Pure garcinia plus and slender cleanse in stores

Pure garcinia plus and slender cleanse in stores
You want be able to continue doing this, since it would be very hard on your body, but that’s why we’re talking short-term weight-loss measures.

What is Pure Slim Cleanse and is it a scam?

Cleanse diets have become incredibly popular over the last few years, but for those unwilling to cut back on their junk food habits there is another solution; a colon cleanser.

These types of product are designed to remove the stored waste from your colon resulting in almost instant weight loss and a kick start for your own efforts.

Pure Slim Cleanse is a colon cleanser that promises to help “flush pounds and detoxify”, but can it do what it claims to do or should it be avoided? Lets see for ourselves shall we?

Claimed benefits of Pure Slim Cleanse

Pure Slim Cleanse have made the following claims on their website:

  • Flush away excess weight
  • Remove toxins
  • Increase energy
  • Flatten your stomach
  • Look and feel better

These claims are exactly what you would expect to see from a colon cleanser, however whether Pure Slim Cleanse can do what it claims is another matter.

We would first need to look at the ingredients used to make this supplement before we could verify them.

Ingredients found in Pure Slim Cleanse

Pure Slim Cleanse is made from a proprietary blend of ingredients shown to help cleanse the colon. Therefore I conclude that the above stated benefits are realistic.

You can see the label below:

Cost of Pure Slim Cleanse

Signing up for the Pure Slim Cleanse trial offer gives you just 14 days from the time of order to decide whether you want to keep the product otherwise you are going to be charged the full purchase price of $89.95.

If you have not read the terms and conditions of this offer you may also be surprised to learn that you have agreed to receive further monthly packages along with the hefty bill, which will continue until your membership to this auto ship program is cancelled.

Is Pure Slim Cleanse a scam?

Although Pure Slim Cleanse have listed their payment terms in their T&Cs why have they hidden them there and not made it clear how much the trial is actually going to cost you?

This is a common trick used by other trial offers in order to get you to sign up without reading them. By the time the first bill comes it will be too late and you will be stung by the over priced supplement.

In my opinion there are much more cost effective supplements available so Pure Slim Cleanse should be avoided.

Contact details for Pure Slim Cleanse

As well as being able to cancel online you can contact Pure Slim Cleanse using a variety of methods including:

If you have tried this supplement and wish to tell all about your experiences then please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Pure Slim Cleanse

A proven colon cleanser alternative is Detox Plus that can be bought online for $31 from the Evolution Slimming website.

Made using similar ingredients, therefore similar benefits will be experienced but at a much cheaper price, and without the need to sign up for an auto ship program.

I ordered the free trial and cancelled the product one day late of the 14 day cancellation. My credit card has been charged for another month of the product but i have not received it. I have made attempts to contact customer support to find out where the shipment is and cannot get any one to live on the phone. I have informed my credit card company and will continue to until my money has been refunded or I receive the product I have been charged for. This is a total scam and just a way to take people’s money. I am prepared to pay for products if it is received.

go to actionfraud.police.uk since the company is based in the UK. They deal with fraud of all kinds 🙂 We can’t let them take money from people who work hard to make it.

hi i got a email reguarding these slimming products and it said you only have to pay for the postage of each bottle which was £4 each that comes to £8 for shipment well i got a big shock as they took £157,00 out of my bank account also it should have been a 14 days trial iv not got them at all

On the advertising site, there was fine print (in light grey writing), that after 14 days, if not cancelled, there would be additional charges for continued subscription. Always read the fine print. That’s the main reason I didn’t fall for it and didn’t purchase.

I am I the same shoes . So pised off !

Email came through saying that I been charged £99.99 like suppose to be trial for £4 shipment cost !

I had that same problem. I sent pure slim cleanse an email. I might have to contact my bank and let them know what’s going on.

I experienced much the same as the other people on this site … been charged without getting any update from this company for a tracking number, there was no info on the 14 day trial period on the site that I saw, and definitely did not say the price of each bottle – over $100 usd

When I talked with a rep she tried to be helpful but they are only programmed to say or give refunds up to 50% – which I tried to get but didn’t end up getting! Then I called back to get a RMA # so I could return it for the full refund and he didn’t want me to have that as it was already shipped … I got quite upset and he gave it to me! They are not worth it – there is no way one can find out in 14 days if the product works – and no communication on where to return or to cancel the product even if one did remember! My bank is now putting a stop to it and here’s hoping I do get a refund for the next bottle I am supposed to begetting!

this is a total scam, 200$ for two bottles of pills… total scam

once you cancel you can not get ahold of anyone anymore as they no longer have your information, then they say you are calling the wrong company, crappy systems too

This is a huge Scam!

