven – 1.5 lbs (.7kg)

Day twelve – .2 lbs (.1kg)

Day thirteen – 1.1 lbs (.5kg)

Day fourteen – .7 lbs (.3kg)

Day fifteen – .9 lbs (.4kg)

Day sixteen + .2 lbs (.1kg)

Day seventeen – .9 lbs (.4kg)

Day eighteen – .4 lbs (.2kg))

Day nineteen + .7 lbs (.3kg)

Day twenty – 1.5 lbs (.7kg)

Day twenty one – .9 lbs (.4kg)

Day twenty two – 0

Day twenty three – .7 lbs (.3kg)

Day twenty four – .7 lbs (.3kg)

Day twenty five – .2 lbs (.1kg)

Day twenty six – 0

Day twenty seven + .2 lbs (.1kg)

That’s a grand total of exactly 10 kilos or 22 pounds. To say I am thrilled is an understatement.

Other Benefits

At the beginning of this program I took my blood pressure. I was taking two blood pressure tablets per day at the time and my reading was still 155/98, which is not good. During the time being on this protocol I have been able to reduce my meds to one a day and my blood pressure this morning was a healthy 117/76. My goal now is to eliminate my blood pressure meds altogether in the next two months (under doctors supervision of course).

Phase 3 and Beyond

I’ll write another post soon, as I transition through phase 3 (3 days) and phase 4 (21 days). So far I have been very happy and, although not for the undisciplined, it has been easier than I expected and I have felt great throughout, apart from being a bit tired and emotional for the first few days of phase 2.

Remember, I am not a doctor or medical practitioner. You should always do your own research and also not make any radical lifestyle changes without consulting your doctor. I would only recommend you buy your HCG from suppliers that offer ongoing support programs.

If you have had any success or problems with any Human Chorionic Gonadotropin related diet program, I’d love it if you would share your comments below for the benefit of other readers.

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Comments (90)

I just love your news and the diet sounds radical but fabulous! Wow Lyn how did you do it with Russ recuperating and Jake needing SO much food as he is such a big man now??

I need something but perhaps not as radical as that – as i am not a disciplined as you 😉 – I am not happy with my weight and 20 pounds about now would be perfect!

How is your skin? i have started using Cells Life serum under Synchro of late and it is just the miracle i need. Ill send you some samples.

Miss you but love your website… you make all the food look so incredibly fabulous.

Great to hear from you. I’ve just had tunnel vision and focused on the task at hand. I can cope with the radical as long as it is short lived and the time has flown. I had got to my heaviest ever so I was pretty motivated and, surprisingly, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.The benefits have been amazing. Apart from the weight loss and lowering of my blood pressure, my skin is fantastic and I haven’t had one of my rash breakouts for weeks. Also, my chronic sniffle has gone (I suspect it was dairy).

One thing that really helped is that they have a very active supportive forum of nearly 900 people (mostly women) so I never felt alone. I brought a new swimsuit on the weekend and I’m so excited because I actually look pretty good in it even if I say so myself. It will be the first time I’ll feel good about going to the beach in nearly eight years.

Looking forward to the samples!

Starting phase two today. Id love to see some of your meal plans.

I may need to do this in two stages as I’d put on more weight than I realised. I’ve never been this heavy. 🙁

You don’t need good luck, just determination which I’m sure you have in spades when you are motivated. Make sure you get active in their forum as it is really helpful.

I also meant to let you know that some recipes will be appearing soon. I am just testing and photographing them now. In the meantime, one of the women who has completed the protocol has created a really good recipe book specifically for phase 2. It is only $17.97 and Cyndi has put it in here shopping cart. I wish it was around when I was doing it. You can get it from the same page that you got your drops.

Hi! I tried this diet a year ago and was successful at losing 17 pounds in 2.5 weeks. I rarely felt hungry and loved fitting into my old clothes. I gaine some holiday weight this last year, not everything I lost but some, and am going to do another round because I was so successful the first time. It is true that you will gain weigh back IF you cannot stick to a healthy diet. Just thought I share!

Sorry for not replying earlier, I missed a few comments that week. Yes, you will gain weight if you don’t stick to a healthy diet, as with all weight loss strategies, but that doesn’t mean you have to live on boring food. Processed foods and all of the accompanying toxins are the worst offenders. I am maintaining my weight nicely and I still eat fabulous rich food and enjoy wine and chocolate. I have made many small changes such as replacing sugar with things such as coconut palm sugar, processed bread with organic sourdough (delicious) and high carb breakfasts with high protein options. If you haven’t already, check out my free ebook and also some of the recipes and diet hints I have posted here. On the odd occasion where I have put on a few pounds I just add in a day a week where I eat only the foods that were allowed in phase 2. I don’t limit the quantity, just the food types. It drops back off pretty quickly.

Hi my name is sarah and ive been on the hcg dite for almost two weeks and have lost a total of 16 pounds. I was hopping that you could be my back bone and keep me motivated to stay on the right track to finish this at my goal weight. Everyone i Have talked to about the dites says im wasting my money and it will be a waste omce i stop taking the hcg so its making me feel rather discouraged at the moment. However reading this and hearing how extreamly happy you were with it me give it a sevond thought.

Well done Sarah. 16 pounds is wonderful, good on you! I did it late last year and I have maintained my new weight well. That doesn’t mean that I have gone back to eating junk but I really enjoy most foods including chocolate and I also love nice wine when we are out with friends.

I am happy to help encourage you as I know how much it has changed my life. The health benefits have been as motivating as the weight loss. I too had people saying it would all come back on. Even a trainer at a gym I went to was quite smug about it but I used her cynicism to motivate me. Let your friends say what they like, use it as inspiration to prove them wrong.

You will put it back on if you start eating lots of fattening foods just like you would with any diet. It is really more of a lifestyle change. Having said that I have had a couple of wonderfully wicked indulgent weekends. On those occasions I make sure that I have a couple of phase two days the following week. Not the small quantities but the foods. It comes straight back off.

What country are you in and does the place where you got your drops have a support forum? I did mine in Australia and the nutritionist I got my drops off had a fantastic forum that made such a difference.

Also, I am making an adjustment to this site so that you will have the option of getting an email message when I reply to your comments if you like. I try to check them out daily but have a husband, son and job so sometimes it can take two or three days.

Keep up the great work!

Thanks for your website, this will be helpful to me I believe. It’s good to know there’s a recipe book out there and that you will be putting recipes up too. Just what I NEED! It was great to see your weight loss progress day by day to compare, and perhaps give me some idea how long it might take to lose my 10 kilos. I am currently on day 3 of phase 2.

