Pure grace lotion

Pure grace lotion
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Amazing Grace Philosophy for women

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Amazing Grace by Philosophy is a Floral fragrance for women. Top notes are mandarin orange, grapefruit and bergamot; middle notes are freesia, jasmine and rose; base note is musk.

Perfume rating: 3.68 out of 5 with 1016 votes.

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Amazing Grace Fragrance Reviews

I once loved this scent very much. Unfortunately, when Coty bought and reformulated this scent (EDT), they murdered the longevity and sillage. I literally have to bathe in this scent for it to last only a few hours, if I'm lucky, as it wears off promptly after spraying. I definitely have to layer with the lotion for even modest longevity. Attempting all of the above adds up in price, so buyer beware. A soft, clean floral that no longer lives up to it's name. The only upside to this fleeting fragrance after reformulation is that it is less powdery on my skin, even though other reviews note a strong baby powder scent.

I smelled this on a lady years ago and asked her what she was wearing. It smelled so incredibly great,I knew I had to have it. This is a fresh-out-of-the-shower subtle clean scent that never offends. No blasts of atomic fruit or flowers.Just a delightful scent experience.

I just bought this again after not having it for a year or two. Um Philosophy has really perfected this. The bottle I had before was NOT as pretty as this. So good on you Philosophy. I have fallen in love. I have the edt also. Bought in Dec 2017 at Ulta. Batch code 7208 made in July 2017

Added thoughts. I have been using this almost exclusively since I bought it. It is my go to for everyday. Absolutely obsessed with this! :)

This is missing a note in the description: Lily of the Valley.

Blind bought this today and tested it.. It's very nice and airy, kind of reminds me of an angel on a cloud (the name probably gives that impression too) but so far I don't find it groundbreaking. I know a lot of people have said that Coty may have messed around with it so I'm conscious that the reformulation may be what's made it less appealing. Would be interested to see if I could find an original to compare them both. I do like it but not that amazed overall, I get the florals and I smell a little powder (which weirdly is not listed in the notes). I think it would have been my favourite scent if I'd got it in my younger days. A good day time scent anyway.

*** After wearing it properly for one whole day I am definitely going to pass this on. It doesn't last at all on my skin and I can't escape the soapy note :/ Disappointed ***

Amazing Grace is amazing! I love it. It's a very fresh floral with freesia and rose over clean musk. It's soft and light and a perfect everyday fragrance for spring and summer.

I found an old bottle in the back of my closet. It's the bottle with stickers on both sides. Wow Coty really changed the scent. The old Amazing Grace is strong and lovely. The new Amazing Grace really is a shadow of its former self. They muted down the original Amazing Grace scent and added a lot of musk.

Like Simply Belle, Amazing Grace EDT is straight up glue (I probably had some amazing glue in my childhood because several perfumes smell like glue to me) with a hint of soap. Good thing is it’s light enough that I can’t smell it. There a hint of green floral here and there. Not my cup of tea.

There was a very fragrant climbing rose in my friend’s garden. It was a “blue” rose, which means it’s actually a deep purply color that’s sort of close to “blue.” Anyway I can’t recall what the name of this rose was, I believe it was “climbing blue moon.” This was sentimental to me because it smelled very much like that rose, which at the time had special meaning for us. I see that most people smell the musk most prominently in this- but I always smelled a strong sweet rose smell. Nothing like the “green” rose in perfumer’s workshop tea rose. This is sweet and soft - and tea rose smells quite like mosquito repellent to me.

I found a mini of EDP in my stuff don’t have a clue where it came from I guess I’m a little underwhelmed by AG I expected a fancier smell from all the reviews on here and QVC its just a Meh scent to me not bad but not great just okay.

This is a very soft scent.

It starts fresh. After a few minutes it becomes more flowery but still very soft. Then you get the musk. Everything is very subtle.

I would describe the scent in three words - innocence, purity, and virginity.

Light and comfortable.

Maybe nothing special but very clean and pretty.

It is not loud, it is not exaggerated. It's gentle.

I would recommend this for work, a date or anytime, if you want to wear a gentle and discreet perfume.

Unfortunately . light sillage and longevity.

Somehow this is a nostalgic scent. it reminds me of elementary school. It makes me think of pencil shavings ! Am I the only one that smells this ?

It smells closely to the gap fragrance near. It's just average citrus and musk the dry down is bad.

This smells very fresh and light. Perfect for spring and summer.

This perfume reminds a bit of Gucci Envy, very fresh and clean. I like it a lot, but it does not really relate to glamour or something, more like inner peace.

I never owned this fragrance or sampled it prior to the reformulation that reviewers are speaking of, so this review is coming from a sample after reformulation.

I really wish I could have smelled this before the reformulation- sounds like it was much more interesting!

obsessed with this scent. At first it is a beachy clean smell but then the light citrus and gentle floral are subtle and delicate. However it is not complex or super perfumey. I personally love that it is not a powerful scent. It might only be detected in small bursts or in a hug. And I can reapply.