I ordered the free trial. I received two bottles of crap that resulted in a horrid stomach spasm. Even with half the dose recommended.

Then I started getting charges on my Visa of some $235.00 USD/month

I called them and could not get past a Mexican phone operator who told me he could do nothing about these charges.

I explained that I had not received any product for the past three months other than the two trial bottles which immediately were thrown in the garbage.


There is also the amounts of 99.95 USD charged on Feb 14 2015 not mentioned here that is owing to me nor the amount of 1.99 USD charged on Feb 02. Nor is the number that you promise would be listed in this email for my full refund to be labeled ON THE OUTSIDE of the package – 20163721278449.

How is any customer supposed to try and decide if this product works or is a scam when they only get a few days to decide? This product is obviously a scam if the company refuses to allow the customer to ACTUALLY try the product and nor do they stand by the effectiveness of the product when they are afraid the customer will figure out they only have a couple of days.

I will link back on my blog and Facebook and twitter that this company is a scam and how they fleece their customers for hundreds of dollars within days of receiving the product.

On 2/23/2015 2:38 AM, Customer Support at Slim Cleanse wrote:


We’re sorry to see you go!

This is just a quick courtesy e-mail to inform you that we have refunded the amount of $4.95 back to your payment method originally used on order number 187917, which was originally purchased on 01/31/2015 05:42pm for the total amount of $4.95.

If you have any questions about this notification or if you feel you are receiving this in error, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-866-915-9351, and we’ll be happy to help.

Also, we’d be happy to invite you back to join the thousands of satisfied customers who have tried Pure Cleanse, so please make sure to visit us again when you’re read

On behalf of the entire Pure Cleanse Team, we thank you for your business.

Hi , Is this a scam ?

A complete scam.

So focus on eating lots of green leafy vegetables with lots of lean proteins at least 80% of the time and every now and then you can have a nice little treat.

The pills don’t work and the charge a Rediculous amount. They are affiliated with other sites and those sites claim 60 day money back and don’t honour it. I called and called the subscription, sent back the product which they they sign upon receipt. And I was charged again. The said it would take 10-15 days for the refund. That was on April 9/2015, it now May 7/2015. When I called again they tried to tell me they did not get the product, luckily I still had my tracking number to prove that they signed for the return. I called my bank and they will investigate. I was charged twice in 9 days, a total of $260

This is a complete scam, they have incredibly unethical business practices – i.e. not warning you about the end of your trial coming up (and then charge you a huge amount with no confirmation email or follow up) and sell your information to third parties. AVOID AT ALL COST!

Yeah I only ordered it today for the trial I canceled by email will it be cancelled because I’ve got no email back confirming cancellation thanks to you I’ve just seen what you wrote and have decided to cancel so basically I cancelled the day I ordered by email. Is the email valid

So I also wanted the trial pack

Which I got and Everytime I try to cancel it says the website is invalid, this also happens when i try to email them

I got an email saying they were removing $38 from my account yet they say when o try to reply that “no order was found with this address”

I’m really confused and I just want to cancel.

I think if you read the fine print the free trial is a scam where you are charged the full price after the free trial period and your expecting a second bottle to be sent when they have charged you for the first, really it’s not a free trial and very expensive product , I tried returning mine under there 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and they claimed returned product never arrived so never paid refund , BEWARE THIS IS SCAM MARKETING AND THESE PRODUCTS ARE POTENTIALLY POISON WITH SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS .

I was scammed too! It sounded too good to be true. $200 later and 2 bottles of stuff that is doing nothing for me. They sent me 2 bottoes and said I automatically ordered the cleanse. I called within the 14 day cancellation period but when I tried to call back to cancel the 2nd bottle the recording said my account was cancelled and I would not be billed again, but I got another $128.50 taken from my VISA. I called VISA and they were able to connect me with a live person who said they will give me $50 back and it will take up to 7 days. Still waiting. Never again! I have been such a fool.