I’m doing this with my Dad who also wants to lose about 10 kilos. I have read that your weight will plateau once you have lost the weight you need to, so this will more than likely be what we work towards.

So far on the first 2(binge)days I gained 100grams a day (not bad considering the kilos I ate) yet my dad lost 900grams his first day! Then gained 700grams the next. My first day of phase 2 I lost 900grams (extremely excited) although today I only lost 100grams. But it wont bring me down. I know people who have done this diet and have seen the proof, and I’m a dedicated person so to know that its garanteed I’ll be 10 kilos lighter in a few weeks is pretty exciting. Its a bit like waiting for Christmas.

I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

Thanks for such an enthusiastic comment Karen, it must be great doing it with your Dad.

Don’t worry at all if you have the odd day when you put a bit on. As long as you stick to the plan you will succeed! Since writing this post my sister has lost 17kg days and her hubby lost 10kg.

One thing I did that really helped was to make a big batch of homemade chicken stock. It is OK as long as you leave it overnight in the fridge then scoop off the solidified fat.

i ordered only one bottle but was sent six, i cant return them as the address is wrong, and i want my money back also, hi i just bought this cambogia ultra and i have been charged even without giving my password i wonder whether these tablets would reach me and whether they would work in weight loss please let me know I just.visited the sught mentioned above and.unfortunately gave my details.

Actual Result in Two Weeks Yes, this is me (2 weeks later): I hardly look like the same person.

I then froze it in ice cube trays for convenience. It makes a big difference to so many things. I used it instead of oil to fry meat and make a sauce, it is also great in stir fries and in soups.

Let me know if you don’t have a good recipe and I will make it a priority to post one soon as it is quite simple.

Thanks Lyn, Wow congratulation to your sister and brother in law. That’s very exciting, I bet they feel great. I can certainly say my energy levels are up there again and I’m extremely thankful.

I’d really appreciate the recipe for your stock as I wouldn’t like to use anything I shouldn’t. Stock would be a great addition to the diet.

Since writing the last post I haven’t really had a good run despite doing everything right. I know it outlines fluctuations and plateaus in the book but it still makes you ask why. Although it happened at the time I would be ovulating so I’ve tried to believe this was the reason.

I had 0 weight loss for 3 days then I lost only 200g then the next day, I was back to 0 loss again the next. So I decided to have an apple day as outlined in the book. That was yesterday, finishing today, and happily I lost 600g. I’m hoping that will kick start the weight loss again, as I don’t feel like I’ve had a steady run with it yet.

I have been wondering about flavourings added to herbal tea. I have vanilla flavoured Rooibos which I’m unsure about, also I have a high quality green tea with Jasmine and pear. I haven’t been drinking this because of the pear which we aren’t allowed. It is real pear, is this, or the vanilla flavouring ok?

As for my Dad, he is doing well. He has only had one day where he gained and one losing nothing at all. Now he’s gone away for the weekend and forgot his drops!! He is continuing the diet and powders/minerals without them, and he will be home today to start the drops again and weigh himself on our accurate scales. So we will see the affect that has had in the morning.

Overall, on this 12th day I have lost 2.7 kilos and Dad has lost (as of 2 days ago)3.3 kilos, possibly 4 by now.

Can’t complain with that really. 🙂

It does sound like your current weight loss is a bit slower than others but you sound determined which is the most important thing. When I did it I joined a great support forum and there were lots of ups and downs. It was a very active forum with several hundred people and some, like me, lost a lot quickly and others took a bit longer. Everyone seemed pretty happy in the long run. You’re right it could have something to do with ovulating. I have no idea about the tea, it might not hurt to try a couple of days without it and see what happens. I’d like to be able to offer you more advice on that but I have never tried it. Also, I’m not a nutritionist or doctor so I try to not give advice.

Re. the recipe, you have motivated me to write it up (it is just in my head at the moment). I will post it on the site tomorrow. I’m also going to test a method where you can get an email notification for any posts that you would like to keep updated on so you will know when I or any other readers reply to your posts.

Keep up that positive attitude and I’m sure you will achieve the results you want.

Hello again, well I have since found out what the problem was with my slow weight loss on the HCG. I got onto the forum you spoke about Lyn and I dealt with the coach Anna. She was terrific, I gave her my last 5 days diet including beverages, and the stevia product Natvia I was using was no good for the diet as it has Erythritol in it aswell. I was also suggested to stop eating tomatoes as this can be a cause of slowed weight loss. And I found out the vanilla flavoured teas were a no no and to stick to the plain jasmin, green, black and white tea if I could. With these simple changes, I lost 500g the next day, and 600g the following day (today). So I’m absolutely chuffed as you can imagine. I need to prepare myself for another plateau though as it is bound to happen according to almost all the ladies on the forum.

I can hardly wait to jump on those scales again in the morning.

That’s fantastic news Karen. I figured it had to be something, Anna is great isn’t she. You may not have another plateau, not everyone does, but you will at least be mentally prepared for it if you do.

How’s your Dad doing after his weekend away without his drops?

Well…as for Dad, I was hoping you wouldn’t ask :(. Let me just say it’s been a bit like trying to discipline a misbehaving child, in the beginning especially. He isn’t taking the diet seriously enough unfortunately, but…. he knows what he needs to do now so I’ve left it up to him to look after his needs. He will continue the diet but it will be slower going than it could be.

As for me, today I only lost 100g but I’m not bothered at all. It’s still a loss. I even ventured of my diet tonight which I was following for the last 3 days (chicken and broccoli soup) I had cauliflower instead. Oh and wow, today was a killer for sugar cravings, being Easter may have had something to do with it. But I got through it no worries.

Now don’t get my hopes up about not having another plateau Lyn! 🙂

An update on my hcg weight loss. In total I’ve lost 22kgs and I haven’t felt this good in years. I’ve always been a yo yo dieter and I couldn’t possibly even guess as to how much weight I’ve lost over the years to only put it and more back on shortly after reaching my goal weight. I finished this diet two months ago and am easily maintaining my weight but then I haven’t had the desire to revert back to my old eating habits. Mind you, I’ve never been on a diet before that actually highlighted exactly what I was putting in to my body, and those of my family, and the potential damage that comes with that. When faced with those facts how can one, in good conscious, go back to that way of eating?

That’s fantastic news Lexie! You’re an inspiration to others. Like you, the big shift for me came when I changed my main focus from weight loss to healthy eating.