This is my first experience with this fragrance. I adore it! It reminds me of a great smelling sunscreen and sunbathing on the beach. I can almost feel the coastal breezes and smell the salty air when I spray this scent and boy, do I spray it! My husband and son purchased this fragrance for Mother's Day and they agree that it smells like a nice sunscreen which they both like. Amazing Grace is amazingly fresh, as in just-out-of-the-shower fresh. The two times I've worn this scent this week, I've received very enthusiastic compliments on how great I smell. Just yesterday a lady asked "What perfume are you wearing? You smell so good!" This afternoon, a young lady and her male friend were waiting while I finished talking with a colleague in an office close by to find out what I had on. The young lady said when I walked in, she couldn't get over the scent, that I smelled incredible, just awesome! Her male friend was all smiles and going crazy with curiosity to find out the name. He said I smelled "AMAZING" after I shared the name and wished me an awesome afternoon. What more can we say!? Amazing Grace is a keeper.

To me, this is the essence of the word "beautiful". I love that it's a bit shy and not too overpowering.

As you can see, you have nothing to loss but the excess fat!

The citrus lasts about an hour. Yet in the drydown, it develops into something even lovelier, and on me, there is great longevity. I seem to get a bit more rose than what I'm seeing from other users. Sillage is more than than I was aware of when I first began using Amazing Grace.

Amazing Grace seems to be simple. Citrus, light florals and musk.

If I have to describe it in one word I would say: innocence. It has that "pure" and "clean" quality.

It doesn't strike as sophisticated or complex and yet its simplicity is captivating.

I'm sure this fragrance may pass as bland and utterly uninteresting to some people, especially if you prefer exotic, avant garde and unexpected scents. But for me, Amazing Grace is a fragrance that defies all the crazy niche creations. It's comforting, easy and beautiful.

Sweetened floral, mostly freesia anchored in a light musk. The musk is not sharp

This used to be my signature scent, but after the company was purchsed my Coty, it was just not the same anymore. I continue to wear it from time to time, but this perfume is a shadow of it's former self. I used to get compliments every time I wore this, but no one ever seems to notice it anymore.

Oh, and another thing ! What's with all the hate on this fragrance?!

Look, I don't want to toot my horn, but I could, slightly, maybe be classified as a perfume snob, ESPECIALLY anything with white florals.

This doesn't offend me *gasssp* it's not too bad. I like it even more with the layer I mentioned but overall it's nice and clean.

Quick tip : layer this with Molecule 01. This will catapult this fragrance into new places ! This makes it shine, makes it strong and reach its full potential.

Amazing Grace, that save a wrench like me <3

This scent is lovely, clean and soft. The only problem, and it's a big one, it does not last! Because of this I will not repurchase the perfume :( However, the Amazing Grace firming body emulsion jas the same beautiful scent and the lotion feels amazing on my skin. The scent does last longer when using the lotion and I will definitely consider repurchase of the lotion for these reasons.

I tried a sample of this which was a "dab" instead of a "spray" type. If I smelled this on another person, I would think it was nice (male or female). It's so close to the way bath soap smells though (or at least used to). Kind of powdery, lightly floral, and soap-like. I would not buy this for myself. When I wear a fragrance, I like it to be more of a statement. When I want to go without a fragrance, I smell kind of like this already.

Smells great on a guy like me. Used to be my signature scent. Lasts all day long especially when layered with the lotion. My office mates used to compliment me a lot, saying I smell like a baby. They never said anything about me smelling "feminine"

This fragrance has been in my perfume rotation for about 10 years now. It's one of those scents that you can't quite put your finger on. It's floral, musky, a little citrus, and very clean. But I feel that the specific combination of the notes and how they are blended make this fragrance unique in my opinion. This scent just evokes gentle and positive feelings every time I wear it. Not to mention, you can wear this at any time of day for any occasion, and anyone could pull it off. Amazing Grace is one of those scents that just smell divine on everyone, including men. I do feel that this scent can be girly, But, if a man wears this i'm sure he would get complimented on how good he smells. And I feel that's where this scent wanted to become, not just another "fragrance" or "perfume" but a scent. When wearing this, people never ask what perfume i'm wearing, they always just comment on how good I smell. I do have to be honest though, it's not strong and it doesn't seem to last as long as it should for the price tag. My best advice is to layer and maybe just go for the body spray.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this laundry detergent whatsoever. It smells fresh and clean. It does exactly what a laundry soap should; it doesn't offend (or affect) any of my senses. Wait. is this perfume?

I recently purchased a four pack of Philosophy fragrances and this was in it. I have water to try this for ages and never was able to find it in any of my local stores. I should also say that fresh scents are my absolute favorite type of perfume and when I started looking up top ten fresh scent perfumes and this was on that list. I have to say, I do really like it. BUT. it smells like one of those been there done that tyr scents. Its nice, retty and girly and finding it for a great price would be the only way I wpud buy a fill size bottle. Sadly it's just not that special!

yet another phillosophy fragrance weakened when reformulated by coty.

My true thoughts about a fragrance often happen in the middle of the night, I woke up and in a half daze wondered why I could smell my friends fragrance SJP's Lovely, lay there in the dark trying to recall what fragrance I'd worn the previous day, ah it was Amazing Grace!