I agree. This is a TOTAL SCAM. DO NOT BUY IT.

Yes it is a SCAM! A TOTAL SCAM!! They sent me my products and they didn’t do anything!! The trial offer was advertised as $5 a bottle, they say its just for shipping, but really I ended up paying almost $90 to get it to my door, then the UPS guy wants $30 cash on the spot for “COD”! Then the product didn’t do anything for me, (I even started working out and being more active to help the process along. I really wanted this to work!) and I called to cancel before the 14 day trail was over. Today I see that almost $300 has been charged to my credit card and when I called them, the guy that I spoke to was trained to only speak 1 phrase in English; “I will cancel your act now, and send you a cancelation email”, he couldn’t say anything else! I said I wanted my money back because I had already canceled -he repeated the same phrase again. I said I had canceled the trial in time and had received 2 cancelation numbers, he repeated the same phrase! The first time I called to cancel it, I wasn’t told I would be receiving a cancelation email, and I wasn’t given a number to send the product back. I took the reps name that I spoke to down, the date, the cancelation numbers, everything that I would usually do when canceling a service, why didn’t it work?? NOW I have received a confirmation email for THIS times cancelation, still no number to send the product back, AND my credit card company is not exactly helpful when I want to dispute these BS charges! I’m stunned!! Because the chick didn’t cancel my “acts” the first time and didn’t give me a number to send back the unused product, basically didn’t do her job, I get stuck with the $300 charges. Credit card company says its because the website says you have to send back the product! She didn’t do her job the first time! I didn’t know I had to send back the product, I trusted that when I talked with THEIR REP that this would be taken care of properly and that I would be given all necessary information to cancel this crappy offer! Its apparently our job folks to make sure they do their job or your out hundreds of dollars!! BS!! Oh and when I called back to see if I could possibly talk to someone else that might be able to speak English and might be able to assist me better,(or talk to a supervisor!) they recognize my number as being from a canceled act, and drops my call! Can you believe this crap. DONT ORDER – BUYER BEWARE – ITS NOT WORTH ANY MONEY AND NEITHER ARE THEIR “REPS”!!

I fell for the scam too. Thought I was going to receive the product in the mail but never did and then got to wondering about a month later, where my product was. Checked my credit card and sure enough, they charged me $79 the first order, then a day later, $22.49, then 2 days later charged me $94.90 and $85.70. Never received any email confirmation and never received the product. Now I’m disputing through my credit card. Really a dumb Idea on my part to ever order something without reading the fine print.

Yes – I was dupped too – they tried to charge me for a month in advance – forget their one package free gimmic – but I was very lucky that when I told my bank what happened they wouldnt accept any other charges from them – I also cancelled my card and got a new one – so to everyone out there – rather have a few pounds on you then your bank account skint

This is a terrible scam. The comment above is correct, they charge your credit card, and you do not get the product…. To cancel, they ask you to push number one on your phone, when you do this, the recording says, and now we will charge your credit card 49.99, the amount is different for everyone, as ive read…. what a scam, shame on this company for taking good and honest people. The lady above is right, you don’t mind paying for something, but when you don’t receive it, its a total scam… Just a heads up…please don’t fall for this, you wont get the product, and you will be charged a amount on your card. Shame on this company for taking people… im fighting now with my credit card company at present…. Don’t get caught up in this….total scam .

My product didn’t come ontime either I called this number and got it quick

RIP OFF. I ordered the Trial Offer for both the colon cleanse and Garcinia for $7.90 each and my credit card was charged according but 2 weeks later I received my statement only to find that my credit card was charged $103.62 for the colon cleanse and $115.13 for the Ultra Garc Cambogia.

Their studies proved to be a success and Garcinia Cambogia was introduced to the whole world as the “holy grail of weight loss.” They found out that the Malabar tamarind was rich in hydroxycitric acid or HCA.

With 60% HCA in every dosage, Garcinia Cambogia Extra is one the top garcinia cambogia product to try today.