Wow, I have just come across these posts. I am just on day 1 of the HCG diet. I am doing it under the supervision of a doctor, and taking drops. (I am in Ireland). The only thing is I got such a shock when I saw my weight yesterday that I dont feel like eating today and I am meant to be fat loading. But I have taken loads of inspirations from your posts. Well done to you all. I hope I am as successful.

I’m sure you will Siobhan, just follow the protocol and your doctors advice. Don’t take too much notice of the scales, everyone is different and you will have days of huge losses and some of none, maybe even a gain or two. Just focus on your end goal!

Thanks for a great post Lyn. I’m about to embark on the HCG diet next month, so will let you know how I get on.

Good on you Deb

Keep me posted on your progress.

I came across your site today and I am glad I did. I have been thinking about doing this diet for quite sometime but I have been scared to try. I am a heavier woman and 80 lbs loss is my goal. I guess my question to you is, how long can you do this diet for? Would I do it for a month then stop, then start again? Please help!!

All the protocols can vary slightly so the information I am giving you is from Cyndi O’Meara’s plan which is the one that I used. Phase 1 goes for two days, then phase 2 (the weight loss phase) must be for a minimum of 13 days and a maximum of 45 days. After 45 days must stop and wait 6 weeks before starting again. If you go to the link that says “this page” (just under the top image) you can get the first 28 pages of her protocol for free plus there is a video. These should give you more information.

Also, if you have struggled with weight loss for a while and are a bit scared about HCG you might like to read my posts about Jon Gabriel. His is a more gentle approach that focuses on nutrition and the reasons our bodies want to be the weight they are. I know a lot about him and include many of his principles in my daily life for health and weight maintenance.

I hope this helps

Sorry for the delay, I was sure that I had answered your comment but it appears not. Some HCG protocols vary slightly but are similar enough for me to give you a good idea based on the one that I did. You will have two days of Phase 1 then a minimum of 13 days and a maximum of 45 days on Phase 2 (the weight loss phase). This is followed by a three day transition phase into Phase 4 where you gradually reintroduce foods, monitoring which ones may cause problems for you. You then must wait 6 weeks before starting another round. Everyone is different but I would say that to lose 80lbs you would need to do two to three rounds. I hope this helps.

Hello, thought I better drop a line, it’s been a while and thought you might wonder how I have been doing on the HCG Lyn. Firstly, you are pretty lucky to have lost 10 kilos in 3 weeks. Here I was naively thinking this happened to the majority of people who did the Protocol, but no. The average weight loss seems to be about 200-300g a day, which is only 4-6.3 kilos for 3 weeks. But, a loss is a loss. I myself got very bored in the end with the green tea and I got a massive sugar craving which lasted days and days, which caused me to fail in the end and I was eating CHOCOLATE everyday. I have now stopped the drops and am on P3 day 3, so tomorrow I’m allowed to eat more food and start testing myself with foods which is great. Overall I lost 7.4 kilos in 43 days which is great. I’m still a couple of Kilos off my goal weight but I can achieve this with the right food and exercise which we weren’t allowed to do much of on the diet. For anyone out there going to do it, it definitely works but you should really do some research on exactly what you are and aren’t allowed to eat or drink while on it. (Only allowed 100% stevia extract powder for sweetener, your blood group can have an affect, spinach is a vegetable not a free food for example) It can stop you from having unnecessary plateaus which are disappointing. I also got some sad news about my Dads health and this could possibly have had a little to do with my failing, but I can’t confirm that. Just be warned, there can be a lot of obstacles, you must be strong. Good luck.

Thank’s so much for taking the time keeping me updated Karen, and sharing your experiences is great for others too. 7.4 kg is terrific and you should feel proud. I do agree, I thought you would have lost more but you shouldn’t consider that you failed. Many people would see it as an amazing success! You are only a few kilos from your goal so celebrate your success and move forward with the same determination it took you to complete the 45 days. I truly don’t know if I would have lasted that long.

I did stick to the rules to the absolute letter and didn’t have so much as a gram of prohibited food. The only thing I did wrong was use Dijon mustard instead of powdered but it didn’t cause a problem. Were you in a support group or doing it by yourself? In the support group I was in a few people had problems with tomatoes causing a stall. My sister did it after me and lost 16 kg in 45 days so we should consider ourselves lucky.

I am sorry to hear about your Dad, I hope he will be OK, it is awful as parents age and have health issues. A major stress can definitely disrupt a weight loss plan, it is something I am working on myself at the moment. I have been practicing Jon Gabriel’s techniques to maintain as I don’t handle stress well at all and I know it is not good for me both weight and health wise. He lost an amazing amount of weight and now teaches others how he did it. He is actually very ‘anti-diet’ and blames dieting on a lot of the obesity problems. I have written a couple of posts about him. If you haven’t already read them they are here:

Keep up the good work and keep in touch.

I live in Noosa and will be driving to Changing Habits this morning to pick up my drops. I am so excited, I hardly slept last night. I will not break the strict diet and will lose weight each day. I just know it. If it wasn’t 6am I would already be on my way to pick them up. I will find it hard to not have Kefir each day, otherwise it sounds amazing. I realise that it may seem like I am so excited and I have no idea what I’m in for. Well, yes I can’t say it’s so great, just amazing etc. I have not done it, what I can say for sure is. Attitude and positive frame of mind are a powerful force. So keep watching as I post my progress. Oh and by the way, for those who have more than 10kg to lose 🙂 I weigh 134kg so we are looking at about 54kg for me to get to just 80kg. My goal is 15kg in my first round. I will do phase 2 for 43 days. After the first round of the protocol, I will take the recommended break of I think 3 weeks and go again. I expect to do this 5 or 6 times in total. So beware to the staff that will have me waiting at the front door at 9am this morning, I have many questions and feel very excited. I hope to inspire men and women with a lot of weight to lose and bring encouragement. Happy loading day to me, I’m off to have avacado, eggs and a big tall glass of kefir and jack fruit smoothy. It’s my favourite. Much love xx

Your enthusiasm is incredible and with that attitude I’m sure you will succeed! I really look forward to hearing about your progress and I’m sure other readers will too. If you haven’t already done so you might like to sign up for my free HCG tips. I devised them when I was doing it.

I’m sure you will make the most of Cyndi’s support forum too, they are such a motivated bunch, just like you. When I did it there were about 800 members but I just checked in the other day and there are around 1300. Anna, the coach is fantastic too. Make sure you ask about the slim noodles. You can get them at the grocery store in the healthy food section. I didn’t find out about them until day 24 and they really made a difference, I wished I had discovered them earlier. All the best and keep us posted on your progress.

