Original garcinia cambogia philippines

Original garcinia cambogia philippines
– Dr Harry Preuss The 4 studies that were included in the meta-analysis referenced above noted that 1 to 2.8 grams daily were used in testing, and that 2.8 grams seemed more effective (45) Different studies that have been performed to focus on side effects found no major side effects at dosages up to 2.8 grams daily (46).


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Is Pure Cambogia Ultra a scam?

Ever since its first appearance on the Dr Oz Show, sales of supplements containing Garcinia Cambogia have continued to grow.

Unfortunately despite being proven to burn fat there are a growing number of people who are unhappy with their purchases.

Many of these people have been caught up by an auto ship scam, whereby they will sign up for a seemingly low cost trial, but in reality are going to be charged an excessive amount.

These schemes will continue to send packages each month along with a hefty bill until cancelled so no wonder people are upset.

Pure Cambogia Ultra caught my eye after coming across a fake news website advertising it as their recommended product.

This is not the first time this tactic has been used as previously both Acai Berry and Raspberry Ketone supplements have sold using the same technique.

A simple search for ‘Julia Miller newsreader’ on Google will reveal this scam in full.

Let us look at Pure Cambogia Ultra in more detail to see what else is wrong with this supplement.

Claims made by Pure Cambogia Ultra?

The following claims have been made on the Pure Cambogia Ultra website:

  • Stop fat from being made
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Stops emotional eating

If the ingredients of Pure Cambogia Ultra are the proper amounts then these claims are realistic.

We would need to look at the ingredients used though before we could verify them.

Pure Cambogia Ultra ingredients

Although mentioning that the supplement contains 60% hydroxycitric acid and is made from all natural ingredients there does not seem to be any mention of the amount of Garcinia Cambogia present in the formula.

It does mention that the recommended dosage is 1000 mg before each meal but not that it contains that amount.

Cost of Pure Cambogia Ultra

There is no mention of the cost of Pure Cambogia Ultra anywhere on the homepage or terms and conditions.

To access this information you will need to fill out the ‘where to send your package’ box.

This is a worry as you would expect to see the price before you give away your important information. Perhaps this is a way to sell to you later.

Once you fill out the form you will see that prices for Pure Cambogia Ultra start at £30.95 for 1 bottle, which sounds reasonable enough.

Is Pure Cambogia Ultra a scam?

It is difficult to say whether Pure Cambogia Ultra is a scam or not, the fake news website I found the advertisement on has certainly been used in the past to advertise other scam products so I would be wary about giving away your personal information.

The lack of ingredient information is also a worry, and while the price of the supplement sounds reasonable why is this information not available to you on the homepage?

All in all Pure Cambogia Ultra is perhaps best avoided.

How to contact Pure Cambogia Ultra?

You can contact Pure Cambogia Ultra using the following information:

Phone: +44 (0)870 820 0364

Returns should be sent to:

Attn: Returns Department P.O. Box 13583, Linlithgow, West Lothian, EH49 9AP, UK

If you have bought Pure Cambogia Ultra then we would love to hear about your experiences. Please leave us a message below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Pure Cambogia Ultra

Garcinia Pure is a supplement that contains 1000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia (60% HCA) in each capsule for just £39.99, which is a little bit more expensive than Pure Cambogia Ultra.

This price however only serves to highlight how good the quality of this supplement is.

Unlike Pure Cambogia Ultra though all prices can be seen beforehand and dubious sales tactics are not used.

Having ordered four tubs of Cambogia they have not worked for me..

Be warned this product offers no refunds and no guarantee as I found out to my cost and I did not lose any weight at all

so should I buy it or not…?

i just bought a garcinia cambogia recently and i have been using for a month now, but i can’t see any results. Not a little bit is working for me. i weigh 53.6 but even after consuming my weight still remains the same… its not worth buying. i guess its the fake product. but we dnt find the original products from india. its all just words.

is this really a scam? my acct wat just deducted by $228 :(((

this product is great coz after i gave birth i started to take this supplement… from 91 kilos im now 85, this drastic change of weight is only 1 month of taking this supplement…

btw inm from philippines

Same, they deducted $212 from my acct when they said it was $40.

