Pure garcinia select black and pink bottle

Pure garcinia select black and pink bottle
Oz claimed that Garcinia cambogia could be used for natural weight loss with “no diet or exercise” required.

Pure garcinia select black and pink bottle

Introducing the best natural Prostate Protect formula 120 ea. 500 mg V-caps with four super natural herbal formula

reduce enlarged prostate naturally & combat tumors that can cause cancer

Maintaining a plant-based diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains & natural botanical supplements + being physically active are the best ways to reduce heart disease and cancer.

The rhizome Galangal is a strongly aromatic natural herbal compound used in Thai traditional (TTM) holistic health practices. Resembling ginger in appearance & effects, galangal is an aromatic stimulant, carminative & stomachic. It's useful against rheumatism, possesses tonic & antibacterial qualities, and is a body deodorizer in homeopathic medicine. Both Galangals (Alpinia [greater] & Kaempferia l[esser]) have been in use throughout Europe & Asia as an aphrodisiac for centuries. Alpinia galanga named 'Kha' in Thai translates to "white galanga". The Alpinia galanga herb contains about 2.5 to 4% essential oil.

• Galangal has anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant activities.

• Assists in reducing cholesterol

• Believed to lower risk & help prevent stomach, lung, breast, and ovarian cancers

Vitamins A and C

Phyto-chemicals, gallic acid glycoside, galango isoflavonoid, ß-sitosterol, galangin, alpinin, zerumbone & kampferide, Emodin and Quercetin. Essential oils, tannins, phenol, glycosides, monoterpenes & carbohydrates including ethyl cinnamate (25%), ethyl-p-methoxycinnamate (30%), p-methoxycinnamic acid; 3-carene-5-one. Studies also report 4-butylmenthol, ß-phellandrene, a-terpineol, dihydro-ß-sesquiphellandrene, pentadecane and 1,8-c ineol

Phytochemistry, 26, 3350, 1987

Siam Natural ™ Alpinia Galangal 100 ea 400mg V-caps $36.00 Save $10.00 Now $24.99

A medicinal mushroom Lingzhi/Reishi stands out as one the most valuable of all polypore mushrooms in nature for health benefits. Lingzhi or Reishi mushroom is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals & a complete profile of amino acids.

New Organic Burmese Export Facial endorsed by New York's top facialist to the stars Read about Thanaka powder that's taken off recently because its a superb 100% natural conditioner & skin/UV protector.

fragrant organic Asian Thanaka wood bark powder natural base make-up & elite spa facial treatment - absolutely zero chemicals!

Natural Thanaka yellow base make-up powder Natural Thanaka facial spa treatment

Thanaka (4) oz foil pack $39.99 + $8.00 shipping.

A 100% natural finely ground moisturizing wood bark powder facial conditioning treatment for softer, smoother, brighter skin plus it reduces blemishes & acne. Learn all about organic Thanaka wood powder. Its the #1 super natural standard for generations for Burmese ladies as the ultimate in natures base makeup powder & paste facial & skin conditioner.

Being " balanced" can be as easy as consuming select herbal teas for stress reduction & renewed energy. Follow here & you'll find an array of superb Asian herbal botanicals inside for total health restoration

How To Decrease the Risks of Cancer Via Your Diet —>

Eat Foods High in Antioxidants

Keep Sugar Consumption to a Minimum

Eat a Diet Rich in Fiber

Below find key natural health supplement products available here to help prevent cancer & extend your life

• Mangosteen pericarp (rind) powder V-caps for the most powerful natural antioxidant supplement in the world

• Jasmine Rice bran oil meets the American Heart Assoc. ideal balance of saturated, monounsaturated & polyunsaturated fats.Omega 6 & 3 balanced 4:1

• Jiaogulan naturally sweet tea powder V-caps supplement and Stevia are the best healthy sweeteners

• Thai 'Buk' root powder is a unique Asian raw high fiber dietary & weight loss supplement available in V-caps or powder

• Choose steamed chicken, fish, and vegetable dishes & avoid processed red meats & cheeses

Natural Weight Loss fresh unfermented green tea V-caps for weight loss & vitamin & mineral antioxidant supplement Think to be a true friend yourself!

Siam Natural ™ Asian weight loss teas now available in 400mg V-caps

Buy all three Asian Green Teas in V-caps

Pha Krabit aka: Po Pit / Twisted Hemp Helicteres isora L.(Sterculiaceae) is a sun dried twisted tea pod Thai herb used in traditional holistic medicine (TTM)

Pha Krabit Helicteres isora L.