Ohh thanks, I found the girls at the counter very helpful with my questions and raced off to the car to take my drops. Day 1 done and feeling empowered. Is there a link you could send me for Cindys support group please. I’m not sure where to find it on her site. The drops seem to make me very thirsty, makes it so easy to drink a lot of water. I am so happy!

Here you are Krissy, where it says comment wall, write your questions in there (anything you like) or checkout the blogs up the top.

Here is a link to the page where you can get it. It is the only item on the second row but before you buy it make sure that you don’t already have access. If you got the drops I think you will find that the forum is included so get in contact with them to find out how to log in.

Other claims that are commonly made about garcinia cambogia’s effects include: loss of appetite or less of a desire to eat than usual reduced cravings for unhealthy foods, such as sugar addiction a more positive mood (including feeling happier, more energetic and less tired) increased energy and concentration stabilized blood sugar levels improved bowel movements reduced joint pains improved cholesterol levels stronger desire to be physically active Most of the claims above have not been backed by scientific studies, however some have.

Once you have access look on the left sidebar and you will see “Groups”, it is the top one. You don’t want to pay for it if you already have it:)

Hey Krissy, what an awesome attitude you have. It will help you a long way. The forum Lyn speaks of is so so amazing, I urge you to get on there ASAP and ask away. And read read read, there is so much information in the blogs and just on the wall. Check out Anna’s blogs, she has one on general info for the HCG. Reading up on it might save her repeating herself and others as you often see the same questions asked over and over from new people. Not that anyone minds replying, they love it! Ada and Sharon on there are mad for it! Haha. Terrific support anyway, let me tell you, many people have fallen off the wagon but it pays to get straight back on as they all do. You don’t want any of your efforts wasted. Good luck to you!

That link takes me o an invitation only login. Any ideas on how I get invited. I can’t absorb all the information quick enough. Thanks again, you are very kind. Have a wonderful evening.

Oh umm, well I have to think back. I bought the drops on line and received emails from changing habits which I guess had a link in there with the invitation. Gosh I can’t remember sorry Krissy. You must be able to join if you have the drops. You might have to call them tomorrow.

I just started my first of 21 days of vlcd! I’m excited and nervious at the same time. I gained 5 lbs on the loading time; and now will have about 12 lbs to lose. I don’t have much to lose, which is why it scares me that it might not happen by the time my drops are done. I always lose weight really slowly.. Anyways, thanks for the inspiration!

Thanks Susy. How are you going with it? You should be seeing some good results by now.

Today is day 2 of phase 2. Only 2 loading days and 1 day on 500 calories as it is now 6am. I HAVE LOST 1.4kg. Losing 1.4kg in 3 days helps take the focus of the headache I have had since yesterday morning. Overall how do I feel so far. Hmmmm EXTATIC. Such a shame that all my friends and family just add this to the long list of diets I’ve done over the years. I think this gently pushes me along to show them, this protocol is different. My current weight today is 133.4kg. So its never to late. Much love xx

Krissy that is just AWESOME. I feel your excitement like its me doing the Protocol. Your family won’t understand it unless they take the time to read all about it but what is important is that you understand it and yes you’re right, it is different….it’s right. It’s a new way to live your life in a healthy way, it’s not just about losing weight, that bit is a big bonus.

Did you get onto the HLC (Healthy Living Club) forum? They will be so excited for you as I am. What I loved about it was getting up every morning to jump on the scales. And when your clothes start to fit better, well… you just have to feel that sensation and do your happy dance. Nothing better. Yaaaay for you.

Good on you Krissy! Karen is right, what is important is that you know what is right for you. Two of my favorite sayings are:

Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

by Robert Thomas Allen

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

It’s what you think that counts, no one else.

How’re things going with you Karen?

Starting tomorrow with about 15kgs to lose total. Excited and nervous because I know the hard work that lies ahead but also the many rewards. I’ve never been on any forum before but thought it might be good for me to chat to others going through the same thing. Any idea if ill get this weight off on a 43 day program?

I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life. Eat very little but always just a little overweight. Recently put on 10kgs following back surgery. Need to lose it ASAP to protect my back from re-herniating and of course to feel healthy again.

Great to hear from you Steph

This isn’t actually a forum, as such, but I’m not going to close comments on this post for a while as there are so many positive people like you sharing your journey. I hope that the contributions from other readers is of benefit to you and that you will also post your successes and challenges for the benefit of others that come after you.

I lost 10kg in 27 days and my sister lost 15 kg in 45 days so it is do able but you will need to stick to the protocol diligently. If you need more support I highly recommend Cyndi O’Meara’s support group. It was incredible for me. I’m not an expert, just a woman blogging about my journey whereas Cyndi is a highly regarded nutritionist with an active forum of around 1300 people.

Keep us posted on your progress.

Hi and thankyou for your reply. It will definitely be very valuable having the support of people who visit this page and I will look into Cyndi’s too.

Did the 10kg and 15kgs you and your sister lost get you to your goal weights? If not, how close were you?

Also, I started today on the drops and loading and felt nauseous right from the 1st dose and all throughout the day. Did you or anyone else have this problem? I’m hoping its just my body adjusting and that it will pass soon because I would not be able to sustain otherwise and I’m so keen to continue on and reach my goals.

I felt unwell on the loading days with a terrible “oh my gosh, I am going to be sick” feeling until the end of day 3. Meaning day 1 of phase 2. I have stuck to it to the exact everything. I am now on day 5 of phase 2 a d I have lost 3.4kg. I must admit I have been surrounded by many temptations in social situations. You really need to be disciplined. I feel wonderful and am sleeping better than ever.

That’s fantastic Krissy well done! It’s exciting isn’t it. You are right, you must be strong. It’s all in the mind, you need to just block out the negative words and the tempting looking foods are poisons and hurt your body. Your aim is to repair it so it can work better for you as it already has started to. Imaging how terrific you’re going to feel down the track. Keep it up, you’re on a roll, so keep on rolling. 🙂

Thanks for that. Im glad I’m not the only one! I was a bit worried that it would be like that the whole way through! I felt much less nausea today (day 2 of loading) than yesterday so ok guessing my body is just adjusting to the drops.