I did not authorize this and I did not order this, nor did I recieve it so I want these charges reversed. I am not happy at all. This is soooo unprofessional. If this has not been rectified with in 7 days I will go to the media

Roberta, please contact whichever company you originally signed up for. This website does not sell any diet products, it simply reviews them. 🙂

You can go to actionfraud.police.uk and fill out a form. Fill out as many as you can. We can’t let them do this!

also call the number on the website and give them the address. It’s on the pureslimcleanse website, they are based in the UK.

Ugh the same thing happened to me ! Did you get it sorted out ?

I would like a rma# and a return shipping address. tried to contact and cancel and no where or no one to talk to.

Mike, this website has no association with Pure Slim Cleanse. I suggest that if you are unable to get in contact with them that you contact your bank.

RIP OFF. The way they bury the trial payment is unprofessional and a scam. It is not their intention to charge you only $7.90. My husband ordered the Trial Offer for both the colon cleanse and Garcinia for $7.90 each and our credit card was charged $103.62 for the Pure Slim Colon cleanse and $115.13 for the Supreme Garcinia Cambogia. My Husband’s expectation was to pay $7.90 then cancel like other trial plans. You can buy similar product in the stores for much cheaper.

Call 888-518-6784 but be prepared. They won’t be able to find your order to issue a RMA # unless you have your order numbers (one for each product) or your complete credit card number…

Ok- so apparently 888-518-6784 isn’t the same company… it is based in Colorado and after finding the right Customer Service Rep she was willing to help. This company is in the UK 0-808-101-3444. Their standard line is that you there are no refunds after 30 days… my credit card company was able to connect me to a live person in the UK. After pushing that they are misleading in their information I managed to get 15% discount on each product that is the most they would do. Lesson learned by my husband READ THE FINE PRINT and make sure what you think they are saying is really the truth. Credit Card company said they run into this all the time you pay for shipping only on trial items unless you cancel. Then FULL price it is all in the fine print and you have authorized it. Plus note – they keep your credit card number in their data base because she recited it to apply the credit to the card.






Like other people I talked to, I tried the free trial (cost of shipping only) and only got the bottle of pure cleanse. have since been charge twice on my credit card, one for Nov 20 (($104.75 Canadian) so I phoned my credit card company and they gave me the number to cancel the automatic plan. I did not realize that I had signed up for this, thought it was a trial, the if you liked the product, then you would order the product.

Anyway, I found out they also charged me for another order yesterday for $116.71 Canadian for the next shipment (still haven’t got the last shipment I dint order but have to pay for it as mastercard wouldn’t even attempt to contact them to try to settle this.



I just ordered it today and cancelled one hour later after reading the complaints but I cancelled by email is this ok or should I just go to my bank sorry about what happened

So did you manage to avoid the problem after you cancelled it by email after just few hours?

this place is a complete scam. I hope you are able to get some money back for whatever product you received.

Like everyone else who tried the free trial offer and the cost of shipping only to be paid, my mastercard was charged C$131.17 plus C$5.88 shipping for the pure slim cleans and another C$131.17 plus C$5.88 shipping for the ultra garcinia. I was a very little bit lucky that the mastercard lady stayed with me for 2 hours and was informed by the company that some refund would be on my credit card soon. Since the assurance was to be refunded very soonT, i am still praying, hoping and waiting for their assurance. Today is January 21, 2015 when i was informed for the refund and the cancellation of my order number was already done.

I am more than 80 years old and having a heart problem with minimal pension. After informing the company o f my predicament and my condtion, I hope they will be more considerate and fulfil their promise.

I am so angry ..they took 127 dollars out off my account ..who do I contact to to get my money back ….I didn’t order it all I ordered was the trial ….

So Angry they took $128.00 from my account which I did not authorize. Was shipped only 1 bottle of pills.When tried to cancel only one option available which involved more money $38. This is a total scam. Buyer beware. Good luck trying to get a hold of somebody for a refund. So ultimately for 1 bottle of pills at 1 time rate of $6.00 (advertised as 1 time purchase) ended up costing $166. DO NOT deal with this company.

Biggest most horrible scam EVER

I hate them with a passion beyond belief.

Nearly impossible to get a hold of and because i was out of town chatges of over &300 dollars have gone through and i can not get a refund.

I was stupid to have signed up for the free trial

Do not do the same as you will regret it.