Then I learnt they are both produced by Coty, I was given the bottle of AG but I wouldn't buy as it's a lot more expensive than Lovely.

My mother's signature fragrance, and I absolutely love it on her! It smells sweeter on her than on me. It is a clean, innocent scent. I always think of some lovely bubble bath when I smell it.

I think she was drawn to it because she's a nurse and it's something she can wear to work. She says the doctors compliment her a lot on her perfume! Which makes me suspect the sillage is a little better than most people think. Longetivity is also better than this graph shows. It lingers on clothes for ages!

As someone who is generally drawn to heavy scents, Amazing Grace is an outlier in my typical selection. However, there is something really charming in this fragrance that makes me really enjoy it.

This is my spring/summer perfume. It stays so close to the skin that instead of being noticeable I just give the impression of being very clean. It's definitely a "clean girl" smell and reminds me a bit of floral soap and baby powder without being a soapy or powdery scent at all. It's just very soft and light and pleasant.

This had been my favorite perfume for a year. It's inoffensive. Soft floral. I usually dislike citruses but this has a nice gentle top notes of citrus. It dries down to a powdery floral and musk. So gentle.

To me this is a very very soft scent. It begins a tiny bit citrucy and fresh. After a few minutes it becomes more floraly but still very soft. Then you get the musk. All very softly and pretty. It stays like that a while and then dries down to a very powdery smell with a hint of rose.

It is unnofensive unless you don't like powdery scents. It's sillage is very soft. After 4 hours becomes a skin scent and after 6 is gone. Its not a bad scent, it's something you would wear when you want to wear perfume but don't want people to really notice it. Its just there to smell good and that's it.

I would not buy it again. I don't really like it but I don't dislike it either. Its just too powdery for my taste and too soft for me. Actually thats how I would describe this in one word: soft.

I love the scent but it's really weak. Gone in 15 minutes.

WHY oh WHY did they have to change this? I adored the EDP version of this fragrance. I just purchased a new bottle after finishing my old one off. IT'S horrible, just horrible. Don't bother wasting your time or hard earned money on this cheap reformulation. I've literally had to mourn the passing of my old bottle of Amazing Grace. Thanks for nothing Philosophy.

I love this. Scents trigger my migraines, so I have to be very careful,but this is perfect. Very soft. It doesn't follow me through a room or slap everyone else in the face with the smell. It's also good for me personally because I am a massage therapist, and strong scents can bother my clients.

I expected to like this — I really enjoy other Philosophy fragrances (Falling in Love, Unconditional Love, Fresh Cream), and I also love a good, clean, floral scent.

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But boy, howdy, I sure do dislike Amazing Grace. The floral notes are very antiseptic, and it has a powdery dry down that makes the whole concoction smell like someone just cleaned the nursery. I don't think I could even use this as an air freshener.

Well, Amazing Grace is a breeze of fresh air. Very unoffensive, clean like pure water. This is a mild, beautiful floral scent. Its like 11 am in a warm morning on a working day, when you go to your home because you got a holiday, the silent breeze, fluttering leaves, its all about serenity.

I do not usually repurchase a scent, but this one is my second bottle. I don't really ever get complimented on my perfumes either and this is one of them I do. This is a safe, clean, fresh, loving hug. will always have this in my collection.

I'm not a fan of this. Did a blind buy because of the popularity and reviews. Hubs said I smelled like Aunt Nancy, and she may actually wear this but I haven't asked. Smell faded after 4 hours. I found it to be a floral musky scent and not something I associate with "clean" fragrances. This review is for the original formulation.

Smells like you're fresh out the shower and rubbed on some sunscreen. I actually kind of enjoy it. It's a sunny beach day in a bottle!

For some reason this reminds me of trips to the zoo. It has a musty floral thing going on which makes me think of the smell of all the animals floating in the air and the sunscreen mixing with the plants growing everywhere. Sounds weird right? I really like it, it brings back good memories of summer and family vacations.

I decided to spritz this on today from a bottle that is around 12 years old. Tried to date it but the code comes up as an error. The label on the bottom has a copyright of 2004.

A clean-white T-shirt hanging from old-fashioned wooden clothes hooks on a line under the summer sun. Opens with fresh, juicy citrus, followed by sweet, clean white flowers and rose, finished up with a generous dose of soapy laundry musk.

Leaving a review for both "Amazing Grace" and "Live Joyously" (which isn't in the database)

"dryer sheets" vibe.

If we could use the term "starter" scent, this should be under the definition and close to the top of the list. Safe, un-offensive, something for the masses, enjoyed it.

this is very clean soapy scent that its so light that you can barely smell it. This is for people who don't like perfume(at least in my opinion).

There is no lasting power here at all. It disappears in no time.

If you want clean soapy scent that last, get Casual by Paul Sebastian. You can find it for a song online. It last very long time.

Amazing grace is definitely NOT Amazing to me.