Wow! 3.4 in 5 days is fantastic! How much are you aiming to lose in total? I’m excited to get started on Phase 2 tomorrow. I’m very disciplined so am sure despite temptations that are inevitable in our society I will be fine. I’m too damn excited to lose this extra weight I’ve gained since back surgery in Jan and hopefully even a little more.. I miss wearing all my nice clothes 🙁

Best of luck on your continuing journey

I didn’t feel unwell at all Steph, but everyone is different. Both mys sister and I reached our goals. She had more to lose than me so after six weeks she went back and did a second short round. In all I think she lost about 24 kg and she has kept it off.

Good on you Krissy, well done! I must admit I didn’t have too much social temptation as I timed it to coincide with my husband’s hip surgery so we weren’t doing any socializing while he was convalescing.

Thanks ladies. It’s so nice having your feedback 🙂

I choose to lose about 50kg. I would like to do this in 3 full protocols with the breaks in between. If it takes 4 I will be happy. I believe sugar is the biggest enemy. I have never had a sweet tooth. Except about 8pm when the kids are asleep or during the first 3 days of my period. I always told myself, I only eat organic chocolate and I had the excuse of “it’s ok,I have my period my body needs the sugar”. I have now landed on earth and been 5 days without sugar. Don’t feel like I need it, mostly I just want vegemite on toast 🙁 I weigh 131 kg. so a way to go.

I’ve just finished first rounf of HCG, I have lost 12kg but have 30 more to lose, I was reading this stream and wondering how you did Krissy? I found it veryhard to stick to eth protocol with a busy job and two small kids but I did my best, cheated a bit so could have lost more – hoping to really pull myself up now for teh next round and do better. WOuld love to hear how you did on all the subsequent rounds.

Hi Lyn, I can’t say I’m doing that well actually. We have received the worse news about my Dad. So the next month or more will just get worse and worse unfortunately. I’ve realized that with all the little things I started doing wrong in the HCG and thought “oh it isn’t hurting because I’m not putting on weight” during the maintenance phase, actually IS doing wrong for my body, and messing with the whole point of the diet. So I am thinking I will have another go later down the track when things have settled down with Dad and I can re-start my living.

It’s not so daunting because I know what I’m in for and have so much more helpful knowledge to stop me from making the mistakes which caused the dreaded plateaus the first time. And another bonus is I don’t have as much weight to lose. It should only be a few kilos.

So sorry to hear about your Dad Karen. I must admit from one of your previous comments it didn’t sound good. We went through a similar experience with my Mum a few years ago and it is very hard. Try to keep your spirits up for both you and him.

I agree, postponing HCG for a while is a good idea considering your circumstances. One thing that may be of benefit now would be reading Jon Gabriel’s book. I have used his strategies since doing HCG to maintain but I’m not suggesting it to you so much for weight loss but as a bit of emotional support. He delves very deeply into the emotional side of weight loss, stress, anxiety and how to deal with situations you have no control over. I have written a few posts about him and you’ll find the most recent one here http://www.lifestylemenu.com/my-personal-jon-gabriel-review/. If you scroll to the bottom there is a link where you can download his first chapter free to see if it is something you think might help.

Please keep checking in, it is great to hear from you.

I love your choice of words. I “choose to lose”, it is very powerful!

An addition you might like to add is to change the word ‘lose’. The owner of my local Pilates studio often discusses this. He asks the question “what do we do when we lose something?”, naturally we try to find it again. He suggests replacing the word ‘lose’ with something like ‘shed’, ‘eliminate’ or ‘get rid of’. It’s only a minor thing but every little helps.

Great to hear everyones comments – I’m on Day 1 of phase 2 – put on 600g on both day 1 and day 2 of Phase 1 but it was fun eating all that cream and eggs benedict etc and I drank bubbly on both nights.

I think the nausea might come from the green powder – about 13 years ago I became violently ill from spirulina – I vomited for hours but I think I took very large doses… and it had happened once before that. So to stop the daytime nausea I’ve started taking the green powder at night and that way I can sleep through it – isn’t affecting me at all now.

About the ‘lose’ idea – I like to think of what it is I want to gain and focus on that instead – I want to get slim, or healthy, or fitter – even shed, eliminate etc are focussing on what you don’t want…..and I want to be 17kg slimmer to be about 60kg. I’m 57 and have been a yo yo dieter since in my 20’s. I’m dreaming about this being the new plan to have my eating habits become healthy – also I’m really keen to get onto a mostly raw diet – so many beautiful recipes. For now…. this plan to get my body back into balance – love the notion of the cells emptying out fat, getting flushed with water and dissolving – yay.

Love lemon juice with lots of ice (blend it) and a little stevia – very naughty and quenching.

Thanks for this lovely blog

Thanks so much Jenni, I’m glad you like the blog.

Sorry for the late reply. We are moving overseas in four weeks and life is chaotic to the point of insanity.

Loading is fun isn’t it. You sound very focused and determined. Keep us posted on your progress.

Good advice. So far I have finished week one 4.6kg’s lighter than I started! Oh joy…. I love this whole experience. XO

Fantastic Krissy, keep us posted on your progress.

I’ve just completed my first 7 days of VLCD and lost 3.4kgs!! Very very happy with that (I only gained 0.5 on the loading days surprisingly). That leaves me with 12.4kgs left to dispose of 🙂 I will undoubtedly need to do a second short round unless I can lose the last few during maintenance with amped up exercise regime.

It’s been a tough week. I had several nights of poor sleep (and I normally sleep like a baby) but that has now passed, was extremely hungry but that is starting to abate and a migraine on days 4, 5 and 6!! I’m hoping I’m past all that now and ready to tackle the next 5 weeks!! I’ve also had some small thoughts of wishing I could eat other foods or put a touch more milk in my tea.. But I’ve managed to ignore it! Sometimes thinking about how long I have to go is overwhelming too so I try to focus on the positives being health and weight loss.

I’d love to hear from others and their progress to date. I hope everyone’s doing awesome!

Good on you Steph!

That’s fantastic and I love your term “to dispose of”. It is great that you own and acknowledge the challenges, so encouraging for those that come after you. It is not for the faint hearted but the results are so rewarding. You mentioned headaches, are you drinking enough water? It is also great that you are focusing on health. In the past I only focused on weight loss but things really changed for me once I shifted my thinking to health.

I must admit I’m feeling a little bit disappointed because I have lost 5.7kgs in 20 days. Tomorrow will mark 3 weeks and I will be no where near the 7kg average for the 3 week mark.. If I had been close that would have been enough to keep me content.

I have been 100% diligent. I even had to do a plateau breaking apple day on day 18 because my weight had stalled at the beginning of week 3. I even gained .2 kgs on one of the days and just stayed the same on several others. When its working and you’re losing weight, you feel great and want to keep going and it’s easy (even though it hard) but when no results are happening its a nightmare.