Do not order from these companies. They are scammers.

im not sure why it didnt work on you coz this product is great coz after i gave birth i started to take this supplement… from 91 kilos im now 85, this drastic change of weight is only 1 month of taking this supplement…

btw inm from philippines


With an increased level of serotonin, one finds himself better able to regulate eating behavior and appetite.

I”m from Philippines too. What website did you buy Pure Cambioga Ultra? Does it really works? Do you still use it now? Hiw was it? Can you please help me. Please reply me asap. Thank you 🙂

hi. where in the Philippines did you bought this supplement? i really wish to have this! I’ve been bullied because of my body. ((

I have four extra bottles if you’re interested you can send me email echo mike underscore mike alpha yankee zero eight atyahoocom

Where did u purchase urs? Im from philippines too.

I am from Philippines too… How long you wait for the product? And from what company you purchased??

Also from Philippines, can you please help me where to buy and how much? Also can you please share the procedure how to loose weight… Thanks!

We do not recommend this offer.

Hi where did you order your garcinia cambogia?

Kindly help me what can i do to return my money back. i purchased 3 kinds of products worth thousand of UAE Dirhams last 4 months ago but until now i havent receive the goods. 😭 please help and they are continously deducting my credit card every month. please help.

hi the same thing happened to me and to my friend. they responded on my emails. they even offered reshipment but still i didnt received any products. they gave me tracking no. but the site only says that the product reached UAE. I called post office but nothing is pending for me nor even to my address and p.o. box.. their last reply to me is to check post office..but still nothing is there!

This is a scam do not buy this crap, they have stolen my funds from my visa and never delivered any of their fraudulent products, these people are thieves and should never be trusted, tell your friends and your authorities in your country.

They say it is a free trial, but of course firstly it doesn’t even have a chance of arriving at your house in the ten day period and they say you can get a refund, that is only if you can cancel and then manage to sent the shit back across the world all within 30 days of THE DAY YOU ORDERED. so please don’t be an idiot like me who not only lost $300 nz dollars so that is about $650 pounds I never EVER received any of the products

call your bank and tell them to stop deducting this money. replaced your credit card if you can.

i ordered only one bottle but was sent six, i cant return them as the address is wrong, and i want my money back also,

hi i just bought this cambogia ultra and i have been charged even without giving my password i wonder whether these tablets would reach me and whether they would work in weight loss please let me know

I just.visited the sught mentioned above and.unfortunately gave my details.

So i,could know about the price.. But it did not give any.. Is there anything to wory

I mean. I have not.paid but i hope they dont send.it unannounced..

Nitika don pay…I jus made a payment and it did not generated any order number and even address was changed to hong-kong besides entering correct address of India

Same thing happened with me and they charge Rs 10321 from my credit card without giving my password. I am so worried. May we cancelled this order

I ordered 1 bottle and money got deducted for 5 and no invoice no order number nthng generated.

please help me. Will I get the product or my money back.

I was sent a email message saying I had six messages from a friend on Facebook. I recognised my friend’s email address and clicked on the link. It took me to an alleged BBC website where an alleged BBC reporter had surveyed this product and was recommending it. I had been talking to my friend about losing weight and thought he had sent me this link. I clicked on a further link which took me to a page where I could order the product. I ordered one bottle @ £18 and thought I might give it a go. When Visa did not ask for my verification password I became aware that I may have fallen for the scam. I tried to navigate back to cancel the order. However, I was unable to do this. I tried to navigate back to the BBC web but the article was no longer there. A search for the alleged BBC reporter proved fruitless. I then received an email from BioTrim Labs to confirm my order for FIVE bottles of the product. I contacted my bank and cancelled the card I had used. I contacted BioTrim Labs and cancelled the order. A few days later I checked my bank account and discover I had been charged almost £95 for five bottles of this product. BioTrim Labs could not send me my original online order – there answer was that I had received an invoice which also acted as my order confirming I had ordered 5 bottles of the product. I have again asked for a refund and a copy of their refund policy. No reply as yet. If I do not receive the goods within 15 days Visa will refund my money. No refund from Visa if the product arrives. BioTrim Labs is obviously not a reputable company and I would be wary, therefore, of using it’s products.