What a lovely scent! Very clean, fresh and light. Great scent for the office if you work in close quarters or where your co-workers may have allergies. I especially enjoy the positive message behind this scent. This one is a winner and very likable.

A clean, fresh scent when I just want to wear something that isn't overpowering. It's calm and airy, and yes, does remind me of dryer sheets. But for some, fresh laundry is a warm, relaxing, good feeling. It's seasonless and can be worn anywhere without offending anyone. Definitely a skin-scent, Amazing Grace has its purpose in the world of perfumes. For those who want to wear perfumes but can't overload those around them, or for those who might be ill and can't stomach over-bearing scents that are too brash, too cloying or just too opulent for the moment, Amazing Grace serves its purpose. A little bit of citrus, a hint of tea, a tad of pepper all wrapped in a gentle musk that sits close to the skin for a few hours. Nothing spectacular, just gently fresh, clean and pretty. Kind of like "the girl next door".Amazing Grace does its job well. It's not loud, it's not over-bearing. It's gentle.

Used to love this, but the new version is terrible! Same with Pure Grace. Coty, what have you done?! Doesn't smell the same and lasts a mere 30 minutes. Back to the store it went. Do you even remotely care about the opinions of your long-standing customers? All the recent reviews on your website of your fragrance reformulations are ridden with complaints, and not a single response (that I know of).

I'm a nurse and love this for work- this and pure grace have gotten me more compliments FROM PATIENTS, than anything else. That being said, I'm sometimes confused by the "people who like, may also like" column that I see on the website. This one is listed with Hypnotic Poison and Viva La Juicy- two perfumes I love but would never wear to work, kinda hard for blind buys.

Edit: so I just recently bought my yearly set from QVC of this, and Coty has done another hatchet job on a well liked perfume. I've worn this for about ten years and have probably received the most compliments on this perfume. Now I'm debating finding another similar one to take its place. Longevity is now poor, silage dismal and I smell too much alcohol. Go look on the QVC forums to read about the new vs. old after Coty bought out Philosophy.

I received this as a gift a few years ago. While I didn't like it at first, the scent grew on me. I received the body wash of this scent with my gift as well. I'm glad I did, because it helped me ween myself into wearing the fragrance. I don't sense any of the top notes unfortunately, but sense the clean, white floral scent. While I enjoy this scent, I don't think I'll replace the bottle when I run out as there are other fragrances I'd rather wear. However, if you're a lover of light, soft, white floral scents, this is for you!

Very fresh scent, but a bit too much of a cleaning supplies smell. I guess it's the very acidic smelly citrus, like graprfruit/orange/lime mixed with some flowers (rose? freesia?) It's an everyday scent that isn't too overly sexy or nighttime, and I would feel comfortable wearing it to work, or to run errands. but it doesn't grab me. I don't love it.

Very lovely fragrance, but what happened ? I had this perfume years ago and bought a new bottle this week, looks like the staying power is almost zero. Dissapears after 45 minutes. Such a pity.

When this fragrance first came out on QVC is when I tried it and fell in love, I went through 3 bottles in a row. Then I took a break, when I came back to it it was different, not the same as before, nothing was said about a reformulat ion. Now so many older women are wearing it (I'm thinking QVC junkies) they spray it so heavy I can smell it a mile away, all I can say is ladies back off with the spritzes, maybe 2or 3 will do it, not 15 it smells horrible. Now I'll get down from my soapbox.

Amazing Grace (AG)reminds of a weaker version of the later Chloe, Chloe (edt) but yet at a fraction of the cost. Have never tested AG or other Philosophy scents before but couldn't help but fall in love with this one as I walked away after having sampling several other brands and fragrances.

I tried this at Sephora today. It smelled clean but in an I just cleaned my bathroom kind of way. It smells like a cleaning supply to me. I didn't smell flowers, just cleanliness. This is hard to describe. It didn't smell like perfume to me.

So I tried it at Dillard's then at Ulta. However at Ulta there were two Amazing Grace bottles, one had a white sticker and smelled like the one at Dillard's: soapy, quite strong. And the other bottle's sticker was pink and smelled lighter(better) than the other bottle. So.. are there two different ones? Maybe EDT and EDP? Regardless, I love unusual scents and this reminds me of clean cotton sheets at an expensive hotel and shiny bathrooms with light blue and cotton flower blue tile, all of that located at the beach. There's something summery in this scent, something from the sea too.

This is blandness in perfume form. Soapy fabric conditioner in a bottle. I'd be happy for my clothes to smell like this, but not me.

Yeesh. Different strokes for different folks, I know, and I'm no big-time perfumista myself, but I just don't GET the AG line at all. To my nose, they manage to combine brutal artificiality with blandness. I mean, how is that even possible?

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I don't pick up any freesia from this at all, not even in the bottle. I can only smell a shampoo base, as if I spilled a little J & J No More Tears on my skin and forgot to wash it off. Let's face it, if I wanted to smell "clean," I could achieve the same effect with actual shampoo and a wet washcloth, and get a better hygienic result for less money. Oh well, life would be boring if we all had exactly the same aesthetic sense.