Anyone going through this? I need an uplift..

Cheers and hope you are all doing really well.

And when I say diligent I mean diligent.

cambogia extract caused an increase in the red blood cell (RBC) count in rat tissue.

I have not done one thing wrong if anything my diet is probably plainer than it even needs to be and I weigh and measure everything to the gram and drink 2-3L water a day and have never forgotten to take my drops so its definitely not something I’m doing wrong I’m sure of that.

First thing I think is to not beat yourself up, I think you are doing great. You have to remember that an average is just that so a 7k average is made up from people who have lost less and some who have lost more. You aren’t far off the mark. You are only 1.3 kg below the average. If you look back over my losses I also had a few days of zero and even some gains, that is normal.

Regarding what may be causing you to lose less than you would like I can’t tell as I don’t see everything that you eat and I’m not an expert, just someone who has done it. I had a look in the forum to see if I could find any info for you as Anna, the coach, is brilliant. A couple of things showed up:

Even though they are an ‘unlimited food’ some people have problems with tomatoes and their loss sped up when they eliminated them.

Quite a few people were using natvia or xylitol as sweeteners thinking that they are OK.

A few people weren’t taking the supplements, I have no idea why this would make a difference but it was a common thread.

Some other, unrelated to HCG, possibilities are emotional or stress related issues. The other is Sleep Apnea. I know a fair bit about these as I suffered from both. If you snore (you don’t have to fess up here) as I did and struggle with weight loss, sleep apnea is a very likely probability (I am in the middle of writing a series of posts about it that I hope to have finished in about a week). I am also a pretty high stress person by nature and struggle daily to keep it under control.

I am a huge fan of Jon Gabriel and his methods to deal with these and, post HCG, I incorporate a lot of his principles into my daily life. I wrote a post about him here that may be of help. http://www.lifestylemenu.com/the-gabriel-method-retreat-kiama/. If you scroll to the bottom I have put a link where you can download the first chapter of his book for free to see if any of it relates to you.

In the meantime, as I said at the beginning of this reply. Don’t beat yourself up, celebrate the progress you have made and congratulate yourself on your commitment.

Thanks so much for your response and looking into those things for me I really appreciate it!!

I haven’t eaten any tomatoes so that’s out. My stress levels were higher than normal last week as I had to perform 3 nights in a row at local venues and be assessed for a uni class. Once this was over my weight loss improved! So this was probably it! I ended up getting a 6.1 loss in total for 3 weeks which is only .9 under the average. Not bad when I’m only 9.5kgs from goal weight.

Definitely important to keep stress in check. I’m a psychologist so generally I’m good at keeling it under wraps 🙂 I’m exactly halfway today and am so glad I didn’t give up on the weekend just gone cause I came close several times..

Good on you Steph!

I’m go glad you didn’t give up. I am doing a fair bit of research into the stress side of things at the moment as I have put on 3kg in the past month and it just won’t shift. I know it is stress as I have been a consistent weight for ages and my diet and exercise haven’t changed at all.

We are moving from Australia to Montana in less than three months and our life is verging on nightmarish at the moment selling off all of our lifetime’s accumulation of possessions and dealing with a multitude of legalities. I am doing visualization and breathing exercises at the moment when I have a spare two minutes but I know it isn’t as effective as it should be as the whole time I am trying to visualize I am thinking of all the things I should be/could be doing if I wasn’t trying to visualize:)

Keep us posted on your progress.

Wow what an exciting thing to move to the other side of the world. I would say try to focus on the positives of the situation and always remind yourself that this time right now that is stressful and hard cannot last forever and is a temporary thing. Leaving time for yourself each day where you do not let your mind wander to all the many tasks that need to be done is important. You can’t work all the time. I hope things run as smoothly as possible for you between now and the big move.

Worrying about the 3kgs is probably not worth it at the moment. I know it’s scary when you’ve worked so hard to get to a certain weight and it starts to creep back on – I’ve been there many times. But 3kgs is not very much at all and when the stress passes you can dispose of it within a week. After I had back surgery in Jan I couldn’t lose any weight no matter what I tried (I even did a 500 calorie plan called Cohens that I had been successful on in the past) it was so frustrating. I think the stress of it all on my body/mind was to blame. It is only now that I’ve healed a lot and started this plan that my body is finally willing to let go. I believe this will happen for you too once things settle down.

Good luck and I will definitely keep updating my progress.

Thanks again for your support 🙂

Thanks for that support Steph.

I’m not worrying about the 3kg and at least it doesn’t seem to be increasing. I’m just continuing to eat really well and exercise regularly. Our teenage son is into the gym and has started to work out before school as it makes a big difference to his ability to focus as school. I have to take him so I am working out in the mornings too which is my sanity time for the day. It also involves a 45 minute drive each morning which gives us some lovely mum and son time. A rarity these days between his social life and our work and travel commitments.

I too did Cohen many years ago, it’s expensive isn’t it? It worked really well for me but I put it all back on reasonably quickly.

I have been reading this tonight and I am starting soon. Might I just add something…Please don’t just look at the scales I promise you they can be deceiving. I did a low carb diet for 3 weeks and lost SO much weight all my clothes were so baggy yet the scales hardly shifted. Because of that the scaled did NOT say I lost hope and quit. How silly when my clothes were much looser. Pay attention oh how you FEEL and how clothing feels rather than JUST the scales.

You are right about that Hailee.

In the forum I was in, that I mention in the post above, they stressed how important it is to measure weekly as there are a lot of factors that will contribute to weight fluctuations. Keep us informed on your progress, it is great to hear about everyone’s journey.

Thanks for this wonderful site! I am on R1P2D4, I have been struggling with my weight for almost 7-8 years now. I have always been active and fit, but for some reason when I hit my mid 30’s my body just held on to every bit of fat it could, plus I must admit I wasn’t going to the gym 5 days a week and running 3 miles a day either, but I still tried to remain active. ;-). I was feeling a lil down as I have been doing the protocol to the letter, and only experienced a .2 lb (in America, so I will be using pounds) loss this morning. I had a 3.5 pound weight gain from the loading phase, and lost 2 lbs. on day one and two of the vlcd.

I read in another post about tomotoes and the ethrinotyl (i know I just butchered that) in Stevia blends, I had both yesterday, and think that this may be the cause of such a low weight loss…oops correction, weight elimination yesterday.