I also received an email from a friend sending me to a so called “BBC” website page…which at first seemed legit. I clicked on the link for “garcinia cambogia” which then sent me to the Pure Cambogia Ultra web page to buy the product. Normally I am very cautious and don’t buy things online however thinking this came from a reliable source I decided to try it out.

Looking back right from the first page things were off. Note to self: If a website asks you for all your information before giving you prices don’t continue.

In investigating further we discovered that the BBC website was a scam…BBC is not based in Guatamala. If you go to the actual BBC website and type in that report you wont find it.

After I had filled out my info it took me to a page where it gives you prices.

They sell each bottle for 39.55.

Most of the time, you just ask your family and friend for bits and pieces of advices and tips on losing weight.

You see, what most of these companies do is to automatically sign you up for a continuity program.

After a few more pages…as they try and sell you more stuff that I got to a page detailing my Summary of Purchase. It does not tell you the total amount of what your going to pay. – I printed out that page and they also sent me an email confirmation.

I continued doing some research on the product and reviews… I became concerned it may have been a scam… right after I checked my credit card and they had charged me 164.73. We contacted our credit card company and told them we are sure we purchased something from a scammed website and that our security was now compromised. We cancelled our account.

I tried to contact biotrim labs via phone and I sent them an email the same day and asked them to please cancel my order as the order was incorrect.

I received an email saying someone would be in contact with me within 48 business hours which could be longer due to high demand of their product.

I received an email back and they said:

“We are sorry to hear you were not fully satisfied with your product order and understand you would like a refund. As per the terms and conditions of the purchase, refunds require a return of the products, which include International shipping charges. There is also a 15% restocking fee per order that is the customer’s responsibility. So instead of paying these charges and losing the products, we are prepared to give you a 50% discount on the products you have already purchased instead, saving you money and time as well as convenience.”

I called them and told them I don’t yet have the product I just put in an order the day before and that THEY had overcharged me. First of all, the lady told me they didn’t have me on record. Finally, she found me… and told me they don’t do refunds but I had the option to either receive a 50% discount or return the product, pay for S&H and be charged a restocking fee of 15%. Ridiculous! I asked her if she meant 50% discount on 39.55 because from the screen I was looking at I only ordered one bottle. She said no on the 164.73.

I then contacted my credit card company to dispute it and the woman I spoke to wasn’t at all surprised when I told her it was for the Pure Cambogia Ultra. They have had to deal with them many times. She also told me it was good that we cancelled our account right away as others were getting annually charged without realizing it.

We did a conference call with Biotrim and the woman from the credit card company went to bat for me. Biotrim states that I purchased a five month supply… and that I agreed to be a VIP member…I didn’t realize you had to agree NOT to be a VIP member otherwise they automatically make you one.

In the Terms and Agreement at the bottom of there web page it says :

“If the cancellation is made AFTER the order has been shipped, you will be responsible for the payment of the product that has been (1) already been shipped or (2) has already been given to you when you call.”

“In order to process the refund, you must contact our customer service…”

The woman from my credit card company asked when the order was shipped -Jan 29- and what the tracking number was…she said it wasn’t even a correct tracking number.

Thankfully, I printed off the Summary of Purchase page from the website which stated in bold letters that my order was scheduled to go out on Jan 30- I contacted them on Jan 28 to cancel my order BEFORE it was shipped.

Biogen offered me a 100% refund and told me I would see it within 48-72 business hours… let’s see if they actually do!