6 , 7 Some salts used in commercial products are water soluble and bioavailable, and are a good source of calcium (495 mg) and potassium (720 mg).

aka: Twisted Hemp

This tea produces a smooth, soothing & relaxing nutritional beverage for migraine symptoms, PMS, chronic stress, lowering blood suger, Diabetes II

and is a powerful antioxidant & anti-tumor cytotoxic tonic supplement.

Pharmacopoeia of Thailand; The bark & roots of 'twisted hemp' is used in traditional folklore medicine to treat various conditions such as over active pituitary (which effects the thyroid gland), lower body pain, diarrhea, swollen, joints, sprains, diabetes II, & high blood pressure. A hypercholesterolemia tea (lowers cholesterol), Pha Krabit is good for weight loss, beriberi (deficiency of thiamine/vitamin B1, which affects the heart-cardiac dilatation, fatty degeneration, peripheral nerves), allergies, muscle/joint/back pain, including migraine, plus acts as a liver and kidneys cleanse as a general tonic. Especially revered by women prone to cists/tumors breast, colon, & ovarian cancers, this herb is only known in rural areas where folklore medicine is passed from word of mouth from mother to daughter. Little is known to the majority of the Thai population or the world in general. The scientific community took interest over the past 15 years with numeroous studies producing scientific documentation & newly discovered phyto chemicals from research projects in Japan, Thailand, India and elsewhere.

Botanical name: Helicteres isora L.(Sterculiaceae) A powerful anti-oxidant, & cytotoxic agent used to inhibit the proliferation of cancerous cells. Components include; newly discovered Cucurbitacin B and Isocucurbitacin B. Three additional new compounds; 4-ObD-glucopyranosyl rosmarinic acid (2), 4, 4-O-di-bD- glucopyranosyl rosmarinic acid (3) and 2R-O-(4-ObD- glucopyranosyl caffeoyl)-3-(4- hydroxyphenyl) lactic acid named as 4-ObD-glucopyranosyl isorinic acid (4) were isolated .

Pha Krabit Helicteres isora L. aka: Twisted Hemp

$7.00 (1) oz + $6.00 shipping zip-lock in foil pkg

Pha Krabit Helicteres isora L. aka: Twisted Hemp $89.95 + $27 (1 lb) + $27.00 shipping

On Sale $19.95 + shipping/handling

Locals know it as "BUK" or "BOK KHAO" (Konnyaku in Japan)

How does it work?

Thai BUK is a natural plant food and dietary fiber supplement that expands 17X in your stomach with water and causes a feeling of fullness. Taken before meals it helps you eat less of the foods you crave that increase your weight, and acts as a mild laxative. There is NO magic involved here - just proven results if you apply these principals in your eating habits. Thai Bok Khao stimulates absorption and digestion of protein and other nutritious substances, keeps the intestine clean, and assists in bowel movements.

It truly promotes weight loss, relieves fatigue, and performs the critical function of helping in keeping one fit and trim. When people are trying to lose weight, often times they experience failure with their dieting program. Some people are lucky enough to be born with high metabolic rate that helps them burn off calories efficiently and effectively, so no matter whatever they eat, they won’t experience weight gain. Most of us, however are born with medium to slow metabolic rate so we constantly have issues with the weight.

In Thai traditional medicine (TTM), the dried Thai "Buk" root powder is believed to discourage overeating because it creates a feeling of fullness when the fiber in it swells. Because stomach contents may stay in the stomach longer, the individual does not feel hungry as often. However, in most of the research studying weight loss, study participants also drank large amounts of water and followed a reduced-calorie diet.

('Pha Krabit') holistic thyroid balancing tea.(above)

Read more details about Buk and purchase here

Pueraria mirifica Femm++ Gel Vaginal Tightening & Restoration

What do natural vaginal tightening ingredients do?

50ml and 30ml squeeze dispenser

Curcuma comosa Vaginal Tightening cleanse w/ Pueraria mirifica two natural herbs in one V-cap (400mg)

$29.96 + $6.00 shipping

Curcuma comosa Vaginal Tightening Cleanse 100ea 400mg V-caps 400mg Organically cultivated Read more

Curcuma comosa 100ea 400mg V-caps $19.95 + $6.00 shipping

The primary benefits of Curcuma comosa are tightening of vagina, repairing vaginal wall prolapse, relieving premenstrual cramps, promoting clean discharge and eliminating unpleasant odors around the genital area.

Oxyresveratrol extract is the best natural skin fairness ingredient used in personal care products to date from the Artocarpus Lakoocha (Monkey jack tree) heartwood.