I am super stoked and happy to find these posts. Will keep you updated on my progress. I have a total of 50 lbs. I would like to eliminate, and being on day four to date I have lost 4.2 pounds. Hopefully, cutting out the tomatoes and Stevia blend (which is bummer, as I looked for Stevia but didn’t see it at my grocery store…will have to keep looking for the real thing), will result in better results tomorrow, when I weigh myself.

Thanks again for your encouragement and sharing!

Good on you Ana and thanks for the feedback. I’m glad the posts from others are of help. Remember that everyone is different and you will have some good loss days and not so good ones. Make sure you mentally prepare yourself for the occasional gain too, it is likely at some point and is normal.

The tomatoes and erythritol may have been the cause. Also, are you keeping up your water intake? I understand pounds as a lot of my readers are in America (I also need to stay on top of both Aussie and USA measurements as we are moving to Montana in less than three months).

All the best and keep us posted on your progress.

Good reminder Lyn re: my water intake. I have always struggled getting in my water, but I am finding if I put in some lemon, it really does help.

I am down 8.6 pounds since day one of P2. Week 2 seems to be going much better than the first week. Unfortunately, I am starting to get a bit bored, but trying to add some variation to the foods we are allowed.

Haven’t had a .2 loss since eliminating tomatoes and the stevia blend from my diet. Will keep you posted, and thanks for the heads up on the weight gain. Started to post notes around my house that simply say “Don’t cheat, Not Worth it!” and “Do Not Give Up!”, does help, especially during those less than desirable moments.

Congratulations on your move to Montana! Awesome state.

Oh yeah, I also am keeping my measurements, PLEASE measure yourself for anyone starting on or doing the program, it is like another source of encouragement. I take my measurements once a week, here are my results for week one.

Arms 12 5/8 down to 12 1/4

Hips 42 1/4 down to 40 1/2

Waist 38 3/4 down to 36 5/8

Thighs 24 1/2 down to 23

** pick the same way and place to measure yourself. I use my belly button (for waist), the fattest part of my rump for my hips, I have a scar on my arm for my biceps, and a small birthmark/mole on my thigh that I use to make sure I am getting accurate measurements.

That’s great Ana, I too use scars and birthmarks for my measurement spots. A couple of hints for boredom:

Use lots of condiments, herbs and spices they can really make a difference.

I also found that presentation made a big difference to me psychologically. For example if my meal was simply steak and broccoli with a salad. I would put in an extra few minutes styling my plate. I would make sure I put a few red onion rings, some sliced cucumber and something red like tomato on the plate regardless whether I intended eating them. I would also add a small dollop of mustard on the side. That way I ended up with a wonderful looking plate with all the colors that stimulate visual satisfaction.

Also, have you tried my blueberry shake, I made a video of it here?

It really is yummy, is HCG friendly and will satisfy any sweet cravings you may get. It looks a bit lumpy in the video, I didn’t blend it long enough, haha.

I am Nikita from India. I have completed my HCG diet of 21 days and only lost 3 kgs in the whole diet. I dont know what is the issue with me, i really want to lose weight especially from my thigh portion.

I only have vegetarian food in my entire diet, i followed all the rules too.

Can you please tell me what could be the possible reason i didnt lose that much weight and should i continue taking the medicine without taking six weeks off in between?

Hope to get any reply from you.

I am not an expert or a doctor, just a woman who has done this protocol and had great success. Three kilos doesn’t sound like a lot though if you have stuck to the rules. The things that come to mind immediately are the ones about water, tomatoes and sweeteners such as xylitol or erythritol. You can find them if you read my replies to other questions.

Other than that it is difficult to tell without knowing your actual daily diet and also where you got your drops. Are you doing it through a doctor or nutritionist or did you get your drops from a store or online. Unfortunately there have been reported cases of some companies selling fake drops that are nothing more than water. If that was the case though I would imaging you would still have lost weight but would have been starving hungry.

If you can give me some more information as to what you would eat in an average day including all vegetables and any condiments I may be able to identify what would be a problem.

Regarding the timing, I can only go by the protocol I did with the nutritionist but, according to her, you can continue up to 45 days but you then MUST take the six weeks off before starting another cycle.

I hope this helps

I am starting this diet tomorrow but am confused about working out while following it. I workout 6 days a week but am not seeing many results. So with this diet can I keep working out and just eat back those calories or do I stick with the 500 calories only? I would love any information you have. Thank you

Most HCG protocols say you shouldn’t do more than light exercise such as as walking and gentle stretching. I too like to work out and hated to stop though I did because I wanted to follow it to the letter. The way it was explained to me was:

When you exercise on the HCG diet, your body will perceive that it doesn’t have enough energy and will think it is starving. This reduces the metabolic process and can actually slow your weight loss.

Although I was, and still am, overjoyed with the results I didn’t like the loss of muscle tone. I must admit it did only take about 4 weeks to get it back once I moved out of phase two and could eat larger portions.

I’m so glad I found your page as I have been looking at Cyndi O’Meara’s HCG diet for about a month now but hadn’t come across many reviews. Just as you were, I was skeptical of the HCG diet. After reading your page, I think I am going to give it a go. I’m just wondering, did you just buy the $117 Changing Habits pack or did you buy the full pack with the seaweed salt, green blend, colloidal silver and probiotics? I am terrible at taking supplements so don’t want to buy them if they aren’t essential.

Look forward to hearing from you,

So sorry for the late reply. My family has been in the throes of a major move in the past couple of weeks and I have seriously neglected my blog. If you are still interested in the answer here it is:

I just brought the drops as I already had all the other things. Yes I think it is really important to take them. Cyndi is a highly regarded nutritionist so I followed her recommendations to the letter.

I also highly recommend you join her support forum. That was the most important thing for me. It is around $50 for a whole year and is invaluable. Anna, the moderator, is an amazing wealth of information and the forum is full of active, supportive people ready to help you with any of your questions.

Those benefits of garcinia cambogia can be greatly noticed when supplemented before meals and food.

When I did it there were around 800 people in it but there are well over 1000 now.

Good luck with your journey. It is nearly a year since I did it and I am maintaining my weight nicely while still enjoying yummy food and wine.

Hi, I really like your post and have just started it’s day 14

and I’ve been really naughty 🙁 have had about 4 days taking drops but

on those days I didn’t follow the 500 calorie plan 🙁 I really want to complete this 40 day challenge and I know I can do it I just feel as though I’ve stuffed it all up, In your opinion can I still continue or have I ruined it all?

I will keep trucking on this time without the slip ups,

First week I had lost 6kg and now I’ve put the weight back on it’s disappointing.