Hi, did you received the full refund? I had similar encounter to yours and I’m from Singapore, was deducted S$424.92 from my bank account. There’s nothing can be done as told by my bank as I myself keyed the account details and made the transaction and what the bank can do is investigate and open an dispute but the investigation is going to take some time before I know the outcome. I can’t just sit back and do nothing so I had replaced a new card, email biotrim labs within 24hrs to inform that I want to cancel my order as their website was misleading, no confirmation as what I ordered, quantity and amount they will deduct. I wanted 1 bottle but misleading pictures had me conned and I had chosen to purchase 5 ultra and 5 cleanse! And basically I had no evidence or proof of purchase on hand as after entering my card details and auto exit the pade! The number they updated in Singapore is not in use either, seems that there is no way to get in touch with the scammer but only to wait whether they will reply me as my last email to them said I want full refund if not I will report.

Hi, I’m from sg too and I believed I fell into the same situation as you. Had wondered how’s your progress of refund so far. Please link up and advice and get our money back. Contact me yah. ryanckl is my gmail username. Thanks,

Oh dear..but what if inside my bank no money and cannot proceed..nothing will happen right..i just wanted to know the price..so i entered my visa card num but inside no money..nothing will happen right??

did you receive the refund?i jwas just deducted $228.huhuhu

Hi, I’m from sg too. I fell into the same situation. They auto add products and there was auto count down timer that submit the purchase form. The purchase was involuntary. I was only aware of the purchase when I receive the email of confirmation of the purchase from them. I email them to clarify (initially giving benefit of doubts that there was something wrong with their webpage). But they did not response to my email. Obviously it is a scam.

I contacted my back and they advise me to cancel my card and file a merchant dispute. It seems that that is some progress in it and appreciated the bank’s effort in helping me in this case.

But today i was charged from the same company $109 nz dollars.

I hold high hope that this case would be solved as I had already received some updates from them.

Beside trying to get my money back, I also reported those scam links that I still continue to see on facebook so that to warn others about it.

It’s really a lesson learnt and hope that we can prevent others from falling into this scam. It’s really about critical literacy. As an educator, I felt bad for falling into such scam initially. But, from hindsight, it makes me appreciate and realize more deeply the importance of educating this to the future young generation.

hi, i am from malaysia. I too, fell victim to the same scam. I was charged RM565 on my credit card, for a purchase which I thought was RM90+. I contacted them through live chat on their website and was offered a 50% refund in 10-14 days. Is there a way for those of us not living in the USA to seek justice for this scam. I am not keeping my hopes too high up for getting those refund as the person speaking to me on the live chat cut me off abruptly after my request for a full refund. Sigh. I hope somebody can enlighten me how to get back my money. Obviously, the product does not work and this is a scam and I should have researched online before entering my credit card details.

I’m from Malaysia, I didn’t ordered anything! I received a message in my phone saying I just used rm191 for something…so, I went trough my email, I received this ‘purchase confirmation’ mail..it was around 12.56 am !! so, I respond around 2am to tell them I didn’t make any order…I have to contact the bank I guess.. since they didn’t reply…

hi in from philippines

i didnt encounter that problem when i order the product…since i use a prepaid credit card, i put the exact amount on it and they charge it…the product seems working since my original weight was 91 kilos..1st month of using it now im 85 kilos..

Hi. I got my full refund through the live chat on their website. I literally pestered them till they decided to give me a full refund. I hope you get your refund too as I too experienced the anxiety of being scammed just two days ago. Good luck!

i m from Malaysia too, in your case did they posted to shipped?i think is not yet, cause they agree to refund you all, my case was too late, they said already post out,if i wan to refund the good i check courier GDex its around RM260.65 perkg, if 2 kg 274.05, walao eh, and if they received the good i will be charge 15% =RM84.48, , how pity i m , get nothing then have to paid RM300++,Any suggestion courier was cheap?