Everyone who tried any crash diet will likely agree that it is hard to follow no matter what type of fad diet you have decided to try.

You don’t want to be using a knock-off as explained near the end of this article.

Removes blotches - dark spots, freckles & UV sun skin damage.

Oxyresveratrol is a 100% natural compound isolated from Mulberry and Asian Monkey jack trees. It's considered to be the most safe & effective tyrosinase inhibitor of natural origin. The depigmenting activity of Oxyresveratrol is 30 to 35 times more than Kojic acid and 10 to 12 times more than Glabridin (Licorice extract)

This positions Siam Natural ARTO-OXYRES skin cream is the best natural fairness & skin whitening agent known without the negative side effects associated with hydroquinone or kojic acid. Oxyresrotrol is not only an effective natural inhibitor of tyrosine, an essential enzyme which regulates the production of melanin (a group of brown to black pigments in the skin), it also helps prevent UV induced pigmentation and erythema (a red rash caused by hypersensitivity to a drug or disease or other allergen).

Artocarpus heartwood's Oxyreservatrol extract contains natural rutin, pyrogallol, gallic acid,resorcinol, quercetin, catechin, & caffeic acid in a special silk protein base cream

Arto-Oxyres Silk Protein Cream 30 gram jar - Artocarpus lakoocha Oxyreservatrol cream $35.00 + $6.00 shipping

Arto-Oxyres Natural Skin Whitening Protein Cream 10 grams

Arto-Oxy-Cream-10 gram jar

$10.99 + 4.00 shipping

Where Science & Nature come together

Look younger & feel great!

By applying only natural botanical compounds & nutriment rich Jasmine Rice Bran oil, you'll radiate immaculate, unblemished youthful skin without artificial chemicals or synthetic makeup!

Nice ™ for treating 'crows feet', droopy eyes, plus face conditioning, figure enhancements/firming, smile & neck sagging skin toning, & anti-aging. These are more than traditional nutraceutical skin & beauty treatment formulations - designed to bring out the youthful you with miraculous results, and all afforable!

Siam Natural products made from the same Naturoestrol ™ organic paste extract

Not sure which natural cosmetic product is best for you?

Find out why the most exclusive aestheticians & clinics in Switzerland are now using Siam Natural brand rejuvenating skin & beauty enhancement products.

Siam Natural ™ You should get to know the Uttwiler Spätlauber because this unique Swiss Apple is one of the most revolutionary discoveries in beauty.

The Uttwiler Spätlauber is an amazing green apple grown in Switzerland that has

the ability to resist aging–which makes the rare apple one of the most

in-demand MUST-HAVES in the beauty industry and its preservative-free !

Introducing an invigorating new mens 100% herbal nutriment Face Conditioner & Anti-aging, firming, & wrinkle prevention nano spray lotion

a 100% organic Butea superba herbal anti-aging herbal & a blend of natural emollients, vitamins, nutrients, & skin restoration phyto compounds formulated to replace your commercial after shave lotions. Avoid early wrinkles with this amazing natural product.

15ml travel size

Kwao Krua (Butea superba & Pueraria mirifica extracts • Galanga root • Gac fruit aril • Sea Collagen hydrolysate • Moringa Oleifera seed oil • Plai (Zingerber cassumunar) • Jasmine rice bran germ oil

$99.95 Buy Now $79.99 + $8.00 shipping/handling (contains seven natural organic herbal extracts plus Sea Collagen hydrolysate) Read more

Siam Natural ™ Nice SPICE MIST Men's 100% Super Natural Organic herbal Anti-aging Face Conditioner wrinkle prevention nano spray after lotion replacement for men.

Buy Now 15ml travel size $24.99 + $5.00 shipping/handling Siam Natural Spice Mist contains seven natural organic herbal extracts plus Sea Collagen hydrolysate

more about Spice Mist face restoration anti-aging treatment at: siamnatural.com

Key Product Selections

Asian Herbs that produce beauty from the inside out - No matter your age, numerous herbal super-tonics can help you fight the aging process – and transform your skin, complexion, hair, nails, and overall glow.

Memory, reasoning and comprehension skills – collectively known as cognitive function – all tend to get worse as we enter middle-age.

• Key products for memory, reasoning, comprehension, energy, stress relief & cognitive function ;

Healthy Aging, Exercise, Nutrition, and positive lifestyles .

I actually like what you have acquired here, certainly like what you’re stating and the way in which you say it.

Get information here about rare natural holistic herbs, skin & hair treatments, nutrition, and healthy lifestyles.