How the people at that company live with themselves is beyond me

This a big scam. My account was debited severally. All the money you guys removed from my account will give you more opportunities to go bankrupt and you will never know peace your entire life. You don’t know if that was the money my whole family depend on. Untimely death awaits you guys.

Robert, please contact Pure Slim Cleanse with your issues.

The same thing happened to me. I ordered ONLY the free trial and today my visa was charged $260. I am in the process of contacting my bank to get this all sorted out. What a terrible company full of crooks and thieves. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT!

yes me too. and change your card because after, i received anything but they have taken money AGAIN on my visa 158$ + 121$

(excuse my english)

I bought the free sample of the product only paid the shipping and realised it was a scan and cancelled within the hour but had no email to say I cancelled it correctly I have no received the items even after asking not to be sent anything! I don’t want them but I can’t find a returns address or a contact telephone number as they do not reply to any emails I’m stuck and really don’t want to be charged!

Another reason I picked this is because it is the most focused and simplest kind on the market.

What do I do!?

Just cancel the credit card. you will be issue a new one and they cannot get any money off you.

Hi. I would like to know, since you’ve changed your credit cards, have you experienced any difficulties with this “pureslimcleanse” company since? I, like others, may be experiencing complications as well. Thanks! Jim

If you do not cancel the card then they can take money any time.

DO NOT BUY. I like so many others bought it believing it to be the cost of postage only, I ordered two bottle trial. Only to not have the product turn up and then have the company take $400 out of my account! . Total scam. There response so far after so many emails is that I apparently agreed to pay full price after 14 days! Bullshit. I saw no terms and conditions of that kind! If I had I would never had bought it! Iam a single mum on a pension, this was one weeks rent for me. Scammers and a bunch of bull shit.

I want my money back

Please use the above contact details. 🙂

I ordered 2 trial bottles and thought (wrongly as it turns out) if l wanted more l could order them. I was charged 16 pounds for the two bottles which was taken out immediately. I happened across reviews posted on here and immediately emailed purslim to cancel any further shipments and as thought this was a scam. The email told me to review the terms and conditions l signed up for and that as a generous offer they would give me 30% discount on further orders! even though l told them l didn’t’ want more. They intermatied that £231 pounds would be taken from my debit card. I went into my bank and spoke to them, who were brilliant. They have had to deal with lots of customers about this scam. They have been able to block purslim taking any money from my account and will be contacting them on my behalf to demand my bank details are removed from purslim system. I would advise others to do the same, banks are cottoning on to this scam and want to work with customers to resolve this.

I just found this link in their T&C to be able to manage your subscription online and request a RMA #. First it’ll offer a discount to keep the product and cancel or if you scroll to the bottom you’ll see a second option. When you click that, it gives you option to get rma# and 1 month to ship the product back to them at your expense….

The RMA seems pretty much BS because they offered me 1 month to return the product even tho I only ordered it today and so it obviously hasn’t arrived yet..

All in all, this is a shit company and they shoo use be charged for fraud or deceitful advertising.

i received 1 bottle of slimdrene and 1slimclence today and relized it was a con. my bank have wrote to the company and told them not to attempt to take any money out of my account or the ybank will lcharge them. also the bank said they will refund me if the company do try to take any money. cost me £7 to send the bottles back thats on top of the £8 to have them delivered

yes I also ordered free trial true cambogia and cleanser for no result I have tried for the last 4 weeks to cancel by email /phone and getting no response at all so I cancelled my credit card to protect against any further deductions

OMG. What a scam. I looked up the product and saw the negative reviews and called to cancel. What an ordeal. It doesn’t help to have to deal with someone you can’t understand. This had better be stopped. I will cancel my card to be safe.

I got caught out the products arrived after the return period which I returned to them that same day but when I looked they had already been in and taken $500.00!from my card and now will not return my emails and phone calls.. SCAM SCAM SCAM do not get these products in fact I thinknI will put it all over social media so no one else gets ripped off