Same thing happened with me and they charge Rs 10321 from my credit card without giving my password. I am so worried. May we cancelled this order,I want the refund back please help.

Hi! I think I fell into this scam too. Can we contact each other please? I really need to do something with this! My email is rachelheah97@gmail.com

HI, i have fallen into the same situation too and have been charged S$300 from them. I emailed asking them to cancel my order and refund me. no news still and seeing your response, i dont think i will get a response too. Can you share what’s your outcome? did you manage to get refund from bank? I tried to call their SG customer service too but its not a valid number. i called the bank and asked them to replace my card. hopefully by doing so this company can stop ‘harassing’ me. 🙁

I m from Malaysia Victim,same as you all my order was make on 24/04/15, push the order then it was direct to paid, did any business rules or Law to sue them,or stop thier business like this. cause until today still have many victim was same case. we thought just wan buy RM97.95 per package, but when we paid we dodnt know how much was charges, our card center also cannot sent message to us to inform…only 3 day later just know know already charge RM563.21…..Ohhhhs, i did not agreed to paid this lol. Now i was trying to cancel order , but i don’t think its will be suscess well, i will go report police, change my credit card, afraid future they use my detail to deduct my account again, write an dispute form, this thing should not delay so long time to make many victim again…UK should catch them for this lie sales , or not allow them do business like these….

My Fight With Lymphoma - A Survivor

Inspirational Prayer of the Day

Thursday, February 7, 2013

HemoHIM+ - The Miracle Food Supplement

HemoHIM+ - The Miracle Food Supplement

  • Cancer patients.
  • Seniors needing more stamina.
  • People who are often fatigued and stressed-out.
  • Exhausted athletes.
  • Students preparing for exams requiring physical and mental stamina.


Is this available in the Philippines? I want to share this with one of our directors, whose son has Lymphoma. I am very happy to hear that you are now doing well! You're a good person. I will continue to pray for you.

Good afternoon Bea. Just got to read this today, Sept. 13, 2013, 3;00pm. Hope I may be of help. Try calling me on this number. Choi -09226172927.

The good news is that this company is planning to open a branch in April 2016, in the meantime, I can enroll you as a member and it is free to join before it is open, then when it is officially open, you can start sharing this company with your family and friends, when they join, if you are the first one to join, your wealth will be instant. You can make purchase from the closest branch we have in Asia, is either Singapore or Taiwan and Japan, but shipping I am not sure how that work, unless you have a friend in those countries you can ask them to join free on line, they order for you and ship for you, you get points for their order anyway.

В том числе при ее приеме начинается активное жиросжигание.

I can enroll you now to hold a spot. All I need is a name, an address, phone #, date of birth. You will get an ID to identify you as a member and a website. email me at lchumei@gmail.com for anymore questions.

I am a Malaysian.. I must provide my country I'd. how is it possible since Atomy has not launch in my country

Good sharing, about organic food supplement I do recommend for Melilea Greenfield Organic. It made from more than 20 types of 5-star "Zero-Pollution" ingredients including organic golden grains, organic vegetables, organic fruits and organic herbs. Suitable for all ages and conditions. Read more at:

We’re here to give you information on one of the most used products out there, so read on about how to get rejuvenated with our Pure Colon Detox Review. http://supplements-factory.org/pure-colon-detox-review/

Hi, deeeen , please msg me +60102907559 (whatsapp or call) if you want Hemohim product.

Not yet. This is directly imported to Taiwan from S. Korea. I will be bringing in 2 sets of 4 boxes to 2 classmates with relatives who have cancers this coming March 1.

Thank you Bea. Your prayers gave me strength and inspiration to carry on the fight and I won!

As far as I'm concerned, I took one sachet twice daily (one sachet in the morning and one sachet in the evening before meals.)