Live better, longer, & healthier - Anti-ageing is not just about your physical well being - it's about staying bright & fit mentally & emotionally.

Proper diet and the right combination of natural herbal health compounds can keep you both physically, mentally, and emotionally well balanced and help maintain good eyesight and energy levels for your middle to prime years.

Our philosophy on good health maintenance is quite simple . . .

It's about regenerating, revitalizing, rejuvenating, and restoring. Scientific research corroborates that eating natural herbal health nutrients as part of a wholesome diet and/or within a whole food is more health-promoting and cancer-fighting than taking the respective supplements in isolation. This is due to the synergistic effect various food nutrients display in the human body. Thailand's rainforest contains numerous unique life sustaining herbal botanicals and Siam Natural Products are a reliable on-line source for a select few of these unique

Follow the links below for more information & on-line purchase of the freshest most potent natural nutritional supplements from Thailand

free radical scavenging anti-oxidants endocrine system body balancing adaptogens life sustaining super-fruit compounds rare oils & herbal floral essences

Ch'i or Qi (pronounced "chee" and spelled "chi or Ci") is the Chinese word used to describe "the natural energy of the Universe."

This energy, though called "natural," is spiritual or supernatural, and is part of a metaphysical, not an empirical, belief system.

Siam Natural ™ Adaptogen-III contains over 100mg per V-cap of the raw [dried root powder] Chinese herb, Chi Wu Cha known for naturally recharging "Chi" energy and balancing the bodies entire endocrine system, blended with Red Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum) & Makham pom (Emblica officinalis) fruit pulp powder

Siam Natural Mangosteen pericarp (rind) powder - This 100% natural (rind) powder compound is now available with pure air-dried extract in 400mg Veggie caps.

Mangosteen from Thailand contains Xanthones - powerful free radical scavaging antioxidant s considered to be a super fruit with natural anti-aging anti-oxidant components. (over forty anti-oxidants called Xanthones). Mangosteen is called "Mangkhut" in Thai- (Garcinia mangostana) and offers numerous benefits as a daily health supplement.

Siam Natural ™ Naturoestrol ™ Envisage Liquid Herbal FacialTreatment is a nutrient rich fountain of youth anti-aging natural deep penetrating mild soap that leaves your face & skin feeling fresh & renewed.How it works is a simple process where science & nature merge. Our cold pressed Thai premium grade raw Jasmine Rice Bran nutriment oil deep penetrates skin pores carrying the Pueraria mirifica Naturoestrol ™ extract directly to the skin cells along with the anthocyanin flavonoid anti-oxidants from the blue butterfly pea flower that rejuvenate and restore glowing youthful skin! (just wet hands - apply ten squirts in your palm making a rich blue lather & gently massage into face - wait ten minutes before rinsing off) softens, brightens & naturally conditions skin without any harmful chemicals present in popular corporate brands

Asian ladies have cherished these natural rainforest herbal botanicals for generations Read more

30ml designer pump dispenser ( a little goes a long way to nourish, protect and revitalize your skin)

$29.95 + $6.00 shipping /handling

Siam Natural ™ Naturoestrol ™ Envisage ™ Herbal Hair & Scalp Tonic

• Stimulates new hair growth naturally

• Restores original color, texture, & luster

• Repairs dry, brittle, split ends & aging hair

• Ideal for ‘growing out’ new healthy full bodied shiny hair

• Treats dry scalp and stimulates hair follicles

• Science & nature come together with amazing results you won’t find in popular western brands

• Cherished by Asian women for generations for rendering soft, smooth, natural radiance to their hair

If you are one of the millions destroying your hair with chemicals & dyes this is a MUST product!

Envisage Herbal Hair & Scalp Restoration Spray Tonic

$39.95 + $7.00 shipping/handling 30ml spray dispense r

Naturoestrol ™ Envisage ™ Herbal Hair & Scalp Spray Tonic - with Thai Kwao Krua Naturoestrol ™ extracts naturally stimulates new growth & renews aging gray hair

Through scientific research, ENVISAGE ™ Hair Tonic was developed as an effective pre-wash restorative scalp treatment utilizing the Kwao Krua herbal Naturoestrol ™ restorative extracts to stimulate hair follicles and new growth blended with complex compounds found in cold pressed Jasmine Rice Bran germ oil .

Unsaponifiable bioactive phytonutrients and ferulic acid, a polyphenolic compound with antioxidative and anti-bacterial properties and the Inositol component , a carbohydrate that promotes full & tangle free manageable hair & keeps hair follicles healthy at the cellular level, is an emollient glycolipid and function to anchor protiens to the external surface of cell membranes without use of synthetic chemical additives.