Was in Macy's today. Sprayed some Amazing Grace on my wirst and went on my way. In fact I forgot I had sprayed it. i only remember as I kept pushing my hair out of my face and kept smelling shampoo. Pantene shampoo. I thought omg how come I smell so much this shampoo. I washed my hair yesterday and did't use pantene. I smelled my hair and nothing. Then I smelled my wirts and bam! It was the Amazing Grace.

But to each its own. If this perfume is in production it's because it must work for many women.

I don't see anything 'clean' and 'fresh' about it -

it feels like someone has stuffed soap into my nostrils.

I do feel Soapy, yes, but not clean.

This floral is clean and just a bit heavier than a lot of what is out there right now. That's good. It's not fruity or sweet, nice in this case. There is an almost polished or sophisticated style to Amazing Grace. Unfortunately it really doesn't suit me. It's a bit too bold and formal smelling for me. Sampling this, I feel like a little girl playing dress up with my mom or grandma's scent. This would be great on the right lady though.

Fresh clean soap & freesia is pretty much all I pick up I this perfume. I have a love/hate for it lol sometimes when I wear this its amazing other times its overwhelming lol

This is downright soapy, but in a good way.

I always read fragrantica's perfume review and watch youtuber's review on a perfume before I blind buy it. I bought the edt version of this. Horrible! All I can smell is soap and alcohol. No grace at all. Sorry for those who like this perfume but this is not what I expected base on my research. It's my own fault. Never ever blind buy again.

I adore Amazing Grace & it's wonderful range of matching body lotions, creams & scrubs.

Definitely floral and musky with slight hints of citrus. It's such a clean and feminine fragrance but I also find it to be a bit strong so I wear it away from my face so as to only catch occasional whiffs of it throughout the day.

I enjoy this fragrance quite a bit and used to buy the lotion reularly when I could afford it. Even though it is not all that expensive, I can't justify the cost of it because it doesn't seem to last more than 15 minutes on me.

This is a very green perfume that evokes memories of a beautiful spring day. It's a very clean floral without being soapy. The problem with it though is that I wonder if anyone else can even smell it because it's so light! I think of this more as a comfort scent to wear to bed or to just snuggle up with under a blanket with a book. After a couple hours I really have to concentrate in order to smell it. too bad :(

I reviewed this scent already some time ago, but I need to add that something changed my opinion. I ran out of my body spritz and bought a new one. Apparently they have changed the formula of this as well. It is indeed less impressive now, but more important: it has no staying power anymore. It does not stay with you all day long, like it used to. More like half an hour. What to use it for, then? I still like the bodywash, but well, to be honest, there are a lot of other nice bodywashes to choose from if it does not necessarily have to match your fragrance (most of them a lot cheaper too!). I am sorry I must say so, but when I will have finished my current bottles, I will not buy this again.

What happened to you AG? You've changed.

This is the perfume for lacrosse moms who have "Live Laugh Love" stenciled on their living room wall. It's clean and well put together, but utterly unremarkable.

I wish neutral were an option on how I feel about this. It's meh.

This is one of those fragrances that still smell nice the next day, lingering in your clothes. Although I agree with those of you who say that the new formula does not last as long as it used to, it does stay in your clothes, somehow. But I always combine the body spritz with the eau de parfum. It does not really smell like perfume, since it only smells nice and clean, like fresh washed clothes. So it is actually quite expensive for a fragrance that goes unnoticed as such. But I always take it with me when I travel, since that may be exactly what you need in many circumstances: a comforthy smell that makes you feel clean and confident.

This works so good with my body chemistry, it is just divine. When i smell it on me i actually do have a feeling of amazing grace. Lingers for hours, clean and pure. There is a children's book with the title 'A sound like someone trying not to make a sound' well this perfume reminds me of that book, a perfume trying not to be a perfume.

This is one of my favorite fragrances. It has wonderful longevity, and people often complement me when I wear it. It is not disturbing (like Chanel N5) on me.

It is clean, fresh, and simply amazing. I am loving it!

Fresh. Clean. A little warm. That's what I get from this. It's a nice floral. It's not offensive at all. Someone could walk by and if this scent wafted to my nose, I would find it very pleasant. Slight fresh shower soap scent. Very lady like and soft, with a touch of familiar cozyness. I feel like it reminds me of a hug from someone and me catching the scent warm against their skin.

If I could create a perfume, it would smell something like Amazing Grace. This is truly the purest, cleanest, most fresh fragrance I know, and without that disturbing sour note that is so typical to scents in this category (compare Clean). I don't find anything synthetic in this. This is a perfume that doesn't smell like perfume - it smells pure and clean.

I definitely want this!

This was my favorite all time scent and something changed about it. I used to be able to smell it on my scarves hanging in the closet. Now it cannot even compare.