You made the right decision. If you don't mind, may I ask why are you a fan of HemoHIM+? Why and what are you taking it for? Do you know it can also stabilize blood sugar? Are you from Taiwan? You can join Atomy Family in LINE and join the crowd, exchange ideas with members. If you are from Taichung and have time tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 PM you can join the discussions on the advantage of joining Atomy Taichung and I will talk on HemoHIM+. The place is

in the office on the 2nd floor of 7-11 convenient store between Wen Xin Road and Shi Tsen North 1st Road, opposite Starbucks and McDonalds. See you.

None that I know of. Sorry, I'm speaking on my behalf. Western doctors usually do not believe in herbal health food supplement. Read my article on "How Did I Prepare and Maintain Myself for Chemotherapy" in this blog also and you see for yourself.

Nice friends more things for you When you buy dietary supplements you want to be in a situation where the benefits of supplements are as large as possible -and, respectively, the risks as low as possible. The supplement market is flooded with low-quality, ineffective products due to an inadequate regulatory setting (see the 3-part article on "Exploring The Shady World Of Dietary Supplement Regulation" -PART 1: Dietary Supplement Regulation -Is Supplement Quality Assured?) A substantial number of nutritional supplements are tainted with impurities and contaminants, such as heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, fungi, prescription drugs, and other compounds (Cohen, 2009; News & Events -Press Announcements, Dec. 15, 2010, from Official US Government FDA website, accessed Feb. 2011), making them potentially harmful dietary supplements. advocare

I totally and 101% believe in your statement. There are a lot of inferior low-quality food supplements in the market nowadays and blame it on the lenient FDA regulatory policies of each country. Rest be assured that HemoHIM+, discovered by Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute(KAERI), produced in cooperation with Kolmar Company and under licensed by Sun Biotech Industries, passed all safety regulatory test and had been approved by US FDA, Korean FDA, Canadian FDA, Japan FDA etc. It is proven safe for public consumption. It HELPS in: boosting the immune system, provides physical and mental stamina, relieves stress, lowers blood sugar, stabilizes blood sugar, and detoxifies the body's toxins.

Great post. Thank you very very much.This article is efficient. Thank you for sharing it with us.Reducing your appetite, blocking fat from being made, and improving serotonin levels in your body are just a couple of exciting breakthroughs learned about Garcinia Cambogia! The most exciting part about Garcinia Cambogia is it can work on its own! No more time wasted searching for expensive weight loss products and no more hours wasted at the gym!Garcinia Cambogia Extract is finally here!

Dr. Tang, thank you for sharing your experiences. I would like to ask one thing about the lymphoma that you were having in the past. Is it Hodgkin lymphoma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL).

Thank you for sharing. This is my first time hearing about such testimony about the Miracle foods. I pray you are blessed and stay blessed and i ask you if i can share your story. Thank you

Thank you for sharing. I will tell more people about this miracle foods

Hi, my friend is going through several cancers in her body. Dr recently told her that 6-12 months with cancer in her both lungs.

Hi, there is really no harm in trying. I would really suggest that your friend take HemoHIm. I'm taking it right now in the hopes that it will improve my immune system because of my allergies. I'm getting my HemoHIM from my brother in Canada.

I'm a Malaysian too. I've got my supply and now trying it out for my leukemia.

Hi Dr. Tang! How do I join your company and I would like to try out this product. So please send me more info or contact me Via email I greatly appreciated! Sally

Where're you from? Go to our FB website: www.facebook.com/atomyphilippines and message us.

What about sle .can this help with that kind of disorder? My 2 girls are diagnosed with it.

What about sle .can this help with that kind of disorder? My 2 girls are diagnosed with it.

There is lot of articles on the web about this. But I like yours more, although i found one that’s more descriptive. brad king maca

Useful information shared.

Whether you are taking this for the purpose of just losing a few pounds or your goal is to change your body completely, these lifestyle changes are highly recommended.