I am so upset with this company. They don’t allow enough time to try product before deciding if you want to return it or not. I am on assistance at this time which means I am broke. My building wanted to evict me because they were having problems with my rent being paid directly so I requested that I receive the rent so I can pay landlord myself but when I deposited the cheque to pay rent using my debit card it was not approved because of insuficient funds. I was charged $300 for Supreme Garcinia Cambogia and Pure Cleanse. I am so devastated. I am already in arrears because my roommate was laid off and we have been having a really tough time making ends meet. They took my damn rent money so now I am really going to be evicted. I sent them emails but they have not responded. I am in the process of returning to College and have no money for the application which is nearing deadline. I don’t know how to explain this to my case worker. I actually had tears in my eyes when my bank could not reverse it. I did not authorize it. I am so upset that they won’t reply and I can’t believe they could scam people like that. And also…Jen Jenkins, you are marketing for this company so all of our comments should make it to the board since you earn a commission. I won’t stop fighting for my refund. They stole government money out of my bank account and that is fraud. It’s a dirty scam and they know it. If I do not receive a refund or at least a reply letter explaining what they can do for me, I will begin to put my marketing skills to work against the company. This was totally uncalled for. Please help somebody. I am a beginner when it comes to online shopping and I have now been turned right off from shopping online ever again. Thanks a lot. You have just pushed my rent problems to the max and I will be homeless with Health issues. I want a refund. I have no problem paying for shipping. So unhappy now and stressed to the max. Hope you are happy with the mess created for so many people. Shame on you Garcinia Cambogia and Pure Cleanse company.

I did not even receive the promised “free trial” which was not free as I had to pay for it to cancel the unannounced membership!. When you call there is only an automated message that does not give you the option to speak to any live person and when you email …well you already read the automated reply. i.e THEY stole the money and kept the product!

Does anyone know where to contact them or even file a complaint?

I had read and re-read the fine prints and everything. There was no mention whatsoever of being enrolled in a membership that would charge my card 86 USD every month until I had finalized the order and they took the money and credit card details!

I did the free trial for both the cleanse and the garcinia. paid the 4.95 each cause well it was debited immediately from my card. Got a call from someone who barely spoke a word of english. Hung up. Got harrassed by 8 different phone numbers all right after another. All from local area codes. Sneaky buggers. Got an email the next day saying nothing has been shipped to me because i didnt complete the phone call. Even though they had already taken 2 payments of 4.95 out. i thought something was up so i cancelled my card. I received my trial supplements in the mail 8 days later. Recieved 3 emails about getting a huge discount and only having to pay 38 bucks instead of $100 or something. If i didnt click on the link then id be charged the full $100 and something.

In the world of natural weight loss solutions, no other name surpasses garcinia cambogia as the most recommended and most effective natural weight loss supplement in the market.

Then a month later i got an email saying my accounts been cancelled and id be charged $38 and to not send back the products. I guess there is more coming in the mail. But since I cancelled my card they are NOT stealing any money from me. DONT FALL FOR THIS SITE. FRAUD THEFT LIES. Cancel your card! its cheaper and safer!

I purchased the trial for the shipping charge 6.51 and 6.52 for both Garcinia and cleanse.When they emailed thanking me they informed of the charge after 14 days and monthly.I called immediately within the hour and got the machine to cancel not telling me to return and noone to talk to.The message said I would be charged for the cancellation.I called my visa to change my card and guess what,the money was already charged.Visa reversed the charges except for shippin which was fine as I still had the product which was,to me the initial agreement.That was in March.Today May 26th I received a letter from visa telling me they charged it back as I agreed to their terms.They had statements ,invoices from the company that I never received saying that the charge was $38.71 each US.Total lie as this statement and invoice was drummed up after the fact.Discusting.I am continuing the fight and sending a letter to visa with my rebuttles.Pretty sad when I realize I’m 70 years old but thought I was smarter than this.I hope people read this aand please don’t get caught.

It is a big scam. I have been charged $180 for two products. i placed an order for trial and they charged me even after cancelling it. My bank is not even helping me. There is no representative any longer who ll provide with the information needed. Big BIG BIG BIGGEST scam. Do not get caught by such companies. Guys Important to Return the product before 14th day then only you wont get charged. cancel and return. Anybody can help me with this??

HUGE SCAM. I was charged $128 (so far)….I didn’t even approve the transaction. It’s not a “Free” Trail because they charge full price. Ridiculous. First time I tried something like this and go figure SCAM. I wish I didn’t order. I had to call my visa and also call their company which they don’t even have a person it’s all computer. So they let you cancel but for at least one product they let you cancel but still make sure they screw you and you take some kind of charge.