I've only tried vintage EdP. I can see the appeal. It lasts well with reasonable projection and doesn't go too far in any one direction to become irritating. On the other hand, I would rather wear Happy than this one, if I wanted to go in this direction. That one is a bit more interesting to me. After a few hours I decided to layer two others with AG and it actually worked out well, which I wasn't expecting. I certainly agree that this is a great office scent, and at least close to being unisex, particularly in "formal" situations and in warm weather, if worn discreetly. For rose that is a bit "feminine," I'd likely reach for Fresh's Cannabis Rose, as that one has clearer and more interesting notes (to me). I wouldn't want AG to be any weaker than the formulation I have, so I can understand disappointment with the EdT or the newest, which I think is called "fragrance spray."

Hands down my favorite everyday scent.

I always find the perfumes in the "Grace" range not memorable, but this one is. Bad news is: it's not in a good way.

I'm wearing 'Amazing Grace' as I write this review. I find that the freesia and musk notes make it seem really clean, so for me it's the perfect perfume to wear after a bath or shower. However I was just in a lift in my apartment building, when a girl said to her partner "Something smells like poo" I immediately held my breath so that I wouldn't inhale said faecal matter. The girl's partner made a reference to his jumper (yuck!) but she disagreed and seemed to incline her head in my direction. I was so embarrassed and luckily at that moment I reached my floor and couldn't get out of there quickly enough! Has anyone else ever experienced an indolic/faecal accord with this fragrance? Could it be the jasmine? I'm clearly oblivious to it!

Very pure and soapy. Very good choice for summer. This is little bit too sharp and synthetic for my taste, so I will not purchase it.

I tried so hard to like this, trying grace and amazing grace, but i gave them away.

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It never smelled like anything more than alcohol and Tide detergent to me. I like a clean smell, but if I'm putting putting a fragrance on after a shower, I like a little floral or citrus or SOMETHING pretty to sniff on my wrist.

I tried this today and it is straight forward freesia on me. I there is no blending of the scents and I was disappointed at the simplicity of it.

Headache inducing soapy monstrosity.

I don't smell citrus. I smell powdery smell. It's very soft. It doesn't last extremely long. It's May and as we celebrate mothers' day, I think it's a perfect scent for mums. It can also be used for work, not offensive at all. I wish a wonderful day to all the women out there whether our grandmas, moms or sisters or friends that stand by our side

I agree with Ummimtrish's review below and would add that along with the chemical note she is speaking of, it also smelled like play-doh on my skin in the dry-down. Her advise to try before you buy is wise because I'm glad I did.

LOL. My BF smelled this on me and said it smelled like dishwashing detergent, but nice. Like Dawn, or something, but nice! Heehee. I am getting a very soapy vibe as well. I used to get more floral from it, but now it's just clean soap, but not the same as Pure Grace. A more floral version of it.

I think this scent is my favorite of all the Philosophy scents.. It is comforting and soft. I just smile when I soray this on and know that I will get whiffs of it coming off of me all day. I try to use body lotion before applying for longevity and it really seems to work.. I am a huge fan of this fragrance. You won't be sorry if you buy this one.

I absolutely just plain LOVE his scent!! I hoard it when i find it at marshalls and tj maxx. lol. The dry down is impeccable. Amazing Grace will not disappoint.

A coworker walked past me and I immediately got a hint of maternity wards and newborn babies. It was this scent. I dont think ill like it on me but working around her was an absolute delight. Very clean and fresh, doesnt seem like the type of scent you get a lot of wear out of, since its so light.

I've read many comments on how the scent does not last. You are correct. Philosophy was bought out a few years ago by Coty and it's been downhill since then. This fragrance used to last all day while still being a subtle fragrance. My dirty clothes in the laundry basket used to smell good but now the fragrance only last maybe 15 minutes. I pulled out an old bottle of perfume prior to the buyout and it clearly shows that Coty changed the formula but they won't admit it. This is like trying to tell everybody that the "new coke" was the same as old "coke" . I wish Coty would listen to their customers and go back to the old formula.

A work colleague wafted past me and I was like a dog sniffing a bone. What was that glorious smell? She shuffled around from one foot to another and reluctantly said it was Amazing Grace.

I ordered my sample and here is my review.

Well, she lied to me because this is totally different to the fragrance that she was wearing, but this is a lovely fragrance in its own right and I'm very glad that I got the opportunity to sample it.

It opens with a fresh and gentle citrus breeze which tones down to a very lovely floral heart. The jasmine is very gentle and sweet and is never harsh or strong in this perfume.

AG is a soft and gentle lemony fragrance which dries down sweetly but sits very close to the wearer and is very much a skin scent. This perfume is feminine and elegant and perfect for the summer. Other reviewers have said that it doesn't last very long but this is a very reasonable fragrance so a few re spritzes are no big deal.

I'm going to let you into a secret, because you're my fellow perfumistas and Fragrantica rocks!! If you want this perfume to smell utterly outstanding, irresistible, unique, addictive and stunningly amazing, layer it with Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights!

This is my second review (my first being more about the notes of this scent). Here I wish to make a point about this fragrance and explain why people might enjoy wearing it. Many here stated that this is a nondescript perfume that doesn't make any statement. I beg to differ.

I think this may be my new favorite perfume. I love the initial spray as well as the dry down.. It has great lasting power and I get several compliments every time I wear it.. I have the Fine Perfume and will be buying more Philiosophy scents in the future..

