Karina garcia

Karina garcia
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Karina Garcia

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Beauty and lifestyle vlogger who runs a popular self-titled YouTube channel, formerly called TheKarinaBear, where she posts hauls, DIYs, and makeup tutorials for her 7 million subscribers.

Before Fame

She made her YouTube account in 2012 but didn't start posting videos until 2015. She gained followers incredibly fast thereafter, with more than 250,000 subscribers in six months.

Some of her most popular videos, including "DIY Flubber Soap! Make Squishy Soap!," have earned more than 1 million views since being posted.

Family Life

Her twin sister Mayra Isabel is also a popular YouTube lifestyle and beauty vlogger. She got engaged to longtime boyfriend Raul Aguilar on February 14, 2018 after five years of dating.

Associated With

Both she and fellow beauty guru Eva Gutowski were born in 1994.

Karina Garcia's Blog

Between the Shades of Gray

between the shades of gray is a book about the holocaust. its a about a girl named Lina, her and her family got taken to the concentration camps but on the way there they met some people. when they got taken it was just her mother her brother and herself. her father got taken apart, while on the train Lina wanted to find her dad she, Jona her little brother snuck out and went to go find them.

while looking for her father, she couldnt find him until they got to probably go to the 4th train.

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they found him and he was so happy to see them but had to leave immediately but before they left he gave them food and extra clothes for them to be okay until they reach their destination. jona and Lina had to leave their father behind. i imagine that would be very hard.

Lina and Jona have been through so much that when they reach to their own train cart they see their mom and gives her what their father gave them. she was so scared for them, what if they got caught, what if they got killed. this book is so sad, her brothers life was worth a pocket watch, they put them in a small train filled with a lot of single people and even families. they went through so much it was not even fair.

Biweekly Draft #3

Writing this made me know somewhat what im going to write on my real letter. made me realize that writing a cover letter is not that easy but with help it is.

Reading Check

I am currently reading “Between Shades of Gray”. The author is narrating the story, along with some flashbacks. I like how there is so much detail, that you can imagine yourself in the situation. I don’t like how the chapters are really short. This book makes me think of how many families were torn apart, separated, and mistreated. The author focuses on how each character is feeling, on what is happening, and how fast its happening. i believe not. Written back when the Holocaust was beginning.

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The company doesn’t bother to list clinical research of any kind, so we took the opportunity to take a look around.

The people who ? i really have no clue.

Word Exploration

Emotions – a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others. Examples of some emotions are sad, happy, excited, mad, depressed, confused, and anger. These words relate to anyone, everyone has felt this type of way sometime in their life. I wonder if people ever feel just one emotion ? Does everyone feel a lot of emotions all at the same time ? Do people have emotions ?


Writing this made me want people to know how to take care of dogs. None actually, just did it myself. Writing this was kind of hard, never had to explain to someone on how to take care of a beautiful creature. what i didn’t like is how people will not follow it, on how to take care of a dog. If i missed something, comment below and tell me.


Truth is telling something straight up, while fiction is imagining a situation that will most likely not happen. Fiction is not lying, nor telling the truth, and lies would just be not being loyal. The truth is not known, only the person telling you will either decide to be honest or not. Fiction comes from being creative in my opinion, imagining something that you would like to happen. You’ll never know the truth, but you can know what will happen with fiction.


While writing this I wanted to let people know that some people look completely fine in the outside but inside they are dying, battling their own battles.

Experts at Harvard Medical School say that consuming 30 grams of fiber daily could aid with weight loss.

The punch list that helped me a lot was the reading portion, letting me write of what I wanted and not be told what to write about. It was hard writing about what happened to me, writing in mostly detail reminded me of what i went through. I didn’t cry which is a big accomplishment because i can finally say my story without crying. Doesn’t really matter any feedback is great, i guess.


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Craft City by Karina Garcia Launches Official Make-Your-Own Slime Kit YouTube Superstar Creates Ultimate Slime Sensation

LOS ANGELES , Oct. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- With a following of over six million subscribers, YouTube superstar Karina Garcia is pleased to announce the launch of her new brand Craft City by Karina Garcia. Widely known for her DIY slime videos, Garcia has joined forces with Brandable to launch Craft City with the release of their first product, the Official Make-Your-Own Slime Kit by Karina Garcia, which is now exclusively available nationwide at Target both in-store and online.

Since early 2017, Garcia and Brandable have been working hand in hand with suppliers to create epic designs, source and manufacture high quality and safe materials, and create the ultimate kits that result in one-of-a-kind creations. Craft City Official Make-Your-Own Slime Kit by Karina Garcia was born after discovering her followers' love of slime and their interest in making it themselves at home.

"I'm so pleased to announce the release of my very own slime kit, this is only the first of many products to come from Craft City and I couldn't be more excited to share this moment with my fans!" Says Karina Garcia.

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"With this kit, we wanted to encourage everyone to craft on their own terms and make every creation uniquely you. I can't wait to see what everyone creates, send me pictures of your final products so I can see what awesome creations you craft!"

This fun-filled kit has everything to assemble eight different slime creations, including a variety of color tablets, blue glitter, glow coloring powder, Garcia's unique formulated glue and more! Each kit comes with an instruction manual, guiding step-by-step on how to produce the various slime mixtures. Garcia reveals her exclusive tips and tricks, while still empowering her fans to follow her motto of, "Creating On Your Own Terms" and adding any desired unique fun to the recipes. Plus, Craft City has incorporated special mixing tools and plastic cups to allow safe play and speedy clean-up, making it the ideal DIY slime kit without the mess.

"Karina is our kind of partner, she's the most followed crafting expert on YouTube, creator of the DIY slime movement, and has her finger on the pulse of how kids want to craft today," said Oliver Boger , CEO and Founder of Brandable. "We couldn't be more excited about our partnership on Craft City and this is the first of many products created by Karina, with more hitting stores in 2018."

Brandable is a next generation consumer products studio that partners with strategic influencers, content brands and trendsetters to help them build the next great consumer product brand.

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Brand focuses on innovating with original products and brands in the following categories: toys + games + crafts, cosmetics + wellness, pets, food + drink. With headquarters in Los Angeles, CA , Brandable was founded in 2016 by Forbes 30 Under 30 Alumni Oliver Bogner, who serves as CEO.


Karina Garcia is DIY and overall lifestyle expert with a wildly popular YouTube channel (over 6 million subscribers), one best-selling book published and a second one on the way, a crafting product line (Craft City) available exclusively at Target and is considered to be one of the top 5 most followed crafters on the internet. Beyond teaching the world how to make slime and crazy crafts projects, Karina loves design, style and keeping up with the latest trends. Karina has been featured on programs such as Good Morning America, The Ellen Degeneres Show and has been featured in numerous coveted publications, such as the New York Times .

To learn more follow Karina Garcia on Instagram or Twitter, and subscribe to her YouTube channel.