I can see that these order sites take advantage of areas that have limited legal ramifications. Are we gullible consumers? I purchased the “trial”. It is in the TERMS section at the very bottom of the web page that mentions the 14 day and 3o days cancellation criteria. you have to click on terms to open it up. Did not see this when ordering. And they intentionally have it hidden

The terms are strategically placed so that consumers get sucked into paying 200-300 % mark up prices!! THAT is intentional. People get stuck paying double/triple for this product- despite the fact that we can get this in any health store – for much less. The draw initially- to the consumer is that you only pay the shipping for the trial. I feel sorry for the customer service staff who have to take angry callers- I was one of them. I suspect that customer service dept. is large!! due to unhappy customers. I’m in for over 500.00 for 4 bottles total( 2 garcinia and 2 pure cleanse. Say what.

Nonetheless- my issue is not yet resolved. I was originally offered refund in increments first no offer, then 30% , then 50, the 70 % refund. They were really clever to say that supervisors were taking calls, in meetings etc. So, I gather no one gets to speak to a supervisor?

I was finally given RMA numbers for the products- so that I could send them the bottles- unopened to get a full refund. Sending to North York, Ontario address. I called 1-855-207-0245 Fingers crossed – it actually happens. Will keep you posted -I’m supposed to get a full refund.

Please cancel my order for samples #404515 of Tuesday 9th June, 2015

You will need to contact Pure Slim Cleanse yourself. The above is a review, and this website is not associated with ANY trial offer.

PureSlimCleanse and SupremeGarciniaGambogia “Free Trial” are SCAM.

CALL the Live customer service phone number : 1-855-207-0245 to get the RMA number of the return product.

Return Product Send to: PO BOX 500, RPO STEELES WEST, NORTH YORK, ON, M3J 0J8

Make sure the return product name and RMA number printed on top of the packing.

If you have time, you can read my detailed battle to get the above information. I have learned my lesson after I made an online order on these “FREE TRIAL” products. I hope NO ONE has to go through my experience.

I ordered the online “Free Trial” of both products on June 14,2015, it was a Sunday night. I felt wired and just remember there is no free lunch in the world. I cancelled both orders within 30 minutes after the order by phone no. 1-866-915-9351. Anyone call this customer service no. know that it is connected to a machine. You can hear the information telling customer to cancel one product with one call. After calling the 1-866 no. twice for the cancellation of each product,I checked my email account, I have four new emails within 30 minutes, two emails are order confirmation another two are cancellation notification for each product. I thought the worst case is I learn my lesson with the non-refundable shipping charges. Next day June 15, it was Monday morning, I received a voice message from my credit card bank to call them back to validate some transactions. I checked my email account, there was two new emails saying I am charged for the reduced price of each product as I pick the popular option to keep the products. I was frustrated about what’s happened. I called the 1-866 no. It is no way to talk to anyone with the 1-866 no. The no. is 24/7, however, there is no live customer service representative. I called my credit card bank and told them my story. They explain to me that customers have 90 days to dispute the transaction for customers to solve the cancelled transactions with the merchant. Since I could not get a hold on the merchant with several attempts, the bank staff told me that I can dispute the transactions when the transactions are posted on my credit card statement . I can dispute each transaction by online banking service or talking to staff of the credit card bank dispute department. Then I sent emails to the merchant stating I would dispute the wrong charges when the charges are posted on my credit card statement as the bank staff explanation. Also, I told them DO NOT ship the products to me as I do not want them. I received an auto reply email saying the same thing I take the popular option to keep the product and to pay the reduced price. I replied each email with the same reason and repeatedly stated that I would dispute the charges. And then, two auto reply emails saying my latest email has been sent to their escalations department and someone will contact me shortly. On June 16,Tuesday morning, I found out the PureSlimCleanse transaction has been posted, I called the bank staff to dispute the posted transaction. The bank staff told me there is note saying I had talked to them to dispute the transaction, and she reminded that I can dispute the posted transaction by using online banking service.

On the whole, though, we like Pure Extract Garcinia Cambogia.