Amazing Grace smells.. well.. amazing! It's such a soft, clean smell. It smells like everything soft and wonderful- babies, kittens, really soft, freshly-laundered picnic blankets lying in sunshine. It doesn't last too terribly long on my skin but lasts awhile on clothes. I wore Amazing Grace on my wedding day because it pretty much embodies the feeling of being all warm & fuzzy & in love.


My Ulta has an entire wall of perfume right in front of the window (shame on you!) which the sun ruins all of the testers so they smell putrid.. luckily I smelled this at a different store and it changed my mind. So get second opinions at different stores!

Amazing Grace is one of my all time favorite perfumes. Definitely my go-to for summer. I love that I smell "just out of the shower" clean when I wear it. This past summer I had someone tell me I always smell just bathed.

Smells like a good quality French milled soap.

I'm out now of all my AM products but I tend to buy the liquid bath soap & AG scented lotion when I buy the EDP as well. Definitely stick with the EDP. It lasts MUCH longer than the EDT but still doesn't linger nearly long enough hence my reason for wearing with the bath soap & scented lotion. I've even used the deodorant (which I adore) and it lasts a long time but it's expensive and difficult to find.

I smelled this perfume yesterday while at the fragrance wall at Sephora. It smells great. if you like the smell of suntan lotion. Reminds me of summer just for that aspect. Does it smell nice, yes. but I like the smell of suntan lotion. Would I seriously wear it? Never. Kinda bummed since I heard so many good things about this perfume.

I am so happy I got myself a little sample before buying a full bottle. This is vile on my skin. A horrible mixture of musk and jasmine with a bit of rose. It smells like old baby powder. No freesia whatsoever. Disappointed.

When I look at the notes listed here and then what I'm smelling, I think "are we talking about the same scent here"? Fragrantica, you might want to check on this so people blind buying won't be misled.

I have the solid of this and the word that first comes to mind for me is gentle. It's sweet and soft and kind of cuddly feeling, like a soft white sweater you wear to stay warm on an early spring walk. Really enjoy it. It's become one of my traveling fragrances since it's a solid.

Wow! I just wore this yesterday, I hadnt used it in a while I just wanted to have on a scent that was ethereal, pretty, feminine, and soft, glad I did I received so many compliments at work both from women and men. I was told it was so unique and such a beautiful scent. I'm definately wearing this more often! I had to let them know what I was wearing! Kudos to you Philosophy!

this is a nice go-to scent for those days when you just want to smell clean, fresh, soft, feminine, and pretty! I think it is very nice, safe, inoffensive scent- you can't really go wrong with it! And the staying power is not bad on me!: )

I wear this to work all the time. I am a hairstylist and many clients say they hate overly perfumed people, they get headaches from it. I can wear this and I always get compliments even from perfume haters :). To me it smells like a super soft sweater washed in tide with downy and then on a line near a field of wild flowers . So, basically like fresh laundry, but in a lovely way. So, I would say perfect for work or going to a family supper , but I like something more intense for special occasions. I can wear it any wear and people only notice if they come in for a hug, but I think that is what the philosophy scents aim for.

A friend and I beelined straight for Mecca Cosmetica to spritz ourselves with this perfume.

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A green curry and a few moscatos later, my wrists seemed to attach themselves to my face. I could not get enough of the smell, and despite the public setting, I was not subtle with the self-sniffing.

Beautiful scent. I sprayed it about 6 times this morning and I can still smell it in the afternoon.

I love this scent so much and it's perfect for my job (medical field) but it doesn't last very long on my skin or clothes. For the price, I don't want to have to reapply all the time. I know it's a layering scent so I might have to get the lotion and the body wash but that's additional cost as well.

Philosophy Amazing Grace is a fresh, clean fragrance. If you want to be scented like just coming out of the shower, this is for you. The muguet shines through. I have the set: Body wash is good, lots of lather. The lotion is good, too: Carries the scent a long time and is great for dry skin. However, I'm not sold on the EDT or EDP. They evaporate so very fast, by comparing them to other fragrances, they are not worth the price. Have tried to find them discounted at perfume stores, however they are usually regular price, unless you buy the set (Ulta). If you enjoy this fragrance, stay with the body wash and lotion; don't waste your money on the EDT or EDP.

Smells like laundry detergent, which isn't a bad thing if you just want to smell freshly showered. However, it is certainly far more soapy than floral, I'm sure you could achieve a similar effect by wearing freshly-washed clothing. I imagine it works well in humid climates.

I really like this perfume--very fresh and clean-smelling. I had the EDT roller ball, but was frustrated because the fragrance had no staying power. A salewoman convinced me that the EDP was much stronger and gave me a decant of it. It was minimally better. The EDT lasts 1-2 hours, while the EDP lasts 2-3 hours on me.

first of all. the notes listed are wrong. the "official" notes are "Bergamot, Muguet Blossoms, Musk." the other notes may be in here. but they aren't officially listed anywhere.