Will wait for your reply.

Sorry for the delayed reply Taniah. I have been travelling and this is the first chance I have had to tend to my blog so this reply will no doubt be too late for your question. Regardless of whether you continued or not the most important thing for you is to not feel that you have failed. If you have kept it up, good on you, if not, don’t beat yourself up, just start again. When I was young I was a very heavy smoker (very heavy!!). I tried and failed to give up 8 times but I kept on trying. I now haven’t been a smoker for over 20 years and don’t even think about it.

One thing to reflect on is to try to identify why you lapsed. There are many reasons people struggle with diet and healthy eating. Jon Gabriel has some great insight into this in his book “The Gabriel Method”. I wrote a post about him here that might help you http://www.lifestylemenu.com/my-personal-jon-gabriel-review/. If you scroll to the bottom of the article there is a link where you can get the first chapter of his book for free.

Hello everyone, my name is Sophie, I’m twenty years old and I’m so happy to have found a support group, I’m overweight and have been struggling with my weight all my life, my doctor suggested this diet for me and im hoping to give it a go, however he has suggested the needles not the drops, and other pills, it sounds safe and I’m not worried about the calorie intake.

I only need to lose roughly 15 kilos and going on the 6 week plan.

Good on you Sophie, so many others have had great success with this diet. Just remember to make sure you continue to follow healthy (not boring) strategies once you finish.

Just a short email to let you know that I have really found your site useful. I am in the middle of my first round of Cindy’s HCG (R1P2D12) and found it encouraging to have another source of information that supports what I read on Cindy’s site. Love your approach to food being part of life so I look forward to exploring your site more when my food options open up.

Thanks so much Roseanne

I’m so glad you have found my blog helpful. I have been neglecting it for the past few weeks as my family has been in the middle of a huge move. I will be settled soon and will get back to searching out info and recipes about healthy yummy food.

Just came across your site and it’s like a breath of fresh air. I started the HCG diet a few days ago – I just finished day 1 of Phase 2. I didn’t really know what I was getting into. Was diagnosed with PCO by my doctor with all the symptoms including rapid weight gain over a few months. Not the best of doctors, though – she just told me I had to do this 500 calorie diet because that was the only way for PCO patients to lose weight. Not much other explanation, handed me the pills, and showed me the door.

I finally started after a month or so of sitting around with the pills, because I was so frustrated with the weight gain. I have to say, I was a skeptic but willing to grasp at straws. Your site is giving me the confidence to do this in earnest. I found my first day a bit difficult…I wasn’t hungry, just a bit dizzy and almost nauseous (In all fairness, I had spent about 3 hours in the pool with my 3 year old nephew…planning to tone down the physical activity from here on in). Just forced myself to have dinner. But really looking forward to seeing where this takes me 🙂 And will keep coming back to your site for moral support and reinforcement 🙂

Thank you Ayesha

I’m glad that this helps. It is a shame your doctor wasn’t much help.

If you feel that you need more support I suggest you join the forum from Cyndi O’Meara. There are a couple of links above in the post.

She is a qualified nutritionist and her forum moderator is also a wealth of knowledge. I couldn’t have done it without them. Any question you have at any time will be answered quickly by professionals and you will also get heaps of support from people at exactly the same stage as you are. Last time I checked it was $57 for the year (great in case you slip off the rails later on). It is an Australian forum but you can join from anywhere in the world.

Note, if you do join I will make a small referral commission but that is not why I am recommending it, it is because it is the best support forum I found full of motivated people all with similar goals and challenges.

Good luck and I would love it if you could keep in touch and let me know how you go.

I am considering buying the Changing Habits protocol and found your blog during my research. Can you give an update on how you did on Phase 3 and 4; whether or not your met your goal weight, and how you went about keeping the weight off.

I am on day 13 of my first (and hopefully only) round of HCG. I’m 5’8″ and started at 150lbs (152lbs after loading). I am 139lbs today so that’s 13lbs in 13 days which of course I’m thrilled with. I only have 20lbs to lose (I could go as low as 125 for a buffer) so I feel like changes should be very noticeable on me.

However, despite losing 13lbs and being 13 days in I haven’t seen a single measurement shift! My waist is mayyyyybe half an inch slimmer (probably because my stomach is never full!) but otherwise my hips, thighs and upper arms – where I gained fat when I went from 130 to 150 pounds a year or so ago – are the same. At what point should I expect to see inches move? And I assume I won’t just wake up one morning and have lost a ton of inches!! So I’m getting a little nervous now … All while struggling to understand how I could have lost so much weight and not show it anywhere.

Can you use Spiralina while doing this diet?

Best HCG Diet Drops of The Years

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2 Speed of Results

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HCG Drops and Diet In-depth Review

Trying to follow a diet without breaking it is already difficult as it is, but imagine if you had to follow a diet that has very strict calorie restrictions wherein you will be limited to consuming only 500 calories a day. How tough is this, you ask? Well, for starters you can pretty much meet your quota for the day by eating just one turkey sandwich topped with some mayo and Swiss cheese.

This is exactly what you’ll be doing if you go with the HCG diet. It is a diet program that limits you to only 500 calories a day while taking in a daily dose of HCG drops. In case you were wondering, it is indeed possible to lose weight with such a strict caloric restriction since you’re practically going to be eating a small amount of food each day. As a matter of fact, you stand to lose up to 5 pounds per week by following the 500 calorie daily limit.

HCG drops are considered the safer option compared to injections, however experts have had some reservations regarding the use of drops. Doctors fear that they might cause unwanted side effects and could prove to be dangerous for people who have kidney, liver, and heart disease.

With that said, this diet is not without controversy as several experts have already expressed their reservations towards it. The fact that you have to restrict yourself to only 500 calories per day is already a sign that this is not something meant for everyone. You need to be well-disciplined enough to not give in to your hunger pangs after you have reached your daily caloric intake.

HCG Drops and Diet – Frequently Asked Questions

Since we are also on the subject of HCG drops and diet we figured that we might as well get to answer some of the more frequently asked questions about them. First, let us look at the difference between HCG drops and injections. Many people have been asking which one is the more effective option between the two, and a lot have preferred going with HCG drops because they have had plenty of success with them and it is also a much safer alternative as well.

They have reported getting more energy from the drops post diet and with no muscle loss. They also travel better than injections and also have a much longer shelf life, too. They also don’t have to worry about experiencing any pain or infection since HCG drops are non-invasive.

If you are on an HCG diet, can you take any sweeteners? The answer is no because this is not advisable.