In the afternoon, I received one package of the online ordered product. I kept the package sealed as I planned to return it. On June 17, Wednesday noon time, the SupremeGarciniaCambogia transaction has been posted and there was no dispute marked on the PureSlimCleanse transaction. I called the credit card bank and requested to talk to the staff at the dispute department. It is worth to wait for talking to the staff at the dispute department of the credit card bank, the bank staff was very patient to listen to my long story. He said this situation never happen before and he has not seen it despite the merchant is very aggressive. Then he looked at the SupremeGarciniaGambogia “Free Trial” website, he checked the term of the “Free Trial” section and the cancellation section. He told me “the merchant cannot do that! They cannot charge me a reduced price after cancel the “Free Trial” order(s), there is no information about charging a reduced price after customer cancels the product or “Free Trial” product. He typed the dispute transaction report for me while I reboot my old laptop. He advised me to get the RMA no. for return the product(s) and return the product to the merchant as it stated in the terms. I thought I have the right phone number to contact the merchant to reach them for a RMA no. I am regretted I did not take the phone number from the bank staff. It is a nightmare to make calls to get the RMA no. from merchant. I spent hours to online search of the product phone no., and had made several 1-888, 1-866 calls. The live customer service representatives could not find my account with the info of my name, address, phone no. ,order no., last 4-digit or the first 6-digit of my credit card,the sender address, anything printed on the package bag. I followed the instruction and opened the package, looked for the customer service phone no. printed on the bottle of product. I found the same 1-866-915-9351 phone no. I told the customer service representative the 1-866 no. has no live customer service representative. The customer service representatives of 1-888 are willing to give me their name and userid no. One customer service representative told me to call my credit card bank to look for the merchant phone no. and call back to talk to the supervisor, or ask the bank staff to call them in order to find my account. I do not remember where I found the customer service no. 1-855-207-0245. It is the CORRECT PHONE NO. to get the product RMA no. I had called several times to get the RMA no. The reasons are the receptions of the phone line is terrible, I can hear my echo, both side speaker cannot hear clearly to each other, there is huge background noise of another customer service representative talking to other customer. I believe there is a printed sheet for the customer service representative to speak to customer asking for product RMA no. It is a detailed identity check in order to find your account. Then a long talk telling me that I have picked the option to keep the product and pay the reduced price when I cancelled the order by calling the provided 24/7 service 1-866 phone no. And then, I was told that they can only refund 15 % of the reduced price amount back to me. I kept saying “NO” ; there is no information about paying reduced price neither online website nor the 1-866 phone no; the credit card bank staff advices; I have filed the dispute transaction report and the bank would investigate the unauthorized transaction(s), and then the refund amount changed to 30%, 50%, 75%. I requested to talk to a supervisor. The reply was the supervisor would tell me the same thing. At that time, my husband raised his voice and told them ” WE WANT A FULL REFUND. IT IS A SCAM.” Well, the line was cut. Or maybe lost caused by poor reception. I feltl sorry for my husband’s behavior and I did not get the RMA no. I call 1-855-207-0245 again. I went through the long battle with another customer service representative. I did not lose my patient or temper. Finally, I got the RMA no. and the RETURN ADDRESS : PO BOX 500, RPO STEELES WEST, NORTH YORK, ON, M3J 0J8. I was told I would get a FULL REFUND after they receive the return non-open full bottle of product. It was almost evening, I checked my mailbox and found out the other online “Free Trial” product arrived even though I had sent several emails “DO NOT SHIP THE PRODUCT TO ME”. Firstly, I called the 1-888 customer service no. and there was no information of my account. I feel I should call the 1-855 no. again. My husband was unhappy to know that I have to call the 1-855 no. After the detail identity checkup, the customer service representative spent less time to find my account. I asked the customer service representative to go through the detailed printed sheet, just gave me the RMA no. He told me it was poor reception on the phone, he took my email address and he said he would email the RMA no. to me. I kept an eye on my email email account. No new email come in. I decided to call the 1-855 no instead of waiting for the RMA no. by email. I do not think they would send email to me caused all reply emails are auto-reply. My husband told me to call them next day. I dialed the 1-855–207-0245 phone no. This time, I spent less than 5 minutes to get the RMA no. Honestly, I do not think this is the end. It is a break time for me as I have not received the month of June credit card statement. I do not know would happen latter. After I am sure I do not have to pay the wrongful reduced price charges and there is no more wrongful charges on my credit card statement coming from this specific merchant, this battle may end.

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