I never pay for a perfume that doesn't last. I think most of the Philosophy scents are a gimmick and they want you to layer them with body products (just like BBW does). These are watered down and weak, and it's rather sad because I think they're pleasant. QVC always convinces people to buy it in large amounts or in sets, but I think it's a rip off. Buy it only if you want something weaker than body spray.

This is just a fresh clean powder scent.

I don't get any of the florals or fruits listed, but instead just a light gentle powdery dry musk.

It would be perfect for after bath/before bed, and even nice to scent your linens with.

Light sillage and longevity.

Life is too short so let's wear the good stuff.

Very fresh scent, but quite different from your typical "fresh" fragrances. It's soft and clean, a feminine, "fresh from the shower" scent, without smelling soapy or powdery the way so many other "fresh" frangrances do.

I don't remember liking this before. I had to smell it again from my sample set and it's not that bad. Jasmine and musk stands out the most here. This is heavy on first application and fades really quickly. Smells clean and pleasent, soapy scent. It's strange how taste and body chemistry changes over time.

It's just okay. Definatley not boring at all, but it is a take-it-or-leave-it for me. The first thing that hits me is an immense powdery smell (weird because this actually isn't even classified as powder) followed by very sweet white-floral notes. I don't detect citrus at all in this, but I can tell you that it is a very dry scent. Worth trying because everybody I know seems to love it, but I would recommend sampling it first.

This is THE fragrance I want to wear on my wedding day next year!

Also a childhood memory for me, and I could pin down what it reminds me of: scented stationery products for girls from the 80s (correspondence kits with pretty pink envelopes and writing pads with shabby chic pictures of angels on them). A hint of fruit and fresh flowers, its first impression has something that is about to say 'amazing' but doesn't quite get there. After an hour I could barely smell it on my arm. Thank god I only got myself a tester because I woulnd't pay the price for a full bottle.

I absolutely love this fragrance.

Makes me happy. So feminine and girly!

Not sweet, very fresh and fun :)

beauty is such a personal concept especailly when it comes to perfumes. I have tried to like this scent and after reading all the reviews were convinced to try it. When I boyfriend walked into the room his first comment was. smell of a nice Cleaning product. Now have to agree that the smell is not bad but not for a perfume, maybe furniture oil? After wearing it for a few days it reminded me of the smell in Bellagio hotel in Vegas, nice expensive cleaning product. So not to offend anyone, but sorry grace and beauty is nowhere to be found in this scent. Not sure how it became the best seller, must be amazing marketing.

Agree with everyone who says the body lotion smells different (better) and lasts much longer. A giant bottle is pretty reasonably priced. A great first scent for my 13-year-old daughter (who smells half like this heavenly fragrance and half like insane teenage stank - guess that's what teenage-hood is all about. )

I don't smell much citrus in this, but it is a good fresh light floral, very classic. Gentle enough for the office.

So beautiful. Such a shame it just doesn't last! Why, oh, why.

received the "Fine Perfume" version of this yesterday and love it! It's definitely higher quality and longer lasting. Had the new Living Grace on the one hand and the AG FP on the other and the AG FP definitely outlasted Living Grace by a good long time. Simply lovely.

I was so excited to try this fragrance because sometimes a light floral is all I really want. I do enjoy the softness and cleanness of this fragrance, but it simply does not last past a half hour on me.The fragrance is a soft musky floral that borders on a baby lotion smell. I think Glow or Jovan musk achieves what this fragrance aims at, namely a clean soapy, fresh smell. What a shame it has no staying power.

Thank you sweetjen! I was just coming on here to see if anyone had tried the fine perfume. I am ordering today :))

I find this to be a very meh fragrance. I don't like it or dislike it. It's very light and smells kind of soapy to me. It also doesn't last that long.

I do so love this scent. I am a big freesia fan, now, add to this rose, jasmine and musk with a hint of citrus notes; mix in a magic cauldron and you have the cleanest, softest and yummiest 'feel-good' scent that is also unbelievably pretty!

I always have this perfume. Although it has changed since the company was sold, I notice fewer musk notes, I consider this my signature fragrance. It's the first perfume my husband told me he loved and I love that it's light enough so it doesn't offend anyone around you. I am also a pure grace fan but amazing will always be #1 for me.

Lovveee. Just forgot to use the longevity/sillage bar. lol Not used to having this feature yet, which is awesome Fragrantica.

Yayyyyyy. I have been complaining about the Projection/Longevity of Amazing Grace for some time. The scent is beautiful. But if a scent doesn't last or project, what is the point right? Well, I am so happy to say that Philosophy has listened to its customers and has come out with an Amazing Grace version that is wonderful.They have it listed as a "fine" perfume and it it truly is. The packaging is great too. Very classy. It is more potent, and lasts and lasts. THANK YOU PHILOSOPHY. I am an Amazing Grace customer for life. You did an outstanding job and I am thrilled. :)

You can get this new version on Philosopy's website:)

I am so happy that people are beginning to really complain about scents that don't last/project. I mean, what is the point of a perfume if noone can smell it on you or it doesn't last beyond 5 minutes. A perfume we spend $60.00 and upwards on should last us at the very least a good 4 hours.