The Envisage Hair Tonic product can be used in two ways,

• As a direct pre-wash spray treatment to scalp to stimulate new growth rejuvenating follicles and naturally recolorizing gray hair.

Bile, produced by the liver (but stored in the gall bladder), emulsifies fat which allows for its proper digestion.Bile is also important in preventing constipation, candidiasis and helps provide the correct environmental pH for beneficial gut flora to flourish.

You leave it on for 5-10 minutes.

• As a post rinse styling contrivance, you can comb in by rubbing tonic on your hands and work into the hair with your fingers & comb as you style when blow drying. The Naturoestrol (Pueraria mirifica & Butea superba) in the tonic revitalizes & re-colorizes gray hair & assists in repairing dry hair & splits ends.

This is the most sophisticated formula we have for revitalizing and 'growing out' new hair.

Siam Natural Naturoestrol ™ Envisage ™ Herbal Revitalizing Hair & Scalp Tonic contains a balanced blend of the latet scientific ingredients without toxic additives such as SLS or paraben.

Siam Natural ™ Plai - Zingiber cassumunar

100% chemical free - pure steam distillation extraction

It's an excellent herbal remedy for treating arthritis, rheumatism, muscular & joint pain, sprains & injuries. If you are taking chemical based medications for arthritus or rheumatism manufactured by Big Pharma - you may wish to consider this natural rhizhome extract botanical remedy used for thousands of years in holistic Thai medicine for pain, muscle sprains and torn ligiments without negative side effects.

More and more customers decide on Siam Natural ™ brand highly effective & sustainable manufactured products when it comes to naturals 4 health & natural & nutraceutical cosmetics. Today’s users of Siam Natural ™ green herbal cosmetics like Pink Lotus & Spice Mist are discriminating, non-ideological, modern & always seeking inspiring new products.

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Islandelights rare & exotic herb & flower functional food beverage teas in seven tasty flavors. (hot or cold)

100% organic Asian Blue Butterfly Pea natural health & beauty beverage - a pure flower tea with Quercetin, a flavonoid for enhancing glowing clear skin and soft shining hair.

Everyday our bodies are bombarded with innumerable health threats. Artificial colors, preservatives, second hand smoke, toxic chemicals, and pollution all damage our immune system making us more susceptible to infections and illnesses. We can bolster our health with phytonutrients found in fruits & flowers ! Try this delicious new functional food beverage accredited with GMP, HAACP, & HALAL.

Islandelights™ instant f lower nutritional beverages (optionally) with Stevia herb sweetener. It's calorie free & does not affect the glycemic index, and diabetic friendly!

Siamnatural ™ Butterfly Pea Flower 100% natural instant health beverage. (1) one ounce foil pack makes 60-90 servings (.3g - .5g)

$9.99 + $5.00 shipping/handling one ounce foil pack. Get that soft & smooth glow for your hair & skin with the abundant content of of the polyphenol, Quercetin -

Blue Butterfly Pea is loaded in this 100% natural southeast Asian flower! Read more

Islandelights Butterfly Pea Flower 100% natural instant health beverage (unsweetened)

$9.99 + $5.00 shipping/handling one ounce foil pack

Join in & wake up & smell the roses! Learn about the Siam Natural Health & Fitness Club for a new youthful you!

All this makes grapefruit one of the more effective cancer-fighting foods out there.

Let 2015 be your New You Year

Learn about ancient Chinese Qi-Gong and how this natural energy effects the hot air convention drying of fruits & teas. Puearia mirifica (Kwao Krua Kao) is now available from in the most potent pure organic compound available anywhere in 100ea. V-caps for women & men for anti-aging & rejuvenation. We now have Pueraria mirifica & Butea superba with Sea Collagen Hydrolysate.

Siam Natural ™ organics of Thailand offers a new health & fitness program subscription wherein you receive a regular monthly varied package of fresh organic nutrient super fruits, herbs, & teas supplements direct from the growers with numerous health & fitness benefits at a significant cost savings.

Pure garcinia select black and pink bottle

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Pure garcinia select black and pink bottle

Welcome to Vitamart.ca the online leader in health supplements, nutrition supplements and bodybuilding supplements in Canada. Vitamart.ca provides best value in Canada on Vitamins, Diet Pills, Bodybuilding Supplements, Whey Protein and so much more!

If there is anything we can help you with please don't be shy and click the HELP link in the top right of the website or give us a call at 1-877-500-2001.