I am very happy to read this article. Thanks for giving us nice info. Fantastic walk through. I appreciate this post.brad king maca

Hi Dr. Tang, my mom's going for an op for colorectal cancer. Is it ok for her to take Hemohim.. As I read one of the ingredients Paeoniae Alba Radix may slow blood clotting therefore shouldn't be taken 2 weeks before and after surgery. Also another ingredient, Angelica Radix (Dong Gui) is this good for cancer patients? Your comments most valued.

Hi Dr. Tang, my mom's going for an op for colorectal cancer. Is it ok for her to take Hemohim.. As I read one of the ingredients Paeoniae Alba Radix may slow blood clotting therefore shouldn't be taken 2 weeks before and after surgery. Also another ingredient, Angelica Radix (Dong Gui) is this good for cancer patients? Your comments most valued.

As far as I know, Cancer patients are advised to take hemohim syrup for 2-4 times a day. I am also taking hemohim per day. If you want to purchase Hemo Him I know someone from Iloilo center who sell HemoHim direct from Korea. I hope your mom will be Okay soon. Godbless



Hi! Dr. Tang, how could i avail the membership for free? Do you have an existing office here in the Philippines? Is this networking or direct selling? How much is product if you are a member and not a member?

I'm a member of atomy here in the Philippines and yes registration is for Free the only payment you will make is when you purchase the product with a discounted price of course for being a member. - Jevie from Cebu


The spurt in regular well being nourishment stores in Toronto has surprised numerous individuals, what is the best testosterone booster supplements – 2016 top 10 …

My diagnose CLL(Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia), can I take Hemo Him (Is it can help me?)Thank you.

Please be informed that HemoHIM is not an anti-cancer drug. It is nutritional health food supplement that helps boosts your immune system and should be taken regularly and constantly for long period of time. No harm in taking it to help boost your immune system.

i am not diagnose of any disease except asthma.i tried to take Himohim 2x a day now by now .

Your Post is very useful, I am truly happy to post my note on this blog . It helped me with ocean of awareness i really appreciate it.

I really like the fresh perspective you did on the issue. I will be back soon to check up on new posts! Thank you!

The current regulatory framework promotes the application of strict liability, where to buy forskolin for weight loss

Atomy Malaysia officially launched on Novemeber 2016.

Anyone interested to become member can contact me at :-

Morever, you can make money from this program by introducing to your friends/relatives to use Atomy's skin care/personal health/household items.All PV points accumulated will promote you automatically to become Sales Master/Diamond Master/Sharon Rose Master and so on which will have many benefits?incentives/cash returns(passive income).

If every household of your friends /relatives using Atomy, I assured you in 1 or 2 years, you can achieved those targets.

Atomy can be found in these countries,Korea, Japan, the United States, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia, or Mexico.



You do not have permission to answer in my behalf. Please be forewarned.

For cancer patients, what dosage do you recommend ? Twice daily, regardless type of cancer ?

For cancer patients: take 4 sachets 2x/day for three months (8 sachets/day), then 2 sachets 3x/day (6 sachets/day) for another 3 months, then 2 sachets 2x/day (4 sachets/day) and finally as maintenance : 1 sachet 3x/day (3 sachets/day) for life. To enhance it's boosting activity, combine it with Probiotics 1 sachet 3x/day, Omega Fish Oil 1 capsule 3x/day, should all be taken BEFORE meals. Vitamin C 1 sachet once a day to be taken AFTER meal ( must not be taken together with Probiotic )

I'm a member of Atomy here in Philippines, Quezon Province. I also wants to share another testimony. My sister had a polyps on her ovary & scheduled for operation last 2 months ago. becoz she can't leave on her work as Gov't. employee..the sched are always move. During that time my eldest sister from Las Vegas came here in Philippines to introduce Atomy in our team & she bring HEMOHIM for us coz i have also a LYMPHOMA in my right leg & i have a LYMPH NODES in my breast left & right. & Becoz my sister had already scheduled for operation, she's the one who take first the Hemohim & that time Hemohim is not yet available here in Philippines! So, when my sister go to the Hospital for General Check-up & for operation..